Slow Motion On Android As On iPhone

Microsoft continues to release updates for its applications in anticipation of the imminent release of Windows 10 Mobile. The new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones, which go on sale later this month, will support slowmotion. The good news for owners of the Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, and Lumia Icon is that with the latest update to the Windows Camera app, their devices have also learned this feature.

As for other devices of the Lumia line, the new version of Windows Camera only improves the stability of the application.


At 120 fps? Not bad.

dupree44, ha ha ha, but on Android at one time it was justified that the Snapdragon 800 did not pull slow motion. A disgrace.
If anything, at 930 and 1520 just the same 800 dragon

strange, but how does the LG G2 shoot 720p / 120k / s?

what nonsense?
slow mo originally appeared on HTC in the year 2011-13 or something

rey19931993, so there is slow motion in m8 too, I don’t remember in van dual sim with snap 600 it also seemed to be.

and for some reason, the android has not yet learned to record 240 fps, Apple has already implemented this a year ago.

Nexus 6p can.

Android knew how to do this before the iPhone6. MediaTek even showed FullHD 480fps

But nowhere is there yet 480fps in FHD. So far, a maximum of 240fps and hd for motorcycles and some nexuses.

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On one mini (m7) it was definitely.

I’m too upset. My z1 compact, for example, with custom firmware, according to the Internet, can write in 720p xd, and on the drain of FIG.

Slow Motion On Android As On iPhone

HD write in HD? What?
I speak as the owner of the compacts z1 and z3. Everything is written at the office. The firmware is fine. Only for z1c you need to install an add-on for the camera for recording slowmotion and 4k.

dupree44, “disgrace” this is certainly not for you, an exclamation exclusively towards vendors

How many years have passed and finally.

Category News “If only”.

Omninocle. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Last year, I remember there were rumors about the imminent release of dozens. In anticipation of an early release, a little more, almost done.

Vladimir Volfovich,
Something I do not remember this. A year ago, the Windows Insider program was just launched.

Vladimir Volfovich,
Well? Yes, we are waiting! Yes long! But at least we already know for sure that almost all will be updated to 10! And not only the flagships and the middle peasants, as on the android, or even a beard! And do not remember that from 7.5 no one to 8 matches were updated! Yes it was, but everyone understands the reasons! Now remind me how many android phones of at least 2 years ago receive fresh updates? Even the flagships throw!

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Irlan, I agree with you, in the next article you can see, for two months, 6 Andrew statistics are 0.3%. This is the only OS that you have to wait for, what is at work, what is in life.

that is, the whole point is in the application? matrix as if not at work?

In business.

legenda17, here, most likely in the affairs of the processor.

Yes, and this is not a fact. Marketing.

his iron so ate copes with such a camera, where else is it

Nokia 808 pure view remember more 🙂

Damn, what are you just like children! One must understand what and why! If the engine from the Lada put in the body of the 600th Merc, then if it goes, it’s not as we would like!

On an iPhone, this is best implemented so that it’s not there.

Watch the on YouTube from Luka, today I already posted it. And then affirm. And keep in mind when the 930 and 1520 were released. Luka shot at 930. These are not yet examples with new flagships.

And you watch the from Alexander Zhuravlev forum member PDA.

Yes, I do not care when these lumi came out.
I do not claim it just works.

And on iphone 5s back in the 13th there was a record of 120fps hd.

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It’s not about the numbers) I saw that quality. On lumia everything is much smoother and better. And I repeat, there will be examples from the 950 line, then we’ll compare it with the flagships of our competitors, and there you’ll understand everything yourself.

The correct answer above in 13 on 5s was this. He wanted to write for me they did it. you are so funny smoothly. And yet, Sasha did not look.

And I’m not talking about new iPhones. Older had a typing. And there’s nothing to talk about new ones. everything is just gorgeous.

It is a pity that the lumia 1020 camera was never brought to mind. I’m not talking about 120 frames, but just about what it is, but to the mind. In particular, color reproduction. Well, a cool camera, and the balance in greens overwhelms. Even after correcting the white balance from the equal, you have to twist the channels to remove stray greens. They made the format in the photo equal, do the same in the then the ability to remove the intra-chamber post-processing so that you can then do everything yourself in the editor. Manual focus in the during shooting. Yes, there’s a lot of things that the phone would have pulled out with its power, but they did something, like a professional mode, but it turned out to be a nedoprof.

I agree. Postprocessing spoils everything. Lumia 925