Smart Apps For Iphone 5s Error 9

Smart Apps For Iphone 5s Error 9

Many users expected Apple to focus on stability, performance improvements, and bug fixes in iOS 12.

Craig Federigi, vice president of software at the WWDC presentation yesterday, loudly stated that the company seriously increase performance in iOS 12.

Craig noted that support for iOS 12 will receive the entire current line of Apple devices, including the iPhone 5s.

We tried to figure out whether it can really work adequately on the latest version of iOS?

Speed ​​test

To begin with, we conducted a comparative test. We took the iPhone 5s and iPhone 8 Plus and in turn opened the list of smartphones on smartphones 14 different applications: Calendar, Clock, Shazam, Gismeteo, Photos, Instagram, Safari, Youtube, Twitter, Navigator, VK, Camera, Music, Аftelight.

First, all applications were launched at startup, and then from the RAM of smartphones. In the you can evaluate the reaction speed of some popular applications.

The first round of iPhone 5s finished in 1 minute 16 seconds, while reopening running applications, the smartphone took 1 minute 5 seconds. Alas, the iPhone 5s does not hold anything in RAM.

It took 45 seconds to “cold” launch iPhone 8 Plus applications, and again he completed the task in 31 seconds. Monster!


The difference is serious, but it is worth noting that the iPhone 5s was announced almost 5 (!) Years ago.

How does iPhone 5S work on iOS 12 beta 1 compared to iOS 11.4?

Serious juggling and glitches characteristic of the first beta versions of new iOS versions were not noticed.

You can evaluate the smoothness of the smartphone on iOS 12 beta 1, as well as compare the speed of work with iOS 11.4 in a separate.

This is a real revolution for the first beta!

General impressions

The smartphone stopped stuttering where previously he had constant problems. For example, the camera opens in an adequate 2-3 seconds maximum.

Responsiveness and speed increased. There is no twitching animation, everything works quite smoothly. For greater comfort, I advise you to turn off unnecessary animation. Go to Settings. General. Universal Access, and
enable the option Reduce movement.

The battery confidently holds a charge! Despite the modest battery, instant discharge to zero even on the beta version does not occur. For 4 hours of moderate work on the smartphone, the battery ran out by 30 percent.

AnTuTu has a new number. In the synthetic test, the iPhone 5s smartphone on the beta version of iOS 12 received 64,968 points, which is almost 3 thousand more than the test results on previous versions of iOS.

The impressive result of programmers from Cupertino. “IPhone 5s”, at least in the coming year, will be adequately working with the latest iOS 12. Can I buy an old man in 2018? With such an acceleration of the operating system. yes.

Old Apple smartphones have a new life. Bravo, Apple!