Smart Sync does not connect via Bluetooth iPhone. Program errors

How to eliminate the problems of Bluetooth on the Apple iPhone XR, will not be associated with the Bluetooth accessory [Guide to eliminate problems]

Today’s Bluetooth technology has already been made more advanced, but very easy to use. In smartphones, a number of touches of the screen or switches will allow your phone to connect and connect to other Bluetooth-compatible accessories within the radius of action. The same works with Bluetooth functions in iPhone. Nevertheless, there are only certain factors that can interfere with the work of the Bluetooth telephone system and lead to its refusal or the termination of work. This post considers the common Bluetooth problem, which IOS owners are faced with, including the recently released iPhone XR. Read further to find out what to do if your new iPhone does not connect or connect to the Bluetooth accessory.

The latest version of the Bluetooth used in the latter iPhone is Bluetooth 5. Before eliminating problems, check and make sure that your Bluetooth accessory supports Bluetooth 5 technology. It is recommended that the devices that you connect to, also use or support the Bluetooth 5 equipment, such as Bluetooth 5 headphones, speakers, headsets and others. Although the iPhone 5 phones have reverse compatibility (still working with previous versions of Bluetooth), you will not be able to get any advantages from the new technology.

In addition to system compatibility, distance or proximity is also another factor that should be taken into account. Bluetooth 5 specification allows you to connect to a Bluetooth support device at a distance of not more than 800 feet. This is four times more than that of Bluetooth 4.2 le. Until you go beyond this range, everything should work. But just to make sure that the distance is not a problem, place the Bluetooth accessory next to the iPhone XR to eliminate problems with the software in these guides.

First solution: turn off and turn on Bluetooth again.

Random systemic errors that occur both on the iPhone XR and on the Bluetooth device can also cause Bluetooth connection errors. To turn it off, turn it on and turn off Bluetooth, perform the iPhone XR software reboot, and then reboot the Bluetooth accessory. This will lead to the removal of any small system errors that cause problems on both devices. This is how it works:

  • Go to the main screen, then click “Settings”.
  • Select Bluetooth, then switch the switch next to it to turn off the function. This turns off the Bluetooth functions for your iPhone.
  • While Bluetooth is disconnected, reboot / reboot the iPhone iPhone XR. To do this, press and hold the Side / Power button and any of the Volume buttons simultaneously for several seconds until the Slide to Power Off command appears. Drag the slider to the right to turn off. After a few seconds, press and hold the side button until the phone reloads.
  • As soon as your iPhone boots, return to the settings menu- Bluetooth.
  • Then switch the switch to enable Bluetooth again.
  • Wait until all Bluetooth devices are filled, then select the Bluetooth accessory that you want to associate with your iPhone XR.

If the conjugation is successful, the problem is solved. Otherwise, you need to eliminate the problems further.

best tips to eliminate the problem with the non.working Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad

Bluetooth problems on iOS are the same as old as iPhone and iPad. What is the failure of Apple or the nature of the general problems in iOS 15, which most devices encounter, Bluetooth problems have a long story on iOS and iPados. It is not surprising that a large number of users often visit various forums to complain about the bad work of Bluetooth. While some say that their iPhone cannot connect to Bluetooth devices, others report that their iOS device is automatically disconnected from Bluetooth accessories. Fortunately, there are several proven solutions to solve the Bluetooth problem on iPhone and iPad. If this is what you are looking for, try these 12 professional tips and tricks to solve the problem “iPhone Bluetooth” does not work “.

iPhone Bluetooth does not work? Here are corrections!

Understanding the possible causes of problems with Bluetooth in iOS and iPados can greatly simplify the search for the right solutions. So, let’s first consider the possible reasons!

Why is the problem with Bluetooth arise on iPhone and iPad?

Problems with Bluetooth on iOS arise due to a number of reasons, such as software errors, outdated software and poor functioning of Bluetooth accessories. In addition, the problem can also arise if the Bluetooth device is not fully charged or if you have forbidden the accompanying application to use Bluetooth on your iOS or iPados device. Taking into account all these possible reasons, we mentioned decisions that can solve the notorious problem with the non.working Bluetooth on iPhone.

Note. Before moving on to the solutions, check if Bluetooth is included in your iPhone. You can do this from the control center or by installing the Bluetooth switch in the “Settings” application.

Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone.

Whenever I encounter the problems of connecting Bluetooth on my iPhone and iPad, the first solution that I try to decide is to turn off/enable the bluetooth switch. And I must say that it most often saves me. So, I count on this small but rather effective trick that will do this work for you.

Let’s go to the application settings on the iOS device. Bluetooth. Now turn off the toggle switch. After that, reboot your device. After rebooting the device, turn on the Bluetooth switch. Then try to connect your iPhone/iPad to the Bluetooth accessory to see if the problem has disappeared. If Bluetooth starts to work again, the problem has already been solved.

Turn off and turn on the Bluetooth device again.

Many times you can get rid of the Bluetooth problem by simply turning off/turning on the Bluetooth accessory. So, try it a simple, but effective solution. Most Bluetooth devices are supplied with a power switch that allows you to easily turn on/disable them. So, find the power switch, and then click it to turn off the Bluetooth accessory. After that, press the power button again to enable it.

Update your iPhone/iPad.

If none of the tricks helped solve the problems with Bluetooth on your iPhone and iPad, I suspect that the problem may be related to software error or outdated software. In any case, you can get rid of the problem by updating iOS/iPados to the latest version.

Go to the “Settings” application. “General”. “Updating software”. Now let your device check the availability of available updates. If the last update is displayed, load and install the software update as usual.

Update your Bluetooth Axual.

To increase performance, as well as eliminate common problems, accessories manufacturers often release software updates. So, if you have not updated your Bluetooth device for some time, it is likely that the problem may be associated with outdated software. Most Bluetooth devices are supplied with an additional application that allows you to configure the parameters. Open the App Store. Your profile. Application to check the availability of available software updates.Updating AirPods is quite simple. The headphones are automatically updated to the latest firmware versions when they are connected through Bluetooth to your iPhone and iPad.

Make sure your Bluetooth device is charged.

Make sure your Bluetooth accessory is completely charged or connected to the power source. If the accessory comes with a rechargeable battery, check if it needs to be replaced.

If you can carry out an accessory with some devices, but not with iPhone or iPad, turn off the accessory from other devices. After that, try to connect it again with your device. In addition, also contact the accessory manufacturer to make sure that he supports iOS/iPados.

Make sure the Companion application has access to Bluetooth.

If an accompanying application is attached to the Bluetooth accessory, make sure that it has access to Bluetooth on your iPhone and iPad. Open the “Settings” application on your device and select “Privacy”. Now find Bluetooth and click on it. After that, make sure that the application (which is discussed) can use Bluetooth.

Forget about the device and again compat.

If the problem with Bluetooth is still not eliminated, make the Bluetooth accessory forget about your iPhone and iPad. Then re.connect the Bluetooth accessory to the iOS/iPados device. Sometimes this can solve the problems of Bluetooth by cleaning the cache Bluetooth.

Go to the “Settings” application. Bluetooth. button “I” next to the Bluetooth accessory. After that, click “Forget this device” and confirm. Now re.connect the iOS/iPados device to the Bluetooth accessory.

Full reset of iPhone and iPad settings.

Another solution that often helped me correct the common problems of iOS and iPados, including problems with Bluetooth, is a hardware reset, known as a forced restart. So it is worth turning it off and turn on the iPhone again.

  • Forcibly reboot the iPhone 8 or newer and iPad without the “home” button: press and quickly release the volume increase button. Then press and quickly release the volume reduction button. After that, press and hold the side/upper button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Turn off and enable Bluetooth

It is strongly recommended to turn off Bluetooth on the iOS 16 device, then wait a couple of seconds and turn on the Bluetooth again. This simple and common trick can easily correct temporary Bluetooth connection failures on iPhone or data caching problems. For this:

  • Go to the settings Appendix click on Bluetooth.
  • Click on the Bluetooth switch to turn off this.
  • Now be sure to turn it on again to check whether it is solving the problem or not.

Forcibly reboot your iPhone (hardware reset)

Apple offers a simple method of completely rebooting for iOS devices, which mainly forcibly restarts the device into the system to quite effectively update the system failure. Although the full reset indicates the process of completely cleaning the system data in Android OS, this is not so. You can consider this as a forced restart of your iPhone. For this:

  • Make sure the iPhone is turned on and unlock the lock screen.
  • Currently, quickly press the volume increase and release, then quickly press the volume decrease (-) key and release, then quickly press and hold the power button (side key) for several seconds until the Apple loading logo appears. on the screen.
  • As soon as the Apple logo appears, you can release the power button (side key) and wait for the device to load the device into the system.

This specific method will help refresh the device system from temporary failures. Thus, you do not need to reset the settings every time if something conflicts on your iPhone.

What to do

There are several solutions what to do if the iPhone does not see JBL, which is why it is not possible to connect via Bluetooth. Consider the main steps.


Before taking more complex actions, reboot the column and smartphone. After that, try connecting again.

Disconnect / turn on Bluetooth

One of the reasons why the iPhone does not see the JBL column is malfunctions of the Blue tooth. Try to deactivate Bluetooth on a smartphone and connected device, and then turn it on again. If the problem was associated with a “blue tooth”, it should be decided.

Check the level of charge

If the iPhone does not find a JBL column, and does not see it, the reason may be in the discharge of the battery. In this case, the Bluetooth module cannot transmit the necessary signal due to lack of charge. The same applies to a smartphone. In order to avoid problems before the pairing, charge the iPhone and the column, then follow the instructions (given in the section below).

Make sure the connection is correctly

Often there are situations when the iPhone does not see the connected device due to errors in connecting. In normal mode, the conjugation should take place according to the following algorithm:

  • Turn on the iPhone and go to the settings section.
  • Go to the Bluetooth section and turn on the option.
  • Wait until the runner near the “other devices” stops rotating.
  • After the search is completed, find the JBL column and connect to it.

If all steps are taken correctly, synchronization should occur. In the case when the iPhone does not see the connected device, go to the next step.

Reset the settings

The cause of the problems may be incorrect parameters of the JBL column. In this case, it is necessary to reset its parameters to factory settings. This step helps with other malfunctions in the work of the device. Immediately note that before performing steps, it is necessary to turn on and charge the column. After that, take the following steps (for the example of the Charge model):

  • Click the Play/Pace button and “(increasing volume) at the same time.
  • Hold the keys for three seconds.
  • Disconnect the column and wait another 10 seconds.
  • Activate the device.

With the correct execution of all steps, the device returns to the original settings. Often such actions help in a situation if the iPhone does not see the JBL column on Bluetooth. If you could not do the work, try to repeat the procedure again or use other recommendations from the article.

Ask the correct program settings

If an additional application is used to conjure, take the following steps on the iPhone:

If nothing helps

In the case when the steps discussed did not give a result, and the iPhone does not see JBL through Bluetooth, try to take the following steps:

  • Torn the connection, put the device into detection mode, and then try to create a couple again.
  • Try to break the connection between the iPhone and the other column, and then connect with the JBL. Perhaps the reason for the problem was unnecessary connection.
  • Contact Support JBL and specify what the causes of problems may be, and why the iPhone does not see the connected device. For communication, use the Support
  • Contact the owners of iPhone devices. The necessary information for circulation is easy to find at Support.Apple.COM/RU-RU/CONTACT.

If nothing helps, you cannot exclude technical malfunction. You can talk about it if the Bluetooth on the iPhone does not turn on or does not see a single device at all. In such circumstances, it may be necessary to contact the service center for the diagnosis and repair of equipment. Problems with the module may take place on the JBL column.

Now you know why the iPhone does not see the connected device, and what to do in such circumstances. Start by checking the correctness of the connection, restart the device and turn on Bluetooth. If possible, reset the settings and correctly configure the additional program to connect in case of its use.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us what way you helped you cope with the problem, and what other actions can help in the event of such difficulties with the conjugation.

Fixed: iPhone 13, 13 Pro or Pro Max Bluetooth does not work or does not mate

Despite the fact that they are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, iPhone 13, 13 Pro and Pro Max of the series faces several problems with Bluetooth when Bluetooth either does not work or is associated with external devices. Why is this and what you can do if you have similar problems with Bluetooth below.

The hype around the iPhone 13 series was quite expected, and as soon as it was launched, users began to make purchases in huge quantities. And, as for any other time, Apple took care of all possible measures to satisfy the user. Devices are delivered with high.quality characteristics and, as usual, with premium appearance Apple. importantly, the iPhone 13 and all its later versions can be updated to iOS 15. The set of Apple A15 Bionic chips, together with all other functions, makes it another worthy device from Apple.

However, despite all the capabilities of the iPhone 13 of the series, users are not satisfied with this. A large number of users complained about various problems with Bluetooth in the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Most complaints are due to the fact that Bluetooth does not work or problems with the association with Bluetooth speakers, headsets, keyboards, and even Apple hours. So, if the Bluetooth connection in your new iPhone 13 or later versions does not work or does not work with other devices, this is how to fix it.

  • Fixed: iPhone 13, 13 Pro or Pro Max Bluetooth does not work or does not mate.
  • Check the Bluetooth range
  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Restart Bluetooth
  • Repeated Bluetooth conjunction
  • Restore the Bluetooth device
  • Check the iOS version.
  • Update the iOS version
  • Contact Support Apple

Fixed: iPhone 13, 13 Pro or Pro Max Bluetooth does not work or does not mate.

As a rule, your iPhone Bluetooth can connect to any Bluetooth device, whether it is speakers, headsets, etc. D. But if you have problems connecting it to devices, this may be due to certain technical problems. Here are a few possible solutions that can help you correct the non.working Bluetooth or a problem with the association in the iPhone 13, 13 Pro and Pro Max.

Check the Bluetooth range

To connect two devices via Bluetooth, you must make sure that both devices are within reach. Usually the range depends on your Bluetooth version, but since you use Bluetooth 5.0, it is from 200 feet to 800 feet. Therefore, if you have problems connecting devices, bring them to each other and try to connect again.

smart, sync, does, connect, bluetooth, iphone

Turn on Bluetooth

Before connecting any Bluetooth device, make sure you turned on Bluetooth on your iPhone, as well as on another device.

Restart Bluetooth

Sometimes you may have problems with the iPhone connection to the Bluetooth device, since it is not displayed. In this case, turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone for a couple of seconds and turn it on again. In addition, restart the other Bluetooth device to make sure that there are no failures in the connection.

Repeated Bluetooth conjunction

If you have not previously connected your device, you need to connect it again before you can use it. Therefore, turn on Bluetooth in both devices scanning the device, perform its interfacing, and then try to connect.

Restore the Bluetooth device

If you have already tried the methods described above and not one of them pulled the lace in your case, try to restart the iPhone and the Bluetooth device that you want to connect. If the device has a slight failure, restarting both devices must solve the problem.

Check the iOS version.

If you use the old iOS version, this can be another good reason why you cannot connect to your Bluetooth. Check the availability of the latest version of iOS (if it is available), update iOS and repeat the attempt.

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Update the iOS version

In addition to common problems, such as the lack of Bluetooth connection, problems with the Bluetooth range or problems with the detection of the Bluetooth device, there are many problems with Bluetooth that can be corrected by updating software. It is important for you to update your iPhone until the last updates. IOS updates not only improve your iPhone, but also provide important security updates for your safety. Steps for checking and installing iOS automatic updates:

Open the iPhone settings and go to the “main” “software” section “.

How To. SPH-10BT. Connect iPhone with Smart Sync App

Check if any update is available, if any, be sure to download and install the update.

When updating the iPhone to the latest version, make sure you have a good Internet connection and charge the device battery up to at least 80% for a small update process.

Contact Support Apple

This will be your last remedy if not one of the tricks will work for you. Sometimes the Bluetooth chip or the Bluetooth module in your phone can be damaged by equipment due to water pollution or physical jerking. If your iPhone 13, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max constantly shows problems with connecting to other devices, contact Support Apple or visit the nearest exhibition hall and ask for help from experts.

Fifth solution: resetting network settings on your iPhone.

The problem may be associated with serious network errors if none of the previous methods can solve it. At this stage, you may have to resort to some reboots. To exclude network errors that could cause serious problems with Bluetooth on your iPhone XR, follow the following steps to reset the network:

  • On the main screen, click “Settings”.
  • Choose General.
  • Scroll down and tape the discharge.
  • Select the network discharge option. This will delete your current network settings, including Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth connection.
  • Enter the password of your device when you are asked to continue.
  • Click on the option to confirm the reset of network settings.

Wait until your phone reloads, and then reboots yourself. As soon as it boots, turn on Bluetooth again, and then set up the Bluetooth car system. After everything is configured, try connecting them again and see if they can already be synchronized. If this did not help anyway, then you will most likely face more complex problems on your iPhone or in the Bluetooth car system.

The main reason why mobile technology users do not like Apple devices is closed. It will not work out to transmit data from the iPhone as simple as with Android: Bluetooth iPhone is only associated with additional devices, such as a headset and wireless columns, but it is impossible to use it to send / receive files.

However, computer craftsmen learned to bypass this restriction. to use Bluetooth “in full” will allow tweaks sold on Cydia. Users who do not want to “break” the iPhone and spend money on additional software will have to be content with Airdrop. a function that, alas, is not yet able to boast of stable work.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

To get started, decide on the problem: how exactly does not “work” Bluetooth on your smartphone? There are not many options here:

smart, sync, does, connect, bluetooth, iphone
  • Bluetooth does not turn on the iPhone at all.
  • Search for networks does not work properly.
  • iPhone does not see Bluetooth device.
  • iPhone sees gadgets, but does not connect to them.
  • The device freezes during Bluetooth operation.

A situation where the iPhone does not see the iPhone on Bluetooth is not a problem. This is the feature of Apple products that protects iOS from viruses. Therefore, you cannot connect the iPhone via Bluetooth to another smartphone. However, from the 7th version of the iOS there is an Airdrop service that replaces this function.

So, in order to solve these problems, it is necessary to do a number of simple actions, starting from the most obvious.

Simple solutions

Often the problem can be solved by very trivial actions. They must always start with them when some kind of problem arises. So you will save a lot of time, and the question is why Bluetooth does not work on the iPhone, can be quickly resolved.

  • Check if wireless. This applies to both the smartphone and the connected gadget. The device should be transferred to the mating mode. To do this, hold the power button and keep it up to 30 seconds.
  • Charge the battery. Wireless communication works poorly when batteries are discharged on devices. It is better to charge them and repeat the attempt.
  • Bring the device closer. This you exclude the hindrance factor. Sometimes a wall or other wireless device can block a signal. Perhaps the module does not “see” another device due to a large distance.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and turn it on again. Do this first on the phone, then on the second device.
  • Remove all accessories and additional devices from the phone, if they are. This is especially true for non.original accessories.
  • Check the gadget on another smartphone or PC to make sure if it works correctly with other devices.

Solving all possible problems: Instruction

Checking your wireless device on the control device is one of the most important actions. If the column, mouse or joystick does not go into the state “associated” with other smartphones or PC, then their breakdown is quite likely. Of course, make sure that they are turned on, charged and you press the correct conjugation button for at least 15 seconds. If the gadget is connected, then the actions described below will help restore its full work.

  • Reload the gadgets. Sometimes this helps to reset accumulated errors, and after rebooting, the devices are perfectly connected to each other and go into the “associated” mode.
  • What to do is make sure that Bluetooth is on. This is the most banal reason. Sometimes a computer or smartphone can show your device because it “remembers” it, but the device itself may not be connected. Accordingly, it is not associated, and you may not understand what to do. It will not be superfluous to check the visibility of the phone and PC. Sometimes this parameter also interferes with correctly connecting the device.

To do this, on the phone in the Bluetooth parameters, put the appropriate check. The parameter is not present on all smartphones: on the rest it is launched by default.

On a laptop or PC, press the right button on Bluetooth in the system tray (near the clock) and select the parameters item. In the window you need to put all the necessary checkmarks.

  • Power supply. Bluetooth often does not connect to discharged gadgets. The phone can enable the charge saving mode if the battery level is below 15-10%. The headset, mouse or speakers can also stop connecting at low charge, although they will be visible to the computer. Such a device will not be connected or fraught, although it operates correctly. What needs to be done to avoid failures is to charge it regularly.

A laptop or a computer, for their part, can be in charge saving mode. even with a “complete” battery or if it is connected to a socket. It is necessary to click on the power icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and select the “power” menu item item. In the window that appears, select “High performance”.

  • What to do if Bluetooth finds the device, but does not connect? There is a chance that the device needs to be brought closer. Or remove other wireless gadgets away. In the case when the cause of the failures was interference, this will eliminate the problem.
  • The most effective solution is to conjure the device again. Open a list of conjugated gadgets on a phone or computer and delete it from this list. You need to do this on a smartphone or PC.

On the phone go to the settings and in Bluetooth. Wireless communication should be enabled. Click on the settings of the device that you want to delete and then select “Disconnect” or “Forget”. (photos for different versions of Android)

On a PC with Windows systems, click on the Bluetooth icon in the Trea or find it in the settings. Remove the device.

Now you need to connect and conjure the device again. Before that, I recommend that you restart the computer and your gadget.

An important nuance: sometimes the presence of an incompatible device in the list of devices can affect how to connect normal working gadgets: Bluetooth connection will be rejected by another device for no apparent reason. Therefore, if the step did not help, then you can delete all devices from the list at all, make a reboot and try to connect the gadget again.

  • Reinstall the driver. This is relevant for PC. Find the current version of the software for your computer on the site of the laptop manufacturer or Bluetooth adapter. Download and install it. It is better to do this only on official sites.

Sometimes after reinstalling the driver you need to clean the registry in order to get rid of possible residual problems. I am using a free CCleaner program for this. So you will definitely know that PC got rid of the settings of the old driver.

  • Reset the settings, or the version on the phone to the factory settings. If Bluetooth worked properly earlier, but stopped after installing updates and programs, then this method will help. Attention, it can delete all your data. Use this item as a last resort, and if you remember your password from the Google account. Find in the settings the item “Restoration and reset”, and then. the reset of the phone settings or other similar items. The phone will update its program and restart.
  • If the Bluetooth device is connected, fraught, but does not play sound, then this is not a problem with connecting. This “problem” is easy to fix. What is worth doing? On the computer, press the right button on the sound icon next to the clock, in the corner of the screen. Select playback devices and your wireless column or headphone as a sound source.

On the phone go to the Bluetooth settings, then to the parameters of the Bluetooth gadget and mark the necessary switches there.

At the audio device itself, you need to choose Bluetooth as a signal source (if different sources are allowed).

Sometimes there is still no sound, and this is due to the set. budget models can only transfer calls, but not music. You can use special applications to still listen to audio, but its quality will be low.

  • The last point touches the computer. Sometimes you can neither connect to the device nor delete it, although it is associated. The problem is rare and consists in the Bluetooth controller settings.

Click Winr and type Services.MSC in the window that appears, then ok. A service application will open, where you need to find a Bluetooth support service and press it twice.

The problem when the Bluetooth device is fraught, but does not connect, it is easy to fix it if you take turns checking all possible errors. Most often, the problem is solved by the first points of the instruction. I wish you not to experience difficulties when using wireless gadgets, and in case of their occurrence, quickly solve them. I hope my instruction will help you with this.

smart, sync, does, connect, bluetooth, iphone

Good evening.The problem is this.D6 and the Lenovo P780 phone Bluetooth are associated, checked, I threw the photos there and back.But on the threshold for smart watches, I can’t pancake a clock and a phone.And the other programs of others tried NIMER do not see what the reason is ?Thanks

I don’t know how important it is. There was a similar problem with the phone (iPhone) and a stabilizer (for shooting a video which). In my case, if you make a conjugation of iOS stubs in the list of connected devices, but the program did not see it. As soon as I broke the connection with Stub (Bluetooth did not turn it off on the phone). the program began to see the stub and connected to it

SPAAAAASIBO. Connected the Elji Xboom 1000W column to the laptop. Helped to install a “high performance” checkmark

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I bought headphones, Perfeo Fold, connected the headphones, everything works, but at the next one in parameters called the devices, inscriptions are listed: it is connected, associated, the driver’s error, and is not connected, the headphones have to be turned on, about 4.5 times they all the same are turned on, I have already completely removed the drivers 2 times and put it, I just physically turned off the Bluetooth module, pulling it out of the board on the laptop, which is not so? There are no problems on all other devices, so the headphones have nothing to do with it

Good evening, the problem with connecting a laptop and headphones.The phone connects, everything works.Headphones finds, but no conjugation.I tried two pairs and the column does not work with any.I tried all your ways.The problem is with the headset, neither the speaker nor the headphones are connected.Thanks.

Hello! I can’t connect JBL Tune 560BT headphones. I have Windows 7. In sound devices, they have, it is written “the connection is interrupted”, but there is no reaction to the “connect” command. I suspect the drivers most of all.

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Nobody is already using Windows7, why write this, 10 is relevant.

I connected a wireless claw to the tablet. At first, it was easily and simply connected, gradually the connection happened worse and worse until it was completely lost. Now he sees to Klava, puts in conjugation, but does not connect in any. At the same time, it is easily connected to the smartphone

I can’t connect LG CM2460 to laptop. The laptop sees it, mating, but does not connect it. The smartphone is easily connected to the laptop and the Muzenter, and the center to the laptop in no way! Who will help?? Pliz.

Try to disable Bluetooth on the phone. And then coming to the center with a laptop.

Does not connect to Bluetooth, from the phone of the norms, and it writes from the laptop, but in devices for the output of the sound “Saeden is interrupted”, please help, you need to

The problem is: Samsung A40 and Hands-Free NX2. The phone is normally mating with the device. you can, for example, listen to music, like through a column. But when receiving an incoming call, the connection disappears. T.e. The button on the device I can accept/interrupt the call, when receiving the interlocutor hears me, but the symbol of the bluetus on the bodies of green becomes black (pressing on it does not help. it turns 2 s, but I can’t hear the interlocutor) and I don’t hear the interlocutor. If in the process of receipt of the call (before receiving) or after receiving (you can say to the interlocutor. wait, turn on Bluetooth). and on. device, then I hear the interlocutor and he is me. And so until the next call. over, this is only with Samsung such a story. they checked on Huawei and Vertex. there the connection is kept stable. I tried different utilities. it did not help, tried to use bodies in safe mode. did not help. To discard the settings to factory is very problematic, especially since I am not sure that it will help. What do you advise?

A similar problem. I bought a BT adapter. It connects the Xbox joystick (even functions), but after 10-15 seconds, something is reconnected and the device becomes conjugated, but no longer operates and turns off.

I tried everything, I did 10-20 sites, it doesn’t help, Windows 10, wireless headphones (2 pairs of different companies and the manufacturer are different) the problem is one and the same, it is associated, when trying to connect it, it gives a mistake-“this did not work.Make sure the Bluetooth device is available for detection, and then repeat the attempt, help me what to do 3 days I suffer.