Setting up Airpods pro on iPhone

Airpods PRO how to distinguish a fake

A week after the release of the new version of Airpods Pro, a Chinese copy of the top-end headphones appeared on the market. At first glance, the devices are similar, the price of a fake is tempting. At the same time, the difference between the original and the copy becomes obvious on closer examination almost immediately.

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Airpods Pro. First 11 Things To Do!


The original packaging of the Airpods Pro is almost identical to the fake. Apple stays true to its minimalist design and quality materials. The box is made in the form of a white cube with the image of headphones. At the same time, the picture is even, high quality.


The first fakes had external differences in the headphones themselves.

Now, the latest versions of fakes are made absolutely indistinguishable from the original.

For some fakes, one of the differences is the leg. In the original model, it is sealed, a mesh is installed in the copy, like the Airpods of the first and second versions.

From the inside, the copy of Airpods Pro glows blue, the original is not.

  • Switching melodies, as well as stop and pause for the copy work in the old fashioned way. touching the top of the earpiece. In the original, the sensor was moved to the lower part of the leg.
  • The ear cushions of the replica Airpods Pro are ordinary, the original headphones are made using a special Apple technology with slots at the base.

In addition, if you remove the ear pads, you can immediately see the difference between the original and the fake.


The indicator light on the original case glows white, the copy light glows green.

In a fake, the inscription “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China “both on a metal spring and inside the headphone compartments.

In the case, in the recess for the headphones at the copy, two contacts are connected by a plate. The original has nothing superfluous.


  • Apple headphones are known for their high sound quality from the very beginning. At the same time, in a fake, the sound is very quiet, which can be immediately detected when listening.
  • There is no bass in the replica, noise cancellation too.
  • The Bluetooth connection in the copy of Airpods Pro is extremely unstable, constantly interrupted, regardless of which smartphone the headphones are connected to.


When connected to a smartphone, the original headphones offer a whole list of various settings: enabling and disabling (to save power) active noise cancellation, the ability to check the fit of the headphones to the ears, setting up personal control gestures, auto ear detection, finding a lost earphone, and others.

Previously, the lack of software when connecting headphones to the iPhone immediately gave out a fake. Now we have learned how to completely copy the animation when connected, like Apple.


To control listening to music through Airpods, you need to assign one of the following to the double-tap of each of the headphones:

  • Stop playback
  • Pause and resume playback
  • Skip to next track
  • Return to the previous track

Naturally, only one action can be selected per earpiece. For example, by double-tapping the right earphone, include the next track from the playlist, and the left one. the previous one.

Setting up Airpods on iOS devices

First of all, you need to check if the Airpods are connected to the device. To check it is enough to put on the headphones and wait for the sound indicating the connection. If Airpods are not connected, the required option in the settings menu simply won’t be there.

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After making sure that the headphones are connected, you need to go to the settings and select the Bluetooth item. Next, in the list of connected devices, we find Airpods and click on the “i” icon.

In the menu that opens, you can assign an action to a double-tap for the left and right headphones.

How to set up a double-tap action on Airpods

Using autodiscover

If you remove one of the headphones while playing audio content, playback will pause and resume. Removing both earbuds will stop playback without resuming.

When Auto Ear Detection is disabled, these options are unavailable and audio content plays through Airpods, whether they are in your ears or not.

With Siri

Siri will help you execute commands that cannot be assigned to a double-tap. For example, increase or decrease the volume of the audio being played. You can call Siri itself with a double-tap on the earpiece, if the appropriate settings are made.

How to answer a call through Airpods

  • If you receive an incoming call while using Airpods, you can take it with a double-tap on any of the headphones.
  • In the same way, you can end a call or switch to another incoming.

Double-tap is the main gesture

The main gesture used to control Airpods wireless headphones is Double-tap, or, as it is also called, Double-tap.

Double-tap (double tap). double jerky touch to the outside of the speaker.

This gesture is supported on each of the headphones separately, and, accordingly, the actions performed by double-tapping on the right and left headphones can be assigned separately.

Double-tap is used to answer calls, but in addition to this, other commands can be assigned to double-tap:

  • Calling the virtual assistant Siri;
  • Pause / Start in audio playback;
  • Stop audio playback;
  • Return to the previous audio track;
  • Skip to the next audio track.

It is important to note that switching between audio tracks is only available on Apple devices starting with iOS 11.

Find My Airpods via beep

Icloud and Apple’s search app can help you find lost headphones with sound. If the accessory is connected to an iOS gadget, Bluetooth is active and the headphones are somewhere nearby, they will start to make a sound during search activities. The signal lasts 2 minutes, with a gradual increase in volume. It turned out to find the loss earlier. great, the signal is turned off by the “Stop” command.

  • go through the selected software to “Actions”;
  • click “Play sound”.

The software interface has a button “Turn off the left” and the same for the right earphone. They should be used when accessories are lost randomly so that the sound does not merge and does not confuse the track.

Advice: if only one “drop” is lost, in order to avoid discomfort, you should remove the unlost earphone from your ear before activating the sound.

How the system works

How to find Airpods if lost? To begin with, find out the nuances, features and limitations of the search system. There are only three of them. It’s easy to remember:

  • The search will only succeed if the accessory is outside the charging case. In this case, he emits a quiet “booming” sound, which helps to find the loss.
  • To use the signal for searching, a smartphone or other gadget to which the headphones are connected must be within the Bluetooth range (about 10 meters).
  • Search activities will be successful if Airpods is located indoors. For the street, the signal sound is too quiet and it is unrealistic to hear it. A map is also not an option. After all, the location of the headphones is shown on it conditionally, without exact coordinates.

How to find lost Airpods when the droplets are in the case or, for example, are empty? An important question that worries many users. The answer will clearly upset them, because here the Apple software will be useless. His maximum help is to show the time and place on the map where the signal was last recorded.

Map to help

You can display a picture with the location of the “Apple” accessory using a PC or an iOS gadget. How will it be faster and easier? Comparison of methods. in the table.

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What to do if I lost Airpods (for example, these are Airpods with Wireless Charging Case) in different places (as an option, one is under the sofa, and the second is tangled in the pillows)? In such curious situations, the map shows the location of only one “drop”. You will have to search one by one. First, find one accessory, then update the map and go in search of the second. Real quest.

How to find Airpods: what to do if you lost your headphones. 2 ways to solve the problem

Airpods are small and comfortable wireless earbuds. But precisely because of their compact dimensions, they are very easy to lose. If it happened somewhere on the street, the situation is most likely irreparable. At home, the lost accessory can be found in a few minutes. What do you need for this and how to find Airpods headphones? The article offers tips for “confused”.

Using the search function in practice

Before proceeding to the instructions for finding the loss, you need to learn how to recognize the prompts of the system. Find iPhone software shows the status of the device in color. So:

  • green. the headphones are active, the sound will be audible, you can start the search operation;
  • blue. shows which mobile device is involved in the search;
  • gray. Airpods are disabled, discharged, out of Bluetooth range or in a case.

Well, now usefulness for those who have lost Airpods headphones. a direct manual for detecting them.

Lost Airpods: first steps to find

Apple took into account the statistics of lost headphones, and therefore, starting with iOS version 10.3, it made it possible for users to quickly find the loss using a special application. But first things first.

To start your search, the first step is to make sure you have the necessary software, attributes and settings. To quickly detect disappeared Airpods (for example, Airpods with Charging Case), you must:

  • iOS device, version 10.3 or higher (iPhone, iPad or other);
  • alternatively, a computer connected to the World Wide Web is also used;
  • headphones must be synchronized with the iOS gadget in advance;
  • know your Apple ID or iCloud login details;
  • Activated Find My iPhone.

Note to the user: immediately after purchasing Airpods, you need to connect them to an iPhone or other Apple device. This allows the accessory to use the same iCloud account as other devices. As a result, they can connect to any gadgets running under a similar account. To search for the loss. the very thing! The main thing is that the headphones are added to the list of Find iPhone software.

Why Find My iPhone isn’t seeing my headphones?

  • Airpods are not connected to any gadget (this must be done before the loss);
  • the search option itself is not configured;
  • the headphones are dead or are in the case.

Help from the manufacturer will also be pointless if the accessory is lost on the street or outside the reach of the Apple device (more than 10 m).

Honor says that Find My iPhone is the only service for tracking and locating Apple headphones, it has no analogues. The wireless software has several options in its arsenal, offering the user to choose the most suitable.

How to enable auto play?

At the same time, keep in mind that if this function is turned off, then the music will play in Airpods, even if they are not in your ears.

How to switch tracks in Airpods?

You need Siri to switch tracks. To enable it, double-tap is used. Knock 2 times on any Apple headset, and the voice assistant will be in touch. Siri can, for example, switch tracks, adjust the volume, answer calls, and read the battery level.

Through double tap, you can also set actions for any earbud. For example, make sure that when you double-tap the tracks switch, pause.

To set up double tap, follow the steps below:

  • Go to “Settings” → “Bluetooth” → “Airpods” → “Left (Right)”.

How to connect Airpods?

If this is your first time connecting a wireless headset, then grab your iPhone and follow the simple steps below:

  • Place the headphones next to your smartphone.
  • Hints will be displayed on the iPhone screen.

You can also connect using “Hey Siri” if this function is already active.

Setting up Airpods. How to switch tracks on wireless headphones?

Everyone is used to controlling music through the remote control on wired headphones from Apple, how can you switch tracks on Airpods and how to connect them to your smartphone? In fact, setting up the device is very simple.

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Setting up Airpods.

If the connected headphones are in the ears, then automatic playback of tracks is activated. When they are removed, the music is paused. When you take off both headsets, the song playback stops completely.

Answering calls with wireless headphones.

If you receive a call while listening to music, you can answer it by double tapping on any earphone. For talking on the phone, both headsets are equipped with microphones. By default, both headphones have microphones enabled, but you can change this setting. For example, if you want to use only one headset for a conversation, you can turn on the “Always Right” or “Always Left” value. For this:

  • Go to the “Settings” smartphone or tablet.
  • Go to “Bluetooth” → “Airpods” → “Microphone”.

Use all of the tips above to make your wireless device even easier to operate.

Setting up Airpods

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This article describes how to change the name of your Airpods and choose what happens when you double-tap or hold down Airpods Pro.

How to set up and use Apple Airpods Pro

Open the Airpods case and go to the Bluetooth Settings menu on your iOS or iPadOS device. Click the details button next to Airpods in the list of devices. The following actions and settings are available.

Using double tap on Airpods

On Airpods (1st or 2nd generation), select the left or right earbud from the settings screen, then specify what happens when you double-tap the earbud:

  • use Siri to control audio content, change the volume, or perform another action that Siri can use;
  • playing, pausing or stopping the playback of audio content;
  • skip to the next track;
  • return to the previous track.

Press and hold Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro have three noise control modes: Active Noise Canceling, Transparent Mode, and Off. By default, pressing and holding the pressure sensor on the left or right Airpods Pro toggles between Active Noise Canceling and Transparent Mode. You can choose between which modes will switch when pressed and held.

  • Go to the Airpods Pro Settings screen.
  • Under Press and Hold Airpods, tap Left or Right and make sure Noise Control is selected.
  • Select two or three noise control modes to be activated by pressing and holding. If Switching between Noise Control modes is configured for two Airpods, the change to the hold-press settings on one earbud will be applied to both.

Pressing and holding also lets you use Siri. On the Airpods Pro settings screen, tap Left or Right and select Siri. One Airpods can be used for Siri and the other can be used to toggle noise control modes.

Turn Auto Ear Detection on or off

By default, Airpods detect when they are in your ears and receive audio from your device. In addition, Airpods pause and resume playback when one of the Airpods is removed, or stops playback without resuming when both earbuds are removed. If Auto Ear Detection is on and you are not using Airpods, audio is played through the device’s speakers.

When Auto Ear Detection is off, these options are unavailable and all audio plays on Airpods whether you are wearing them or not.

Naming your Airpods

Click the current name. Enter a new name for Airpods and click “Done”.

Microphone setting left, right or automatic

Each AirPod has a microphone for making phone calls and using Siri. By default, the microphone is set to Automatic, so any of your Airpods can be used as a microphone. If only one AirPod is used, it will be the microphone.

You can also set the microphone to Always Left or Always Right. The setting uses the microphone in the left or right AirPod. This AirPod will act as a microphone even if you take it out of your ear or put it in a case.