Setting up IPTV on Smart TV Samsung

Connecting to the network using WPS

There is a faster option for connecting to the network, but to complete it, you will need to support the router for wps technology. For this:

  • In the network settings, select the connection method. WPS (PBC).
  • On the side panel of the router, hold down the WPS button for a couple of minutes. The TV device will establish a connection with the network.
  • The display should show an inscription indicating the completion of the connection process.


To customize this widget, you need:


To use the OTT player, you must first perform the following steps:

  • Download this player to your device.
  • The application requires authorization, so we register on the official website.
  • We confirm the action by e-mail and the letter that came to it.
  • We go to the account on the site to complete authorization and edit personal data as needed.
  • Download your favorite playlists and add them to the playlist.
  • We enter the information used for authorization into the application downloaded to the device and watch the desired telepictures.

LAN connection

setting, ipTV, smart, Samsung

Using a cable Internet connection, the user automatically provides himself with a reliable connection and high-speed data flow. With a LAN cable, you can connect to the network in three different ways:

  • By connecting the Ethernet port on the TV to the same type of connector on the portable modem.
  • Using a router. The cable from the router should be connected to the network port on the TV set, given that the router is already connected to the existing modem and configured correctly.
  • Direct connection. A network cable connects the Ethernet port and the port on the TV.


You can purchase access to viewing TV channels from Pirs TV by following several points:

  • Download and install the player on the device.
  • If the TV is 2010-2014, then installation is possible as in paragraph 2 of the previous appendix.
  • Launch the player, enter the link address in the settings where the playlist is located.
  • Finishes the installation process, and proceed to view all available channels.

How to set up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV today is integrated into almost all new TV models. This function allows you not only to watch channels without restrictions, but also to manage air streams, chat and play various 3d games. But in order for all these opportunities to be available, a number of activities must first be performed. This article will cover how to set up IPTV on a Samsung TV device and what you need to enjoy TV viewing.

Wi-Fi wireless connection

Samsung Smart TVs can also be connected to the network via Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to use wireless routers (routers) and have an independent Wi-Fi adapter in your TV. If the TV model does not provide such an adapter, you can additionally purchase an external one and use it.

Setting up via the TV menu. Select the “Network” section and go to the section of its settings. Choose a wireless connection method and your network. Next, enter the password for Wi-Fi, and then complete the installation.

Which Samsung can watch IPTV on

IPTV for Smart TV Samsung is connected in two ways: through a set-top box and using separate applications.

If the TV is older than 2010, belongs to the fifth series and above, then to watch IP-TV you do not need anything other than an Internet connection. just installing the player.

For models of the fourth series, you must additionally purchase a TV receiver.

Smart TVs released in 2008-2009 do not support Internet TV playback.

We will tell you how to connect IPTV to Samsung Smart TV without a set-top box.

Setting up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV is only possible with an active Internet connection. There are two options here: directly via a cable to the router or via Wi-Fi. We will tell you separately about each method.

How to Watch IPTV on Samsung Smart TV for Free 2019

This publication covers all aspects of setting up and using the Samsung Smart IPTV feature. We will tell you how to connect your TV to the network via cable and Wi-Fi, and what applications you need to install. Connecting and setting up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. Let’s start with a quick overview of Samsung Smart TVs on which the IPTV function is available.

LAN connection

Let’s start with a wired connection through a router. Before connecting to the modem, make sure that the required parameters are set. Read about how to set the parameters for IP TV traffic on the router in the publications on the website.

Connect one end of the network cable to the LAN connector of the TV on the back panel, the other end to the router.

Now you need to configure the connection parameters.

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.
  • On the screen, find the “Network” section and go to “Network Settings”.
  • Click Start.
  • In the next window, select the connection type. “Cable”.

You do not need to enter anything manually. further actions will take place in automatic mode.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Now let’s talk about how to use IPTV on TV. Sign in to watch digital TV for free.

Under the utility “Russian Music Karaoke”, another program is encrypted. “Fork Player”. Run the application and go to the “Find by address” icon. Manually write down the URL of the TV channels playlist with the m3u extension (for example, and press “Enter”. A full list of channels will open.

Wireless connection

If the TV model has a built-in Wi-Fi module, then the connection to the home line is done differently.

  • Enter the device menu and select the “Network” paragraph.
  • In the “Network Settings” section, select the connection type. “Wireless”.
  • In the next window, select the desired network from the available networks and enter the password.

The connection process will take several minutes, after which a message will appear on the screen; The connection is configured and ready to use

The stage of connecting to the network is completed, we proceed to the direct installation of IPTV.

Viewer Apps

In addition to the pre-installed and official applications, IP channels can be loaded into the player as a separate playlist. Next, let’s figure out how to watch IPTV on Samsung Smart TV for free 2019. Introducing the list of applications.

Widget for viewing IPTV. “OTT Player”. Let’s see how to install IPTV Player on Samsung Smart TV.

  • To get started, register on the developer’s website. You can also do this on a computer.
  • In the browser, write the name of the program and follow the link to the site.
  • Enter your email address and password to log in.
  • In the section “Your playlists” add the addresses of the lists.
  • Find and install the player on the “Samsung Apps” service. Log in to the application to sync the addresses saved on the website.
  • Find the utility you want in the list of “Samsung Apps”.
  • Click “Install”.
  • Select the tab with the list of channels.

If you want to expand the channel list, add m3u manually:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Select the “Add URL” command.
  • Manually write down the playlist address.
  • Click “Save”.

Player “Vintera.TV”, updated to build 3.0, contains 123 channels.

IPTV player for “Samsung Smart TV” Peers.TV includes terrestrial TV channels, archive and program announcements.

IPTV Player “Samsung Smart” GetsTV allows you to watch not only interactive and cable channels, but also an impressive list of movies and TV series. If the internet speed drops, the picture quality also deteriorates.

Perhaps the main advantage of this television format is that there is no need to purchase additional equipment. All functions are available immediately on the TV. Construction of frame houses Profikarkas All applications allow you to view many TV channels and control viewing. pause playback, record a program or film, use the archive of projects that have been broadcast.

I have over 10 years of experience in the IT field. I am engaged in design and adjustment of commissioning works. I also have extensive experience in building networks, system administration and working with access control systems and video surveillance.
I work as a specialist in the Techno-Master company.

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Install Simple Smart IPTV

  • Open LG Smart World in a computer browser and download the program archive, then unpack and save it to a flash drive.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to TV.
  • Open the Smart feed (by clicking “Home”) and go to “My Apps”.
  • Click on the USB icon, that is, select the USB flash drive as the source for installing programs.
  • After opening the folder, click on the Simple Smart IPTV icon. The application will be installed in the TV memory.


  • Open the main TV menu and go to the “Smart Features”.
  • In the right half of the window, select the option “Samsung Account”.

Next, you need to set a password. This is where the first differences appear:

  • For E Series devices, enter any 6 characters in this field.
  • On H and F series TVs, leave it blank.

After confirming the registration, return to the “Smart Features” menu and click “Open Smart Hub”.

  • At the bottom of the application window, click “Advanced. applications “.
  • On the next screen, open “Options” and select “IP setting”.
  • In the window that appears, type in the server IP address Use the numeric keypad to enter (the screen does not work here).
  • Next, enter the “Options” menu again and click “Synchronize user applications” (on models of some series, the option is called so, on others. “StartAppSync”).
  • After synchronization, the SS-IPTV icon will appear in the “Additional Applications” section.

To watch IP TV, simply launch the program, find your provider in the list of service providers and download a playlist. By the way, in addition to the preset playlists, you can use your own.

How to install “IPTV Smarters Player” app on Samsung Smart TV

How to install IPTV on LG and Samsung smart TVs

Each TV box has its own nuances and tricks. Today we’ll talk about how to install IPTV on Smart TVs of the most common brands. LG and Samsung, and how to load playlists into it.

Preparatory stage

  • An agreement with the operator for connecting the service (it is not free, but available at a cost). By the way, after his conclusion, you will be able to access free content.
  • A special application for watching IP TV channels. Installed on the TV. Most of these programs do not require payment.

On the first point, I think, no explanations are needed, but with one of the popular and freely distributed IPTV programs. Simple Smart IPTV (or SS IPTV), let’s get to know better. Using her example, we will master the installation of IP-television.

Loading playlists

S imple Smart IPTV gives users the ability to download playlists both from the program’s website (internal) and from any other sources (external). You can have as many second ones as you like and do whatever you want with them. edit, transfer to friends, put them in free access, etc.

Custom playlists are stored in the Settings section and appear as tiles on the screen. When you click on the tile at the bottom of the screen, a list of its TV channels opens.

To download external (third-party) playlists, go to the “Content” section and open the sub-heading of the same name. To download a selection to your TV, select it in the list and click “Add”. Give your sheet a meaningful name and click Save.

To load an internal playlist, open the General section in Settings and click the Get Code button. The application will generate a one-time password, which you will have to enter when downloading. It remains relevant for 1 day after generation.

Next, go to the SS IPTV website, open the “Playlist Editor” section, enter the code in the specified form and click “Add device”.

Next, open and save the document. After saving, a new tile with the name “My Playlist” will appear in the “Settings” section. This is what you just downloaded.

Using SS-IPTV as an example, it is easy to install other IPTV applications. The only differences will be in the address of the download server (on Samsung) and other minor details that you can easily figure out on your own.

Nalashtuvannya IPTV on TV sets Samsung Smart TV series C, D, E (released until 2012)

At the menu, press the [A] button on the remote control

At the menu, at the field “Uch. Record Samsung “, write” develop “behind the additional keyboard, next to the” Password “field. 123456 (whether anyone else is to blame) and press the [OK] button on the remote control

Press the [TOOLS] button on the remote control. At the menu, turn to the “Nalashtuvannya” and “Rozrobka”

In the menu “Please, please about the service” on the remote control with the arrow [left] and with the [OK] button, check the “Accept” checkbox and press the [OK] button.

In the menu “Conditions. agree. about service “on the remote control with the arrow [left] and the [OK] button, check the” I accept “checkbox and press the [OK] button.

3.Shoot menu. Contact the distribution “Nalashtuvannya IP-addresses of servers.” Go to the new one with the [OK] button on the remote control and at the window enter the server IP address:, for which to know, press the [OK] button on the remote control

At the menu, turn to “Synchronization of Dodatki Koristuvach”

When a sign appears with the words “Newly updated”, press the button [OK] “Completed” through the remote control.

After the vicono operation, turn back at the head of the “SMART HUB” menu, in which the addon “Prosto TV” appears.

Enter your login and password in a special cabinet at the “Telebachennya”. “Pristroy”. “Dodati pristriy”

Write a successful authorization and use it in a supplement

Yaksho Vi is not Просто a Prosto.TV subscriber. go through the restoration by the phone number by typing “Otrimati demo. access”

Your TV set is ready to view IPTV on SmartTV

Start typing and press Enter to search

Rewind router

Wrap a payment system for upgrading

Payment system

Special office of koristuvach

  • Film.Ua Drama
  • Bolt
  • Our favorite movie
  • TV 1000 World Kino
  • TV-1000
  • TV-1000 Action
  • VIP Comedy
  • EuroKino
  • FilmBox
  • Filmbox arthouse
  • Star cinema
  • Fox
  • Hollywood HD
  • Bollywood HD
  • Hollywood
  • Male Cinema
  • Kino Mix
  • Paramount comedy
  • Star family
  • VIP Comedy HD
  • VIP Megahit HD
  • VIP Premiere HD
  • Cinema Comedy
  • Movie Series
  • Kino 1
  • XSport
  • FightBox HD
  • Extreme sports
  • First Avtomobilny
  • XSport HD
  • Viasat Sport
  • Viasat Sport HD
  • ChelseaTV HD
  • Sport 1
  • Sport 1 Baltic
  • Sport 2
  • Sport 2 Baltic
  • First Automotive HD
  • Malyatko TV
  • LaLe
  • Plus Plus
  • Piksel
  • Children’s World
  • Nickelodeon
  • Da vinci
  • Tiji
  • Gulli girl
  • NIKI Junior HD
  • NIKI Kids HD
  • OUR Kids HD
  • You are guilty of your Telegram account
  • Log in to the special account.
  • Go for our help
  • Rozpochat rozmov with our Telegram bot in one of three ways:
  • view QR code for the additional smartphone
  • go for a favor
  • know in Telegram ім’я @prosto_assistant_bot
  • Look for the / start command in the Telegram channel, and remove the secret code
  • Otrimaniy secret code enter in the open field on the side and on the button
  • Send the command / menu to the Telegram channel and add the menu to the interface
  • You are guilty of bootie Viber account
  • Log in to a special account.
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  • Want to be on Viber channel and browse the menu?

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV series F (released in 2013)

1.On the remote control, press the [MENU] button or [Smart Hub] (then [MENU] on the TV screen).

At the “Menu”, on the remote control, behind the additional arrows “right / left”, “up / down” and the [OK] buttons to go to the section, turn the links: “Smart functions” → “Samsung records” → “Input”:

at the field “El. (e-mail) press the [OK] button on the remote control (just press the sensor panel on the touch panel).
For the help of the keyboard, as I saw, write “develop” and press the [OK] button on the remote again. The password is not required. Yaksho bude vimagati sprobuvati 123456.

When prompted at the upper part of the screen about entering the regional record “develop”, press the [SMART HUB] button on the remote control and go to the item “Dod. supplements “

Turn “Parameters” at the top right kuti. At the menu, turn the item “IP Settings”,

at the “IP Setting” window, write “Enter your IP”, enter the server IP address: and press the [OK] button on the remote control.

Turn at the “Parameters” window, turn the “Start App Sync” distribution,

check that the “User Application Synchronization” sign appears and the end of the.

When I appear I will write “Update complete” and press the [OK] button on the remote control.

After the Vicono operation, turn back at the SMART HUB menu, which will show the Prosto TV add-on.

Enter your login and password in a special cabinet at the “Telebachennya”. “Pristroy”. “Dodati pristriy”

Write a successful authorization and use it in the supplement

Yaksho Vi is not Просто a Prosto.TV subscriber. go through the restoration by the phone number by typing “Otrimati demo. access”

Your TV set is ready to view IPTV on SmartTV

memorize the shape and you are connected with a broach
1 year in the working hour

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Zvorotny zv’yazyk

we connect with you with a stretch of 15 minutes. at work hour

  • UA: First
  • Channel 5
  • pleased
  • 24 channel
  • Voice
  • Malyatko TV
  • Straight
  • News one
  • Music Box UA
  • Hromadske TV
  • MCT
  • UA Cream
  • PravdaTV
  • Київ TV
  • ZIK
  • Donbas
  • Bilorus24
  • Nadiya
  • NewsNetwork
  • Espresso
  • Rudana
  • TV channel Z
  • TV-5
  • TRK Alex
  • ODTRK Dnipropetrovsk
  • 34 channel
  • Vita
  • VDT
  • TRK Vinnychchyna
  • All Novini
  • Culture
  • UR1 Radio
  • UR2 Radio
  • UR3 Radio
  • ViP Premiere HD
  • ViP Megahit HD
  • ViP Comedy HD
  • Sport HD
  • Viasat Nature | Viasat History HD
  • Ua: First
  • Inter
  • Channel 11
  • ICTV
  • STB
  • Novy channel
  • Channel 5
  • pleased
  • K1
  • K2
  • NTN
  • Mega
  • Zoom
  • Piksel
  • Enter movie
  • XSport
  • Channel 22
  • TET
  • Plus Plus
  • Bigudi TV
  • M-1
  • M2
  • ОЦЕ TV
  • 112 Ukraine
  • TV channel news 24
  • The sun
  • Voice
  • Channel Ukraine
  • Espresso TV
  • Televsesvit
  • PE Info
  • Milady television
  • Channel 8
  • Malyatko TV
  • Straight
  • The science
  • Da vinci
  • Bolt
  • Music Box UA
  • EuroKino
  • The science
  • Star cinema
  • Hromadske TV
  • Vintage
  • Fashion TV
  • MCT
  • Maxxi-TV
  • Ініigo
  • UA Crimea
  • True here
  • XSportHD
  • Yew-1
  • TC Kiev
  • Black Sea TV
  • ATR
  • UA: Donbass
  • LaLe
  • O-TV
  • 4 Channel
  • ZIK
  • Donbass
  • UATV
  • Natalia
  • Horizon
  • First Zakhidny
  • Belarus 24
  • Nadia
  • First business
  • Eco-TV
  • Newsone HD
  • NewsNetwork
  • CNL
  • Esculap-TV
  • Zoom / Orion
  • UFO TB
  • Caravan TV
  • Espresso HD
  • Rudana UPP
  • Zaporizhzhia UPP
  • TV-5 SCP
  • TRK Alex UPP
  • ODTRK Dnepropetrovsk D UPP
  • 34 channel
  • Atlant UPP
  • Vita UPP
  • TRK Vinnychchyna UPP
  • All Novini UPP
  • SCP culture
  • UR1 Radio SCP
  • UR2. Radio SCP
  • UR3. Radio SCP
  • Fine living
  • Travel Channel
  • First Automobile
  • Paramount comedy
  • Fauna
  • Trophy
  • Zoo
  • TV-1000
  • TV 1000 World Kino
  • TV-1000 Action
  • VIP Comedy
  • Film.Ua Drama
  • News one
  • Quarter TV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Tiji
  • MGM
  • Bollywood HD
  • MTV Dance
  • Fast FunBox HD
  • DocuBox HD
  • Erox
  • FightBox HD
  • Children’s World
  • Extreme sports
  • Star family
  • Food network
  • 112 HD
  • France 24
  • FashionBox HD
  • 360 Tune Box
  • MTV Hit
  • VH-1
  • Mezzo
  • Mcm top
  • Mezzo Live HD
  • Dacha
  • Epoch
  • UA HD
  • Trophy HD
  • Spike
  • MosTVideoTV
  • World Fashion HD
  • Fashion one
  • Gulli
  • Filmbox arthouse
  • FilmBox
  • AMC
  • Gametoon
  • Travel TV International HD
  • RTVD
  • World fashion

The list of channels can change in fallowness from the region of the broadcast.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

To date, many users have already acquired TVs with Smart functionality. One of the many advantages of such TVs can be considered the ability to view IPTV. For those who do not know, IPTV is a modern digital television, which is much superior in picture and sound quality to the vast majority of analog channels.

With IPTV, you can watch many channels of various topics. There are several ways to connect IPTV TV to TV. In this article, I would like to analyze the question of how to set up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. I would like to note that to connect IPTV in many cases, you need a special set-top box, we will analyze the option in which you do not need to connect the set-top box.

The use of IPTV television will be possible thanks to the installation of a special application on the Samsung TV. We will find out in detail how to install it correctly. It is worth noting that not all Samsung TVs can be configured to play IPTV using this method. Setting up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV without a set-top box is possible only if your TV was released in 2010 or earlier, and also if it belongs to the 5th sub-series (or older). If you don’t know if your TV supports IPTV. ask relevant questions in the comments.

Before installing and configuring the widget for watching IPTV on your TV, you must connect your TV to the Internet. We will not focus on this, all the details of this connection are cable or using Wi. Fi we have already analyzed. Only after you have made a workable TV connection to the Internet, you can start the procedure for installing the necessary widget.

To watch IPTV television on your TV, you need to install a special nStreamLmod application. This application is a player program that can read playlists in.xml and.m3u format. further, we will consider the sequence of actions that will allow you to set up IPTV television on a Samsung Smart TV.

First you need to go to Smart Hub by pressing a button on the TV remote.

Then press the “A” button on the remote control (most often it is red).

Go to the item “Create a work record” and enter the required data. This is “develop” login and password “123456”.

After entering all the above data, click on “Create a work record”.

Now enter your username and password, which will allow you to enter the created account.

Find the “Tools” button on the remote control and press it, then select “Settings”.

A window will appear in front of you, in which we are interested in the item “Development”.

Next, you need to specify the IP address of the server that the TV will contact to find the program we need. With the help of it, we plan to set up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. We go to the item “Setting the IP address”.

After that, click on “Synchronize Applications”. As a reminder, it is possible to remove previously installed applications. Only the standard widgets will remain. If this does not bother you, then continue setting.

After completing the installation procedure, press “Enter”.

Now find the nStreamPlayer program in the list of applications installed on the TV and launch it.

In the “Playlist URL 1” field, enter the following address “http: // powernet. com. ru / stream. xml “

After all the manipulations, when you start the nStreamPlayer application, a list of channels available for viewing will appear.

Note that there is now a shortcut to the new IPTV viewer app on the Smart Hub desktop.

Recall that the installation of the nStreamPlayer application is necessary in order to configure IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV. How to watch IPTV TV after all, read the continuation of the article. There we will analyze how to set up the display of channels and programs for them so that you know what time different programs are on.

In this article, we have touched on a rather serious topic about setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TVs. The products of this company are used by a large number of users who are probably interested in how to watch IPTV. In the sequel, we will touch on the settings of the installed nStreamPlayer application in more detail.

Wi-Fi connection

To establish a Wi-Fi connection, you must:

  • Turn on the router and make sure on other gadgets that Wi-Fi distribution of Internet traffic is carried out.
  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Sequentially select the TV menu items “Settings”, “General”, “Network”, “Network Settings”, “Wireless”.
  • In the list of networks that appears, select the one to which you want to connect.
  • Enter the network password in the window and click “OK”.
  • Some TV models do not have a Wi-Fi module installed. In this case, you need to purchase an external USB adapter and install it in the device. Better to put a Samsung device, since only in this case the manufacturer guarantees a stable wireless connection.

    If your router and TV support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, Wi-Fi connection is even easier. It is necessary to select the WPS item in the TV network menu and press the WPS button on the router for a few seconds. The connection will happen automatically.

    Another way to connect to Wi-Fi is to use the PlugAccess feature of some router models. To do this, you need to insert a formatted USB flash drive into the router and wait until the signal lamp of the Internet dispenser stops flashing. Then insert the flash drive into the USB port of the TV. After a while, the connection setup will be completed automatically.

    If you are using a Samsung router, you can use One Foot Connection, another quick method of establishing a wireless connection. In the TV network settings, you must select the specified item and activate it. After that, the setting will happen automatically. The end will be indicated by the appearance of the network settings window.

    Peers TV

    The main feature of the application is that it is extremely easy to install and operate. It is suitable for a user who does not want to dive into the intricacies of setting up an application, but wants to watch TV channels right away. In this case, Peers TV is a good choice, since right after installation, the viewer has access to about 180 TV channels, including in HD quality. There is a weekly archiving of channels, which allows you to view programs for a specified period from anywhere and an unlimited number of times. It is possible to download your own playlists, which will significantly increase the number of TV channels. In this case, the player is distributed free of charge.

    Cable connection (LAN connection)

      Connect one end of the cable to the LAN port of the router, the other to the LAN port of the TV, usually located on the back of the TV.

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Select the “Settings” section.
  • Go to the “General” item, then to the “Network”.
  • Select “Network Setting” and “Cable”.
  • Click “OK”.
  • The TV will automatically connect to the Internet. The sequence of operations and the names of sections may differ slightly from model to model.

    IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

    After setting up TV channels over IP protocol on a Samsung TV, many new opportunities open up to the viewer compared to the usual television:

    • Watching dozens and hundreds of channels of various directions and genres, many of which are unique and are not broadcast in other formats. Most channels are free.
    • High quality image. and more IP channels are broadcast in HD resolution and even in 4K resolution.
    • TV broadcasts are accompanied by high-quality soundtracks in stereo, Dolby Surround, 5.1. You can also choose the dubbing language when watching movies.
    • Viewing control. the consumer, if desired, pauses the video content, speeds up or slows down the image for a while, can watch programs from the beginning, from the middle or from the end, record it, etc.
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    To watch IPTV channels on a Samsung Smart TV, it is necessary that the Tizen operating system be installed, there is an Ethernet (LAN) input for a wired Internet connection or a Wi-Fi module for a wireless connection, software that allows you to work with an IP video stream. Such a TV without connecting to a computer or Android TV set-top box receives, processes and reproduces an IPTV TV signal.

    To find out whether the receiver reproduces TV channels in IPTV format Samsung Smart TV, you need to specify the year of its release and the model series. All Samsung devices released after 2010, 5 series and above, support TV broadcasting over IP protocol.

    • The first character is the type of matrix: U. LED, L. LCD, Q. screen on “quantum” dots.
    • The second is the region for which the device was released (E. Europe).
    • The next number is the diagonal of the screen in inches.
    • K. year of issue. The letter designation of the year was introduced by Samsung since 2008, which was assigned the first letter of the English alphabet. A. The next year is the next letter. C. 2010, K. 2016, etc.
    • The letter S indicates 4K screen resolution. Other models may not have.
    • The next digit is the series number. Series 5 and higher is required for IPTV.

    Subsequent symbols indicate the sub-series and design of the model. In the example given, the TV series 7 was released in 2010.


    The peculiarity of the player is the ability to view your playlist on several devices on which the player is installed. To do this, you need to create an account on the site, upload one or more playlists, edit them, if desired, by removing unnecessary links. After installing the application and logging in with your username and password, the content is the same on all devices. Оttplayer is a multi-platform application that is installed on devices with iOS, Android, Samsung SMART TV, which contributes to its widespread distribution. Users also note a pleasant and well-thought-out interface, the ability to customize the order of channels, a convenient TV program.

    How to set up IPTV, detailed instructions

    Since IPTV TV signals are distributed over the Internet, a reliable and fast network connection for the TV is required. For this, a wired connection or a wireless Wi-Fi network is used.

    What is IPTV-player on Smart TV Samsung?

    IPTV television is developing rapidly, crowding competitors: cable television networks, terrestrial and satellite television. This is not surprising, since with this technology, television becomes interactive, giving the consumer the opportunity to customize video content in accordance with their needs.

    IPTV television is distributed over the Internet. Even 10 years ago, in order to watch it, in addition to a TV, a computer was needed. With the advent of “smart” TV sets, it became possible to configure viewing of IPTV broadcasts directly on the Samsung Smart TV. With this article you will be able to connect IPTV to Smart TV Samsung.

    Applications for viewing IPTV TV channels

    After connecting to the Internet, to watch the channels, you need to install the appropriate IPTV software for the Samsung Smart TV receiver. Such applications are called IPTV players. They connect by IP address to a website that is hosting a television broadcast, and display the resulting image on the TV screen.

    Playlists can be downloaded from many sites. They contain links to several dozen or even hundreds of television channels broadcasting for free and in good quality. Links periodically become unusable, so playlists need to be updated regularly.

    There are several IPTV players that are steadily popular with Samsung TV owners: Ottplayer, Peers TV, Lazy IPTV.

    LG Smart TV channelless channels with Vintera TV add-on

    Smart TV re-view of non-kostevnyh channels from Vintera TV in the adjusted and victorian nagato is simpler, the additional information is described below, so as the list of channels is already prepared in the whole program, the playlist is not required to be added. The vibe here is not great, ale bagatokh koristuvachiv vlashtovu.

    Install a supplement if you want koristuvach z be-yaky rіvnem navichok.

    You can easily start before you look at it, don’t forget about it, but the TV set is always guilty of connecting to the Internet.

    Smart TV is amazed by the non-kostetno TB channel, which is required?

    Now, if you want to watch the channels from Smart TV, you want to watch the channels without a cable. To ask the food, what is necessary, how did everything work without adding an okry package from the providers? It will not be necessary, but itself:

    • TV-set can be connected to the Internet;
    • PC’uter or laptop for changing access parameters;
    • basic knowledge at the victorian LG Store;
    • playlist with channels.

    The most difficult task is to sign up with the overflow of channels. IPTV depends on the suggestions, so try different options, as you know for yourself skinny.

    Smart TV without kostevny channels nalashtuvati IPTV

    For a bob, you need a TV set with Wi-Fi. Dodatok pіdtrimuє z’єdnannya for additional cable TB and Wi-Fi, the difference is not connected. Now you can fix the IPTV setup itself.

    You can browse the channels behind the additional Internet for additional SS IPTV. For a whole playlist with a change of channels and access parameters is required, as well as a simple TV set setup. You will need to set up your account, you will be sent a sheet to the e-mail, in any case you need to confirm the re-establishment, and then you must enter the data in the parameters of the TV connection. Authorization staff, koristuvachev, access to all possibilities by programs.

    If you first run the add-on, you don’t know the playlist right away, so it’s necessary to create it independently. Before koristuvach the menu appears, it is necessary:

    • Sliduvati in “Nalashtuvannya”.
    • Vibrate the item “Add a playlist”.
    • Click on “Create a playlist”.

    To be included in the list of existing channels, then there are two options:

    • view and enter the address independently in the TV menu;
    • synchronize via Wi-Fi with a PC or laptop and control the channel transfer via a new.

    Addresses for playlists are found on the sites of IPTV providers, or you can download them from the SS IPTV site for a code, ale vin shhorazu change. The number of called ratings is not limited, but only internal ratings. 1. To add new catalogs to channels, it is recommended to:

    • View the “Content” submenu.
    • Vibrate item “Zovnishni”.
    • Klіknuti “Dodati”.
    • Provide іm’ya opened catalog і perilannya.

    To add an internal list is required:

    • View the category “Zagalny” in the programmed settings.
    • Natisnuti “Otrimati”.

    The list will need to be added for as long as you do not open the code. You need to copy it to the SS IPTV website in the distribution for editing the playlist and clicking “Dodati”.

    How can you be amazed by the channelless channels on Smart TV? lecture

    Most of them are quiet, but there is a Smart TV, so far they have been able to use cable TV, I don’t know about those that can be connected to Smart TV for additional programs for IPTV.

    Setup Smart IPTV app on your smart TV less than 1 min unlock hidden channels SIPTV

    IPTV is a miracle of solution, for the help of which you can marvel at TB at an advantageous quality, and for the most part, it’s called no-shit. Є two options:

    • additional SS IPTV;
    • Vintera TV program.

    Offense is a way to give you the ability to watch the channels without paying a subscription fee, so vibir is yours.

    Revision of out-of-the-box channels

    Smart TV Samsung channelless channels set up a wide range of TV channels with a flexible method, which is practical for all TVs.

    On the remote control, you need to press the Settings button to display the settings. Leaving the model, the button can be named. Further required:

    • Know the item “Channels”.
    • Beat the automatic whisper.
    • Poznachiti dzherelo otrimannya “Cable TB” or “Antena”.
    • In the “Postmaster” field, vibrate “Інші”.
    • Set the required frequency range.
    • Vibrate the sound of channels with analog or digital signal.
    • Natisnut “Viconati” and the completion of the joke.

    Now you can watch the numerical channels without a subscription fee, like a built-in TV show. IP TV can reach the great vibe, and in new you can marvel at sub-channels only in HD-resolution. Do not be afraid to experiment with the functions of Smart TV and learn how to show your “smart” TV viewer. If you have run out of food on the topic “How can I set up non-kostevny channels on Smart TV?”