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How to transfer a file from a computer or phone to Android Smart TV TV on a local network

Today’s instruction will be devoted to the question of how to transfer any file from a computer on Windows or phone (Android and iOS) to a TV or Smart TV on a local Wi-Fi network. Direct connection of the devices is convenient if you need to throw a particular image, video, music from one device to another without using a flash drive or an external hard drive. We will exchange documents on the example of the iPhone and Xiaomi Mi Box, however, this method is suitable for absolutely any smartphone, TV or console with Android TV support.

How this scheme will work? We need to create a file server on the basis of TV, which will access from any computer, smartphone or tablet from a local network. In this regard, to transfer files to the TV, you must comply with two main conditions:

  • Your Smart TV or prefix operates on the Android operating system. This is required to install the file manager application
  • A TV or prefix should be able to connect to the router via cable or wirelessly through Wi-Fi

Most modern TV models work on the Android operating system. It is easy to check this in the technical specifications of your model. If not, then you need to look for another way to turn your TV into a file server through some of the applications designed specifically for LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony. Or purchase a Smart TV prefix on Android.

I have just an old TV without Wi-Fi support, so I use Xiaomi Mi TV Stick with it with it. Accordingly, it is necessary to connect a TV with the Android system or the Smart TV prefix directly to the router.

Then install File Commander application from Google Play Store

We launch it and get to the start page. There are many functions for managing documents that are on the internal memory of the prefix and a flash card attached to it. We are now interested in the “PC File Transfer” section

We find ourselves on a page where there is only one single button-“VCL-OKL”. Just with its help, we activate the file server on Smart TV.

How to use Samsung Smart Switch

You can transfer files from Android or iPhone to the Galaxy device using the Samsung Smart Switch mobile application or its desktop software. In this part, we will show you how to use Samsung Smart Switch to transmit Android data to Samsung Galaxy or iPhone on Samsung Galaxy (for example, Galaxy S7).

Samsung Smart Switch (Mobile): Android data transfer to Samsung Galaxy

Step 1 upload and install Smart Switch Mobile applications to both Android devices. Open Samsung Smart Switch Mobile in both.

Step 2 Select the Android to Galaxy option from both devices.

Step 3 on the old Android device Check the data that you want to transfer to Galaxy and click “Pass”.

Step 4 Wait until the two Android devices are connected. Click OK when the Galaxy phone reminds you of obtaining content from the old Android phone.

Step 5 When the transmission process ends, click “Ready” from below and leave the Smart Switch Mobile application. You will find data transferred from the previous Android device.

Samsung Smart Switch (for mobile devices): IPhone data transfer to Samsung Galaxy

Step 1 on your iPhone go to the “ICLOD” “Settings” “Storage and backup” and click “Create a backup now” to create a backup copy of the iCloud for your data.

Step 2 upload and install the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile application to the new Galaxy device.

Step 3 Launch the Smart Switch Mobile application and touch the option to “import from iCloud”.

Step 4 Log in using your Apple ID and password. After the entrance, select the last backup iCloud.

Step 5 Select the contents that you want to transfer to Galaxy and click “Import”.

Step 6 after completing the program click “Ready” and leave the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile application.

Samsung Smart Switch for PC / Mac: Mobile data transfer to Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Smart Switch for PC or Mac helps to transfer data from Android / iPhone to Samsung Galaxy, restoring data from previous Samsung backups or from backups of iPhone iTunes.

Step 1 upload and install Samsung Smart Switch software for PC or Mac desktop.

Step 2 Launch Smart Switch and connect your new Galaxy device to a computer via USB.

Step 3 click “Restore” and click “Change data for recovery”. Then select a backup from a computer or from backups of iTunes.

Step 4 Now select the contents that you want to transfer to Galaxy. Click “OK” “Restore now”. Check the data on the Galaxy phone.

The Samsung Smart Switch table program also allows you to create backups of Galaxy data or synchronize Outlook data. This is a useful data management tool.

Smart Switch doesn’t work? Here is the elimination of problems

Despite the fact that with the help of Smart Smart Switch everything looks wonderful, many users report problems related to the fact that Samsung Smart Switch does not work. Here are some common problems with Smart Switch:

How to transfer your data from a Windows PC to a Mac using Migration Assistant | Apple Support

  • Samsung Smart Switch is incompatible with the Android or iPhone device.
  • Samsung Smart Switch sometimes stops the error annoying process.
  • Samsung Smart Switc often gives a failure.
  • Data transmission errors with, including lack of data.

Search and elimination of faults for Samsung Smart Switch. Transfer by phone

If you are faced with the fact that the aforementioned Samsung Smart Switch does not work, you can restart Smart Switch and repeat the attempt, delete, and then reinstall both a mobile and desktop version, but these things will definitely detain data transfer. And what you do cannot guarantee the correction of Samsung Smart Switch. To eliminate Samsung Smart Switch malfunctions, Samsung Smart Switch alternative may be required. As well as AISEESOFT, telephone translation is strongly recommended.

Contacts photo media Contacts photo Video audio
iOS on Android
iOS on iOS
Android on iOS
Android on Android

Compared to Samsung Smart Switch with Aiseesoft Phone Transfer, you will not encounter errors or errors. In addition, it seems that it is easier to use Phone Transfer for data transfer. Using Phone Transfer, you will never worry that Samsung Smart Switch does not work.

  • Professional software for transmitting a phone data that will help you directly transfer data between the iPhone and Android phone in one click.
  • Transfer the old phone data to a new phone.
  • File synchronization when switching between iPhone and Android phone.
  • Fast and easy to use.

Step 1 Insatall and Lauch Phone Transfer

Download the Phone Transfer program to your computer and click the FoneCopy file.exe to install it on your computer. The installation process is very fast. After that, start Phone Transfer.

Step 2 Connect the devices and select the file type

Smart Transfer App for PC

IS A Fast, Free Comprehensive Cross Platform Content Transfer Solution for All Major Smartphone Platforms. Supporting File Transfer Data Transfer Over The Hotspot Wi-Fi.

This Simple File Transfer App Connects Through QR Code for Content Transfer Like Photos, Videos, Music Audio Many Data.

You can comfortably Switch Phones for Contacts Share, Photos, Videos Files Transfer Without The Difficulty of Backup Content.

Smart Transfer App Allings You to Easily Transfer Content Manage Data on the New Device.

Content Transferring Has Never Been So Easy! IT Allows You to Transfer Any File Type with Alterning the Original.

Software Screenshots

Hurray! SEEMS an App Like Smart Transfer App IS Available for Windows! Download Below:

Not Satispied? Check for Compatible PC Apps Or Alternatives

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Smart Transfer App Get App or Alternatives 48 Reviews

Or follow the guide below to us on PC:

smart, transfer, video, conditions, transferring

Learn How to Install and Use The Smart Transfer App on your PC or 4 Simple Steps Below:

  • Download an Android Emulator for PC and Mac: Get Either Bluestacks or the Nox App . We Recomment BlueStacks BecAuse You Can Easily Find Solutions Online IF YOU RUN Into Problems While Using IT. Download BlueStacks PC Or Mac Software Here .
  • Install The Emulator On Your PC Or Mac: On Your Computer, Goto The Downloads Folder “Click to Install BlueStacks.exe or nox.Exe “Accept The License Agreements” Follow The On-Screen Prompts to Complete Installation.
  • Using Smart Transfer App ON PC [Windows 7/8/8.1/ 10/11]:
  • Open The Emulator App You Installed “Goto Its Search Bar and Search” Smart Transfer App “
  • The Search Will Reveal The Smart Transfer App Icon. Open, then Click “Install”.
  • Once Smart Transfer App IS Downloadeded the Emulator, Locate/Click The “All Apps” Icon to Access a Page Contain All Yur Installd Applications Including Smart Apluding Smart Apluding Smart Apluding SMART SMART.
  • Now Enjoy Smart Transfer App ON PC.
  • Using Smart Transfer App on Mac OS: Install Smart Transfer App on Your Mac Using the Same Steps for Windows OS ABOVE.

How to Download and Install Smart Transfer App on Windows 11

To Use Smart Transfer App Mobile App on Windows 11, Install The Amazon AppStore. This enables you browse and install Android Apps from a Curated Catalog. Gere’s How:

  • Check Device Compatiboly
  • RAM: 8GB (Minimum), 16GB (Recommoded)
  • Storage: SSD
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 8th Gen (Minimum), AMD Ryzen 3000 (Minimum) Or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8c (Minimum)
  • Processor Architecture: X64 OR ARM64
  • Check If there’s a NATIVE Smart Transfer App Windows App “. If None, Proced to Next Step
  • Click on “Get” to Begin Installation. IT ALSO Automatically Installs Windows Subsystem for Android.
  • Inter Installation, Goto Windows Start Menu Or Apps List “Open The Amazon AppStore” Login (With Amazon Account)
  • Install Smart Transfer App on Windows 11:
  • After Login, Search “Smart Transfer App” In Search Bar. On the Results Page, Open and Install Smart Transfer App.
  • After Installing, Goto Start Menu »Recommoded Section” Smart Transfer App. OR GOTO Start Menu “” All Apps “.

Thank you for reading this tutorial. Have a nice day!

Smart Transfer App Software Features and Description

The App Transfer: Free Data Transfer App Still Using Trublesome Apps Old Methods To Transfer Content? Not Anymore! Here is A Best, Free Content Transfer App with Fastest Cross-Platform Transfer Speed. This App Allows You to Easily Transfer Content Manage Data on the New Device. Now Switch Phones in A Carefree Way to Move Files To Another Device Without Compromising Quality Move Data Seamlessly. This Mobile Transfer App Also Supports Different Languages. IS A Fast, Free Comprehensive Cross Platform Content Transfer Solution for All Major Smartphone Platforms. Supporting File Transfer Data Transfer Over The Hotspot Wi-Fi. Activation Code Based Transfer This Simple File Transfer App Connects Through Activation Code for Content Transfer Like Contacts, Photos, Videos, Music Audio Many Many Data. SO, Effortlessly Clone Your Phone Transfer Data in No Time. You can migrate your control BetWeen devices securely quickly. TRANSFER FILES WITHOUT LOSING CONTENT. Supports Multiple Content Types this App Supports Different Content Types for Cross Platform Content Transfer Which Includes:. Contacts. Calendar. Photos. Videos. Reminders. Music Additionally, It Guides You Throughhout The Process of Content Migration in Easy Steps. It is a free to use and supports All Major Platforms! Features of the app Transfer Easy Connectivity: Its advanced technology simply connects two devices transfers all supported content types through the hotspot or Wi-Fi connection as per your convenience without the need of wires or cables. TRANSFER DATA EVEN FASTER THE BLUETOOTH ConNETIVITITIS SHARE FILESS USING Activation Codes. Cross-Platform Capability: Smart Transfer App Supports Free Cross Platform Data Transfer. Content Transferring Has Never Been So Easy! IT Allows You to Transfer Any File Type with Alterning the Original. Quick Data Transfer: The App Transfer Is a Fast Solution to Transfer All Mobile Data to the Other Device No Time. You can comfortably Switch Phones for Contacts Share, Photos, Videos Files Transfer Without The Difficulty of Backup Content. No Data Limitation: with this Content Transfer App, Files Transfer Between Phones Is Unlimited.

Top PCMAC Reviews

It forces me to use a hot spot ne iPhone when a safe wi-fi network at home. No Option to Change it. Con Artist Or Bad Programmer

Smart Transfer how to use video

Smart Transfer is a secure, free convenient cross-platform solution that allows users to transfer share photos, videos, contacts, apps, WhatsApp chats files of any type and size to and from smartphones and tablets over Wi-Fi or hotspot connection.

Launch The App on Sender Receiver Device. Select Network: Wi-Fi on the Receiver Device. Now, an Activation Code Will Appear on the Receiver Device. Enter This Code on the Sender Device to Establish The Connection Between Sender Receiver Device. Accept Connection Request. Choose Content Types to be Transferred. Press Start All Your Desired Data Iserred. Note: Both Devices Shoup Be Connected to the Same Wi-Fi to Establish A Successful Connection.

Automatic: when Both devices have Smart Transfer App Installed, Select “Sender” from Which You Want to Send Data Select “Receiver” on Which You Wish to Receh Data. That, Choose Hotspot a Password Will Appear on the Receiver Device. Copy Password Press Settings Turn Off Wi-Fi Enable Hotspot Pasword On Receiver Device, Setting App Press Continue. Enter The Activation Code Displayed On the Receiver device in the Space Available on the Sender Device. (Note: “When an ios device is sender, permission is asked to Join the Network”). Manual: For iOS Below than iOS 11, Both Devices CanoLly Connected, Using Hotspot Its Password Mental’s Device. Wi-Fi Settings on the Sender Device. Wi-Fi Hotspot as Appeared on the Receiver Screen Enter Password Mental Screen Screen. Press Continue On Receiver. Enter The Activation Code Displayed On the Receiver device in the Space Available on the Sender Device. Accept Connection Request on Receiver Device. In Both Ways, Accept The Connection Request To Continue with the Transfer Process.

No, Smart Transfer Does Not Ur Mobile Data at All. Mobile Data is only in Order to Create A Successful Connection Between The Two Devices.

The content types supported by Smart Transfer include contacts, pictures, calendars, videos, audios / music, bookmarks memos, reminders, documents, applications, settings, WhatsApp Chat Backup, Line Backup, KakaoTalk Backup and files of any format sizes. Transferable Content Types May From One Platform to Another.

smart, transfer, video, conditions, transferring

YES, Smart Transfer Supports All Major Operating Systems Including Android iOS. It is a PowerFul Content Transfer Solution that lets you Transfer Data BetWeen Cross-Platforms with Ease of Process.

All Your Desireed Content Types Be Directly Transferred Over to the Receiver Device in Their Respective Folders. Content Types Like Pictures, Videoos Audio Files Can beland in the Smart Transfer Folder, Through The Receiver’s File Management App. Other Content Types Like Calendars, Bookmarks are Automatically Updated in Their Respective Apps.

With Smart Transfer, There is No Limit To Transfer Data. Users Cansfer As Much Data as They Want in Multiple Transfer Process. Anytime, Anywhere.

Smart Transfer Supports Transfer of All Major Types of Audio Video Files. In Fact, IT ALSO Provides Format Fixes to Make Files Compatible Across Platforms. This allows Smartio to Seamlessly Transfer Data to and from devices Like iPhones or iPads, Without Worrying ABOUT INACCESSISSIBILITY OF NON-COMPLIANT FILE TYPES.

  • Backup your data using WhatsApp Backup on Your Old Device
  • Now, Install Smart Transfer App on both device Select the sender receiver devices Select Network Connection Connect both devices through activation code Select the Whatsapp Backup option to restore your chats on receiver device
  • Click on the Drop-Down Menu in the Application.
  • Select the, “Remove the Ads” Option
  • Follow Google’s in-App Purchacing Guidelines
  • Once The Purchase is Complete, You Shoup Be Having Ads Free Version!

Smart Transfer Smartly Deals with Content Duplication to Ensure that you do not end up with duplicate in your Receiver device, Especially Manages Contacts duplication. IT Intelligently Scans the Address Books of Both Devices Forgoes The Transfer of Any Contacts Common Between The Two Devices.

How to make an application backup

If you want to record the current state of applications and data in them, you can use the App Backup function. It works in approximately the same as transfer data on a computer, but creates encrypted copies, access to which you will only have. In fact, this is a full.fledged selective backup. For this:

In the Apptrans application, Open the App Backup section and click Back Up Now.

Make sure the computer has recognized the desired smartphone. If necessary, configure the backup folder (you can select an external disk connected) and click Back up Now.

Having selected the necessary applications from the list, press Back up Now again.

The process can take some time, especially if you have chosen many applications and files. Do not disconnect the smartphone until the completion of the backup.

Further, this copy will be available in the App Restore section, in which you can quickly return to any of the stored backups. This will help save the data if you (or someone else) accidentally delete important documents along with the application.

Do you need a paid version?

The features described above are the free version of Apptrans, we have not made a paid subscription for testing the program. That is, for most scenarios you will not have to pay at all at all.

smart, transfer, video, conditions, transferring

For cases when a cross-platform transfer of data is required (from iPhone on Android or vice versa), there is an expanded version of Apptrans Pro. Subscription for 3 months costs 2824 rubles, for a year. 3138. You can also arrange a license license for 5493 rubles. It will act on 1 computer and 5 mobile devices.

Transition from iOS

Transfer data to Galaxy using OTG cable. You can buy it at Samsung stores. By the way, with the Galaxy S7/S7 EDGE device Microusb 2 adapter.0 with OTG support is included.

Important! Before using the cable, we advise you to charge devices at least 50%, because data transfer is consuming a significant battery charge.

You can use iCloud to transmit data, however, only the OTG cable allows you to transfer paid music to the AppStore.

  • Connect one device to another. Launch the Smart Switch application on the new smartphone.
  • Transfer contacts, calls and messages, photos and other data to the new Galaxy, following the instructions on the smartphone screen.
  • Smart Switch will search for applications installed on the iOS device, and based on the search results will find the same applications on Google Play or recommend similar options.

How to save files: photo, video, music, documents

We recommend that you save files on a computer. This method is the fastest and does not require additional settings.

If on Windows computer

Connect a smartphone or tablet to a computer USB cable. A mobile device will appear in the computer folder.

No additional drivers from Samsung are required to connect. The device is connected through the MTP protocol, which is built into Windows. If the device does not connect to your computer, the problem with the operating system. Check that the latest Windows updates are installed and the current version of Windows Media Player.

Open the internal memory of the device through the conductor. Now you can copy the necessary files and folders to the computer. If the internal memory is empty, then the screen is blocked by a pattern, a Pin code or password-unlock.

If on a computer Mac

For Mac in Google, a special program was developed. Android File Transfer, use it to transfer files.

How to find out in which folders photos, music and video are stored

Open the gallery. Files in it are located in albums (folders).

To find out where this or that album is stored, open any photo or video from it.

Click the “Options” button (may look like three points on top of the right) and select “Information” (“Properties”).

The “Way” field will indicate the place where this album is stored. In our example, the album lies in the Screenshots folder, which lies in the DCIM folder.

Typically, photos and videos are stored in DCIM folders (photo and video from the camera), Pictures, Downloads (uploaded files), Bluetooth.

Music is usually stored in Music, Downloads, Bluetooth folders.

If you can’t determine in which folders the necessary files are in. copy all the folders that are in the memory of the device.

How to save other data through the Smart Switch program

To save other files, settings and data, use the Smart Switch program. The program will save:

  • Contacts, call magazine
  • SMS, S Planner (calendar events), e-mail (email accounts)
  • Music, photo, video, documents
  • Desktop wallpapers, Internet browser (bookmarks, settings)
  • Applications (only installation files, applications data will not be saved)
  • Settings, watches (alarm clock)

How to save data

Download the program and install on the computer.

Run the program and connect the device with a cable to the computer. The following devices should be installed:

The device will be determined on the computer. Click the “” button.

Select the data that needs to be saved, and click OK “.

After copying, information will appear what data is preserved and which is not. Click OK.

How to restore data

Run the program and connect the device with a cable to the computer. Click the “Restore” button.

The program itself will find the last backup copy. Click the “Restore” button.

Information will appear what data has restored. Click OK.

How to transfer all data from the old Galaxy smartphone to a new

There were times when “moving” from one phone to another, and as a result, the transfer of all data from the first to the second was the same task. There were years and the developers of mobile software did not stand still, but developed special applications that allow you to transfer data to only a few unpretentious movements, without spending a single nervous cell. Here are various brands, including Samsung, developed and released their software for transferring data called Smart Switch, which is designed to greatly make life easier for users and help them to transfer all their data from the old smartphone to a new one, without losing a single one at the same time Photos or contact.

How to move from the old Galaxy smartphone to a new one using Smart Switch

Smart Switch is not a comprehensive program for backup and recovery, which will directly copy everything on a new phone, but this is a good way to fill out many gaps left by the base system of backup and restoration connected to your Google accounting record. Do not expect that Smart Switch will transmit all the data of your separate application or copy each bit of information, but it will make many small and inconspicuous things that you will evaluate later when you simply use your new smartphone, instead of bewildered in the settings.

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It has long been known that even the relevant iPhone 13 still has only 4 GB of RAM. For Android flagman, this mark was overcome many years ago, and now even the most budget models offer at least the same amount, or even more RAM. As for expensive models, to date, the main market of Android Smartphones has up to 18 GB of RAM. And thanks to the technology of memory expanding Android smartphones can get up to 20 GB of RAM and more. This even exceeds what users have most desktop computers. But why is this happening?

Paying a smartphone on every day is becoming more and more difficult. At first, Google Pay stopped working, then the Apple Pay was turned off, and after that, problems began in Sberpay with the observation of cards Mir. In fact, of all possible ways to pay for purchases with the help of the phone, there are only two left: Mir Pay and Samsung Pay. over, with the first periodically some problems arose: either the card was not added, the application simply flew out. It turns out that the last ray of hope for us was the payment service from Samsung. No, of course, it is possible that something will happen to him, but while the phones of the Korean brand. Almost the only devices that can be recommended for purchase.

Modern smartphones support a huge number of technologies, many of which no one knew just a couple of years ago. In particular, Dolby Vision support is often announced on manufacturers. For most buyers, these are not talking about anything that do not affect the choice of a gadget, unlike other important characteristics. However, smartphones with Dolby Vision support and show themselves differently while watching video content. So what is the advantage of this technology, and whether you really need to pay attention to it when choosing a phone?

Maybe it’s time to rename you in Samsunginsider? All this info on any smartphone model is easier to find on 4pda. You need hot news and reviews of new products of smartphones and programs for them.

OGA, tell us better how to transfer from iPhone to Samsung, when when transferring along the cable, an error is constantly given, how to transfer VOTSAP from Aylaud to Google Drive and other problems that arise between platforms

In Samsung, just through this program, just choose the iOS operating room when setting up and it will offer to enter the AppStore account, then Samsung downloads the info from Aylaud on the network. And the chats of Votsap seem to be nowhere to not drag, although it was previously possible.

How to transfer files from computer to TV

To do this, you need to download a couple of applications on PC and your Android TV. Open the Play Market on TV and find the Send Files to TV application. It is free, but includes purchases.

It is convenient to transmit files from PC to Android TV through the application

  • Install it and go to the Android TV settings to give the necessary permits to transfer files;
  • Select “Applications”, then scroll down to the “Application Resolution” item;
  • In the list of permits, go down to the bottom of the list by selecting “files and media files”;
  • We are looking for our Send Files to TV application and click OK on the remote control;
  • Select “Allow” so that the program has access to files on TV.

Without this permission, the application will not be able to work with.APK

This is not all. It is important to allow the installation and operation to unknown applications.

  • We return back to “Applications” and select “Security and Restrictions”, then “Unknown Sources”;
  • We activate the slider near our Send Files to TV program.

You have to dig a little in the settings, but it’s worth it

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC (and Windows to iPhone). UPDATED

Now you need to install the same program on your PC. Honestly, it was a big problem to find it: it is removed from Microsoft Store, and in other sources you need to try hard to find it. But the program can be downloaded from this link. You can safely install. there are no viruses there, I checked.

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You will need a file manager to install a file on a TV. I advise Solid Explorer, it is free and is in Play Market for Android TV, simple and understandable in use. It is important to give him access to the file system and install unknown applications.

Solid Explorer is simple and understandable to use

  • In the settings, select “Applications” again;
  • We go to the point “Applications resolution”, then “Files and Media Feals”;
  • We turn on “allow” in Solid Explorer;
  • We go back and go to “Safety and Restrictions”, select unknown sources and activate the slider near Solid Explorer.

The program has been established and all the necessary permits are given. Next, you need to go to the APK Mirror website from the computer. it is precisely the applications downloaded from there that work on Android TV. All my attempts to install the same Google Chrome from the Google website ended in failure.

All my unsuccessful attempts to install Google Chrome on Android TV

Both TV and PC should be connected to one Wi-Fi network!

  • After installing the Send Files to TV, the icon will hang in the train. Also start the program on the TV;
  • Press the Send Files with the right mouse button: Select the file.APK on a computer;
  • Then select your TV in the window to send the file. Be sure to run the program on your TV: otherwise the computer will not find a device;
  • Click twice on the device: File transfer will begin.
  • After the end of the transmission, we go to Solid Explorer and select the Downloads folder. Open the file.APK and start installing.

Next, no unforeseen situations should occur. Google Chrome works on Android TV, but in order to conveniently use it, a wireless keyboard and a mouse will need. Thus you can install the application on Android TV.

How to send a file from phone to TV

The same can be handed over by sending a file from a smartphone on Android to your TV.

    From Google Play to a smartphone

  • We install if the same application on Android TV from Play Market has not yet been installed
  • After that, open the Send Files to TV application on both devices. Now click “Send” on your smartphone and select the APK file that you want to send.
  • On the TV, open Solid Explorer, select the Downloads folder and set the program.

Send Files to TV applications for a smartphone also works in the same way

There were questions? Write to our Telegram chat. Let’s tell you the solution!

Thus, you can install any applications on Android TV. Do not forget to connect a mouse or keyboard so that it is convenient to use them. Still, from the remote control in the navigation by Google Chrome there is no much sense.

In the light of well.known events, mobile applications of banks fell under the sanctions were removed from Google Play. Because of this, they were deprived of the possibility of installing on new devices and ceased to be updated. In this regard, Sber sent his clients instructions for updating Sberbank online for Android bypassing Google Play. This is relevant not only for the Sberbank, but also for other banks whose applications are now not updated with standard means.

Despite the numerous rumors of blocking and even direct threats from the authorities, YouTube still did not block. Why exactly. The tenth business. The main thing is that the service is still available and, as it seems to many, has even become even better, because now it does not have built-in advertising. So, you can watch a video from your favorite bloggers without interrupting or without paying a premium subscription. over, now such an opportunity is no longer provided. But there is no doubt that YouTube bends in. Now I’ll tell you how I understood it and what to do about it.

You noticed that after 20-30 minutes of active use the phone works slower? If you have the frequency of the screen update of 90 Hz, then it can forcibly fall to 60 Hz, and the game, which after the launch gave out honest 60 FPS, only begins to slow down so much that you want to close it and never open it again. This happens due to the trutling of the processor. Let’s figure out what it is whether it is dangerous for a mobile device, and whether it is possible to turn off the Trottling on a smartphone.