Set Up And Manage Sim Cards On Xiaomi

Set Up And Manage Sim Cards On Xiaomi

We bought a 2-sim smartphone Xiaomi and how can you not configure the work of sim-cards? Android 1 site is in a hurry to help!

Xiaomi company usually produces smartphones for two Sim cards, which have fairly flexible settings, but there is one thing but, some options are scattered throughout the Android settings menu, or are well hidden.

Setting up Xiaomi Sim cards

You can find most of the settings of Sim cards by going to the menu “Settings” Android. “Sim cards and mobile networks”.

Which card where to insert?

In most cases, only one receiver can work in 4G, 3G, when as a second only in the GSM range. After installing Sim cards in the tray and starting up the phone, go to “Settings” and at the end of the “Sim cards and mobile networksSet the defaults, fixing for one call (or you will always see a pop-up window from which card to call), and for the other Internet.

at the bottom of the menu of Xiaomi Xiaomi settings, set which card to call and use the Internet

To set the type of network for the SIM card to be used for the Internet, select the necessary Sim. “Network Type” and choose 4G, 3G or 2G.

how to enable the preferred network on Xiaomi

It remains to make the final touch. this is included in the main section “Sim cards and mobile networks” option “Data Transfer”.

enable Xiaomi data transfer (enable “Internet” from a SIM card)

Access Point Setup

If the mobile operator has not sent you the Internet settings, then enter the section “Sim cards and mobile networks”. choose the Sim card that is used for the Internet. “Access point”.

Setting the name of Sim cards and displaying in the status bar

By default, the operator’s name is not displayed in the status bar area, Xiaomi also introduced two different options under one almost the same name, but located in two different places. the name of the Sim card.

To make it easier to configure Sim cards in the settings menu and dialers, you need to set them in the menu “Sim cards and mobile networks.” choose sim “Sim card name” and set the name.

In order to display the name of the Sim card in the status bar that you need, then go to the main settings menu Android section “Notifications and status bar”, then enable the option “Show operator” and then a little you will see a parameter where you can “Change the name of the operator.”

Making calls

If you have not previously set the SIM card and mobile networks section in the default settings for Sim cards, then when you go into contacts and dial a subscriber, you will see the following window:

To prevent such a window from appearing, set Sim by default, or vice versa, remove it (at the beginning of the article “Which card where to insert?“).

If you are in the dialers, then in order to make a call with any specific SIm, then for this there is a split call button with the choice of an operator at the bottom of the screen.

Sending SMS messages from different SIM (operators)

How about sending messages? It also provides for sending messages from the necessary operator. For this you need:

Create a message and in the lower right corner click on the button in the form of a SIM card and select the desired operator.

Now SMS will be sent from the SIM card that you specified!

How to find out which number the SMS came to

To find out which number SMS came to Xiaomi, go to the Messages application and look at the right edge of the screen. There will be indicated an icon in the form of a SIM card with a number inside which an SMS message has arrived.

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