Smart Watch M4 Does Not Turn On

Tracker M4. A popular copy of the successful analogue “Mi Band 4” from the company Xioami. Its price is a modest 10-15 dollars. Therefore, many people did not stint such money, and purchased this device for themselves, their friends and relatives. Having bought it, a beginner may encounter difficulties. Below we will analyze how to enable and use the Chinese smart bracelet M4.

The specifics of the smart bracelet M4

The developers of the fitness tracker announced the following technical characteristics of the device:

In general, the device has modest specifications, and can withstand about 2 days of autonomous use.

What can the Chinese fitness tracker M4

The functionality of the M4 bracelet is declared as follows:

  • Date and time display;
  • Stopwatch;
  • Alarm clock;
  • The output of the number of steps taken and the distance traveled;
  • Monitoring calories burned (mathematical calculation);
  • Heart rate monitor (nominally does not really turn on);
  • Blood oxygen measurement (nominally does not work);
  • Monitoring the duration of sleep;
  • Message and call notification (social networks declared in M4, but not supported);
  • Phone search (issuing a signal to the phone to detect it)

Features of the M4 bracelet

Some of the declared functions are available only on paper, and in fact they are not included. This is due to the fact that in such a cheap device a priori all the necessary sensors for use could not be contained. The craftsmen who have disassembled the M4 bracelet can only find sensor models without the declared functionality.

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Charging the M4 Bracelet

Before using the device, it will need to be charged. The charging option differs depending on the configuration in which you came across the M4 bracelet. with or without a charging cable.

If there is no charging cable in the bracelet, the latter is turned on to charge directly to the USB port of the charger (PC, tablet etc.) It is enough to remove the clip of the smart bracelet from the strap, and connect it to the USB connector. It takes about 1-2 hours to charge before use.

If the charging cable came with your M4, it will be necessary to remove the bracelet clip from the strap and connect it to the corresponding connector on the charging cable.

It uses a charging cable

The second end of the cable is connected to the USB connector.

How to enable a smart watch

To turn on the M4 smart bracelet, it will be necessary to hold down the multifunction button located below the screen for several seconds. Before turning on the device, make sure that it is charged.

Pair your M4 bracelet with a phone

To connect the M4 smart bracelet to the phone, we need to install a specialized application on your phone that supports the work with the bracelet. Usually a link to it in the form of a QR code is placed in the instructions that come with the bracelet.

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Such an application is “FitPro” (Android, iOS). The applications WearFit, Yoho Sport, LeFun Health and others can also be used.

We need the FitPro app or equivalent

  1. Turn on location on your phone (GPS) and Bluetooth;
  2. Install the FitPro app on your phone;
  3. Run the application, and grant it the permissions requested by it;
Smart Watch M4 Does Not Turn On

Give the application the necessary permissions. Click on the “register” in the upper left;

Click “Register” at the top left

  • Enter your registration information (Email and double password) Then click on “REGISTER” below and you will be registered in the system;
  • After returning to the main screen, enter in the appropriate fields your e-mail address and password under which you were registered in the system a little higher. Click on “Sign In”;
  • In the query that appears, click on “Open”;
  • Click on “Open.” In the list of access notification applications that opens, move the FITPRO slider to the far right (when prompted, click on “Allow”);

    Move the FitPro slider to the right position. To search for the M4 bracelet, click on the “Install” button in the lower left;

    Click on “Install” below. Next, click on the marquee “Connect devices to get more features”;

    Click on the indicated running line. In the screen that opens, click on the small box in the upper right, then click on “Allow”;

    Click on the indicated box. Point the phone’s camera to the QR code that is available on the M4 tracker.

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    QR code on the bracelet

    After recognizing the QR code, the bracelet will be connected.

    Instructions on how to use the smart tracker M4

    At the first synchronization with the phone, the bracelet will automatically receive data on the date and time, and will display them on the screen.

    To use the bracelet there is a multifunction button below the screen. A short press switches M4 to the next option, a long press allows you to select the option displayed on the screen.

    After turning on the bracelet in the FitPro program, the latter allows you to monitor body parameters and daily activity. And also start the measurement of heart rate and pressure, perform other relevant tasks provided by the capabilities of the tracker.

    For example, to measure blood pressure, you need to click on the heart on the main screen of the bracelet. Having entered the measurement screen, tap on the “START MEASUREMENT” button, after which you will get the corresponding results.


    In our material, we examined how to charge, turn on and fully use your smart bracelet M4. Working with this device as a whole is no different from working with similar devices. Connecting it is extremely simple, despite the rather clumsy translation of the optional “FitPro” program. In general, this is a device of the initial segment. For better work, we recommend taking a closer look at the more serious analogues of the “Xiaomi Smart Band 4” level from the company “Xiaomi”.