Set up Samsung digital TV without set-top box


Watching Digital TV channels of the KurskOnline Home Network is possible not only with the help of our new affordable TV set-top box, but even without it. Samsung TVs with Smart TV and Internet @ TV functions support displaying and viewing a Playlist of TV channels using a special plug-in.

Thus, any subscriber who has a contract for Digital TV or Home Internet services (or both contracts together) can watch TV channels on his Samsung Smart TV without a special set-top box for digital TV. However, you need to understand that in this case the subscriber will only have access to the list of TV channels. Services such as a free video library without ads, listening to radio channels, access to a personal account from a TV and others are provided only on a TV set-top box recommended by our network. Setting up TV viewing on TVs without a set-top box is carried out by the user independently.

You can find out more about setting up digital TV without a set-top box on our forum.-

At the moment, owners of Samsung TVs of the following models will be able to watch IPTV on their TVs:

E series 2012 (Smart TV)

Cable without the cable box!

D series 2011 (Smart TV)
D8000YSD7000LSD6530WSD6510WS D6100SWD5520RWD5500 D6910DSD6900DSD8000FS
TV, BD, HT Series C 2010 (Internet @ TV)
C9000SWC8000XWC750R2W C6900YWC650L1W C7000YWC6900YW
TV, BD, HT Series C 2010 (Internet @ TV)
1 LA40C650_ASIA_ATV1 UA46D6400_ASIA_ATV1 UA55C6900_ASIA_DTV1 A55C7000_ASIA_ATV1 UA32C6900_VIETNAM 1 UA32D6000_ASIA_ATV1 UA40D5500_ASIA_ATV1 UA40D6000_ASIA_DTV1 UA40D6400_ASIA_ATV1 A46C7000_ASIA_ATV1 N40C6500_COLOMBIA1 N46D6000_COLOMBIA1 UN32D5500_CHILE1 UN46D6000_USA2 UN46D6050_USA1 UN46D6400_USA2 UN46D7000_USA2 UN46D7050_USA1 UN46D8000_USA3 UN55C7000_USA1 UN55C7100_USA2 UN55C8000_USA1 UN55C9000_USA2 UN55D6000_USA 1 UN55D6050_USA1 UN55D6300_USA1 UN55D6420_USA1 UN55D7000_USA1 UN55D7050_USA 3 UN55D8000_USA1 UN60D7000_USA1 UN65D8000_USA2 UN40C6900_BRA1 UN40C7000_USA1 UN40D6000_USA1 UN40D6300_USA4 UN46C6400_USA 1 UN46C6500_USA1 UN46C7100_USA17 LN40B650_KOR1 LN40C650_USA2 LN46C650_USA 1 LN46C670_USA1 LN55C650_USA1 PN50C8000_USA1 PN59D8000_USA1 PN63C8000_USA1 UA55C8000_CHI 3 LE37C67064 LE40C750 22 LE46C6507 LE46C67088 LE46C7501 LE50C7505 LE55C6501 LT27A7501 LT27A9505 PS50C65006 PS50C6900 6 PS50C69705 PS50C70007 PS50C77002 PS51D690082 LE32C6501 LE32C67039 LE37C65026 UE32C65009 UE32C66001 UE32C66209 UE32C67005 UE32C68001 UE32C77001 UE32C87001 UE32C900019 UE32D55002 UE32D57002 UE32D600058 UE32D61005 UE32D62001 UE32D630061 UE32D650013 UE32D65308 UE37C65001 UE37C6600 38 UE40D55002 UE40D552013 UE40D570022 UE40D600071 UE40D610018 UE40D62008 UE40D6300112 UE40D65004 UE40D65104 UE40D65301 UE40D67501 UE40D690034 UE40D700027 UE40D80003 UE40S8706 UE46C650025 UE46C67006 UE46C6800 3 UE46C690032 UE46C700049 UE46C77004 UE46C800022 UE46C87003 UE46C90003 UE46D55006 UE46D57004 UE46D600015 UE46D610011 UE46D62006 UE46D630077 UE46D65002 UE46D65104 UE46D65302 UE46D675057 UE46D700057 UE46D80001 UE46S8701 UE52C68001 UE55C65007 UE55C67001 UE55C68001 UE55C6900 1 UE55C700015 UE55C77006 UE55C800016 UE55C87003 UE55C90005 UE55D61002 UE55D620010 UE55D65004 UE55D675024 UE55D700037 UE55D80003 UE60D80001 UE75D6500167 LE40C6506 PS51D80004 PS58C65002 PS59D69001 PS59D8000 3 PS63C70005 PS63C77002 PS64D80008 LE40C6705 UE37C67004 UE37C68008 UE37D55004 UE37D57002 UE37D600011 UE37D61001 UE37D6200 7 UE37D65001 UE37D675036 UE40C65008 UE40C660023 UE40C670013 UE40C68001 UE40C690027 UE40C700029 UE40C77007 UE40C800017 UE40C87002 UE40C90001 UE40D5000

To watch IPTV, we need the nStreamPlayer application. Installing a widget for Samsung “D” series TVs

press the Smart key 2. press the A (red) key 3. create a user type: “develop” (this particular user and no other), confirm with the ENTER key 4. set the password (any 6 digits), confirm with the ENTER key 5. press the D key (blue / purple) 6. select the last development item 7. go to the setting the server IP address 8. write the address “” or “91.67.116” (it is recommended to write the address “”, many more useful ones will be installed 9. confirm with the ENTER key 10. go to the item “synchronization of user applications” 11. confirm with the ENTER key, if the installation of the widget is “completed”, then confirm with the ENTER key, nStreamPlayer is installed 12. press the EXIT key then the Smart key 13. press the Smart key. find nStreamPlayer at the end of applications

Installing a widget for Samsung TVs “C” series

press the Internet @ TV key 2. find and open “Settings” 3. select the Internet @ TV login ID 4. go to the “Create” item 5. create a user type: “Develop” 6. confirm with the ENTER key 7. set the top and bottom password (any 4 digits) 8. confirm with the ENTER key 9. exit the menu and confirm 10. press the Internet @ TV key 11. press the A (red) key 12. select the “Develop” user and enter the password 13. confirm with the ENTER key 14. find and open “Settings” 15. select the item “Development” 16. go to the item “Setting the server IP address” 17. write the address “” or “” 18. confirm with the ENTER key 19. go to the item synchronization of applications 20. confirm with the ENTER key, if the installation of the widget is “completed”, then confirm with the ENTER key, nStreamPlayer is installed 21. exit the menu and confirm 22. press the Internet @ TV key, find nStreamPlayer at the end of applications

Press the TOOLS button on the remote control 2. In the menu that opens, write the address of the Playlist 3. Specify the Playlist KO: 4. Press the ENTER key 5. Enjoy watching

The main buttons on the remote are B and C for Sound and Image editing. P.SIZE. allows you to change the size of the picture RETURN. returns to the channel list and back to the viewed channel without turning it off EXIT. returns to the list of channels, close the already opened one / When pressed again, exits the widget. A. opens the list of channel categories (available when the channel list is open) Numbers on the remote control. allow you to go to the entered channel

Disadvantages compared to using the prefix:

Long switching between channels. On C series up to 15 seconds. On D series from 3 to 7 seconds 2. There is no way to stop the broadcast TV channel 3. You need a normal router (if you need the TV to be on the same subnet with home devices). 4. The function of switching to 3D mode is not available (This is due to the fact that when Smart Hub is turned on, 3D mode is automatically blocked).

Receiver selection

  • The attachment must be equipped with all required connectors. Not only have an HDMI input, but also RCA or SCART, used in older TVs.
  • Supported screen resolution must be HD or Full HD.
  • Functional. The main task of the receiver is to convert the incoming signal. Some models offer enhanced user experience. For example, a function for recording a specific broadcast on TV, delayed viewing, Internet, etc.
  • Ability to connect to Wi-Fi and use IPTV.
    samsung, digital, set-top

It makes no sense to buy an expensive model. You can take a simple attachment, it will include the necessary functionality for comfortable use.

Most common connection problems

Users often encounter the following problems:

  • Rippling image. In some cases, squares can be observed. Solution. make sure that the cable is in good working order, the antenna is connected and located correctly, because the reason is hidden in a bad signal.
  • Colorless picture (black and white). Check if the cables are connected correctly. You may have mixed up the connectors. Have you checked the connection and everything is ok? Go to the tuner parameters and in the “Image” tab set “Auto tuning”.

Which Samsung TVs need a set-top box

It is worth noting that not all TVs require a receiver to operate digital TV. In some models, this function is built-in, so they do not need to connect additional equipment. These devices include TVs with Smart TVs, which require Wi-Fi to function properly and to provide advanced features.

The receiver with DVB-T2 is found in many models since 2012. You will find them in the LS, M, Q, H, J, K, F, E series. To enjoy digital broadcasting, simply connect the antenna and start the initial setup with the remote. You will need to indicate the country of location, set the current time, search for channels (the system will perform the procedure automatically, just click on the “Ok” button).

If you are not sure if your model of device requires a receiver, then check its part number. Look at the batch number. For example, the attached screenshot shows that this model belongs to the “F” edition.

How to Connect a Digital TV Receiver to a Samsung TV

Connecting a digital TV set-top box to a Samsung TV is easy. All you need to do is connect the cables and perform the initial setup. Consider the connection process depending on the connectors used.

How to connect Samsung TV to digital TV without a set-top box

If you are using a non-old Samsung TV, you can use your digital TV without a receiver. The activation process itself does not require a lot of experience. Any user can customize the number, the main thing is to follow the instructions:

  • Launch the main menu and go to the “Broadcast” tab.
  • Click on the item “Auto-tuning”.
  • Next, you will need to indicate the source. Select the antenna or connector you are using from the list.
  • On the opposite type of broadcast, select “Digital broadcasting”.
  • Put “Full” next to the search mode.
  • Start Scan.
  • The system will start detecting broadcasts by adding the channel names to the list.
  • You don’t need to save anything manually, it happens automatically.
  • Wait for the search to complete and click “Next”.
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If the automatic search ended due to an error, or you noticed that it found far from all TV channels, then you can conduct a manual search. For this you need:

  • Go to the parameters and select the “Channel” tab.
  • Specify the country by location.
  • Select frequencies. 298000-362000 kHz.
  • In the next line, enter “Digital”.
  • In the search type select “Network”.

Samsung Tv basic SetUp Manual Guide

We connect to the old TV

To connect the set-top box to an outdated Samsung TV, you will need to use SCART or RCA connectors. If the receiver does not have the required port, then you will have to buy an adapter. This happens quite often, for example, when a user has purchased a new set-top box for an old generation TV set.

Cable TV

The difference between cable TV and digital terrestrial broadcasting is that the signal is transmitted directly to the cable that connects to the TV.

In order to connect cable broadcasting without a set-top box, you must have the following equipment:

  • TV receiver capable of receiving a signal of appropriate quality. Considering that even in Europe both the outdated DVB-C broadcasting standard and the new DVB-C2 are operating simultaneously, this is an extremely non-trivial task. Here you need to contact the provider, specifying the reception parameters.
  • Cable connection from the switchboard at the entrance of the apartment building.

To connect digital TV via cable, you need to take the following steps:

  • Conclude an agreement with a provider serving a specific house.
  • Lead a cable to your apartment and get a Smart card from the operator and connect all this to the corresponding inputs of the TV receiver.
  • Tune the TV to receive. Here you may need information about the technical conditions of the signal transmission over the cable (standard, frequency, etc.). You can get them from the cable TV operator on the official website or at the office. You can tune the TV to digital channels without a set-top box in both automatic and manual mode.

The signal is received wherever the provider has stretched the line.

High signal quality regardless of external conditions.

How to Set Up your Samsung TV and Set Top Box

The number of received channels depends on the provider.

Subscription fee from 250 rubles / month or more.

Terrestrial TV on digital TV

Perhaps the easiest way to connect a TV. If the TV supports DVB-T2 reception due to the built-in tuner, then the connection procedure is as follows:

  • A UHF antenna is installed, oriented in the direction of the nearest repeater and connected to the TV;
  • The TV receiver switches to the setting mode (as a rule, using the “Menu” button on the remote control);
  • Automatic or manual channel tuning.

The appearance of “radio shade” from hills, mountains, dense forests or capital buildings is possible.

There are places where the signal does not reach.

When is the prefix required

Digital TV broadcasts are produced within certain standards. And in those situations when the reception takes place in Russia, you need to keep in mind the following abbreviations:

  • DVB-T2 is the second generation European terrestrial television broadcasting standard. It is in it that all Russian repeaters work;
  • DVB-C and DVB-C2 are cable broadcasting standards;
  • DVB-S and DVB-S2. satellite broadcast formats.

IPTV on the computer

Television over Internet Protocol. Not to be confused with watching videos online. The most modern and optimal way of watching TV in terms of quality and capabilities.

In order to connect IPTV, you need to do the following:

All you need is the Internet and no other intermediaries.

The reception quality depends on the data transmission speed provided by the Internet service provider.

In what cases the attachment is not needed

In the era of the Internet and modern communication equipment, there are options for connecting digital television without a set-top box. Consider all 4 of these ways.

Subscription fee, rub. Number of channels, pcs. What do you need
Terrestrial TV 20-30 Digital TV with support for DVB-T2, UHF antenna
Cable TV from 250 50-150 Digital TV with DVB-C support
IPTV on the computer from 0 to 1000 With no restrictions High-speed Internet access (from 15 Mbps), PC
Smart TV from 0 to 1000 With no restrictions High-speed Internet access (from 15 Mbps), Smart TV

How to connect digital TV without a set-top box: 4 options

Usually, in order to receive digital TV, a set-top box is required (it is also a receiver, decoder, digital tuner). But in some cases the TV will show “digital” even without it. Let’s try to figure out what to do when you can watch digital TV without a set-top box.

Smart TV

Smart TV is a TV set originally adapted for Internet access and viewing of network content. Smart TV is used as a receiver for Internet TV, but some models can also receive digital or cable broadcasting.

There are two ways to connect Smart TV:

  • Using a LAN cable. The convenience here is that after connecting, the TV will recognize the new connection itself. You don’t need to configure anything else.
  • Wi-Fi. The method is convenient in that you do not need to buy extra meters of cable and lay it around the apartment. In addition, in this case, the TV can be moved to a new place at any time.
  • TV with Smart TV function;
  • Internet access (via cable, Wi-Fi router, etc.).
  • When using a cable, one end must be connected to the Ethernet port of the TV, and the other to a router or modem. After that, you need to wait until recognition occurs, and Internet access will appear.
  • When using Wi-Fi, you need to connect an adapter (if there is no built-in one).
  • Through the “Settings” you need to start the process of searching for available Wi-Fi connections and choose your own there (in apartments, Wi-Fi from neighbors is often caught).
  • After selecting, you need to enter a password for access. The connection will be recognized.
  • At the end, you need to adjust the selection.

For TVs with Smart-TV, additional account registration is required on the network. Here you will need to specify your username, password, as well as your existing email address.

Lots of free apps (YouTube, IVI, etc.).

Access to a wide variety of videos, movies, music, etc.

You need high-quality and fast Internet access.

How to connect digital TV to Samsung TV without a set-top box

How to connect digital TV to Samsung TV without set-top box? Recently, a similar question has arisen among many users. Let’s figure it out and provide the necessary information to TV owners.

Is it possible to connect a digital TV without a set-top box?

Terrestrial analogue broadcasting will be completely phased out in 2021. The disconnection of the old standard took place gradually, it began back in 2018. Owners of TVs using SECAM should receive a notification when watching their favorite channels about the need to switch to digital TV.

The state, within the framework of the program for providing the population with access to information, maintains a list of channels that are free of charge. The transmitting stations have already received modern digital broadcasting equipment and launched it. The only thing left to do is to disable signal transmission in the outdated format.

The population has long been notified of the transition to digital. But, many owners of TVs either missed this information by themselves, or did not attend to the preparation for the new broadcasting standard. Therefore, now users on the Internet have a lot of questions regarding the transition to DTV.

Is it necessary to purchase a set-top box to receive a signal? Depends on your TV model. The set-top box acts as an intermediary, it prepares the signal for subsequent playback on the device if it does not support the DVB-T2 standard.

In modern TVs, the necessary modules are already “sewn” into the case. Hence, they can process and reproduce the signal without additional equipment. But how do you know if your device is suitable for the DVB-T2 standard?

According to information from Samsung, support for this standard is present in all TVs released since 2012. Doubt about the availability of this technology? Then a simple check can be done:

What if the TV does not have DVB-T2? Look for a suitable set-top box, you can find available solutions for purchase on sale. Additionally, some digital cable TV operators provide equipment for free, or for a small fee. Explore current offers from companies operating in your area.

If DVB-T2 support is available

If support for the new standard is present, then you can connect a digital TV in two ways:

  • Purchase an antenna, install it on the balcony or on the roof, connect directly to the TV through a cable.
  • Contact one of the operators in your area. The company will connect cable digital TV for free, provide various channel packages to choose from.

In multi-storey buildings there is a common antenna. It significantly outperforms the signal quality that is personal, since it has massive dimensions and is equipped with powerful amplifiers. You can connect to it for a relatively small fee.

How to set up digital TV on your TV?

The setup procedure is as simple as possible. It is better to do it automatically in order to save time. Samsung TVs do a good job of this and find all available channels.

  • Open the menu.
  • Go to the “Broadcast” tab.
  • Click on the item “Auto-tuning”.
  • Select a signal source, set the channel type “Digital”, activate the full search mode.
  • Press the button to scan.
  • Wait until the end of the procedure and close the menu.
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You can now examine the list of available channels detected by the TV. It is suggested to move between them in order, or simply enter the number on the remote control. If new channels appear, repeat the above automatic tuning procedure. After its completion, the added TV programs will appear in the general list.

Methods for Tuning Digital Channels on Samsung TVs

Modern high-quality digital television has entered our lives. now almost every home has the latest TVs, many of which are equipped with Smart functions. However, smart technology requires certain handling skills: it can be difficult to understand its settings. Often users ask the question: how to tune digital channels on a Samsung TV. The tuning algorithm depends on the TV model.

Algorithm for manual channel tuning

Manual search is used if the automatic search did not satisfy the user for some reason. For example, not all channels were found.

To carry out the operation manually, press the Menu button on the remote control and go to Settings.

  • Select “Channel”. item Antenna, which we change to Cable.
  • In the “Country” submenu, the system will ask for a PIN-code. enter four digits 0. If it is in the list. put Russia, no. others or Eastern Europe.
  • Next, go to the section cable search parameters. If it is not in the main menu, then you need to look for it in autotuning.
  • Here you need to enter the frequencies manually. For terrestrial digital TV, you can get them on the website, choosing your location on the map and the nearest repeater. The frequencies of the cable TV providers should be checked with the operator.
  • After that, we start the search by ticking the boxes “Full” and “Digital channels”. When the automation finishes its actions, then all configured channels will appear. To save, press the OK button.

Auto tuning

The names of the auto setup items may differ slightly depending on the series. In general, it is carried out as follows.

  • Press the button with the house icon to select Source / TV / OK.
  • Again, by pressing the button with the house icon, go to Settings / Broadcast / OK.
  • Then select Autotune / Start.
  • You should set the desired type of signal: it can be Antenna or Cable (depending on whether you can catch TV from an antenna or run a cable).
  • If the signal type was set to Cable, you must additionally set the cable search parameters. To do this, in the list of operators offered by the TV, scroll to the end and press Others.
  • Select Digital Channel Search / Full / Scan.

At this stage, the digital TV setup can be considered complete. now the TV will independently search for available channels and store them in memory. If necessary, they can be sorted in the order convenient for the user.

Attention! If you have lost channels, then you need to tune the frequencies using a special CAM module, which is activated in the TV menu.

After completing all the settings for digital television, visually check the quality of the transmitted signal. If for some reason the TV channel is not activated. go through all the points again.

Is it possible to watch a number without a prefix

Many modern TVs, in particular those released after 2011, are equipped with a built-in DVB-T2 tuner. In this case, digital channels will be caught without an external set-top box. To understand if there is such an option in a particular TV model, it is worth referring to the operating instructions. If it is lost, the official website of the company will help, where you can see its specifications by model number.

Important! Samsung TVs of the LS, M, Q, H, J, K, F, E series have a built-in tuner and are able to decode a digital signal without additional devices.

If the TV does not have this support, you will have to buy an additional set-top box to receive digital TV. It is inexpensive. about 1000 rubles in the basic version, which is suitable for most users.

Changing the channel list

After searching in automatic mode, all channels available on cable TV are saved, but the system will show only those that you have selected.

It is very convenient to delete unnecessary channels. From the OSD menu, you need to call the Settings, the Broadcast section. In the item “Channel change”. Here in the list you can tick unnecessary TV channels and delete them by pressing the Tools button. After the obligatory confirmation of the actions, the channels will be deleted.

You can also move channels. In the same menu item, select the desired channel with a tick, and use the Tools button to select the Change item. The channel is moved using the arrows. Finally, press the OK button.

We have tried to tell you in great detail how to tune digital channels on various Samsung TVs. If the picture quality is mediocre, check that the cable from the antenna is connected correctly or its integrity, this will help to improve the TV signal. You can also try choosing a different antenna. For clarity, here’s a video on how to set up digital TV:

Setting up digital TV on Samsung

Digital TV appeared on the territory of Russia a few years ago and has been actively used since then. And this is quite understandable. Firstly, having completed the setup just once, you do not need to constantly adjust the antenna or reconfigure the TV in order to watch something else. Secondly, such television has no interference in the form of stripes or snow. True, if there are any problems with the signal, then you will not be able to watch the programs.

DTV format television is very popular among the population. If you want to connect free channels to your TV, then you do not have to call a specialist, since everyone can do this. The main thing is that your model supports the DVB-C tuner standards.

Most Samsung devices follow these standards. It can be both an outdated model and 6 series Smart TVs. Therefore, now we will tell you what you should do to set up digital channels on Samsung of modern and older series.

Samsung setup

Once everything is found, you can watch the digital and terrestrial channels available in your area.

Setting up Samsung Smart TV

On the latest series of TVs with Smart TV, it is easier to set up analog TV. To do this, you need to perform fewer steps.

  • Go to the Menu and go to the “Broadcast” tab marked with the antenna;
  • Now you need to select “Auto-tuning”;
  • In the next menu, also select on “Auto tuning”;
  • Click on “Start”;
  • In the window that appears, select the full search mode and go to the “Scanner” menu;
  • Wait until the TV finds all available channels and click “Close”.

You can now enjoy watching TV.

What to do if digital channels do not appear on your Samsung TV

There are situations when, after completing the setup, the channels did not appear on the screen, while the TV / set-top box is working properly. In this case, the problem may lie in the peculiarities of signal reception.

Do I need a digital set-top box for Samsung TV

You can connect digital channels on a Samsung TV in two ways: directly, with a built-in DVB T2 type digital signal receiver, or using an external set-top box.

As a rule, the T2 tuner is mandatory in models released after 2012. The digital tuner is definitely available in the LS, M, Q, H, J, K, F, E series. To tune channels on your Samsung TV, just a few simple steps.

If an entry-level TV was released more than 8 years ago, there is no SmartTV in it, most likely, to watch digital television, you will need to purchase an external set-top box or a special expansion module (relevant for panels where there is a connector for their installation).

You can find out if it is possible to set up digital television on Samsung TVs without a set-top box by looking at the model code located on the back panel or in the instruction manual. The series is marked with the third letter in combination.

Modifying the list

The firmware allows the ability to edit channels on a Samsung TV. As a rule, after the search, all found channels are saved. Not all of them are interesting to the user, there are also duplicates. To optimize the list, you can delete, swap positions by sorting the channels on the Samsung TV.

From the OSD go to Settings. Broadcast. Change Channel. Here you need to select unnecessary channels with checkmarks, then click Tools. Before deleting, the system will ask you to confirm the action.

To swap the channels, putting the most viewed in the first place, in the “Change channel” item, click the Tools. “Change” button. You can move a channel in the list using the arrows. When the program has moved to the desired location, click OK.

How to manually set up a Samsung TV

Manual search allows you to make more precise adjustments, for example, when not all channels were found, or an unclear image is displayed on the screen. To carry out the operation:

  • on the remote control, press the “Menu” button, then go to “Settings”.
  • “Channel” is selected;
  • here “Antenna” is changed to “Cable”;
  • in the sub-item “Country” after entering the PIN-code (by default 0000), “Russia” or the country where the user lives;
  • further, go to the section “Cable search parameters”. In some firmwares, it is hidden in the “Auto-tuning” menu;
  • the frequency of the channel’s broadcasting is indicated here, the list is located on the website The frequency may vary depending on the region of residence, which should be taken into account when searching. Check with the service provider for the channel settings of the cable operators;
  • then, after setting the “Full” and “Digital Channels” marks, the search starts;
  • To save the results, click “OK”.
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Digital TV for old Samsung TVs

If the instructions do not say that the model has a built-in DVB T2 tuner, then a digital set-top box is needed for the Samsung TV. This is the only way to tune channels, enjoy terrestrial television in HD quality.

Antenna problems

Even in a city, there may be a problem with the quality of the reception, what can we say about remote settlements. As a rule, the signal quality depends on the location, distance of the repeater.

If the signal is absent or weak, pay attention to the neighbors’ antennas, in which direction they are turned. As a rule, this is where the tower is located, transmitting the signal.

Also, the problem may lie in the incorrectly selected antenna. It should be decimeter, not meter.

If the tower is located far from the house, suburban area, the installation of a special signal amplifier will help.

Search for digital channels

Setting up terrestrial television is carried out not through the TV menu, but through the set-top box interface. The firmware, the design of the menu of the models is significantly different, in each case there will be certain subtleties prescribed in the operating instructions.

How to enter cable search parameters can also be viewed on the manufacturer’s website, where, as a rule, a digitized instruction is presented.

  • on the TV, you must select the output to which the set-top box is connected (item “Source”);
  • go to the set-top box menu;
  • open the subsection “Settings”;
  • further, “Channel search” (a magnifying glass icon);
  • select the type of search: automatic or manual. In the second case, you need to set the parameters from 298,000 to 362,000 kHz.
  • To start searching.
  • Check the image quality of the found channels, then click “Save search results”.

Cable TV

To connect a digital signal to a TV without a set-top box, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Enter the “Menu” by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • When you see the dish icon, select this section (“Channel”).
  • Click on “Automatic Search”.
  • Next, you are asked to choose one of the options presented. You must select the item “Cable”.
  • Then click on “Digital” and “Start”.
  • If, on the other hand, you need to keep analog, then you must select “Analog and Digital”.

Help! If you have additional questions, please contact the support service of your operator.

Terrestrial TV on digital TV

One of the easiest ways to connect digital TV without using a set-top box. The receiver must support the DVB-T2 standard, i.e. have a built-in tuner. The second condition for watching digital TV is the presence of an appropriate transmission signal. The coverage area of ​​the transmitter is limited to 30 km, taking into account the terrain, the further from the tower, the more powerful the receiving antenna should be.

  • Install the antenna, point it at the nearest repeater, connect the cable from the antenna to the TV receiver;
  • enter the TV menu and find the Setting mode;
  • activate automatic channel search;
  • Save the settings when exiting the search mode.

TIP. Antennas can be external or internal, with or without amplifier. Ask a professional which option is preferable for you.

The main advantage of terrestrial television is the absence of a subscription fee. However, the number of available channels is small and cannot be influenced. If there are natural obstacles in the form of hills, tall buildings, trees, reception of the terrestrial signal may be difficult or impossible.

How to watch digital TV without a set-top box

If your TV meets the above conditions, you can watch digital TV without using a receiver in several ways. Let’s compare them with each other:

TV type Cost per month, rub. Number of available channels What do you need besides TV
Ethereal no more than 32 terrestrial antenna DMV, DVB-T2
Cable out of 300 up to 100 DVB-C / DVB-C2 support
IPTV 0-1000 up to 1000 High-speed Internet access (from 2 MB / sec)
Clever 0-1000 up to 1000 High-speed Internet access (from 2 MB / sec), intelligent technology

Consider the features, advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Do I need a prefix

Since 2019, analog television in Russia has become a thing of the past. It has been replaced by interactive (digital) television. Residents of the regions were advised to install additional equipment from their suppliers: set-top boxes from OJSC Rostelecom, OJSC MTS, OJSC Megafon, OJSC TransTeleCom and others. By connecting the set-top box to the TV, the user can enjoy new channels and continue to watch old ones. In addition, some operators have added some interesting features to this transition. New TTC Television Broadcast Rewind and Recorded.

To watch interactive television without a set-top box, you can use the built-in TV functions: DVB-T2 tuner. The default CRT options do not have this format. And those who bought a plasma or LCD TV after 2012 are more fortunate. Since 2013, the first models with such support began to appear.

Synopsis. DVB is a television standard for terrestrial television. DVB-T is a legacy format. DVB-T2 is a new transmission format.

There are two ways to find out if your TV has a format like this:

  • Through the documentation. You can determine this through the “Tuner” section, where you will see “Supported digital standards” and the presence of the “DVB-T2” format.
  • Through device settings. Go to the menu and open the channel configuration. Then select the antenna type: Cable (DVB-C) or Antenna (DVB-T). Then you have options for what channels you want to search for: digital and analog or digital only. If the ability to search for digital channels is offered, then the TV has such support.
  • On the official website of the manufacturer, where you can find the section and the item indicated in the first method in the specifications of the machine.

Attention! Smart TV, 3D and other additional functions do not guarantee the availability of the DVB-T2 standard. Even with a separate or built-in DVB-T receiver, you will not be able to watch digital channels.

Below are other ways to set up terrestrial TV without a set-top box.

IPTV via PC to TV connection

The TV can be connected to the computer as a second screen. Now, even if your TV does not have LAN ports, Wi-Fi adapters and Smart-TV options, your computer will be able to stream IPTV channels. To set up IPTV:

  • Connect your TV to your computer and view it as an additional screen.
  • Pair your computer with wired or Wi-Fi internet.
  • Download VLC for PC (or similar) that works with IPTV streaming.
  • On your provider’s website, find the IPTV list and add a link to “Stream”. VLC player.
  • Start the stream and switch to the desired channel.

How to set up digital TV without a TV set-top box on a TV with DVB-T2 support

If your TV supports the DVB-T2 standard, you don’t need to buy a receiver to connect your digital TV. Almost all models after 2012 have a built-in DVB-T2 tuner. You can tell if your TV has a DVB-T2 tuner by brand:

  • LG. If the last letter of the label is V or T, media are present. Example of LG-49SJ810T marking.
  • Samsung. Note the one or two overlaid letters in front of the last three. AB, AU, B, U, AK, K, AT, T, ST, SB, DK. all indicate the presence of a tuner on the TV. Example QE65Q9FAMUXRU.
  • Philips. the last letter S or T indicates the required standard. An example of a popular model is 32PFS6401 / 12.

You can adjust the parameters with the remote control by going to the next item

  • “Main menu”. “Options” “Country”. Lift up. “Russia”
  • The next “Setting” “Cable” “Automatic channel search”.
  • Save changes.

Smart TV

Smart TV is not called that. This is due to the fact that it allows you not only to watch channels, but also to access the Internet. It is a kind of TV receiver that works with two devices: cable and the Internet.

Connection with a special LAN cable is considered very convenient, since after connection, the TV recognizes a new object and senses it without additional settings.

You can also connect your smart TV using Wi-Fi. This method is well known, since there is no need to buy and lay additional wires, which can only interfere with a person in the future.

To connect your smart TV in one way, you need:

  • When using a cable, you need to connect it to your TV and the other end to your router or modem. This means that the TV is connected to the modem in such a way that the Internet appears on it. You need to wait for a pop-up window confirming this action;
  • If a person uses Wi-Fi as a connection method, he must connect it to the adapter as well;
  • A network search is performed in the device settings. If a person finds his Internet, which is installed in the apartment, he clicks on it;
  • After connecting, a special password is entered, which blocks access;
  • Next, the selection is configured.