Smart Watch Does Not Turn On What To Do

The Smart Watch is a mini version of the computer, which indicates the possibility of a system malfunction. Most often, difficulties arise with the inclusion of the product. Do not be alarmed if this happens. In most cases, any problem can be solved without the intervention of professionals. The following describes in detail the question of how to turn on the smart watch.

The article also considers the most common problems and their quick solutions: because of which the smart watch does not turn on, what to do if there is no connection with the watch or if the watch does not see the network, what are the ways to charge the watch, etc.

How to turn on the smart watch

Smart watches of different brands have a similar design. On the side of the device case in all cases there is an on / off key. It is called the power button. Use it to activate the device.

Below is the procedure for how to correctly enable the smart watch using the example of Apple Watch:

  1. Browse the device and find the power button (under the round key);
  2. Press it and hold for about 3 seconds;
  3. Wait for the appliance to turn on.

The screen does not immediately light up. By pressing the key, the start process is activated. The Apple Watch turns on after 1 minute and 10 seconds. The same applies to other models, although there are samples with instant inclusion.

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When the device turns on, select the menu language. Not all models offer this automatically. Otherwise, configure manually.

4 common problems with the inclusion and operation of smart watches

Users experience problems starting up the instrument. “Misunderstandings” arise in working with him.

Most often, malfunctions occur with:

All of these points are discussed in detail in the following paragraphs. Let us dwell on the question why Smart watches do not turn on.

Problem number 1: I can’t turn on the smart watch

There are three ways to charge your Smart Watch:

  • Power Supply
  • USB cable
  • Magnetic station

Some models, for example, moto360, are powered without a charger. Using a power supply or USB cable, the watch is charged in the usual way. Check that the contacts do not retract. The magnetic station is attached to the rear housing of the device. It starts charging only with the correct arrangement of contacts. The wireless process requires the use of a special stand from the kit.

After charging the device, turn it on as described above. If there are problems with the power, check if the cable or unit is working, replace them. Also view contacts in hours. In case of failure, contact a professional.

Problem number 2: the watch battery does not hold a charge

Compared to monochrome displays, devices with full screens do not hold a battery. The former work without additional nutrition for about 2 weeks, the latter for about a day. The reason for this is the small case. The miniature device does not accommodate a capacitive battery in the design, and all built-in bells and whistles quickly eat up the charge. There are ways to save. Check them out.

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To save charge, follow a series of steps:

  1. Decrease display brightness;
  2. Refuse the constantly turned on screen;
  3. Sync via Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi connection is more expensive for the battery.

Follow the suggested steps. So the battery consumption will decrease by about 3 times. Let’s move on to the next problem. synchronization.

Problem number 3: I can’t synchronize my smartphone and watch

There are problems with the connection of two devices. They either lose it or do not mate at all. There are several solutions.

Choose one of the following methods:

  • Checking the status of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module (through which the connection was made)
  • Reset watch and phone
  • Reinstall sync application
  • Reset to factory settings

If one method does not help, try another. If all of the above tips are useless, contact a professional.

Problem number 4: no network equipment

If the error window “no network equipment” or “not online” pops up, the Smart Watch cannot be used. Settings, calls, SMS. all this can not be done. There are several reasons why the watch is offline.

The most common reasons if the device is offline:

  • The device is not turned on
  • SIM card inserted incorrectly
  • Negative balance
  • Problems with the Internet network
  • Incorrect settings
  • APN not configured
  • GPS missing
  • Error filling ip_url
  • Incorrect registration

With the first five reasons, the actions are clear. Use the instruction (or the pw command, 123456, ts #) to configure, and contact the operator to create an APN access point. The GPS signal depends on the balance and quality of the connection. It is activated automatically. Pay attention to the round display icon, it looks like a donut. If the middle is full, then there is a signal, if not, the device is offline. To fix, catch the connection on the street.

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To solve the problem with filling ip_url, check the accuracy of the data. Send SMS to your watch. The command is: pw, 123456, ip,,8001 #. Check the data entered with the received. Correct the errors as needed.


The article described in detail the question of why the Smart Watch did not work. Using the above tips, the user solves 95-97% of the problems. Malfunctions occur during careless use, for example, getting the product wet.

If the Smart Watch deprived of water protection gets into the water, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Dry the appliance quickly;
  2. Pour rice into the container;
  3. Put the product there for 2 hours;
  4. Put it on charge;
  5. Track the device for a minute.

During this time, the device will either show signs of life, or their complete absence. In the second case, contact the professionals.

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