SMART BOX The application does not work. The third and best way to interrupt the loading Breed

Elimination of problems in Android TV Box

If you are faced with some problems with the acquired Android television box, how you solve it? How to solve some simple problems of refusal of the prefix? Here are 7 general issues and decisions that we summed up. (Copyright belongs to the original author)

Q1: What is a Wi-Fi module of each product, and what type Bluetooth is this? A-Q1: H96 Max Plus, H96 Max H2, H96 Pro Plus 216, H96 Pro H2, H96 Pro H3, H96Mini These models of the Wi-Fi television module for HS2734, Bluetooth 4.0 B: H96 Pro, H96 Pro Plus, H96 Max RK3399. Q9377, Bluetooth 4.1 C: H96Max X2 is a model of the AP6330 TV module, Bluetooth 4.0 D: H96 mini plus TV Box This model of the Wi-Fi RTL8189 module, without Bluetooth

Q2: The H96 television unit does not support the external mobile hard drive? What is the maximum support? What is the maximum support for expansion of TF or SD cards? A2: Support for external mobile hard drives, up to 2 TB. (Flash drive does not support) TF card supports up to 32G. (H96 Max RK3399 supports up to 64G)

Q3. If the television prefix lights up in blue, the power does not turn on, replace the power source, what should I do if I do not turn on the car after cleaning? A3: Reason: There was a problem with the HDMI cable or HDMI. Solution: Try first replace the HDMI cable. If this is still not working, you can only return to the factory to check the specific reason.

Q4: What to do if the television prefix does not turn on or burned red and does not turn on? A4: Reason: The power adapter is not turned on or not enough power. Red light does not turn on. There is another possibility that the error of the EMMC section. Solution: Try to replace the same 5V2A power source, red light must be re.cleaned.

Q5: What to do if the TV window stops on the launch logo screen and stops at the loading animation? A5: Reason: The wrong section of the EMMC date that causes the system failure and the impossibility of downloading. Solution. This situation must be updated to restore the system. If the brush is invalid or it cannot be cleaned, it can be damaged by EMMC or other electronic components. It must be returned to the plant for inspection and repair.

Q6: What to do if the TV window stops on the launch logo screen and stops at the loading animation? A6: The wrong section of the EMMC dates, leading to the failure of the system and the impossibility of downloading. Solution. This situation must be updated to restore the system. If the brush is invalid or it cannot be cleaned, it can be damaged by EMMC or other electronic components. It must be returned to the plant for inspection and repair.

Q7: What to do if the Ethernet TV-box does not work? A7: Ethernet user network is not properly configured, and the network cable or Ethernet port on the box is abnormal. Solution. Reload the network or replace other network cables. If the aforementioned two points cannot be resolved. That is, the network port of the box is abnormal, there can be no remote help, it is necessary to return to the factory for testing.

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First of all, I really like it to visit the exhibition. We have a plant in Shenzhen, China, H96 brand of a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of TV boxes, mainly Android, all Internet-Smart boxes are equipped with Wi-Fi and Kodi (XBMC) APK

Check the connection of Wi-Fi.

If you work with an incomplete Wi-Fi connection on Android, you will still encounter problems in the process of downloading the application. You can try download video from YouTube with Android TV and confirm the problem. We have a special guide to eliminate wi-fi problems for Android TV. Find out and eliminate Wi-Fi problems on your Android TV.

Check the amount of memory on your Android TV

Most Android TVs are supplied with 8 GB of internal memory. Of which only 5 GB can be used from the box. If your computer is smaller than the Android TV space, you will have problems with installing the application. Here’s how you can check the storage place on your Android TV.

Open the main screen TV and select the settings in the upper right corner.

Get access to the device settings menu.

Select the store in the next menu.

Click the inner general storage.

5 Step: Scroll down and check your free space on your Android TV.

If you have only a few MB of free space on Android TV, go to “Cash data” in the same menu. Click OK and clean the Kesha data for all applications on your Android TV.

Applications settings in the Smart setting

After all the main settings, it’s time to get acquainted with those applications that are by default on your prefix. The basic set may include services for watching films, games and programs for working with them, browser for sewing on the Internet, file manager for working with files, gallery, editors, programs for communication in social networks and some others. Having studied them, you can understand whether you need to install something else.

How to install or delete applications on a Smart setting

  • Find and download the application you need to the USB flash drive.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of your Smart settings.
  • Find in the menu and run the APK Installer application (“APK bootloader”), which is often preinstalled in the TV settings menu, or install it through the “Play Market”.
  • Select a flash drive as a disk.
  • If you downloaded a file on the flash drive in the right extension, APK Installer will find it and offer to install it. Wait for the end of the installation.

Which applications to install additional

If you do not have enough TV channels or specific films, you can install special applications. Among them, we select the following programs: to view broadcasting television programs, torrents, online cinemas and video hosting.In the first of them, choose those in which there is little advertising and a stable broadcast. Examples of such programs you will find at the end of the article about programs for TV setups. TV torrents are similar to ordinary torrents, where files are downloaded and distributed immediately from many user computers. Only torrent for TV gives a new advantage. jointly watch a movie or etheric transmission online without the need for download. For the correct operation of such programs, the installation of special players and other applications is often required.Online cinemas are huge libraries of new and old films, series and programs. Their advantage is the ability to watch a movie in excellent quality and without advertising, however, for this you will have to buy a monthly or annual subscription. over, buying a subscription does not give access to all films, since there is a lot of paid content here. Without purchase, the quality will be reduced, and you will have to regularly interrupt for advertising. For example, these are popular online cinemas Okko and IVI.If cinemas are imprisoned primarily for films, then video hosting, in addition to films, can contain entertainment and educational materials varied in format: funny videos, video tutorials, ways to pass some games and so on. In them you can also watch online broadcasts of films, programs and the above materials, but this already depends on the possibilities of a particular video hosting. Among the popular ones we will call YouTube,, “Yandex.Video “and others.Browsers like Google Chrome or media browsers can also be useful to you, with which it is convenient to open many files from flash drives, disks. To work with music and films, you will be useful to media players and applications for downloading and listening to music. To help you articles: “What to play on a TV set”, “How to launch a game emulator on a TV set” and “How to configure a voice search for any Smart TV box”.The study of new applications and capabilities of Smart settings can take away you a lot of time. But this training will be justified in the future by the fact that you will create a new comfortable environment at home for entertainment and communicating with friends.

Why is Mi Box S the remote control

The main causes of the remote control are as follows: damage (shed water, dropped, dust was clogged), wear of parts, sowing batteries or loss of communication with the TV setting. Each of these reasons is solved accordingly. Sometimes the reason may be a conflict on. It often arises due to the fact that a different control device has been installed on the TV-box, for example, a wireless mouse. This problem is solved usually with resetting of the TV box settings and re-setting (read about the reset below).

To reset the settings in Android 9, go to the settings menu on the TV screen (gear icon) and select the option “Settings of the device”. Sweet the menu down and find the “reset” line and inside select the “Delete everything” position. Wait until the procedure is completed. If you have Android 8, then find the “Storage and Reset” section on the menu and discharge through it.Keep in mind that in the process of reset from the memory of the TV box, information about your Google account will disappear, all files you have uploaded and settings you have. That is, you will return to the state that was when buying a smart console. If you do not remember how to configure TV-box, get acquainted with this instructions for setting up Mi Box S.Studying the above recommendations will help you better understand the principle of operation of the Xiaomi Mi Box S SMART settings and cope with the problems faster.

How was it

A couple of weeks ago, without losing hope to modify the brid, I wandered into the next chat specifying on Padavan firmware for Smartbox. Word for the word and the man %username %responded, which is on 4pda nicky f. He agreed to help in the analysis of Breed, although he does not even have the models of the routers for whom I wanted to make a modification. Apparently I saw in a chat pleasant words about reverse and dizasm. In chats, quite a few people are constantly asking for something, but basically those who do not work a modem or something wrong with the firmware come. Nicky F. told what and where to press. I answered in the user, so the case was done. So for the first time I diza.itemed the program code. I can’t call myself completely a noob in the issue, since by that time I had to use a debugger, to make some inserts in the programs in the language of assembler. I saw an assembler, but these were either inserts into its own simple programs or the assembler code received during compilation, which the compiler produces.

I never had to transfer the machine code to assembler once. Clean assembler obtained without optimization of the compiler, interspersed with the source code and optimized beyond recognition, the machine code, which is transformed by a dizassembler, is, as they say in Odessa, 2 big differences. It’s scary to say, but Ghidra, the one that was born in the bowels of the NSA, but recently posted in public access.

After a couple of days of weapons and unsuccessful searches for appeals to the memory sections that the MT7621 chip uses as an interaction and GPIO interaction interaction interaction. Only yesterday MT7621 Programmingguide appeared in English, where everything is clearly written and clearly written. And then we had the source code of the Linux nucleus with drivers for MT7621 and some scraps of data from Chinese sites in Chinese. It was a search for something about this, doing something about a sort of sort of. But luck loves brave, so she smiled at me. Nicky F. wrote that he found the desired function. Chinese Hackpascal (Weijie Gao is the author of Breed) carefully wrote a function that the number of the right GPIO took the first argument in the first argument. But management is carried out by the installation of the necessary bits, so there could well be something like this in the source code:

Here, more, having grimacing your eyebrows, you can figure it out. But what will it become on assembler? After all, there is a code in the form of Macro, which gets the compiler already in the form of just numbers.

For clarity, I will show that place in the Breed code.

I quickly made versions for both routers. Chick, Chick and Miracle happened. I didn’t even have to take a lot of risk. Since the brid allows you to run itself without physical recording on the memory chip. You can simply upload the code into the RAM and specify the entry point for starting. Brid with a working discharge button earned. Then I sewed it in the place of the old bootloader and turned it off my fingers and turned on the power. The router turned on, but by that time I had already spoiled the bootloader several times and successfully soldered the memory chip. The soldering station stood nearby, so I was not worried.

Prerequisites for creating a library

Despite the fact that almost all Smarttv stands on browser engines (Gecko, Webkit), each individual vendor has its own bugs and bugs undocumented opportunities. Actually, all evil from here:

    Inability to write once. Despite the TVs created by vendors, alliances and even SDK, no matter how you try, do several applications to do. Yes, and plus to this, there are vendors who do not need this alliance for the eyes, for example, Samsung. Total: if another platform appears or you want to expand the application to the existing one, you will not have to.

The capabilities of the library SmartBox

Tedious and stubbornly developing our application for smarts, we were forced to study all the documentation until contacting the support for explanations. All this was systematized and accumulated in our Task Tracker and Wiki.

We also studied the source of our competitors of the brothers in arms. II, Yoa, Tvavr, ZmbyBox and other video services. (Where and in what way they were obtained, I do not know, do not even ask). From these sources, we simply found out that we are all going the same to the happy future Smarttv.

As a result, they sat down and remade everything by writing a library that simplified our life several times. And, we hope that it will simplify the beginner “smartists”.

IPTV setting on the console Android Smart TV Box for viewing TV channels

The topic of IPTV settings today has become especially relevant in connection with the disconnection of analogue broadcasting and the transition to the number. The question is, why pay money if you can watch TV for free? With the advent of a huge number of various powerful and at the same time inexpensive console models for TV, this became much easier than a few years ago. Today I will tell you how to connect IPTV to any Android Smart TV Box.

First of all, we will figure out what we need to work IPTV? TV prefix on Android we already have. The modification does not matter. I will show on Xiaomi Mi Box S, but this method will work on popular X96, A95X, Tanix TX3 and T.D.

  • IPTV play for playback, which will be installed on the console
  • Playlist with selected television channels that need to be imported into this program

Let’s start with the second paragraph. where to get this playlist? In fact, it is not necessary to buy it from your provider. You can use one of the free ones of which there are a huge number on the network. In fact, this is a text document with a list of links to online broadcasting television channels. Personally, I use the IPTV Forever playlist. This is a fresh project that the author-enthusiast is engaged and which is currently regularly updated. The playlist contains all the popular federal and regional channels of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

This playlist can be downloaded by the link from the site and saved in memory of your Android TV Box, and copy the file address and then insert in the program.

The keyword is “in memory”, since if you roll it on the flash drive and connect it to the prefix, then for some reason it will not be visible from the application.

IPTV settings instructions on the tv console through the player

Now let’s talk about the program itself and its settings on the console Android TV. The application is called. “IPTV”. You need to drive it in the search in Play Market and install it on your Smart Box.

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    Next, start the application and click on “Add playlist”

Why is HD VideoBox not working on a TV and prefix

Exactly for the same reasons, HD VideoBox stopped working on other devices, including Smart TV and video setups. The application launched on these devices is trying to use various servers (including hrezka), but due to deactivated functionality, normal work of the program is impossible. HD Videobox developers at the 4PDA forum informed users that further support support was stopped.

Since VideoBox was one of the most popular mobile programs of this type, the application users were the need to search for effective replacement. Let’s figure out what is available to us at the moment.

Boy Sees The World In 0.1x Speed Slow Motion

How to try to resurrect?

Despite the fact that officially the application no longer works, there were craftsmen who managed to partially resurrect the functionality of the application. For this, an early version of the application and two auxiliary backups are used.

You can try to restore the application of the application as follows:

  • Close your HD VideoBox application and remove it from the system;
  • Download and Launch the HD VideoBox Plus 2 application.24 “;
  • Run the application, then close it;
  • Create the HDVIDEOBOX folder in the main catalog of your phone;

Smartbox Pro

Here is a new piece of iron, which will now be default for DC/DC2, and then for the rest I will show first, then we will analyze.

The case is black plastic, the upper panel is made using Soft-Touch coating, the indication of the device is hidden under it (turned on/off and there is a connection/no connection). The design to the subscriber is important, we have already found out.

They say that the quality of assembly of the laptop can be judged by how the lower panel is made. We think the same thing about routers:

Size 175x130x30 mm. On the rear and side panel USB 2.0 ports, LAN ports of the switch, Wan. Work is maintained at speeds of 10/100MBPS, above each of the ports there are two LEDs, displaying the condition connection and traffic transmission, next to the power button and WPS button, switch Router repeater Wi-Fi.

Let’s look inside

The router is built on SOC from MediaTek. MT7621A, two nuclei with MIPS 1004KC architecture operating at 880MHz frequency. The volume of RAM 256MB, 256MB is also allotted for storing the firmware. Radioblock was built by a pair of chipsets MT7602E and MT7612E, the first is responsible for working on a frequency range 2.4GHZ second on 5GHZ. For each of the frequency ranges, two internal antennas are used, with an amplification factor 3.2DBI for 2.4GHZ and 4.5DBI for 5GHZ.

This configuration corresponds to the MIMO 2×2: 2 scheme to 300MBPS for the range 2.4GHZ in mode 802.11n and 867mbps for 5GHZ in 802 mode.11ac, there is still support for Beamforming. On paper, the characteristics are very impressive, but I prefer to look at the practical side, and therefore we go to see how much our new router works quickly and stably.

As usual on field tests, Varvara helps me by meeting a new router with a skeptical look, we began to watch how much Megabit can be passed through this miracle box.

Testing one piece of iron is boring and not interesting, it will be much more fun if you immediately compare with other suitable routers: ASUS RT-AC68U Buffalo WZR-1750HP D-Link Dir860L Rev. A1 Totolink A2004ns TP-Link Archer C7 V1 Zyxel Keenetic Ultra

The company has selected a worthy, each of the listed models, in principle, is worthy to be installed in the house and delight its owner with a qualitative connection. I do not see the point of describing the capabilities of each of the tested ones, for me this was done more than a dozen times, so I will give only a comparative table of the main parameters.