Smart Unlock Mi Band 3 On Huawei

Smart fitness bracelets Mi Band 3 have long been popular. They have many useful features. One of the most used options is to unlock the screen.

Step by step setup

The display unlock function has both pluses and minuses. If the merits of the option are obvious, then few think about the disadvantages. These include:

Smart Unlock Mi Band 3 On Huawei
  • constantly working Bluetooth reduces the battery level of the phone;
  • outsiders can access the information if they are 1 m from the bracelet.

However, the ability to quickly unlock a device often outweighs the downsides. Thanks to the function, no password or pattern is required.

The first drawback turns into a dignity if a person tracks their achievements and call notifications. The second can be inconvenient. To exclude unauthorized connection, you will have to constantly monitor the phone.

To activate the smart lock and unlock the tracker, you need to do a few simple steps. The basis of the walkthrough is taken Xiaomi smartphone. Instruction:

  1. Go to the gadget settings section.
  2. Find the “System and Devices” tab and select “Lock and Protection”.
  3. Press the “Display lock” option.
  4. Activate a digital password or pattern.
  5. Go to Mi fit. This is in the “Profile” tab.
  6. Select Mi band 3 by clicking on the first item.
  7. Click on the “Configure Bluetooth Unlock” button.
  8. Enter the selected password or key.
  9. Confirm binding. To do this, press the button on the bracelet.
  10. To adjust the distance, you need to go to the appropriate section.

On different phones

There is evidence that smart unlocking creates problems on other devices. Smartphones Samsung, Meizu, Huawei and Honor run on Android 5 and higher. Therefore, they are compatible with the functionality specified in the next paragraph. At the same time, you need to configure the phone through SmartLock.

The Flyme OS shell is developed on the basis of Android. The latter is made by Meizu. Users often report problems associated with unlocking through the Mi band. OS 5 was functioning properly, and version 6 was more complicated.


Later Android updates have their own characteristics. The instruction for them is slightly different:

  1. Go to the phone settings and enable screen protection.
  2. Activate bracelet visibility in Mi band. In this application, the initial configuration of the gadget is carried out.
  3. Connect the device by pairing via the Bluetooth module.
  4. Return to smartphone security settings.
  5. Click on SmartLock, then “Trusted Device” and “Add”.
  6. Choose tethered Mi band 3.
  7. The result of correctly performed actions will be the appearance of the bracelet icon on the display. He will be with a tick and without it.


On this platform, it is not possible to configure unlock through the Xiaomi tracker. To protect important information, there is a special FaceID technology. It unlocks after recognizing the face of the owner.

How to disable

Turning off the Mi Band 3 screen unlock is easier than turning it on. It will take you just a couple of simple steps. The second action is not always required.

Go to the settings of the bracelet and deactivate the unlock.

Remove Mi band from the list of trusted devices in SmartLock. You need to go to the phone’s protection functions and turn off unlock via Bluetooth.

Fitness bracelets are extremely easy to use. You must install the Mi fit program on your smartphone in advance. Use it to synchronize the tracker with the phone. The first should be at a slight distance from the second. This is due to the range of Bluetooth.

The owner of the bracelet presses the power button of the smartphone. The operating system automatically searches for the attached device and finds a tracker. When the devices are located 1 m from each other, the smartphone automatically unlocks the screen.