Shooting Fishing On The Gopro Hero

Shooting Fishing On The Gopro Hero

It doesn’t matter whether you fish from a six-meter boat or from a small PVC boat, while fishing you probably had moments that were remembered for a long time. Instead of retelling these stories later, you can easily capture them. And then no one will blame you for exaggeration. GoPro camcorder is the best way to do this.

GoPro allows you to fully demonstrate your creativity while fishing, because with it you can use angles that would not be possible, even if you brought along a professional photographer or cameraman.

Here are a few reasons why GoPro is deservedly considered the best camera for fishing:

  • Convenient buttons. The buttons to turn on and start recording are large and easily accessible. This becomes especially important if the camera is mounted on your head, attached to a hat or to a long pole. You will just find the button, press it and return to fishing.
  • LCD screen. Some GoPro cameras are equipped with LCD screens. It makes viewing already captureds and pictures simple and convenient. No matter where your camera is installed, you can use the screen to adjust its view in real time.
  • Touchscreen. management of shooting functions directly from the screen. No need to rummage through complex menus when there is no time for it
  • HD. All GoPro cameras are capable of shooting HD. This allows you to get bright and high-quality images even under difficult conditions.
  • Auto Shooting. Set the camera in the right place and the built-in camera will take photos automatically. You will become your own professional photographer and will be able to take off all the stages of fishing. preparation of the bait, casting of a spinning rod and a duel with fish.
  • Optional accessories. There are a large number of optional accessories that can be used with GoPro cameras. These are not only brackets and fasteners for installation in a boat, but also chargers, batteries, cables and projectors. Therefore, no other camera can compare with GoPro if you choose a camera for fishing.

GoPro Fishing Model Comparison

All GoPro cameras are compact and can be installed almost anywhere. They can all record and photos in HD quality and use SD cards, which can be repeatedly rewritten without loss of image quality.

The best GoPro cameras for fishing are Hero, Hero LCD and Hero4 Silver. They all come from the Hero model, but each has features that make all models unique.

GoPro Hero. the best camera for fishing

All the additional bells and whistles that other models are equipped with are not so important for most fishermen. All you really need is HD quality and taking photos. Hero handles these tasks perfectly.

The camera is waterproof. You can choose the shooting quality between 720 and 1080p. recording frequency 30 frames per second. The camera has a quick capture button, by clicking on which you turn on the device at the same time and start shooting.

The built-in 5 mega pixel camera in burst mode allows you to shoot at a speed of 5 frames / sec. The camera also has a time delay mode for continuous shooting at 0.5 second intervals between frames.

The camera weighs a little more than 100 grams and this allows you to install it almost anywhere, and the shooting mode in low light makes it possible to shoot high-quality in the evening. This is especially important for fishermen, as often the best biting periods are morning or evening hours.

GoPro Hero LCD

This camera has the same capabilities as Hero, but in addition on its back wall LCD screen installed. It is indispensable for quickly viewing the footage or choosing the optimal angle of shooting. The frame rate for shooting has been increased to 60 frames per second, which makes recording smoother when shooting in extreme conditions.

With this camera, you can view the footage on the LCD screen immediately after shooting, and not wait for you to return home and download the to your computer. The model is equipped with an 8 mega pixel camera with a burst mode of 5 frames per second.

Hero4 Silver. the most advanced camera

It has the same functions as the GoPro Hero LCD, but it has a matrix of not 8, but 12 megapixels and allows you to shoot in series with an amazing frequency of 30 frames per second.

What to choose?

Best value. if you just want to shoot on a fishing trip and are going to then view and edits and photos on your GoPro Hero computer. the best choice

Ease of use. Hero LCD. This is especially important for small boats with limited space. You will not only be able to control the camera view and choose the best angle of shooting, but immediately see your duel with the fish captured in the.

The best quality. GoPro Hero4 Silver. With this camera you can make high-resolution and photos, it has a large number of settings for shooting modes and is intended for those who are fond of not only fishing, but also take quality seriously.

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