Sign in to the Apple ID iCloud. How to change your Apple ID settings

How to sign in with a different Apple ID. Using the App Store. Exiting iCloud does not delete data from iCloud

You can only link one iCloud account to iOS devices and Macs. Most users of modern gadgets have multiple Apple IDs. That’s why you’ll need to sign out of your first account before you can sign in with a different one. If the device is used not only by you, but also by other family members, it may be necessary to irrevocably delete the account. If you bought your iOS device on the secondary market, then you will be able to enter it under your account only if the previous owner has deleted his old account. Below we will look at the most popular methods, how to delete the iCloud account.

Many people are probably wondering how to change their account on their iPhone, iPad or other modern device. This method works for iPhone, iPad and iPod alike. It involves a few simple steps:

In case you just changed your Apple ID email address, but you can’t see the new address, you should click on your old address at the top of the screen and enter your new password. This will allow you to delete your account.

In case you’ve lost or forgotten your Apple ID or password, the blue “Forgot your Apple ID or Password” link will help you?”. So, by clicking on it, you will get to the iForgot site, where you will have an opportunity to restore your identifier.

  • Choosing iCloud services. When you log in, you will have a variety of services to choose from. You choose which of them is worth activating on your device.

Now you know how to change the Apple ID on the iPhone. Now let’s take a look at the following method with you.

iCloud account login

The iCloud application, from Apple, has long been considered convenient and useful for many users. So, this app works as a cloud and allows users to access any files from any device.

So if the user has not yet registered in this application, you should not put it off, because the registration can be done from almost any device: smartphone, Windows, Mac and so on. To understand how to register and work with your account, this article will help you.

Registering iCloud on your computer

It is worth noting that when connecting to iCloud through a Windows system, users will experience significant limitations compared to the Mac OS X system. But despite the limitations, you will be able to access contacts, messages, calendar, bookmarks, reminders and other standard functions via this application.

To register and create an account on a Windows system, you will need to install a number of programs, namely iCloud for Windows 4.0 and iTunes. The programs are free and can be downloaded from the Internet, but it is worth looking at the version, because the newer it is, the better the program will work.

To create an account, you will need to go to: After going to the site page to log in to your account, you need to click on “create”, which is located at the bottom under the fields for filling in data. In the menu that opens, the fields for filling in the data will be highlighted.

These include: first and last name; country of residence; date of birth; email address; password and password confirmation;

A security question, such as your favorite food or movie; a security question. such as a dream job or favorite artist and so on; requesting to confirm mailings of announcements, news, new apps, and so on; entering captcha.

Attention! In order to correctly create a password, you will need at least 8 characters. This includes capital letters, numbers, and just letters. You must not use identical numbers or the password used for your Apple ID.

After entering all these data it is necessary to press the “Continue” button. Next, you should see a window asking you to confirm your email address.

To confirm it, enter the 6-digit code to be sent to the e-mail. After entering the code, you will need to press continue and then agree to the user agreement, in which the user must give permission to process personal data.

This completes the registration procedure and the user can go to the iCloud for Windows application and enter his/her data, and then go to the account.

Signing up for iCloud on mac OS X

In Mac OS X system the registration is a little different from the previous one.

First, you need to go to the Apple menu. As a rule, the icon to open this menu is in the upper left corner of the screen. Next, you need to go to the item system settings, which are in the second section of the menu. Then you need to go to iCloud.

After opening the program, go to Create Apple ID, which will be located under the fields for logging in to your account.

After the transition, the following data will be requested from the user: name and surname; date of birth; e-mail address; password and its confirmation; three secret questions.

After entering all the information, you will need to click on next and check the box next to the item that asks the user to read the instructions for use and to process personal data.

Also do not forget about the traditional checking of the email address and entering the code, which will already allow you to create an account and use it later.

Registering iCloud to iPhone

To register through your iPhone or iPad, you must first go to settings and click on the section to log in to the device. Next, click on the “I don’t have an Apple ID or have forgotten it” option. You will need to click on the item to create an Apple ID, it is located at the top of the menu.

Then follows the traditional registration procedure, which is the filling of data. The only thing that is new here is entering your cell phone number.

After confirming the data processing, the user will be offered to enter the code to unlock the device, it is usually specified when setting up the device from the beginning.

Note! In the case when, there are user data, notes, calendars on the device and the user needs to merge them into one device, you can do this after creating an account and clicking on “merge”.

After such a simple registration it is possible to log in to iCloud and start working with the cloud.

iCloud account

To enter the iCloud account, all you have to do is specify your password and Apple ID, which should be understood as an electronic password specified earlier. If you want to have an additional address, you can do this by going to the settings and then to the “add-ons” tab.

In the settings you can choose the desired amount of storage, which will be needed to work. It is worth noting that the default capacity is 5 GB, but it can be increased from 10 to 50 GB, but additional gigabytes will require a monthly fee.

To start working with iCloud, the user will need to go to the settings and configure the necessary settings for further work.

So you can use checkboxes to mark the main applications in which the user will synchronize his data.

How to sign in to your iCloud account and email from a computer

To sign in to your iCloud account from your computer, do the following

  • Go to;
  • Then enter your Apple ID information and click on the arrow to confirm your desire to sign in to your account;
  • If you have two-factor authentication set up on your Apple ID account, a confirmation code will be sent to any of your iOS or MacOS devices and must be entered in the following box. If two-factor authorization is not set up, you do not need to enter it, but in this case your account is less protected from hacking by intruders;

Worth noting: If you need to sign in to iCloud mail, you will first need to create it from your Apple device. If you didn’t create your Apple ID mail with your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you can’t sign in to it from a computer with a web browser.

How to unlink your iPhone from iCloud

If you can’t remember your Apple ID or password, or don’t even have access to the phone number to which your account is linked, and you’re already desperate, you can try contacting Apple Support. Usually the company will help you regain access to your Apple ID, or at least unlink your device from it, if you can prove that it belongs to you. How to do it? In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems:

  • Prepare in advance a receipt or bank statement for the purchase of your Apple device and its packaging;
  • Go to the Apple support site and enter the problem (I don’t remember my password);
  • Scroll down and click “Chat” or “Call,” whichever is more convenient for you to contact support;

You can reset your Apple ID through Apple Technical Support

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  • Wait for a reply from the operator and tell him your problem;
  • Most likely, you will be asked to send the receipt and serial number of the device as well as a photo of the box to Apple mail;
  • After a few days, when the verification is complete, you’ll regain access to your device.

Keep in mind that Apple does not guarantee that access to your device or account will be restored. If the data proving that you are the real owner is insufficient, you may be denied recovery. Therefore, it is in your best interest to collect as much evidence as possible. Checks, statements, boxes, service center receipts. anything will do. The main thing is to convince the tech support staff that your device is really yours and not someone else’s.

How to sign in to your Apple ID account on your Apple Watch

When you authorize your iPhone, the connected Apple Watch will also be authorized. If not, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID password. You can do this on the watch itself or in the Watch app on the iPhone.

  • Go to “System Preferences.”.
  • Click “Login” and enter your Apple ID with the password.
  • Then enter the six-digit verification code that appears on your other Apple device or comes in a message.

That’s it. Now you know how to sign out of your Apple ID account on different devices. You definitely won’t have to do this often, but you should be aware of the process.

Changing with ID

This is the username you need to register in order to continue to work with iTunes or the Apple Store, as well as to use iCloud. This account allows you to manage your personal files. When you sell your smartphone, you need to delete it or replace it with a third-party. After purchasing the device, you’ll need to get an Apple ID account.

  • When selling the device;
  • when you purchase a used smartphone;
  • If someone found out your personal information;
  • In order to use the phone from scratch.

This option is definitely not suitable for those who have forgotten the password, because you need to remember it to change the record.

Ways to create an account

In total, there are several options that allow you to create a new account using a computer in the cloud storage service iCloud.

The first option is relevant for users of PCs and laptops running Mac OS.

iTunes, like the browser, comes in handy for those who decide to create an account on Windows.

The registration itself is not very complicated. Although there can be some difficulties. Therefore, it is worth considering each of the presented methods separately.

Mac OS App Store

If you use a PC or laptop made by Apple, then you should use the App Store to create an ID.

In fact, it is a universal account, an account that allows you to access several services simultaneously, including iCloud.

  • Open the official Apple Store on your computer or laptop;
  • Select Sign in;
  • Next, click “Create Apple ID”;
  • After reading all the conditions, accept them;
  • then a form will appear, which you need to fill in step by step;
  • The email address will become the identifier;
  • After completing the form, click “Continue;
  • Enter the card and payment system information;
  • Now “Continue” again;
  • Check the email address you specified when registering;
  • You should receive an email with further instructions;
  • Confirm your email address.

After confirmation, you can safely log in to iCloud, since the account has been created.

iTunes for Windows

For users of computers and laptops running Windows operating systems, there is another option.

Many users use the iTunes app. In this case, the instructions for creating an identifier to log in to iCloud later will be as follows:

  • Run iTunes application, having previously downloaded and installed a version specifically for your operating system Windows;
  • If you haven’t updated the program in a while, it is recommended that you do so before registering;
  • at the top of the screen, click the Account button;
  • click “Login”;
  • Now you will be able to create a new identifier;
  • read all terms and conditions, privacy policy, accept them;
  • Next, you will see a form to fill in your personal information;
  • Provide your real email address, as this will act as your identifier;
  • answer a few control questions, which are used to protect your account;
  • After completing, click on the “Continue” button;
  • specify the payment data, the card number;
  • check for new incoming mail on the specified mailbox;
  • open the link attached in the email and complete the new account confirmation procedure.

That’s it, the ID has been created through iTunes. Nothing fundamentally complicated here.

Through the browser

There are alternatives to the already named iTunes and AppStore. This is a common web browser, through which you can also create an account and use the iCloud as you see fit.

  • Open any browser on your computer. But it’s best to use a browser that is your primary and regularly updated browser.
  • Go to the account page of the official Apple website.
  • Click on the point to create an ID.
  • Enter your name, date of birth, and email address.
  • Think of a strong password.
  • Be sure to write down the phone number that you have constant access to.
  • Check the checkboxes to sign up for news, updates, and other information from the developer.
  • Now click on the “Continue” button.
  • Confirm your email address and phone number by following the step-by-step instructions.

Once your email address is verified, it will allow you to use the created identifier to work with the cloud storage from Apple.

Resolving the issue

Check availability of Apple’s servers. For example, open the iCloud, Apple TV, AppStore sites through your browser. If the server is not available, wait an hour or two and try again. Typically, Apple’s server shutdowns don’t last long, t.к. Affects millions of users worldwide. If everything is OK, go to next step.

Check your Wi-Fi network. You may need to disconnect from wi-fi, forget the network, find it again and reconnect.

Turn off Messaging and FaceTime on your phone. Go to Settings. Messages. Their settings can affect the operation of the device.

Set the correct date and time. To adjust the time automatically go to Settings. General. Date and time. Activate the “Automatic” option.

Perform a forced reboot of the device. Read how to do it here.

Sign out of your Apple ID and back in. Go to Settings. Your Name. Exit. Enter your Apple ID password and press “Turn Off.

Reset. Create a backup copy before resetting. To reset your settings, go to Settings. Basic. Reset. Reset all settings.

Reset your Apple ID password. If you have trouble entering a password, try resetting it for your account and use a new password to log in.

Go to Apple’s password reset site, enter your Apple ID, and follow the instructions on the site.

There is another program that will solve your account login problems on YOUR device if you KNOW your login and password. Activation Unlocker allows you to remove your account, imposing a number of restrictions on your device: the inability to use Apple services, including iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, Locator, AppStore, and others. Т.е. Basically, what we end up with is a tablet with internet access via Wi-Fi. You will not be able to make calls or write messages. So use the app only as a last resort if you have tried all the methods.

Attention! All further actions you perform at your own risk. The author of this article is not responsible for the safety of your data and the functionality of your iPhone. All information in the article is informative and does not encourage any action.

After installing the program, connect your iPhone to the computer through the cable and click “Trust device” on the smartphone screen. Select “Delete Apple ID” in the program.

Verify iPhone connection to PC. Deleting your Apple ID will result in the loss of all data on your device, and your OS will be updated to the latest signed iOS version (iOS 15 as of September 2021).

Next you need to do a series of actions on your iPhone. Navigate to passfav site in Safari and download the certificate.

After loading the profile on the phone, go to Settings. Basic. VPN and Device Management. Here we install the previously downloaded certificate.

Then you must trust our certificate. Go to Settings. Basic. About this device. Trust certificates and select Unlock Apple ID certificate (on).

Turn off mobile internet and connect to Wi-Fi. In the wireless settings, select manual proxy settings and enter the following data in the Server and Port field:

On your iPhone, go to Apple ID settings. iCloud. Wait 5 seconds or more for all the information to load, then exit back (Back button). Go back to the settings of your account.

Already in the program on your computer click next and wait for the result.

Then it is necessary to confirm FMI status. In the input field, type ON (if Latitude is deleted) or OFF (if Latitude is turned on).

If you have problems with your Apple ID, ask questions in Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to answer them.