Smart Watch Not Included

You can turn it on only mechanically, with a button on the watch case.

“Restoring the operating mode” in the SeTracker application sets the clock settings by default, so you should not click this button, turning on the clock will not help.

How to turn on the smart watch after a remote shutdown: 55 comments

After the clock is turned off remotely, they do not turn on. what to do?

You can enable only the buttons.

And the button does not turn on. (((

Put the watch on charge, only from a computer, not a phone charge.

I put it on charge with my own cord, which came in the kit. The clock does not react in any way, although half an hour ago it was fully charged and worked.

Most likely a battery problem, return or change the watch from the seller.

What to do if the clock worked and now we are in Georgia and the map has been changed

Roaming did not forget to connect?

Tell me, do smart watches (for children) work in Georgia? How can I find out. I have acquired. Network shows. But he does not find the clock. Writes gprs: no. I tried different operators but still

Install a sim with mobile Internet, find out the apn carrier and send the settings.
The clock works anywhere.

I searched for a long time. All set up. There is an E icon. But the application is in no way. Writes a watch offline. But then I accidentally recorded two voice messages and they came in the application on the phone. But the application does not find the clock. Is it possible? How can I fix it

An amazing case. Very similar to interruptions in the watch. The clock sees the application and sends information through the desired server.
Try to replace the telecom operator, put a completely different SIM card, right up to the test one in the communication salon, let them put it and you try to set the clock through the application.

Hello! Help me please! The child threw stickers from the watch with a code! Now the application does not see them! And flies constantly! The app “where are my children”

Good afternoon. Write to the support service of the application “Where are my children.”
We are very familiar with SeTracker and a bit with Aibeile.
But the stickers cannot be connected with the application, why do you somehow connect these two events.

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What to do if the child on the phone has pressed remote shutdown?

What should I do if a child accidentally confirms a remote shutdown and it is now impossible to configure contacts, time, etc.?

Just turn on the watch with the power button.

but on the phone it’s absolutely impossible to add contacts, set an alarm.
Or is it due to the fact that the SIM was changed to another operator?

Check technical settings.
And if necessary, see the articles: no network equipment, not online, apn for watches.

Hello, tell me please. the child has a Q90 watch, everything worked fine, he put them on charge for the night. in the morning they didn’t turn on. what to do.

Hello, most likely the battery burned out, since it was charged from the network. Worse if the processor burns out. Contact your seller, ask to replace the battery, of course this is not a warranty case and you will need to pay for the repair.

Hello. The clock was launched through the application Where are my children, but it was necessary through Aibel. But for three days they could not connect via Aibele, therefore they connected via Where are my children. Question: how to disconnect from Where are my children and start the work of hours through Aibel? Maybe it’s called a factory reset, or something like that.

Hello. You need to adjust the settings in the watch. With the clock you received the instruction, it has all the necessary SMS commands. You need to fix the ip_url field, see the article. On the principle with SeTrackerom, but you need to enter ip, which is in the instructions.

If it’s paid, how much does it cost?

We are engaged in a paid setup, if there is a need for our help.

Why does the smart watch turn off when jerking or moving?

Apparently marriage, change the clock.

Goodnight! Have you lost your watch somewhere at home, tell me can I turn it on somehow, so I can call them?

Hello, the clock is turned on only with a button. Remote inclusion does not happen. The “find the clock” function does not work when the clock is off.

I bought a watch, put it on charge after an hour, disconnected it from charging and tried to turn it on, but they did not turn on, they just vibrated, what should I do?

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What is the Wonlex catalog watch model?

I have a RF-V36-18862 watch, for an elderly person with a tracker.
Reachfar and Anytracking applications indicate not connected. Impossible to track online, pulse / pressure not detected. You can call the clock, from the clock you can call the number of the guardian, but the teams to the clock through the application are not sent. The clock turned off once a time remotely and after that everything ((Simka was replaced, the Internet and calls were set up. What’s wrong?

Hello, unfortunately, we can’t help here. We work with SeTracker and Aibeile children’s watches and applications.

Hello. Turned off the clock remotely. They work. You can call, but other commands (position, etc.) do not function. What to do?

Hello. Check the watch settings for our article.

Tell me, please, can the watch be charged only from a computer?
from the network is impossible? Will the battery burn?

Hello. It can either burn out immediately, or swell, or burn the system. Everything can happen. It’s better to charge the watch from the USB port, it’s not important in the computer on the TV.

The watch (Q50) worked properly for several days. Now I turned on and on the clock three times in a row. Including the following method: 5 presses “sos”, then press “1”, then press “2”. After the next shutdown, the clock stopped turning on. The battery charge was about 60%. Charging from a cable. does not solve the problem. Can you recommend something?

Pressing the buttons was unlikely to damage or repair the watch.
We don’t really believe in cryptic button click patterns.
Why was this done?

There is a lot of information on the forums that the clock cannot be turned off by the power button. In practice, it was different for me: 1) sometimes they turned off, 2) sometimes they sent a voice message to the parent smartphone. I found on the forum that such a click will turn off the clock (without the participation of the parent smartphone). Checked. really turned off. Further tested: turned on, turned off.

We believe that in a good way they need to lie down until they are completely discharged. Or close the battery contacts. To reboot.

The idea was also to close the contacts, but was afraid to burn something (under warranty, though). After your advice, you become bolder. It helped! # 128578; Thanks.

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Just not often, if necessary. You are welcome.

Granddaughter bought a watch. they put them on charge, they ate like they had fully charged all day. but they also discharged overnight. they put them on charge again in the morning, but they never turned on! What can I do? I bought a gift in another city and they don’t work, it’s fashionable to say. and they’re not business

Good afternoon, I bought a watch, worked for 2 days, there were calls and SMS messages, then I just stopped working, they didn’t turn on or turn off, I wanted to restart, I turned off remotely, the clock didn’t turn on again, although it was 57% charged, I tried to charge it, but the buttons and the watch does not respond to charging. What should we do? there’s not even a week.

Smart Watch not included

Good afternoon. Here, only contact the seller, let them carry out diagnostics and then decide whether to change the clock or repair under warranty.

I charged the watch and went to sleep, they were turned on, I wake up, and they are turned off and I can’t turn it on, they don’t respond to charging, what to do

Take it to smartphone repair, let it look.

Good afternoon, the watch does not turn on, the green indicator blinks and vibrates constantly, the screen does not react at all.

They did not quite understand about the green indicator. There is no indicator on a Chinese watch.
We can assume that this is a failure, let the watch run out of power. Or disconnect the battery if it is not soldered.

He soldered the battery, the green pulse indicator, the battery was completely discharged. The clock went wrong after replacing the screensaver.

Everyone understood, the heart rate monitor is blinking.
The battery can be short-circuited with a screwdriver, but it is better to wait until they sit down.
If after a complete discharge, the connections to the computer turned off for charging are not turned off, then you will need to try moving files that are on the watch.
Sometimes on the Internet they post original files from the watch, you will need to look for your model. Then transfer the files from the clock to the computer, erase them on the clock and write down the downloaded files there.