SIM card settings on iPhone

Which iPhones support dual SIM?

If you decide to install eSIM on your smartphone, you need to check if your device supports this option. At the moment, the following series have received the function of supporting the second SIM-card:

  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone XR.

A similar option is available in all models that came out after this series. The manufacturer of mobile technology favorably reacted to the innovation and decided to keep it in all devices of its manufacture.

How to connect to the network of the eSIM operator?

If you decide to activate eSIM on iPhone, follow these simple instructions:

  • Choosing and buying a package. On the operator’s website, you must select a package that will suit you in all categories. After payment you will receive a QR code with which the package is activated.
  • Connection. To activate, use the camera of the device, which scans the received code, and the connection to the operator’s network is carried out automatically.
  • Setting up eSIM on iPhone. In the main menu of the device, you need to find the “Cellular” section, here you will see all connected tariffs, and in this menu you can set the parameters for using each package. Firstly, you can designate each tariff with a specific name so as not to get confused in the connected packages. It is also possible to set connection parameters by selecting the basic tariff.

In the settings, you can set the default rate from which all calls will be made, or limit the use of mobile Internet by only one operator.

Dual SIM iPhone: How to Install and Configure a Second SIM?

If you become the owner of a smartphone from a well-known “apple” manufacturer, you will definitely want to try all the features of this device. We suggest starting with an option that appeared in this series of devices recently, but it was exactly what most users were waiting for.

The most interesting novelty in smartphones from Apple is considered to be the appearance of a built-in communication module. This innovation appeared due to innovative developments, and now the subscriber does not need to use a physical carrier in the form of a SIM card to connect to the network. The built-in SIM card in the iPhone makes it possible to use several packages at the same time without changing SIM cards. It is worth noting that earlier this mobile technology manufacturer did not support the idea of ​​using multiple SIM cards, and the owners of Apple smartphones could not afford such a luxury. From now on, the situation is changing dramatically, and the appearance of the eSIM module in the iPhone opens up new opportunities for users of such technology.

Pluses of the built-in communication module

To an ignorant person, such an innovation may seem superfluous, because for a long time Apple smartphones worked only from one SIM card. However, the ability to connect an additional tariff has many advantages. For example, you went on a trip or business trip to another country. During any trip, it is important to stay connected and be able to go online at any time. If you use mobile Internet at a tariff from an already connected operator, you will have to overpay huge amounts for roaming. Connecting to local networks is not always convenient, since you will have to visit a sales office, pay extra for connection and buy a tariff that is not always profitable for yourself.

The second SIM-card in the iPhone eliminates these difficulties, because you can activate the module in several steps and choose a tariff for a certain period of time. ESIM operators offer subscribers not only to choose the connection period on their own, but also to fill the package with the amount of data they need.

How calls will be made and received?

We decided to tell you in detail how 2 SIM cards work in an iPhone so that you can take full advantage of all communication options. You can receive or make calls at any of the connected tariffs. You do not have to constantly choose which number to call from, since the system automatically remembers the number used and associates it with a specific subscriber. For this reason, the next time the number is dialed, this subscriber will use the tariff that was previously activated.

Owners of devices on which the operating system iOS 13 and higher is installed can receive incoming calls from the second number when talking at a different tariff. However, this requires several conditions. The carrier must support Wi-Fi calling, and the device must have a network connection when the signal arrives. When dialing a number, the subscriber can independently choose the connected tariff plan and use a specific operator to make a call.

Sending messages is carried out in the same way, and the subscriber controls from which number the SMS or MMS is transmitted. When typing, you can see a small plate at the top of the screen indicating the number from which the sending is carried out. If you want to change the operator, just select another tariff plan with one tap on the screen.

If you have purchased an iPhone for 2 SIM-cards, your subscriber possibilities are expanded several times. You can operate with different tariff plans, choosing the package that will be most beneficial in certain circumstances. At the same time, one should take into account the fact that the second SIM card is often used not only for reasons of economy. The network of your regular operator may not work well in certain areas of the city, and it is better to connect a second tariff package from another service provider in order not to be left without communication at a crucial moment.

How to Set Up Physical SIM Cards on iPhone XS Max Dual SIM

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The Chinese version of the iPhone XS Max with support for two physical SIM cards, contrary to rumors about artificial restrictions (supposedly the smartphone is active only in mainland China), works with any mobile operators.

An exclusive new product with two slots for physical SIM-cards is suitable for calls and messaging SMS and MMS, but at the same time it cannot work simultaneously in two cellular networks. However, having one modem will not negatively impact the experience of using the iPhone XS Max Dual SIM, as many people prefer to use the Internet from one SIM card and call on the other.

How the iPhone XS Max works with two sim cards

In the mode of making a call from one number, an incoming call to another number will be processed by an answering machine or notify the caller that the network is busy. In order not to miss an important call, it is recommended to set up call forwarding. In addition, one modem will allow only one of the SIM cards to access the Internet, which was assigned as the primary one during the initial installation.

How to Assign a SIM Card for Calling on iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max Dual SIM lets you set which SIM to call specific contacts in your notebook. To do this, open the “Contacts” application, select the desired contact, click “Preferred tariff”, and then set the number for communication with this contact both through phone calls and SMS / MMS-messages. If desired, the SIM card can be selected before making a call, or use the one with which the last call was made.

How to Assign a SIM Card for Internet on iPhone XS Max

To change the SIM card for Internet access, you must change their priority. To do this, go to “Settings“. “Cellular” and select “Cellular data”. Then select the number you want to use for cellular data transfer. You do not need to swap SIM cards for this.

Final configuration steps

After creating an account, those wishing to set up a new iPhone 7 have the opportunity to connect the cloud storage of information iCloud, which will store backups from devices with the iOS operating system, photos, contacts, applications.

Going to the “Diagnostics” section, a person must decide whether it is necessary for the mobile device system to send a report on the technical and functional state to the manufacturer on a daily basis. Consent to sending means that the office of the creators of the gadget will regularly receive information about the operation of the hardware and software components, as well as errors and failures in it.

When setting up your phone, you can choose the option of displaying data on the screen: “enlarged” or “standard”. The first option is for people with vision problems.

All these stages are optional, you can refuse to go through them, but they help to better optimize the customized smartphone and use its capabilities to the maximum.

How to properly set up the seventh iPhone

After purchasing a new iPhone 7, be sure to set it up. Without completing it, the user will not be able to use the capabilities of the phone. Many people are mistaken and think that only Apple service employees know how to properly set up an iPhone. But you can save on their services. After reading our instructions, everyone will independently activate and configure the device without any special skills.

Useful advanced settings

Setting up your iPhone 7 starts with these simple steps:

  • turning on. means pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until a greeting appears on the screen;
  • holding the Home button for 3-5 seconds, and then alternately selecting a language, country or region;
  • Internet connection. an active Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet is used.

Next, you will need to choose to enable or disable geolocation services. Activating them will allow you to track the location of the iPhone 7 (which is especially important if a gadget is lost or stolen), use maps and navigation applications, receive weather forecasts, etc. You can enable or disable geolocation services at any time. You need to go to Settings, select the item Privacy, and then Geolocation Services.

Location Services can be enabled / disabled completely or for individual phone applications. Disconnecting will prolong battery life.

The next step is to set up Touch ID and set a password. Touch ID is a function that allows you to unlock your phone using your fingerprint. The password protects the gadget from being used by unauthorized people and protecting personal data. To change it, you need to select “Password Options”.

Then you need to choose a configuration method: “New Device”, “Recover from iCloud” or “Recover using iTunes”. In the second and third cases, you can restore data and accounts from the services that the person used on the previous smartphone. On average, the recovery process takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Setting up Apple ID

The next step involves setting up an account so that you can sign in to various Apple services and services. You can sign in with an existing registered Apple ID (username), create a new account, or skip this step altogether.

If you have an account, you should enter it by writing a username and password, which you will not need to specify later when entering Apple services. The account allows you to download applications and music in the App Store, synchronize several gadgets, make free video calls between them, communicate in chats, etc. To get it, you must select “Create Aplle ID for free”. Next, you will need to specify the date of birth, name, surname, click “Next”.

It should be noted that the creator of the account must be at least 18 years old, otherwise registration will be refused.

After entering personal data, you must specify an existing email address or get it for free in iCloud. It will be your Apple ID login. Next, you should come up with a password, select a security question, write down the answer to it, and also enter a backup e-mail. Next, the system will offer to subscribe to updates and news from Apple or unsubscribe by moving the slider. The final step in setting up your Aplle ID is to accept the Terms of Service. It is impossible to skip this stage, therefore it is necessary to press “I agree”. This completes the creation of Apple ID.

Selection and installation of a SIM card

Before you can set up iPhone 7, you need to properly install the SIM card in it. Smartphones use nano “SIM”, which differs from the usual smaller size. This is due to the fact that there is little space inside the device and the manufacturer saves it on different modules. The SIM card slot was no exception.

To install a nano SIM card in an iPhone, you need to click on the hole near the tray using the special clip that comes with the gadget. You can also use a regular paper clip. After pressing, the tray will slide out slightly and should be pulled out completely. Next, you need to install the card in the tray with the front side up, push the tray back and fully push it into the slot. Then you must enter the PIN. If there is no firmware for a specific mobile operator, the phone will automatically detect the operator. If the device cannot detect the network, you need to go to “Settings” and select “Operator”.

IPhone is offline

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If the iPhone has no network, the reasons for the malfunction may be incorrectly set parameters or mechanical damage to the device. You don’t have to go straight to the wizard to find out why the iPhone can’t find the SIM card. Try to diagnose yourself. reset the settings or restart your smartphone. If the iPhone does not catch the network due to a malfunction of the modem or wear of the parts responsible for activating the mobile operator, you need to contact a specialist.

Factory Restore

In cases where the iPhone does not see the SIM card, there is no network or the smartphone does not ring, resetting to factory settings often helps. this allows you to get rid of malicious files. Remember that this method will help you troubleshoot system problems, but all applications and games on your phone will have to be reinstalled.

IPhone Factory Restore Steps:

  • launch iTunes on computer
  • connect the gadget to the PC
  • select your device in iTunes
  • click on the “Browse” tab
  • select “Restore”
  • confirm the recovery procedure

Apple recommends that you always use original USB cables and adapters. Using analog wires can lead to software installation failures. Before restoring the device to factory settings, you can save the data to iCloud. Backup can also be done on iTunes.

How to download updates

Persistent interruptions or poor signaling may be due to outdated network settings. If you inserted a SIM card into the iPhone, but the smartphone does not ring, update the cellular data. To do this, after activating the SIM card, follow these steps:

  • connect your phone to wifi
  • select “Basic”
  • click on the “About this device” tab

If new options are available, your mobile operator will automatically prompt you to search for and install them. Each time you insert a different SIM, download new settings to improve connectivity.

Network problems also depend on the quality of service. Before sending your iPhone for repair, contact your mobile operator and find out all the important information:

  • state of an account
  • changes in tariff
  • information about interruptions in the work of a mobile operator

If after these steps the signal is still not available or the SIM card does not work, you need to look for other causes of the problem.

How to fix system crashes

Before fixing the problem, inspect your iPhone for damage. Any chips and scratches can cause hardware problems. only experienced technicians can fix them efficiently.

  • restart iPhone
  • reset network settings
  • software upgrade
  • replacement of the antenna responsible for the operation of the network

Persistent problems with the mobile network can occur due to a malfunctioning SIM card. To replace the card, contact your mobile operator.

After activation, the iPhone may not be detected on the network due to overheating. High and low temperatures lead to disruption of the smooth operation of the gadget. Before changing the settings of the cellular network or taking your smartphone for repair, leave it for 15-20 minutes at room temperature. Then restart your iPhone. if after the update it still does not see the SIM card, perform a factory reset by following these steps:

  • click on the category “Basic”
  • select “Reset”
  • click on the “Reset Network Settings” tab

Resetting the network settings on iPhone will update the rest of the settings, including APN and VPN. You will also have to re-enter all passwords and search for Wi-Fi networks.

If after these procedures there is still no network signal or the SIM card is not detected, check the coverage area. see if the receipt of data from the mobile operator is activated.

Why does my smartphone work intermittently?

Problems with your cellular operator can occur due to a small software glitch in your iPhone. In this case, to restore Apple technology, it is enough to restart the device. If the phone after the update does not see the SIM card or writes: “no network”, the cause of the malfunction may be more serious.

The phone may not detect the SIM card in the following situations:

  • wear of the modem, antenna or other parts
  • moisture penetration into the iPhone case
  • SIM card lock
  • network problems due to malfunctioning of the mobile operator

Network problems can appear due to late software updates or malfunctions after factory unlocking. In the latter case, the SIM card is successfully registered, but the iPhone cannot find the mobile operator.

Also, network problems can arise after disassembling the iPhone. If you do not have the Apple-recommended special tools, do not perform your DIY repairs. You can not only incorrectly connect the cables, but also damage the motherboard.

When a professional repair is needed

If you have tried all the methods, but the phone still does not pick up the network, and you do not know how to fix the situation, contact qualified technicians for help. Most likely, network problems arose due to hardware problems. the wizards will fix them after disassembling the device.

On the YouDo site, you will quickly find contractors who specialize in the repair of Apple appliances. Yuda professionals offer favorable terms of cooperation:

  • high-quality iPhone repair using modern tools and original parts
  • home visit at a convenient time for you
  • restoration of the device in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations

If the iPhone does not have a network or the SIM card is not available, leave a request on the Yudu website. experienced service providers guarantee efficiency and excellent quality of repair.

How to set a password

Go to Settings. Phone. SIM-PIN.

Activate the SIM-PIN switch.

Enter a valid SIM card code.

Attention! You need to enter not a new, but a valid lock code.

This code is usually indicated on the plastic card from which the SIM card is extracted, it can be displayed in the user’s personal account or in the application (it all depends on the operator).

Now you can change the code in the same section of the menu or just remember it for future use.

It will only be needed when rebooting or flashing the smartphone.

Most important iPhone setting that almost everyone has disabled

Smartphone today is not only a means of communication, but also a safe for important confidential information. Manufacturers have long taken care of how to reliably protect data with passwords, fingerprints and face scans.

It is highly likely that an attacker who stole the phone will not receive a single important file or record from the device.

What else needs to be protected in a smartphone

SIM card! It can act as a means of payment, the second step in user verification on third-party sites and services, contain contact information and important SMS recorded on it.

Many operators practice connecting family plans, while the main SIM card is used to manage the account.

iPhone 6 SIM Card Set Up Activation Fast 2020

Even if the scammers get nothing from the stolen iPhone, they can easily withdraw funds from the SIM card and harm the user.

Specific example

If the iPhone owner loses his favorite smartphone, he needs to take a number of measures and actions. The faster you do something, the greater the chance that the device will light up and it will be possible to find it.

In this case, do not forget that you should block the SIM card.

Your phone with a convenient application is no longer at hand, you will have to look for or ask someone, remember the support number, call it, hang in the queue for a few minutes, enjoying the “unhealthy” melody, explain the situation to employee 56, go through identification and remember secret codes to confirm.

Spent time can be spent looking for a smartphone if the SIM card is blocked.

It is useless in a stolen smartphone without unlocking, and if you install it in another phone, you will need a confirmation code.

As a result, a password for a SIM card significantly reduces the number of actions in case of loss or theft of a smartphone.

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