Slim LG Smart Tv Setup

Many gamers who already have or are only planning to purchase a game console manufactured by Sony are interested in what kind of TV is needed for the PS4. This device (like new games released for it) has rather high requirements for a TV receiver. Therefore, to choose the best model, you should consider a number of parameters. And what characteristics should be used by television equipment so that the user receives a bright, colorful and clear image that will not create a burden for the eyes and will cause only positive emotions, in the material further.

Recommended Options

When buying a TV for PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, you need to consider many parameters: diagonal, resolution, picture quality, type of matrix, etc.. Here are the basic requirements and selection rules.


At first glance it seems that a large area of ​​the monitor can achieve the effect of presence, but this is not entirely true. Choose the screen size of the television panel so that the user during the game did not have to constantly turn your head. At the same time, the device should be at a safe distance so as not to tire your eyes. If the room is small (up to 20 sq.M), then the TV should be of the average diagonal (up to 40-42 inches).

Slim LG Smart Tv Setup


Modern game consoles support the 1920 × 1080 format, so the TV should also have Full HD resolution.


When choosing a TV for a game console, you should pay attention to such parameters as brightness and contrast. They should be high, to fully convey all the colors and colors of the running game. Low-cost models of television panels do not have such good characteristics.

Sound is not an important criterion when choosing a PS4 TV receiver. However, to increase the volume, you need to take into account the intensity of the sound (you can find this characteristic in documents for the TV by the symbol I). The higher this number, the bettere.

It is worth considering that modern TV sets for the most part do not reproduce low frequencies, which will be especially noticeable in games with a large number of special effects. In some cases, this may even affect the result for the worse. Therefore, for such games it is better to additionally purchase external speakers, a soundbar, a home theater or headphones. In this case, the television receiver must have enough outputs for connecting additional devices.

Viewing angle

Usually, during the game, the user sits opposite the screen, so this indicator does not matter much when choosing a television receiver. The exception is situations when several gamers play on the PS4 at the same time by activating the Split Screen or “Split Screen” function on the console. In this mode, the screen is divided into two (or more) parts, with each user seeing his picture. In this case viewing angle should be as large as possible.

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Particular attention when choosing a TV should be given to the matrix, which today has three types.

  1. On cheap devices, usually installed TN matrix. Its advantages include low cost and short response time. Cons. Poor viewing angle and low color rendering.
  2. Ips Matrix differs in average response, high color reproduction, and the screen can be viewed from any angle without loss of image quality. However, it is expensive.
  3. Va matrix. This is the third type, which is inferior to IPS in color rendering and viewing angle, but at the same time provides better contrast and has a lower price.

When choosing a TV for PS4, it’s worth considering the technique with the latest type of matrices. As a rule, during the game, the gamer is in front of the screen, which means that a wide viewing angle is not important to him. The color rendering on such devices is slightly lower than that of the IPS matrix, but the contrast is much higher, which will be clearly visible in games with a lot of dark scenes.

Frame Update

For reference. The minimum frame rate in budget televisions is 50-60 Hz. And the picture quality will be the better, the higher this parameter. This indicator appears during dynamic scenes. So that the image is not blurry and blurry, the frame change should be very fast. Therefore, when choosing a TV receiver for the PS4, it is recommended to pay attention to models with a frequency of 100 Hz or more.

Response time

If for watching movies and TV shows the response time can reach 8 ms, then for a comfortable game it is necessary that this indicator has a value from 1 to 5 ms.

Thanks to HDR, the image becomes sharper, richer and more realistic, and the black color. Deeper. This technology will allow you to display all the beauty of games for the PS4. Therefore, if the budget allows, it is better to choose a television panel with HDR (it is absent in inexpensive models).


To connect a PS4, the TV must have HDMI connector, which is designed to transmit a digital signal. This connection of devices will provide excellent sound and excellent image. If this connector is not available, the AV or VGA inputs are suitable, but the image quality with this connection will be significantly worse, and there may be problems with sound.

Input lag

Input Lag or image output delay is another parameter that should be considered when buying a TV panel for games on the console. This characteristic determines the delay in the output of the image on the screen in milliseconds.

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Ways to connect your PlayStation 4 to your television

To any modern TV that has at least one HDMI connector, connecting a PS4 is very simple. Enough for this:

  • Connect both devices with the cable that comes with the console (if it is short, you can purchase the same, only longer);
  • Plug the equipment into a power outlet;
  • Connect the joystick and Ethernet cable to the PS4, if the connection to the network will be through a wire, not Wi-Fi;
  • Turn on the device;
  • Select the HDMI input to the console on the TV as a signal source.

If the TV is old and does not have HDMI connectors, PS4 is required to connect purchase an adapter or converter from HDMI to AVI. By connecting the technique in this way, the user must understand that the picture quality will be poor.

If your TV has a VGA connector, you can configure the connection through it using HDMI to VGA adapter or similar converter with additional food. It is better to use the latter, because the adapters are unreliable, and you will have to play without sound, because The VGA connector only transmits. The converter has an additional 3.5 mm output, through which you can connect headphones or speakers.

The best models

In 2017, TVs manufactured by Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG were purchased for sharing with consoles. The technology of these companies is also relevant in 2018. Below is an overview of the most popular PS4 designs.

Budget Samples

Among low-cost TVs, a good choice is Sony KDL-43RF453. This device with a diagonal of 108 cm, IPS matrix and HDR support. There are two HDMI side outputs for connecting the console, it is possible to connect headphones or external speakers through the audio / headphone output. The frame rate is 50 Hz, but thanks to Motionflow technology, it increases to 400 Hz.

Sony KDL-43RF453 TV

Sony KDL-43RF453 TV on Yandex Market

Low-cost television panels include a device from the company Philips. 43pfs4012. The device’s screen size is 108 cm, resolution is Full HD, the viewing angle is 178 °. The refresh rate is 50 Hz, but due to the Picture Performance Index technology it is increased to 200 Hz. There are three HDMI connectors for connecting the PS4, one of them is the side, which is very convenient for those cases when the panel hangs close to the wall. There is also a headphone output.

Philips. 43pfs4012 on Yandex Market

Samples of the middle price segment

The middle price segment includes Sony KD-49XE7096. Tv diagonal. 123 cm, IPS matrix, there is support for 4K and HDR, Wi-FI and Smart TV. The device has an excellent viewing angle of 178 ° and a refresh rate of 400 Hz, which is achieved through the use of Motionflow technology. To connect the PS4, you can use one of the 3 HDMI inputs (2 on the back, 1 on the side). There is a headphone jack, which is useful if the gamer plans to connect external speakers. The TV itself has two 10-watt speakers.

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Sony KD-49XE7096 TV

Sony KD-49XE7096 TV on Yandex Market

From mid-priced TVs, it’s also worth considering LG 49UJ740V. Nano Cell technology delivers accurate and vivid color reproduction with wide viewing angles. 124 cm diagonal, 4K and HDR support, seven-channel sound, Smart TV and Wi-Fi, Magic Remote. The advantages of this device.

Lg 49UJ740V on Yandex Market

Premium TVs

Sony premium TVs include Sony KD-65AF8. This TV receiver is made using OLED technology, which provides a realistic, natural picture with the highest contrast and black depth. The powerful 4K HDR X1 Extreme processor quickly real-time image processing to ensure accurate detail. Triluminos display expands the color gamut, due to this, natural shades and tones are achieved. Motionflow technology provides a smoother picture and the highest detail. The device has an excellent viewing angle, amazing sound, the presence of four HDMI connectors, support for Smart TV, Wi-Fi and voice search, as well as a number of other useful functions.

Sony KD-65AF8 TV

Sony KD-65AF8 TV on Yandex Market

Another premium TV panel. Samsung QE65Q7FAM. This is a QLED TV with quantum dot technology, providing perfect color reproduction and highest contrast. The device has extended viewing angles, which will be very convenient when playing together several gamers. The TV panel supports 4K resolution and HDR technology, and also has a powerful Q Engine processor that provides fast image processing. In addition, the TV has Smart TV, Wi-Fi, 4 HDMI connectors for connecting a console and other devices. 4 powerful speakers deliver loud and clear sound.

Samsung QE65Q7FAM on Yandex Market

Summing up, it should be noted that both professionals and gamers-amateurs in the game are important in the realism and detail of the picture to create the illusion of presence. But, unfortunately, budget models may not fully satisfy these requirements. This is especially important for owners of PS4 Pro consoles and PS VR virtual reality systems. To get the most out of new games, you should buy telephones of the middle price segment and more expensive, which have the necessary resolution, matrix, viewing angle, frame updates, and so on. This will bring the image to a whole new level.