Set the Sony Bravia TV for digital broadcasting

Independent setting of digital channels on the Sony TV

How to set up a universal remote control to the Sony TV is a question of interest to many viewers. The remote control is often lost or broken, then there is a need to acquire a new. Mostly users buy universal remades, but how to adapt them to a specific TV model? In the article, we consider how to connect it to the device and the setting process.

Universal PDU can be used for any device or for several. The main advantage of such a device is that you can configure it for TV, prefixes and multimedia equipment, and put all the other remote controls in a box. You only need to register the main functions. Some ask the question of whether it is possible to make a regular remote control universal? That is, configure it for another device. No, despite the external similarity, inside they differ in schemes.

How to set digital channels on Sony TV automatically

Before starting directly the tincture of equipment, it is worth paying special attention to the ability to connect a certain model of the TV to digital channels. It is not always there. Such information is placed in the device passport, and there may also be an appropriate sticker on the TV itself.

If you cannot find information yourself, you should go to the official Sony website, and then create a request in Support. The specialist will talk about the features of a specific TV model and about the possibility of connecting digital television.

In the event that the TV independently cannot process the signal, you will need to purchase a digital console, which will be used as equipment for obtaining and transmitting a signal.

On a TV with a Smart TV function

In the event that the device has a built.In SMART TV function. There will be no need to purchase additional equipment or prefixes, it is enough just to automatically set up. To do this, it will be enough to do the following simple actions:

  • Go to the device menu by pressing the “menu” buttons on the remote control (“Home”)
  • Go to the “Installations” section, after which “settings”
  • Select the “Digital Configuration” from the list that appeared on the screen
  • An appropriate menu should appear on the screen, which will be given the opportunity to choose an “automatic search for digital stations”. This is the automatic setting of equipment

After completing the automatic search for channels, the user will provide information about the procedure done, after which it remains only to save changes and fully use TV.

Without Smart TV

In the event that the device does not have the possibility of automatic setting of channels due to the lack of a built.In Smart TV system. It will be necessary to make a separate prefix that will remove and transmit a signal.

The installation of television prefixes is often carried out through the use of a cable, however, it will be possible to install a wireless connection. Regardless of the selected method of connecting and the availability of the SMART TV system, it will be possible to manage the equipment so that it works as conveniently and comfortable for the user.

How to set digital television on Sony Bravia TV?

Previously, for connecting digital television, separate television settings were required, which were exclusively provided by operators. Now everything has become much simpler, modern TVs take a digital signal through the antenna cable. Now no additional devices are needed.

One of the representatives of the new generation of technology is Sony Bravia TV. In this material we will tell you how to set up digital television on it.

Attention! If you cannot configure digital television yourself, we advise you to resort to the help of Sony TV repair masters.

To configure your TV correctly, you need to find out which type of signal should process the device. This signal changes depending on the type of broadcasting. Now we will consider how to connect to a simple antenna outlet set a digital TV. At the same time, it is worth considering that the cable signal is noted “DVB-C”, and the etheric symbols “DVB-T” or “DVB-T2” are noted.

How to retune your Sony Freeview TV

When you directly recognized the type of signal itself, you can safely move on. If the Bravia menu is activated for the first time, then you should go through the menu, while paying attention to the settings of digital TV.

In the event that the menu is configured, and you only need to add new channels, make several not difficult manipulations. First, click the “Home” button. Then go to the “installation” subsection, which is indicated by the suitcase icon. Then go to the digital configuration. Select “Avtosisk digital stations” and confirm your choice.

After that, you need to specify the type of broadcasting. Your Bravia will search for available channels automatically. It will take some time. After the end of the process, you can sort the found digital programs.

sony, bravia, digital, broadcasting

No signal! Here is how to connect Free to Air Digital TV

You just need to select the necessary ones from the list, and with the help of arrows on the remote control, fix them. Unnecessary can be removed.

Most often, these manipulations are enough to make the necessary settings. You can find special configurations like this. Click “Home”, move into “installations”, then the option “Digital configuration” and finally, select a manual search for CS.

You do not have to do this in 99% of cases, just make automatic setting. If you follow all the recommendations correctly, you can very quickly configure the digital TV on your Sony Bravia TV.

Connection “Digests” on Bravia TVs

Users who set up Sony receivers for the first time, for starters should choose a language in which all menu commands will be displayed. It will also be necessary to indicate the region and location. And if there are small children, you may need the function of parental control. Before the direct search for digital channels, some preparatory work should be carried out and make sure that all components are connected correctly.

An important preparatory stage is calibration. If you set the irregular parameters of the picture, the image will subsequently increase, which means that the sharpness will decrease, and the user will not be able to view your favorite gears in good quality. To complete the calibration, you should go to the tab with the name “installation”, and then select the “screen control” item. It is recommended to disconnect the options “Automatic field of display” and “maximum expansion”.

It is important to save in advance the diagram used for calibration on any removable medium. Owners of TV receivers with the Android operating system can install a diagram with a DVD or Blue-Ray player. To evaluate all the advantages of the new television format, it is necessary to configure parameters such as “brightness”, “color saturation”, “contrast”, “sharpness”, and also configure sound.

Below is a detailed instruction on how to configure digital channels on Sony Bravia TVs:

  • First you need to open the main menu and select “Installation” item.
  • After that, you need to click on the “Digital Configuration” section and confirm the transition using the OK button.
  • The next step is the activation of the “Digital Settings” tab, then the “AutoSISK digital stations” are pressed.
  • As soon as the automatic search is confirmed, the window will open in which it is necessary to select the “Cable” item.
  • After entering the main parameters, the “Fast scanning” button should be activated.

After the process is completed, it will be necessary to save changes, and the user will be able to go to viewing content.

Bravia line TVs also have a manual search for television channels. You need to connect the decimeter antenna, and all actions are carried out using the remote control. The frequencies in the “manual search” tab change through the buttons “” and “-” on the remote control. When the programs are found, it may be necessary to conduct accurate settings for some of them. Setting digital channels on Sony Bravia TVs manually is performed as follows:

  • In the main menu, go to the “manual” section.
  • Independently enter the necessary frequency parameters.
  • Where you need to specify the access code, it is better to leave the option “Auto”.
  • Manually introduce characteristics of symbolic velocity, and then click on the “Start” item.

Upon completion of all settings, it is important to save the changes made. If this is not done, or the TV receiver will turn off until they save them, all settings will have to be re-performed.

Setting digital channels on Sony TV

Users are interested in how to configure digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV. There is nothing complicated in this. Just follow the instructions and recommendations.

  • Enter the menu and select: “Home” → “Settings” → “Installations”.
  • Select the type of placement and location. It is logical that we choose Russia, the type of accommodation (if there is such an option) in accordance with how you have. Standing or in a state suspended to the wall on a stand.
  • Understand the PIN code. Click “Home”-“Settings” → “Personal” (Personal) → “Parental Control” ((TV show) (Parental Lock (BroadCast)) → “PIN CODE” (PIN CODE) and install the desired 4-digit Pin code.
  • Select the “Digital Configuration” item (if this is not the point, select “Automobe” and move on to action 5) → “Digital Settings” → “Auto.Osk numbers. Stations ”→ type of“ cable ”connection (if there is no such choice, indicate the country in the menu:“ installations ”→“ Settings ”→“ Avtopoisk ”).
  • Set up the search and update parameters:
  • Car access (ID) access code;
  • The type of scanning is fast;
  • Symbolic speed 7000;
  • The final frequency is 354000;
  • Frequency (initial frequency) 306000;
  • Modulation 128 QAM.

Not all of the listed parameters can be available for input, it depends on the country and model of the device. If you perform all the recommendations step by step, there are about 50 channels. In the case when everything is done correctly, the TV must find about 58 television channels.

After filling out the channel grid, you need to choose a time zone. For this on the menu:

sony, bravia, digital, broadcasting

If the TV is old, you must definitely turn off the automatic transition to the summer time.

Do not worry if you forgot the installed pin. Try to remember it or reset it according to the instructions:

  • Home button on the remote control.
  • Select “Settings” (settings)
  • We open the section “Apps (Apps)” in the category “TV” (TV).
  • Click on “direct transmission” (Live Channels).
  • Select “Delete Data” (Clear Data).
  • We complete the setting by pressing OK.

Automatic Sony Bravia settings

Many users are interested in how to configure digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV automatically. Often this happens after turning on. If this does not happen, then you need to make the following path:

  • “Home” or “Menu” → “Parameters” → “Automation of Digital Canals”.
  • You will be offered to choose the type of broadcasting:
  • “Digital TV” if you want only digital channels to show
  • “Digital and analogue TV” if you want analogue TV channels to show.

In the connection type tab, select “Cable”. In a pop.Up window there will appear characteristics that have default properties. They are not necessary to change them. Finally, you need to choose a provider or leave “another”. Then click “Start” and wait until Sony Bravia will set up all television channels and radio.


If there are no channels, then you should go to the section:

  • “Parameters” → “Settings” → “Channel Settings” → “Digital”.
  • Here it is necessary to do everything according to the instructions of auto.Building exactly until the choice of parameters and instead of default values, select all values ​​manually. The values ​​are best clarified by the operator, they may differ in the regions and from different providers.

As you can see, setting digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV was not difficult. If for some reason you could not configure everything, repeat all the actions more carefully. If this did not help you contact the telemaster.

Channel setting on Smart TV Sony Bravia

At the initial stage of using TV, it is not easy to figure out how to configure digital television on the Sony TV. The reader does not have to do everything through trial and errors, as we made detailed instructions.

How to set a digital TV on Sony’s TV:

Possible problems and their elimination

Often, after debugging digital television channels, there is no failure and there is no broadcast, what to do in these cases?

Important! Determine where the problem came from: from the service provider or the TV settings are lost. This can be learned from the neighbors, specifying if they have a program. Weather conditions, such as rain and cloudiness, can affect breakdowns.

In the circumstances of the breakdown in which the suppliers are to blame, a complaint is filed through the website RTRS.Ru.

In other cases, for example, when jumping voltage, the settings in the device can fly. To correct the malfunction, you need:

  • Additionally scan the range for detecting TV channels;
  • Reset the factory settings using the instructions of a particular TV model, and re.Configure it with the procedure for searching for television channels.

It happens that instead of 20 digital channels, only 10 is caught. This is due to the fact that two multiplexes rotate at different frequencies and their transfers are broadcast from different equipment. TV equipment requires permanent service, since breakdowns are possible. With such malfunctions, you need to contact the service provider.

Another breakdown is a freezing of the image in which the picture is scattered, figures can double, there is a piece from the previous frame, sound disappears, a black screen may even arise. Such a malfunction can manifest itself only on one program, also on all at once. Reasons ─ external problems, such as: weather, planned preventive repair on the translator, technical problems of the broadcaster.

It is better to reconfigure the antenna by tuner: by external or built.In, in which there is a meter of incoming signal. It must be rotated in a horizontal plane, focusing on the maximum indicator of the intensity of the signal. Then the antenna is fixed, and should be checked using a car or manual regulation, how many programs it catches.

Faults may be broadcast due to prefix, settings can be lost in it: after repair, after emergency shutdown of electricity and so on. Settings are carried out according to the regional data of the multiplex, compliance with the TVK for certain frequency bands. Further, setting up the TV channels is carried out manually.

Description of useful functions on Sony Bravia

Setting digital channels on the Sony Bravia TV allows you to get not only excellent image and sound quality, but also access to useful functions of this broadcast format.


Telegide is a convenient television program for 8 days. This assistant is called by pressing the Guide button on the remote control.

sony, bravia, digital, broadcasting

Important! In some TV models, you need to activate this opportunity by going into installations/system settings/General settings and setting the “Guide button” parameter in “Run Guide”.

Telegide allows you to not only view the programs. Channels are sorted, for example, by genre, which facilitates their search. Favorites can be added to the chosen list to go to them literally a couple of pressing buttons of the remote control. There is a system of customizable reminders. Skipping or not finding your favorite television show is simply impossible.


If the translated gear has subtitles in the flow, they can be displayed on the screen by pressing a button marked with an icon in the form of two strips in the lower part. The system will ask for the choice of one of the options for text messages (if there are several languages). Here you can turn off the display of subtitles.


Sony Bravia has some models that creates a complete effect of presence in the stadium. Adjusting the parameters of the image and sound allows you to get an almost authentic environment. To activate the mode, just press the Football button on the remote control.

Sony Bravia models have other useful opportunities. Their set depends on the generation of the device. It is proposed to display the picture in the picture, with the screen division into zones, the output of 3D images to create the effect of the presence when using special points. There is only one advice: the owner of such advanced devices as Sony Bravia will never be superfluous to study the instructions for operating the model.