Set iPhone ringtone

Step 1

We repeat the first step from the previous instructions: “Start” → “Control Panel” → “Folder Options” (“Folder Options”), go to the “View” tab and uncheck the box next to “Hide extensions for registered file types”.

How to Ring a Song on iPhone (iTunes 12.7 and Newer) on PC

Step 3

In iTunes, do the following: “File” → “Convert” → “Create AAC Version”. After that, you will instantly find the shortened track that you chose.

Step 7

We connect the iPhone to a computer or laptop and look for a track along the path: “Settings” → “Sounds” → “Ringtone”.

After all the manipulations, remove the marks about the beginning and end of the playback of the original audio file.

How to put a song on a call on an iPhone?

If you are tired of standard ringtones.

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How To Make A Custom iPhone Ringtone From iTunes Library [Tutorial]

If you are tired of the default ringtone sound of your iPhone, then it’s time to change that. If on Android, changing the ringtone is not difficult and such a procedure is done, literally, in two clicks, then the iOS system will not let you get rid of annoying sounds so easily.

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ITunes installed on your computer or laptop will help you to replace the standard melody with your favorite track. After the release of the program version 12.7, this process has become somewhat easier.

Step 5

Again go to the options, but in a new track and select the item “Show in Windows Explorer”.

Now rename the selected file to the appropriate format, as in the picture (m4r).

Step 4

Go back to the track options and select the “Create AAC version” item. A copy of your track will appear.

Where to Find MP3 Song for Ringtone?

Type in a Google search query like: download (artist and song name) MP3. In most cases, a search engine will be able to help you find the desired MP3 track.

How to set ringtone on iPhone with iOS 13 (and newer) without a computer

Open the Safari browser and go to the site where you can download the song for the future ringtone in MP3 format.

Click on the button (link) to download the MP3 file.

In the window that appears, click Download. If the download has started, an icon will appear in the upper right corner (an arrow in a circle).

Open the iOS Download Manager icon (arrow in a circle) in the upper right corner and make sure the file is downloaded. If desired, click on it to listen.

Note: For a more convenient alternative to download MP3 tracks from your computer, you can use the web version of iCloud Drive. To do this, follow the link on your computer, enter your Apple ID information and upload the necessary songs to the Apple cloud service (for further steps, see the instructions below)

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Download GarageBand, a music app released by Apple itself (present on many iPhones and iPads by default).

Launch GarageBand. With this application, we will convert the downloaded melody into a ringtone and it will be automatically displayed in the “Sounds, tactile signals” section on the iPhone.

If you’ve already created projects in GarageBand before, click the plus sign in the upper right corner to create a new one. If this is your first time opening the app, please skip this step.

Select the “Audio Recorder” template in the “Tracks” tab

Click on the loop icon.

Click on the button “View objects from the program” Files “in the tab” Files “.

The loaded melody will be in the “Recent” tab. But you can also find it through the “Browse” by opening the “Downloads” folder. Select the downloaded file.

Press and hold the file and then move it to the very beginning on the timeline.

Click on the checkmark and click on the “My Songs” menu that appears.

Press and hold your finger on the received file (usually named “My Song”) until the context menu appears. Click “Share”.

Change the name of the ringtone and click Export.

During the export process, the message “Use sound as” will appear. Click on it.

Please indicate how to use the created ringtone:

How to Set ANY Song as RINGTONE on iPhone (No Computer)

  • Standard ringtone. the created ringtone will be used as a melody for all incoming calls.
  • Standard message sound. the created ringtone will be used as a melody for all incoming messages (iMessage and SMS).
  • Assign to contact. if you select this option, the created ringtone can be assigned as a ringtone for incoming calls for a specific contact.
  • Done. the created ringtone will be loaded into iOS Settings along the path: Sounds, tactile signals → Ringtone and will become available for selection.
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We talked about how to create ringtones for iPhone using a computer in this article.

How to make and install a ringtone (ringtone) on any iPhone without a computer right on the device?

Adding your own ringtones to iPhone is no easy task. In the latest Apple operating systems, the hint of the possible addition of custom ringtones has disappeared altogether. However, in this instruction we will tell you how to fix this misunderstanding by adding absolutely any current iPhone a melody that can be used as a ringtone for an incoming call. over, without using a computer.

However, the method of creating and setting ringtone on iPhone described in this article allows you to use any file in MP3 format. This greatly facilitates the process of creating ringtones or sound alert files for Apple smartphones.

How to Delete Ringtones from iPhone?

Launch the Settings app on iPhone.

Go to the Sounds, Tactile Signals section and select the Ringtone menu.

Swipe from left to right on the ringtone you want to delete. Click the Delete button.