Seven Reasons Why Apple Pencil Steers

Seven Reasons Why Apple Pencil Steers

Personal experience after 48 hours of use.

What we have been waiting for so long has happened. Apple released the iPad Pro, we wrote a detailed review of the tablet, and two weeks later the guys from offered to plunge into the world of fine art and test all the possibilities of the Apple Pencil stylus.

What is i Pencil capable of, is it worth the candle and how is life for the owner of the iPad Pro, into whose hands the Apple Pencil fell? Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the stylus.

Reason # 1: no delays

For people using a computer as a professional tool, the worst enemy for all times remains delay. The sound engineer is fighting to minimize the time it takes to convert sound from analog to digital; designer. recaptures precious milliseconds by drawing another touch on a graphics tablet. The Apple Pencil is free of such flaws.

As soon as you touch the huge screen of the iPad Pro with the tip of the stylus, it instantly responds to touch. The lines are clear and even, and the artist has the feeling that they are drawing on a slate board or piece of parchment. Response speed this accessory is above all praise, and the frequency of reading the signal reaches 240 times per second.

Reason # 2: very sensitive

Despite its small size, comparable to the size of a regular ballpoint pen, Apple Pencil is crammed with all kinds of sensors to ensure its smooth and trouble-free operation. The stylus distinguishes not only pressing force (up to 2048 degrees), but also the angle of inclination.

Having set a slight slope, you can quickly shade the fragment of the picture as when working with a regular pencil.

Reason # 3: long-running

Inside the Apple Pencil is a miniature battery, the capacity of which is only 80 mAh Despite such a small size, after fully charged, the stylus is ready for 12 o’clock continuous work.

over, the universal charger for the Apple Pencil is always at your fingertips. The gadget is equipped with a traditional Lightning port, and a simple connection to the corresponding iPad Pro port in just 15 seconds gives the stylus 30 minutes of work. A full charge takes about 50 minutes.

A miniature adapter is provided for charging via a conventional network: Apple Pencil is inserted on one side, and a Lightning cable on the other.

Reason # 4: the palm is not the enemy

Even an experienced artist knows what the touch of a palm to a drawing just drawn with a slate or charcoal pencil is fraught with. This is the case when the hands that created the picture can spoil it. Apple also provided for this.

Despite the fact that according to all the “laws of the genre” of the technology for the execution of a capacitive screen, it must respond to the touch of a human hand, while working with the Apple Pencil you can touch the screen with your palm edge, leaning on the tablet screen as if on a regular sheet of paper. The tablet from this action will not be furious, and the clarity of the stylus will not deteriorate.

Reason # 5: works through obstacles

Another curious feature of Apple Pencil is the ability to work through a sheet of paper. Suppose that you want to draw as accurately as possible a fragment of an original drawing printed on paper.

To do this, just attach the sheet to the screen of the iPad Pro and circle all the required contours. The tablet considers all the touches of the stylus despite the fact that there is an impromptu obstacle between the screen and the tip of the pen. a sheet of paper.

Reason # 6: instead of a finger

The main purpose of the Apple Pencil is drawing. However, the stylus is compatible with almost all the actions that you usually perform by touching the tablet with your fingers.

Opening links, launching applications, scrolling, interacting with menu items, typing (support for third-party keyboards and keyboards with handwriting input is implemented). all this is possible with Apple Pencil. Among the limitations of the accessory are the impossibility of opening the Notification Center, Control Center, switching to Slide Over or Split View mode. Most likely, this restriction is purely programmatic in nature, but “Apple decided so.”

Reason # 7: application support

For the realization of a really good product, the ingenuity of the engineers and the bright look of the designer are not enough. Need software support. The number of applications compatible with Apple Pencil is growing exponentially.

Already compatible with Apple’s stylus: Pixelmator, Adobe Comp CC, Paper, Adobe Phoroshop Mix, Adobe Photoshop Fix, AutoCAD 360, Autodesk SketchBook, Evernote, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Canva and a number of other applications. The inclusion of stylus support by developers allows not only to optimize the interaction of the accessory with the interface, but also to enable support for iOS features such as Split View.

A little bit about sad

Ask any marketer and he will answer with confidence that the “ideal product” does not exist. Apple Pencil was no exception and the list of shortcomings of the “pencil from Apple” is approximately as follows:

  • The stylus is compatible only with the iPad Pro. It will not work with other devices, including Apple products.
  • Inaccessible multitasking. Apple Pencil does not allow you to switch to Split View and Slide Over modes. the main innovations of iOS 9. You can only perform such a transition with your finger.
  • Lack of an eraser. Users familiar with alternative styluses working with capacitive screens include the presence of an eraser as one of the advantages of this category of products. They touched the screen with the other end of the stylus. activated the eraser mode. Apple Pencil doesn’t.
  • Apple Pencil does not support multi-touch gestures. However, not a single stylus can do this.

A skeptical user will probably classify Apple’s next development as an “expensive and unnecessary toy”. A professional designer or artist, being a creative person, will think about purchasing an Apple Pencil, because the desire to experiment is the main engine of creativity. A fan of Apple products and a user who has been waiting for a “big iPad” will take the stylus without a doubt.