Setting up IPTV on a Samsung Smart TV

Installing IPTV on your Samsung TV

Modern Samsung smart TVs give their owners a lot of advantages, because they allow you to watch content from different sources. Some people prefer to use the big screen for gaming and streaming video, while others prefer to watch familiar TV, shows and TV series on familiar channels.

Regardless of how the information is delivered, the Samsung Smart TV provides high-quality and vivid picture, whether it’s a YouTube video or a scheduled movie, and to combine all the benefits of viewing will help IPTV. If you already own a smart TV, setting up IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV will not cause difficulties and will be a good addition for the big screen.


Forkplayer is a unique browser that adapts to the user’s gadget, allowing you to browse the sites and create XML, M3U (IPTV) playlists. At the same time, the list of available sites is periodically updated, providing a wider range of services to the end user.

Content is available to the user directly from the global network and undergoes little processing. The developers of Forkplayer have created an application similar to Opera Mini, but for TVs instead of phones. Each gadget uses the default browser, but it does not function properly, periodically giving an error with the detail: “Not enough memory”. This happens when you launch a heavy site. Quality of content, both audio and video, depends on the site where the movie is hosted and on the Internet connection.

Content placement and personal playlist management is done directly by the user. The playlist is downloaded through a personal account. The entire process is controlled by a push-button or pointer remote control.

In short, the player allows you to view almost all new movies, TV shows and serials broadcast via IPTV. Now let’s look at how to set up the TV and the app for comfortable viewing.

To launch the player, you will need to make adjustments to the DNS data. To do so you will need to enter the network settings of your TV and change the DNS address to or The data you enter determines which application will launch the player.

Let’s take an example of a TV from the brand LG. Firstly you need to visit the official LG STORE, search for “Tvigle”, download and install the software. The entered DNS data influences which application will be launched: IVI, RU, Tvigle, Accu weather, Militants and Thrillers.

In case the apps still do not appear, then you should check the data on the country of use of the TV. Country of Russia or Ukraine should be specified in the settings.

In cases where, when you run the above applications, the player has stopped running, then using a PC to check the router or ISP for DNS blocking mode.

If the player starts, and the user sees the loading screen instead of activating the Tvigle application, then the setting was successful.

How to configure Forkplayer

You can make adjustments to the player’s start screen. You can enter the player settings menu by pressing the button with three bars at the top of the screen. It is worth noting that it is enough to use 2 points to set up a comfortable use:

Start menu allows you to adjust the number of icons used in the main menu. The second point needs a detailed consideration.

There is a very interesting section in the application settings, which is disabled by default. This item is called Third-party content. For a high-quality data download, it must be turned on. The rest of the settings are at the user’s discretion.

Setting up IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

How to install and configure the Peers application.TV for watching IPTV on Samsung Smart TV.

Installing the Peers application.TV

To install the Peers application.You need to enter “Smart Hub” by pressing “Color cube” or “Smart” button on your remote control.

Then select “Search” in the window on the left.

In the search window, using the electronic keyboard, type the search phrase “Peers.TV” and press “OK” (quadrangle with an arrow) to search for.

After installation, a window will appear prompting you to launch the program, click “Launch”.

Setting up the Peers app.TV

When you run the app for the first time, it automatically detects which service provider you are connected to. You only need to press the button “All right!”.

Now the list of channels available for watching will be loaded.

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To enter the application afterwards, it is necessary to enter “Smart Hub” and find “Peers” in the list of applications.TV”. Channel switching is controlled with the “CH” channel switching buttons. Click “OK” (quadrangle with an arrow) to open the full list of channels.

Loading and Editing a Playlist

The app supports two ways to load playlists. Adding:

  • on the link (such playlists are called external, you can add as many as you want);
  • through a code that is valid once, and can be downloaded from the site (such playlist is called internal, and there can be only one).

To download your own playlist at the link:

    Go to SS IPTV and on the screen that appears, click on the gear in the upper right corner.

The icon of the external playlist you have uploaded will appear in the main window of the app. The playlist will load each time you click on this icon.

To upload an external playlist, sometimes a framework is used on TB. t. е. you can only use links available from the Internet, other links will not be allowed by the system.

To download your own playlist via code:

  • Go to the app. Click on the gear in the upper right corner.
  • Go to “General” by selecting this line in the drop-down menu, and click “Get Code”. This code will be valid for 24 hours (or until the next code is created).

The platform does not just show the playlists uploaded to it, but also tries to identify the channels in them, and correlate them to those already entered in the database.

The channels from the selected playlist that the system recognizes can be seen in the corresponding panel, along with their logos.

When loading a new playlist, the previous playlist is overwritten. If you want to re-download the same playlist or another one through the site, you don’t need to get another code unless you first clear your browser’s cookies.

As the internal playlists, you can use only those playlists that meet the standard of the installed format m3u. Playlist must be UTF 8 bit encoded to load correctly. External playlists can be of any other format (t. е. not only m3u, but also, for example, xspf, asx and pls).

details about creating your own playlist and uploading it to the SS IPTV, is explained in the video below:

Peculiarities of connection of the IPTV Set-top Box

IPTV set-top boxes resemble TV tuners. But this device should not be connected to the TV, but directly to routers using the Ethernet port or Wi-Fi. A LAN connector is most often used.

There are the following outputs on the set-top box:

It’s enough to connect all the necessary devices to the device and switch to the desired channel.

Other programs and applications can be connected in the same way. The only caveat, before you download content to your TV, you need to use an antivirus.

Connecting IPTV on a Philips TV

Installing IPTV on the models of this brand is quite simple, only a few actions are required of you:

  • Connect your Philips device to a router with an access point.
  • Press Home button on the remote control, enter the configuration menu.
  • Open the “Mode” tab in the network settings, in the window that appears, type in the value of DNS to obtain an Internet connection.

Now all that is left to do is to download the widget with which you will watch IPTV on your Philips TV, and the choice depends entirely on your preferences.

On which Samsung we can watch IPTV

You can configure IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV if the device was released after 2010 and the device is in series 5 (or higher). The series of the device is easy to find out from the model name. you need the seventh digit (number from 4 to 9). Just do not confuse the series with the serial number on the back of the TV.

  • The first letter is for the type of TV. In our case U is LED;
  • the second letter is the region (Europe);
  • Next are the screen parameters (55. diagonal);
  • Now we look at the following letters, on which depends, whether IPTV will work on TV or not. It denotes the year the TV was released: A (2008). E (2012). Consequently, TV sets A and B will not work.

The number seven shows the series we are interested in. Accordingly, the higher the value instead of 7, the cooler and more advanced the TV will be. All numbers above “five” are suitable for us.

The last are the sub-series, but they indicate the visual characteristics of the device (color, shape), so they are usually not taken into account.

We also need to connect the TV to the Internet. To do this, check for a LAN cable connector or Wi-Fi adapter. On how to make a connection, we have already told.

Applications for watching IPTV TV channels

After connecting to the Internet you need to install appropriate IPTV software for your Samsung Smart TV receiver. These applications are called IPTV players. They connect by IP address to the broadcasting site and display the picture on your TV screen.

Playlists can be downloaded from many sites. They contain links to several dozens or even hundreds of TV channels, broadcasting for free and in good quality. Links periodically become unusable, so playlists must be updated regularly.

There are several IPTV players that are very popular among Samsung TV owners: Ottplayer, Peers TV, Lazy IPTV.


The player feature is the ability to view your playlist on multiple devices, on which the player is installed. To do this, you need to create an account on the site, upload one or more playlists, edit them if you want, and remove unnecessary links. After installing the application and logging in with your username and password, the content is the same on all devices. Оtitlear is a multiplatform application that is installed on devices with iOS, Android, Samsung Smart TV, which contributes to its wide distribution. Users also note the nice and thoughtful interface, the ability to customize the order of channels, a convenient TV program.

Peers TV

The main feature of the application is the extreme ease of installation and operation. It is suitable for the user who does not want to delve into the intricacies of the application settings, and wants to watch TV channels immediately. In this case Peers TV is a good choice, because right after the installation about 180 TV channels, including those in HD quality, are available to the viewer. There is a weekly channel archive, allowing to watch the programs for a specified period from any place and an unlimited number of times. Can load their own playlists, which significantly increases the number of TV channels. The player is distributed for free.


Another popular player. Takes up just over 5 MB in TV memory after installation. The player has a powerful playlist manager, something you’ll rarely find among competitors. It allows you to add to the player an almost unlimited number of them, and the selection of the right one takes a minimum of time. Another useful feature of the manager. support for self-renewal of playlists, allowing you to forget about the need from time to time to download updated lists of links to IP addresses of distribution sites. Enable the self-renewal playlist and it will automatically download from the web links that work, ignoring the non-working. The list of amenities continues with the TV program, which not every IPTV player can also boast. There is a section “Favorites”, where you can put the selected channel and it will not have to search for among the many hundreds of others. Users note the stability of the player, the rare appearance of lags, regular updates.