Setting up your TV Mi TV 4a 32

Great Smart TV, but does everyone need it?

response time. 6.5 ms.
2 built-in 5W speakers
Processor: 4-core Amlogic 962-SX with a frequency of up to 1.5Ghz
Graphics: Mali-450 MP3 up to 750MHz
Built-in memory: 4GB
Operating System: “Patch Wall” on Android 6
Internet: WI-FI 802.11 b / g / n, Ethernet 100 megabits
Interfaces: HDMI. 2 pcs (one of which is HDMI ARC), AV. 1 pc, USB 2.0. 1 pc, S / PDIF audio output. 1 pc, Ethernet. 1 pc, DTMB (antenna). 1 pc.
Dimensions without feet: 773mm x 435mm

Dimensions with feet 773mm x 478mm
Weight: 3.94 kg

Then I installed Youtube without linking to Google services. Online cinemas LazyMedia and FS Videobox, LazyIPTV application for IP television with more than 900 channels.

Using the USB port, you can connect flash cards and hard drives through the docking station. It is also possible to watch a movie through your home network using DLNA or SMB protocol. You need to share the folder on the computer disk and then enter it using a wireless connection over the W-iFi network. In addition, the Mi TV 4A model supports such technologies as AirPlay (for IOS) Miracast (for Android), with their help you can display (duplicate) the content from the screen of your smartphone to the TV screen. The technology works properly and makes it possible to view photos from your smartphone on a large TV screen. It is true that you will not be able to play toys, due to a slight delay, about half a second, although for some balls or similar games this will not be an obstacle.
Of the standard pre-installed applications, there is absolutely nothing interesting, for the most part some kind of Chinese that can be easily removed. However, some applications cannot be uninstalled, most likely they are used by system applications. Although one interesting application came across this TV Manager, you can manage memory, deep clean, analyze and delete garbage, cache, etc. in it, you can also analyze the system load and free ROM space.
Turning on the TV takes longer than a regular TV. It takes about 35 seconds to fully load. In order to turn off the TV, the developers have provided 2 modes. The first is a complete power off of the Pоwer off and the second is simply a shutdown of the Turn off screen. During the day, I usually always use the second mode, because it turns on instantly, and the TV consumes a minimum amount of electricity in this mode. Power off can also be set using the Delay Power Off timer for any time in 15 minute increments.

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To watch TV channels from the antenna, there are two modes, DTMB digital TV mode, and analog TV mode. But since the DTMB standard is distributed exclusively in the PRC, it will be impossible to watch digital TV without using an additional external tuner. This is certainly not convenient, in addition there will be another remote control and a tuner box, plus an additional power cord. And analogue channels, in my opinion, are no longer broadcast, there are no broadcasts. no problem.
To switch channels, you can press the button to the right on any screen and we will see the channels in the form of small icons, in total there are 12 channels on the screen, this makes the choice very easy. If we press the button down, we will go to the section with favorite channels.
The model has the possibility of a universal search, in simple terms, the system will search for a content at once in all available applications and not only by the name of the film, but even by the last name of the actor.

For example, let’s say you want to find a Jackie Chan movie. To do this, you need to enter his last name in the search, and as a result, you will see all films with the participation of this actor in the KinoPoisk, IVI, TVZAVR and OKKO applications, you just have to select your favorite service and you can start watching the movie in the same window.

The processor of this TV model is 4-core, the 962-SX processor was developed specifically for Smart TVs, so most of the solutions are organized here at the hardware level. Everything works very smartly, the power of the hardware is quite enough to calculate any TV tasks.

Because the TV does not need high multitasking, then 1Gb of RAM is quite enough, but the volume of ROM is not enough here, 4Gb is declared, but the system took half for itself and we actually had 2Gb, having installed a set of applications I needed, I found that 200 Mb were free Ie nothing at all. I had to remove all benchmarks, thereby freeing up another 200 megabytes.
The system of this device is a full-fledged Android, so I conducted tests in the Antutu benchmark, the result seemed to me quite modest. 22,305 points, this can be explained by the fact that the graphics test refused to start and shows 0 points in the GPU graph. I also checked the baud rate. With a wireless connection via Wi-Fi, the speed is about 50 Mbps, if we connect with a cable, we have 100 Mbps. During the tests, I monitored the temperature of the processor. Cooling here is excellent, much better than that of budget TV boxes, in which, even with simple tasks, the temperature fluctuates at 70 degrees, and under load quickly rises to 80 degrees. Here, the processor temperature is perfectly kept at 50 degrees. Even under stress tests, when the processor was loaded at 100% for 20 minutes, the temperature did not rise more than 58 degrees.

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In conclusion, I would like to summarize: the TV is certainly not ideal. The main disadvantage is, of course, HD resolution, because at present such a resolution is already weak, but again, due to the small diagonal of the TV, the graininess becomes invisible from a distance of more than two meters. Another big drawback, I would attribute the lack of support for digital DVB broadcasting, you can watch digital TV only with a tuner. The disadvantages are also the amount of memory and the presence of only one USB connector. Now about the pros. On the plus side is the IPS screen, which has excellent viewing angles, contrast and color reproduction. A definite plus is the price, other brands with similar characteristics are 30-40% more expensive. Another plus is the Android system, which in this model, unlike other smart TVs, works much faster and makes it possible to install almost any Android application. Of course, I will refer to the positive aspects as stable firmware and software, the absence of strong heating at high and prolonged loads. In the pluses, you can add the small weight of this model, a convenient remote control and the presence of a WI-FI receiver on board, which allows you to watch video over a local wireless network from both a PC and a router. In general, I liked the TV, but, of course, not everyone needs it. not everyone will use all of its functionality. I can recommend it to those who know about its capabilities, features and make a meaningful choice.

4K Ultra-HDR image quality

Separately, we can say about the chip of Chinese developers. their own launcher. This is PatchWall software. which has unique features. a smart recommendation system and advanced search.

The Xiaomi Mi led 4a 32 TV has Chromecast support. You can transfer audio, video, photos from your smartphone to your TV.

Desktop or wall mounting

Xiaomi TV 32 inches is equipped with legs, each is fixed from the bottom to the TV with 2 screws. With the legs, the device is in a more stable position. Recommended depth of the area where the TV will stand. 180 mm.

Since the TV weighs less than 4 kg, it can be hung on a plasterboard wall. There are special standard VESA 100×100 mm holes for wall mounting.

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Xiaomi Mi TV 4A (32 inch) UNBOXING AND FIRST LOOK ! Patchwall ! Rs13999

Delightful slim design in black tones

The Chinese think over the design of their equipment to the smallest detail and the Xiaomi 32-inch TV is no exception. The device is completely black, matte surface of the screen. Due to this coverage of the monitor, there is no glare from the sun. Another feature of the matte screen. the TV seems to be much thinner.

The miTV 4a 32 model is considered the most affordable in the Xiaomi lineup. Therefore, such TVs are quickly sold out in the market and even create a small shortage. 32 inches is the most common diagonal that looks good in the kitchen, bedroom, small living room or in the country.

How to Set Up Xiaomi Mi TV 4A – Complete Guide

HDR technology for image enhancement

For a wider dynamic range of brightness, TVs use HDR support. In this case, deep blacks are achieved, and whites are even brighter. Avid moviegoers prefer HDR technology for the full benefits of a TV.

High definition image

The picture quality on the Xiaomi TV 4a 32 is highly detailed. Despite the small screen resolution (1366×768) and HD format, a good picture is achieved by the presence of the VA matrix. In some cases, Xiaomi uses IPS matrices in its devices. According to European standards (Europe), this is enough.

Sometimes users complain that with the Full HD format, the budget Xiaomi 4a would be completely flawless. Yes, the resolution is modest, but if you do not sit close to the screen, the difference is not visible. Smart technology is a plus. If the claimed image is not enough, you can install a special program and watch 4K video content via the Internet.

Description LED TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 HD READY

The section will show the main parameters of the TV Xiaomi TV 4a 32 and some technical characteristics.

High performance

The Xiaomi Mi led TV 4a 32 has good viewing angles (178 °). You can look from any side, without distortion, while the contrast does not drop. There is a small drawback. a small margin of brightness. If the sun’s rays hit the screen, then part of the image is illuminated.

There are no complaints about color rendering. The menu you like is selected (film, TV series) and you can change the color range (dynamic, soft or custom).