Some keys on the Lenovo laptop do not work

The laptop keyboard does not work: the reasons and methods of solving

With desktop computers, if the keyboard stops working normally, they act quite simply. The input device can be replaced with another. Or disassemble, wash thoroughly, dry and collect. But what to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop? You can’t turn it off, you can’t replace it without special knowledge. Even worse when not all keys work. This does not allow to write normally, blocks access to some functions. If a serious hardware failure has not occurred, to cope with the problem when the letters on the keyboard do not work without special knowledge.

Opinions on the Internet that some manufacturers put frankly low.Quality keyboards on their devices, absolutely far.Fetched. Modern sensors and processing chips are almost the same on all laptop models. Therefore, the reason why the keys on the laptop do not work can only be malfunctions associated with the features of operation. For example, this is:

  • A hardware failure, to which even careless treatment can lead, throwing a laptop to a solid table, vibration during transportation;
  • Software problems that often occur on devices with ports of the USB 3 class.0;
  • The presence of a large amount of pollution.

Do not forget about the main reason why users most often contact the service center: half of the keyboard does not work after pouring tea, wine, beer and other liquids does not work. The basic rule of eliminating problems with the buttons sounds simple: not panic and carefully look for the root of the problem.

How to enable the keyboard on the laptop: Instruction

Remove the laptop battery.

It sounds strange, but often helps. If the laptop keyboard has stopped working, turn off the power completely.

Pull out the cord from the network, close the lid, turn the laptop, and take out the battery. Check if she was swollen. If so, use it forbidden, work from the network.

If everything is in order with the battery, install it in place, and turn it on the laptop.

Update the keyboard driver.

Do not waste time finding out whether there can be a problem in the driver. Just update it.

This is a common way to solve the problem with a non.Working keyboard on a laptop. It is also effective if separate keys do not work, and not the keyboard whole.

Press the launch with the right button and select the device manager. Go to the keyboard section and click with the right mouse button to an affordable keyboard. Select the item update the driver. Next. Automatic search for updated drivers. If it’s not a driver, Windows 10 will report that the latest version of the driver is installed on the device.

To be 100% confident that the problem is not with obsolete laptop software and not with a conflict in the operation of individual components, we suggest going to the manufacturer’s website and update manually.

To do this, in the basement or in the menu of the manufacturer’s official website, find the Drive and Support section (drivers and utilities). Enter the model or serial number of the device, and update all the proposed.

Laptop power setting.

If the keyboard in Windows sometimes does not work, but after restarting the system begins to work again, try the next way.

Click the launch with the right mouse button, select power control. In the right menu, find additional power parameters.

In the left menu of the opening window, select the Action of the power buttons. Remove the checkmark from the point change of parameters that are now not available.

Remove the check box from the item Turn on the quick start. Save the settings and reboot the laptop.

Creating a new task.

If the keyboard does not work after entering the account. Through the task dispatcher to find the CTFMON process.EXE.

If it is not, run manually through the file-will, the new task.

If it helped, then add the process to the auto load through the register. To do this, click a combination of Winr keys. In the window opened, type regedit and click OK. Next, go to the folder along the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Software. Microsoft. Windows. Currentversion. Run.

Next, select the editing menu. Create. String parameter. Title. CTFMON, value. %Systemroot %System32ctfmon.EXE. Reload the laptop.

Check for malicious.

The next step will be a check for viruses and other undesirable software installed on the laptop. To do this, download the Malwarebytes utility from the official website of the developer (free download), and start full scanning.

If you have a free antivirus type Avira, 360 Total Security or Avast, disconnect it. After cleaning the system from malicious programs, reboot the laptop.

Cleaning from system garbage and cleaning the registry.

It can also cause the laptop keyboard to work. In order to put the Windows system in order, install the free version of the CCleaner program from the official website.

Clean the operating system and restore the integrity of the registry in accordance with our instructions. After that, reboot the laptop.

Check the key stuck mode.

Enter the search parameters of special keyboard capabilities in the line.

Check whether the button is active to use the keying of the keys.

To avoid random inclusion in the future, remove the box from the point allow the inclusion of clinging the keys using a combination combination.

Windows update.

Unfortunately, the common cause of the non.Working laptop keyboard is the installed Windows 10 update.

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If you find problems with the keyboard after the next update, delete the update.

To do this, go to the system settings and select the update and safety item. Next. View the Journal of Updates. You will see recently installed updates, after which there was a failure in the work of the laptop keyboard. Click remove updates and reboot the laptop.

Checking the train.

Do not fulfill this stage if you do not feel confident with a screwdriver in your hand. We will need to disassemble part of the laptop body and check why the keyboard does not work. One of the possible reasons is the train connecting the keyboard with the motherboard.

Solving laptop keyboard issue when some keys stopped working | Dell, Acer, HP, Asus |100% working

Open on YouTube video with disassembling your laptop model. Be sure to turn it off from the network and pull out the battery before starting work. Put on rubber gloves to exclude the appearance of static electricity. Photograph each stage of disassembly so that there are no problems with the assembly of the laptop.

Raising the upper part of the case with the keyboard, check if the train is connected. The fastening is short and is well fixed, but sometimes it falls (usually after unprofessional repair).

Separate buttons do not work on the keyboard

If any buttons on the keyboard do not work for no apparent reason, while others continue to act, then you should check, firstly, if you have Num Lock. If the problem is this, then the numbers on the right on the keyboard will not work, instead of them the computer will see arrows. Find the “Num Lock” button to the left of them (in the right upper keyboard) and click it. On some models of laptops, you need to press one of the hot keys (F3, F11, etc.) Together with the Function key (FN).

If other buttons stopped working. Check if the dust was packed under them, which prevents them from clicking. In this case, you should either well blow the keyboard with a special spray can, which you can buy in the store, or remove the keys, gently picing them with something thin (for example, a screwdriver) and wipe the keyboard manually.

Solving the problem with working keyboard and touchpad on Lenovo laptops

Completely turn off the laptop and connect the charger. Click and hold for about 20 seconds the “Power” button until the charging indicator goes out. Next, just turn on the laptop and everything works.

some, keys, lenovo, laptop

As you can see, no drivers should be demolished/put, they did without indebions from toads and tears of virgins, but anyway, such a decision is such. I understand that this is abnormal by such shamanic actions every time conjure over the laptop, but the method is really working.

Lenovo did not find anything like this in the maintenance guide. By the way, who is interested in at the end of the article can find a link to him (not every manufacturer posts a full guide to disassemble his laptops).

I can assume that the Embeded Contoller settings are reset in this way. This is a built.In controller designed to control the platform (usually. Mobile) both at the level of turning on and off, and for processing the ACPIs. The tasks of the EC controller include maintenance of the battery of the mobile platform: selection of the mode of its charge, control of discharge. As a rule, on mobile platforms using the EC controller, the keyboard controller is also sold.

This is usually done by a disconnection for some time of the battery, but now almost all laptops are made with a non.Vegetable battery and in order to get to it you need to disassemble the case.

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Program problems

If the buttons stopped working on a laptop after rebooting the operating system, then the problem lies in the drivers. Often they can roll back or remove when updated OS.

The easiest way to check the serviceability of the buttons is to make sure that the keyboard blocking function is turned off. To do this, click the combination of buttons FN PAUSE, FN Numlock or FN Win. New laptop models can have a special indicator with the image of the lock lock.

Settings in BIOS

Instructions for turning on buttons via BIOS:

  • Turn off the laptop.
  • Press the power button. During the appearance of the manufacturer’s icon, press the Del or F2 key several times.
  • Next, go to the Integrated Peripherals tab. If it is absent in the initial menu, then you can search for it at Advanced. USB Configuration.
  • Find a USB Controller line. The value of Enabled should be set to the right.
  • Go to the USB Keyboard Support tab. In other versions of BIOS, it can be indicated as USB Legacy Support.
  • Near the line of USB Controller should also be set the Enabled value.

Note! If the buttons work in BIOS, it is recommended to check the operability of the laptop keyboard in safe Windows mode. If you could not enter the BIOS using keys, then the chip on the motherboard is most likely damaged. Will have to contact the service center.

Instructions for transition to safe Windows mode on a laptop:

  • Hold the device power button for a few seconds until the laptop is turned off.
  • Click the laptop button and immediately press F8 quickly.
  • In the window that appears, select the line “safe mode”.

If the keyboard works in safe mode, then the reinstalling drivers are necessary.


  • The operating system rollback using the Windows recovery point;
  • Reinstalling the OS;
  • Removing and reinstalling drivers from the official website of the company.

Instructions for the restoration of the operating system for Windows 7/8/10:

  • Click the Start icon. Click on the line “control panel”.
  • Select “all elements of the control panel”, and then “restoration”.
  • Click the line “Starting the recovery of the system”.
  • Follow the instructions and select the optimal windows recovery point. It is advisable to choose a date a few weeks before the failure of faults with the laptop keyboard.

Note! To use the recovery point, it is necessary to create it. If the operating system has been updated on the laptop at least once, then Windows will automatically create a new recovery point.

Guide to remove or installation of drivers:

  • Click on the Start icon.
  • In the search line, enter the “Device Manager” and go to it.
  • Select “Keyboard” item. The list of devices used will be opened under the inscription.
  • Click with the right mouse button by the name of the keyboard panel and select “Delete”.
  • Confirm the action by pressing the button ok.
  • Enter the Internet and go to the website of the laptop manufacturer.
  • Find the Support tab. Download the package of official utilities or drivers separately.
  • Set the contents and reboot the laptop.
  • Check the operability of the buttons.

Reinstalling drivers can be carried out manually. To do this, in the device dispatcher through the “Properties” item, you need to see its code on the “Information” tab, and then copy the ID to the search line of the browser.


Manual manual manual manual:

  • Go to the Local Cake C, then the Windows. TEMP folder.
  • Find the Appdata folder. Make sure it is open. To access it on the “View” tab, put a checkplace opposite the line “Hidden Elements”.
  • Remove the entire contents of the folder. Clean the basket.
  • Download and install any antivirus. Among the famous: Avast, DR Web Curite.
  • Run the antivirus program.
  • Press the “Analyze” / “Check for viruses” button.
  • If the viral software is found, select the item “Clean” / “Delete”.
  • Reload the laptop. Check the state of the buttons.

Viruses can also be inside ordinary applications. Usually these are extra files that are rarely used.

Instructions for removing unnecessary applications:

  • Press the Win button. Select the line “control panel”.
  • Go to the “Programs and Components” tab, and then “Installation and Delete of Programs”.
  • Choose rarely used programs. Pay attention to applications that have strange names where there is no information about the publisher in the right column.
  • Click PKM by application (LKM. For Windows 10), and then “delete”. Pass the instructions.
  • Reload the laptop.

For automatic removal of unnecessary programs, it is better to use universal applications, for example, CCleaner.

The key fn

The FN key on a laptop or netbook in combination with the upper row keys and some others performs quite useful functions-reduction/increase in the volume, brightness of the screen, turning/off Wi-Fi and TouchPad, as well as some other functions.

When pressing one FN key. Usually nothing happens. It works in combination with other keys.

But if the combination of FN with the keys of the upper functional row does not work, then it is not included or the appropriate software is not installed to control the combination of hot keys.

The reason why the FN keys do not work:

  • Unknown drivers to control the FN keys combining. In some models of laptops, it needs to be turned on in the bios.
  • She could clog or a foreign object (garbage) fell under the button).

First of all, you need to install the corresponding driver. To do this, we go to the laptop manufacturer’s website.

We download the desired software there, install and use a convenient combination of hot keys.

How to introduce characters with non.Working devices buttons

It is not always possible to repair the laptop immediately, which does not cancel the need to continue to use it. In this case, you need to select a suitable method for entering the text and control of the device.

If some keys have stopped working, you can “reassign” them for rarely used serviceable. This will require the installation of a special program, for example, Mapkeyboard for Windows. It allows you to “hang” on any button the desired function using a mouse or touchpad. Find out how to turn on the touchpad on the Lenovo laptop in BIOS.

In case of malfunction of most or all keys, it is most convenient to connect an external USB device. If you do not need to print a lot, it is permissible to use a virtual layout, which is launched from the “Special Opportunity” section or through “Search” on request “screen keyboard”. Input is carried out by clicking on the desired symbol.

Prevent of characters with a broken keyboard

What to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop, but you need to look for drivers and guidance? Two options for leaving the situation are possible:

some, keys, lenovo, laptop

Search systems also offer to introduce characters with a virtual keyboard: you need to click on the icon on the side of the search bar.

Any laptop & computer Some Keys Not Working keyboard How To Repair Computer Keyboard With

These methods will help to find out what happened to the laptop keyboard to fix the device on your own or make sure you need to transfer it to a specialist.

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