Set Up Nfs On Honor 10

It has already been some time since Huawei introduced the Honor 10. an excellent budget smartphone. He has not lost his popularity today. In this article, we will look at ways to set the correct time on the Honor 10 smartphone, screen display, NFS technology, keyboard, camera, notifications, fingerprint.

How to set up NFS technology on Honor 10

Wireless technology Nfc became one of the most sought after smartphones for several reasons. The most important is its feature of transmitting data at a short distance. This prevents attackers from intercepting sensitive information. After all, the radius of the chip is only about 10 cm. In the Honor 10 smartphone, it acts as a non-contact way of paying for purchases. But before using it, you must configure it.

You can find NFC in Honor in the shortcut menu. Lower the Android shutter and you will see a signed technology icon. If it is not visible on the home screen, expand the entire list of smartphone functions.

  1. Select the icon and click on “Connect device”;
  2. In the next window, click on the “NFC” block;
Set Up NFS On Honor 10

You can download the app for your Honor 10 on Google Play. After adding a bank card, you need to bind Google Pay to NFC. To do this, go back to the technology settings and on the activation screen, click on the button to add a payment application.

How to enable a fingerprint on Honor

On the Honor 10 smartphone, users have the opportunity to choose a screen lock method. You can set a normal numeric password, pattern, or activate a fingerprint. In this case, you will not need to drive around the screen to repeat the key and even more so remember it. Touch the area on the back of the smartphone with your finger and the screen is unlocked.

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This method is so good that no one except you can log into the smartphone system. The key for Honor 10 in the form of a fingerprint is always with you.

To activate this feature:

  1. Open smartphone settings;
  2. Select “Security”;

Now try locking the screen to unlock it with your fingerprint. You can remove it using the same settings that were required to activate the fingerprint.

Keyboard setup on smartphone

By default, the Honor 10 smartphone has a popular keyboard for the Android device. Swiftkey. It has flexible settings, any of its elements can be changed if you do not like it. You can choose the type of keyboard, change the location of additional buttons or the background of the keyboard. In the settings you need to select the “System” section, then “Language and Input”, “Swiftkey Keyboard”.

In this section, you can create a new profile in which to select the necessary parameters.

They will be saved, and at any time can be applied if the current settings fail. Or you will quickly want to change them. You can create several profiles for the keyboard. And use them in turn. Select the desired section from the menu to customize the keyboard elements. The Honor 10 smartphone allows us to customize any of its tools: time, camera, NFS, screen, notifications, fingerprint.

Honor 10 camera setup guide

Manual setup of photo and cameras on a smartphone is a task for professionals. The developers at Honor know this, so they equipped the device with an intelligent camera.

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It automatically adjusts to the environment, and itself activates the necessary modes and settings for maximum image quality. Honor 10 has a lot of ready-made presets. One has only to select them by name. If you are photographing food, then select the appropriate settings in the list.

A “smart camera” based on a neural network works. Having guided it, the phone determines what is in front of it. And it automatically turns on the mode that is most suitable in this situation.

Notification Features on the Honor 10 Phone

In newer smartphones, developers can customize notifications for each individual application. This is very convenient, you can turn off those of them whose alerts you do not need.

You can find these parameters in the Honor 10 settings:

  1. Select the gear icon on the Android desktop;
  2. Click in the settings on the item “Notifications”;

In the settings above, you can cancel all notifications at once.

And also configure the curtain on the smartphone: activate the standard from the Android system or select the modified one. Each application can be configured separately.

To do this, select it from the list and click on the section in the window.

Where are the screen options on Honor

The workspace in the Honor 10 smartphone can be changed beyond recognition. Themes and widgets that can be installed from the standard smartphone application will help you with this.

To find it, you need to open the settings and go to the “Home screen and wallpaper” section:

    In this window you will have the opportunity to change the theme, desktop wallpaper, as well as configure a separate screen with applications and a lock screen;
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Start customizing your screen by choosing a theme for your lock screen. It can be specified for each of the three screens. In the “Themes” section, you can select dynamic images that will be installed on all screens. Or those that you specify in the settings of the topic itself. There are different options: with a clock in the middle, above or below. Each theme or wallpaper must be selected, then click on the “Apply” button. Only after that it will be activated.

Clock and date in the settings of the Chinese phone

If you need to move the clock widget on the main screen of Honor 10 to another place, then we described how to do this in the previous chapter. Now we will talk about how to change the date and time on your mobile phone. Typically, these settings come to us over the network automatically when we specify our region in the initial settings. And for the first time we connect a smartphone to a home Wi-Fi network. Or activate the transfer of mobile data.

In order to set the date manually, you need to open the settings and select the “Advanced Settings” section. Where to choose “Date and time”. In this section, remove the slider from the “Network date and time” item.

Below, specify the desired settings. Now you know how to properly set up the NSF, screen, fingerprint, notifications, keyboard, time and camera on the Honor 10 phone. We hope these instructions will help you better deal with the parameters of your mobile device.


The shows all the subtleties of setting up an NFS chip on a Honor 10 smartphone. As well as linking a bank card to Google Pay.