Shooting Video On The Gopro 5

So friends, we see that our articles on each of the modes are not very popular: work, worries, etc. do not allow you to calmly deal with your action camera and its settings to the end.

Our goal is not just to sell, our main goal. give you a number of positive emotions from working with action cameras and GoPro products, so we decided to give a brief overview of the 5 most important moments in working with the camera.

1. In what mode to shoot mys?

Shooting On The Gopro 5

This is a great question that you just need to solve right away!

So, here you have bought your GoPro action camera, before buying you read that it has the coolest 4K shooting mode. Yes, all his beauty and power is available, but let’s figure out what you need to enjoy this power.

To fully immerse yourself in 4K, you will need:

  • Monitor, or 4K TV.
  • The system unit or laptop having the following characteristics: memory card of the latest generation (with memory from 1 gigabyte), RAM with a capacity of 16 GB, or a processor of the latest generation.

Thus, we can safely say that if you are not engaged in professional shooting and this is not your job, then the standard 1080 mode at 48 or 60 frames per second is quite enough.

1080 at 60 frames per second. This is the optimal mode, since suchs take up little space on the memory card, are easily played on any computer and can be quickly edited.

You must understand that this is a full-fledged HD, which can be comfortably viewed on a plasma of any diagonal.

4K mode in your GoPro action camera. this is not bad, because it gives you a margin of power for other modes, which improves picture quality, photosensitivity and other parameters, but this does not mean that you need to work only in this mode.

Therefore, our first conclusion: if you bought a camera “for yourself” and your active life, then choose 1080 mode at 60 frames per second to shoot yours.

2. And what is 1080S and 1080 without a letter “S”?

Good and very important question!

We have widely covered this issue in this material. read and see if there is a minute.

But in a nutshell, we can draw the following conclusion:

  • 1080. This mode is used for normal shooting. “by” (suppose you decide to shoot yourself in a boat, leaving a camera on the shore)
  • 1080 SuperView. this mode is used for first-person shooting (let’s say you decide to shoot how you fish on a spinning rod, fixing the camera on your chest)

3. And what is the best way to shoot at night?

We think and hope that you understand the moment that GoPro action cameras do not have a built-in backlight or flash, so it is always advisable to have a light source next to you: a flashlight, a lamp, a car headlight, or even just turn on a flashlight in your phone and highlight the place you are shooting.

But that’s not all, and GoPro has not forgotten about those who like to shoot in the dark, so inside the settings you can find a wonderful mode “Low light”.

You can read about it in detail and see here. But in a nutshell, it affects photosensitivity and makes the transition from a dark room to a bright and vice versa smoother without distorting your frame.

Everything else happens already in automatic mode.

4. What about the photo?

With a photo, everything is much simpler.

If you shoot in the afternoon, then you can leave a resolution of 12 MP and calmly take your wonderful shots. This is the best resolution for photos.

But, if you have a GoPro Hero4 series and you need to take a photo in the evening, at night or just in low light, then you need to use the wonderful mode “Night”. This is a special mode. about him here.

It significantly increases the sensitivity of your camera and night shooting becomes more natural. You should not use it during the day, as this can lead to “light up” frame. And here is the night. it is completely his element. Be sure to try it!

5. And what are these settings?

When you open the and photo settings, you see a lot more points. But today we talked about the most important, everyone should know about them.

Regarding other settings, we can say that they are recommended.

About mode “Field of view”. You can find out here.

About mode “Spot meter”. You can find out here.

About mode “Protune”. You can find out here.

In the end, a few words about the glorious regime “Protune”, which many users accidentally or knowingly include.

You need to understand what this mode is. This is a manual setting mode. By activating it, you completely turn off the automatic mode, i.e. now the camera will not adjust to the shooting conditions itself, but you need to set the light, white balance, delay and other parameters yourself, depending on the shooting conditions. These parameters can only be known to operators with extensive experience. therefore, just do not turn on this mode and trust the automatic mode, believe me, he knows his work.