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TOP-18 best laser all-In-on Printer-2022 rating

Laser ALL-In-One Printer (multifunctional devices) combine the capabilities of a scanner, printer, copy module and sometimes a facsimile or fax. These options may be present in the form of the basic basis of the equipment or add (some of them) in the form of additional “bonuses” to the main. In this regard, the models presented on the market have different characteristics and technical features.

Taking into account consumer reviews and expert opinions, we have made a selection of the most reliable and functional laser all-in-things Printer as of 2022. For the convenience of perception, the devices are divided into several categories: color, black and white, compact, with Wi-Fi, budget and best in terms of price/quality ratio.

Rating of the best laser All-In-One Printer 2022

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Vocality location
The best laser All-In-One Printer in price/quality for 2022
one Brother DCP-L2500DR Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Kyocera Ecosys M5521CDW Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Canon I-Sensys MF443DW Find out the price four.8 /5
Best Color Laser All-In-One Printer
one HP Color Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M182N Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Kyocera Ecosys M5526CDW Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Canon I-Sensys MF742CDW Find out the price four.7 /5
The best black and white laser All-In-One Printer
one HP Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M428FDW Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Brother DCP-1612WR Find out the price four.9 /5
3 Pantum M6700DW Find out the price four.8 /5
The best compact laser All-In-One Printer
one HP Laser All-in-One Printer 135W Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Canon I-Sensys Mf3010 Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Pantum M6800FDW Find out the price four.8 /5
The best laser All-In-One Printer with Wi-Fi
one HP Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M28W Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Xerox Workcentre 3025bi Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Brother DCP-L2520DWR Find out the price four.8 /5
The best inexpensive laser All-In-One Printer
one Pantum M6500 Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Brother DCP-1510R Find out the price four.8 /5
3 HP Laser All-in-One Printer 135a Find out the price four.7 /5

Inflastic All-in-One Printer which company is better?

The segment of the inkjet All-In-One Printer occupied four famous brands: Epson, Canon, Hewlett-Packard and Brother. The remaining firms operating in the inkjet printing market are not represented by any All-In-One Printer models, or they are not very popular.

It is difficult to single out a clear favorite from the above four. In terms of the number of models produced in everyone except Brother, almost equal positions. The latter company is represented pointily, but in its niches its products are quite competitive.

Epson and Canon products are very popular, and these brands fight among themselves in the market in each price range. HP came off from them only in the professional All-In-One Printer segment. Plotter, where the maximum print format reaches the size of A0.

So what are the inkjet All-in-One Printer, offered to the consumer, are considered the best?

Rating of the best jet All-In-One Printer 2021-2022-TOP 10

Category place name rating
Best inkjet All-In-One Printer for the home
Best inkjet All-In-One Printer for photo printing
Best inkjet ALL-In-ONTER for offices
The best black and white jet on all-in-on printer
The best inexpensive jet all-in-room Printer

Epson L3160

We consider representatives of the three thousandth “factory” EPSON series to the best jet on the house for the home. Naturally, if you do not need to print moisture.resistant ads, for example, street. Reasons to remain dissatisfied with the owners of such All-In-One Printer three. The first is not the most successful paper supply mechanism (frequent jams, problems with capture, noticeable traces of rollers). The second is the consequences of fueling heads during refueling. Third. payment of the service for discharge of the recruiting meter (in the service). Nevertheless, from the point of view of the print quality, especially for budget photographs, the available jet All-In-One Printer L-Series outside of competition. There are reviews in which the owners share successful experience using even 673 ink, providing much higher indicators of the light resistance of photos. The most advanced version of this line is equipped with a convenient display. L315 models are controlled from the button panel, in addition, their Wi-Fi modules do not support Airprint technology. The simplest ones are designed only for USB shields and are inferior to the senior resolution of the scanner.

Home All-In-One Printer rating for 2022

The best All-In-One Printer for the Home House of Press Speed ​​Epson L3150

Why we liked it: a very profitable device for printing a large amount of documents. Equipped with a continuous supply system of ink. Does not need a frequent refueling, the risk of leaks and bays in an incorrect container is excluded. High resolution and high print speed make L3150 the perfect choice for both photos and documents.

Main characteristics

  • Print technology: jet
  • Press color: color
  • Print speed: 33 pages./min (h/b) and 15 pages./min (color)
  • Scanner resolution: 1200×2400 dpi
  • Paper tray volume: 100 sheets
  • Cartridge resource: 4500 pages (h/b) and 7500 pages (color)
  • Paper Density: 64–256 g/m 2
  • Inte Wees: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n

Compact, light, stylish and inexpensive model from Epson. Excellently copes with the seal of documents and photos. The quality of the L3150 is very good, and for the house it is completely perfect. This result is ensured by the support of a resolution of 5760×1440 dpi, which is an excellent indicator even for premium devices. The minimum volume of the drop in this model is only 3 picoliter, so the transitions between shades when printing photos are very smooth.

The control panel on the device is located on top. Feelings, her buttons are somewhere between classic and sensory. This model does not have a display (even a simple symbolic), so for a more accurate setup you will have to resort to a computer. But this will require a USB cable, and unfortunately it is not included.

The speed of printing color and black and white text documents in L3150 is 15 and 33 pages per minute, and images-5 and 10. The output of one photo of the standard All-In-One Printer Epson is required 69 seconds.

In addition to exemplary printing, the technique boasts high quality scanning. The supported resolution for both color and for the b/b documents is 1200×2400 points per inch; color depth. 24 bits.

All-In-on Printer is equipped with a continuous ink supply system. Its volume is enough for 4500 black and white and 7500 color pages. Toner refueling in L3150 is organized very conveniently. Thanks to the Key Lock system, which provides for the unique shape of the nose and holes on the cartridge, the user will not be able to confuse colors. And the Ink Lock valve will not allow you to shed a drop of ink.

In addition to the absent cable included, the All-in-One Printer has problems. Unless a branded application for smartphones has been made very mediocre. This is especially true for iOS. But with Mac the technique interacts without failures.

The best black and white All-In-One Printer for the Home Xerox WorkCentre 3025bi

Why we liked it: a multifunctional device with simple tuning and high.quality printing. The cost of Workcentre is low, and the consumables are not too expensive. The dimensions and weight of the equipment are small, the assembly quality is great, and the monthly resource is as many as 15 thousand sheets.

Main characteristics

  • Printing technology: Laser
  • Press color: black and white
  • Print speed: 20 pages./min
  • Scanner resolution: 600×600 dpi
  • Paper tray volume: 151 sheet
  • Cartridge resource: 1,500 pages
  • Paper Density: 60–167 g/m 2
  • Inte Wees: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11n

The American company Xerox is well known to domestic users. In the countries of the former USSR, it was precisely its name that all copy apparatuses were once designated. Now Xerox is found mainly in offices. But in the line of this brand there are several good models for home use.

Top 5 All In One Printers for Home & Office Use in 2022 ��

Among the most interesting devices I want to highlight WorkCentre 3025BI. This is a table laser model equipped with a black cartridge 106R02773 with a resource of 1,500 pages. When replacing, you can purchase a similar toner or select 106r03048. The latter has twice as much resource, so there is enough for the home use of such a cartridge for a long time. In order to save, by the way, you can buy compatible toners.

All-In-On Printer supports the seal and copy of Wi-Fi. Scanned files are available for sending to e-mail and downloading to a network disk. To do this, you need to connect the equipment to the home wireless network, since Ethernet is not here. All-In-One Printer operates with Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS operating systems. But Android is not supported.

The box with All-In-One Printer contains everything you need, including the cable for connecting to PC. Also in the kit there is documentation and drive with drivers. If there is no CD drive, then all software can be downloaded from the official site. You can do without it, all settings are duplicated on Workcentre 3025bi. But through the computer to apply the necessary parameters is much more convenient and easier.

Best Color All-In-One Printer for the House of Canon I-Sensys MF641CW

Why we liked it: a modern model with high quality scanning and printing documents. It does not consume much energy, supports the receiving files by Wi-Fi and copes with paper with a density of up to 200 g/m2. And right from the box offers a resource of toners for one and a half thousand pages.

Main characteristics

  • Printing technology: Laser
  • Press color: color
  • Printing speed: 18 pp./min
  • Scanner resolution: 600×600 dpi
  • Paper tray volume: 251 sheet
  • Cartridge resource: 1,500 pages (h/b) and 1200 pages (color)
  • Paper Density: 60–200 g/m 2
  • Inte Wees: USB0, RJ-45, Wi-Fi 802.11n

The device of Canon has a monthly resource of 30 thousand sheets, equipped with USB and RJ-45 ports, as well as Wi-Fi module. Heated quickly (in 13 seconds), prints at a speed of 18 pages./min. The printer has direct printing and AirPrint (technology for transmitting documents by air from devices from Apple). NFC module in this model is missing.

best laser All-In-One Printer

Material office workers probably still remember the times when they had to run around the office, tearing between the printer, scanner and photocopy, stabbing at the boxes and constantly changing numerous cartridges. But not so much time has passed. and voila: all the most important options for the modern office (printer, scanner, copier) were reunited in one multifunctional device, while not at all lost as performance. over: they have become quite affordable for ordinary families with low income. The best laser All-In-One Printer for home and office. Colored and black and white. presented in our ranking.

Laser all-in-on printer which company is better?

There are a lot of good laser manufacturers of laser All-In-One Printer. Since the quality of printing and copying is of greatest importance for the aggregate, traditional manufacturers of printers and photocopy remain the leaders, namely: Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Kyocera. Samsung sold its HP printer business and those brand models that still come across on store shelves cannot now be considered a profitable purchase.

The most affordable price tags differ in laser printing technique of little.known brands. We do not recommend focus on such brands due to big problems with repair and re-refueling. Service workers with irony call on such All-In-One Printer disposable.

The widest ALL-ONE PRINTER line can boast HP and Canon. Their products are very popular both due to reliability and because of affordable prices. From our point of view, all-in-on printer of these brands. The best choice for a home user, insofar as it is easier and cheaper to re.dispatch.

The Japanese company Brother boldly entered the market and has achieved significant success in sales over the past 8 years, although not so long ago it has been little.known, despite its postal age. All-In-One Printer is solid, but not the cheapest for maintenance due to cunning protection systems.

Xerox has always been considered a leader in the production of devices for professional printing and copying. Repeated refueling is expensive. There are options with flashing, but the guarantee is lost.

Stable demand is also observed on the laser All-In-One Printer KyoCera and Oki. Good equipment, but not for home use and not even for small offices.

But you will not find laser All-In-One Printer of the famous company Epson, since this company does not produce them. But in the segment of the jet all-in-on-print its products. Great diversity.

So, what are the laser All-In-One Printer, offered by the listed firms to the consumer, are considered the best?

Rating of the best color All-In-One Printer

Nomination place Name of product price
The best colored All-In-One Printer for a small office and at home one Ricoh MP C2011sp 95 500 ₽
2 OKI MC363DNW 35 050 ₽
3 Brother MFC-L3770CDW 32 735 ₽
four HP Color Laserjet Pro M281FDW 40 085 ₽
5 Epson L7180 45 060 ₽
6 Brother DCP-T510W Inkbenefit Plus 13 790 ₽
7 HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5075 M2U86C 5 440 ₽
The best colored All-in-One Printer for the average office one OKI MC873DNCT 162 380 ₽
2 HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M577DN 145 905 ₽
3 Konica Minolta Bizhub C3320i 110 594 ₽
four Xerox Versalink C405DN 55 190 ₽
5 Lexmark CX522ADE 54 340 ₽
6 Brother MFC-L8690CDW 43 130 ₽
7 Xerox Versalink C605xl 219 255 ₽
eight Canon WG7440 278 921 ₽
9 Kyocera Taskalfa 406ci 178 000 ₽

Ricoh MP C2011sp

RICOHMP C2011SP-universal All-In-One Printer for effective scanning, printing and copying documents. It supports A4 and A3 paper formats, as well as a wide range of its densities. The device is equipped with three trays: bypass and two sliding ones, which allows you to increase the base supply of paper to 2300 sheets. There is an automatic bilateral printing that reduces the cost of copies.

The diagonal of the LCD display in the composition of the device is 9 inches. This is an excellent result, since all the information about the state of the press is in full. The print speed is 20 pages per minute (black and white and color). The scanner supports work with several types of media. All-In-One Printer also allows you to print images with resolution up to 1200 × 1200DPI, which will satisfy even the most demanding user. The functionality and performance of the device with more than the needs of a small office will cover.


  • Equipped with 250 GB HDD for data storage;
  • large display and Russified menu;
  • acceptable speed of work in all modes;
  • The ability to print on A3.


Laser ALL-In-One Printer OKI MC363DNW combines three basic functions of work with paper and supports the sending of fax. It has a processor with a frequency of 533 MHz, RAM for 1 GB and physical memory for 8000 pages. Thanks to this equipment, the device does not hang and does not at all experience problems with a decrease in performance. Management in it occurs through the LCD panel and standard keys. In one minute of work, he issues up to 30 villages of documents, as well as images with a resolution of 1200x600dpi.

This All-In-One Printer is capable of copying up to 99 documents for the working cycle, as well as receive and send scans by connecting to the Ethernet network. It also has an option Wireless Direct for a safe connection to Wi-Fi wireless network, which allows you to work with confidential files.This is a very good representative of office printers with a resource for printing 45,000 pages per month.

Brother MFC-L3770CDW

Laser ALL-In-One Printer BrotherMFC-L3770CDW is a combination of compact sizes and acceptable color printing speed. He gives up to 24 prints per minute with preliminary heating to 14 seconds. It has the function of an automatic bilateral print and has the possibility of remote control using the Airprint option.

The maximum print permit in the device is 2400x600dpi. LED technology guarantees high quality prints. All information about the state of operation is displayed on a 3.66.inch touch display with a diagonal. The only drawback of the model is a small monthly load, which is only 1,500 sheets.


  • low noise level. 47 dB;
  • Simplicity of settings;
  • the possibilities of bilateral auto printing;
  • Air Print remote control technology.

HP Color Laserjet Pro M281FDW

Classic All-In-One Printer for a small office, which includes the entire set of basic functions. The speed of its printing is 21 page per minute, and scanning. 26 pages for the same time period. The maximum permission of the image for the output is 1200×1200 dpi, therefore, the device can be involved in printing offices.

HP Color Laserjet Pro M281FDW consumes 342 W from the network. At the same time, consumption in standby mode is reduced to a modest 8 watts, which is very well affected by saving electricity. The noise level during operation is slightly increased, but is within the tolerance and is 50 dB. It should also be noted a relatively small resource of cartridges (1300 pages of color and 1400. h/b) and quite decent 40 thousand sheets per month.


  • acceptable print speed;
  • large working resource;
  • low energy consumption in standby mode;
  • Ergonomic and reliability.

Epson L7180

Inflastic All-In-One Printer with the original SNPCHEPSONL7180 for the house and middle office. Provides the ability to print A3 format on paper. However, you should not lay too much hopes on this function, because the speed of such a print leaves much to be desired. But the speed when working with A4 is not bad. in a minute you get 28 pages.


This complex for printing documents supporting the A3 format. OKI MC873DNCT is based on relatively weak system components: a processor with a frequency of 800 MHz, 1260 MB RAM and 250 GB hard disk. However, at the same time, the stability of work is not observed. you can use four functions of this device at once (in T.h. Fax).

All process controls are carried out using a 7-inch display with button control. The print and copy speed for A4 format is 35 sheets per minute, and scanning. 50 images for the same time range. The resource of cartridges in the device is enough for a printout of 7 and 7.3 thousand pages of documents (h/b and color, respectively). The disadvantage of the model is overall dimensions and large weight. the rest of the purchase is more than justified.


  • Work with A4 and A3 formats;
  • large control screen;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • large working resource;
  • It is quite easy to maintain.

HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M577DN

Modern All-In-One Printer of increased performance, capable of covering the needs of medium and large offices. The processor has a frequency of 1200 MHz, and the amount of internal memory is 1792 MB (in the maximum configuration. 2560 MB). It is equipped with a large color display with a diagonal of 8 inches. this is such a good tablet with an intuitively understandable intensity and a convenient menu. In general, the HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M577DN was created, first of all, for the convenience of users, not forgetting about other characteristics of a good printing apparatus.

The resource of the b/b and color cartridges is 6 and 5 thousand pages, respectively, but their cost is quite high. The speed of print, withdrawal of copies and scanning. 38 sheets per minute with the withdrawal of the first print after 6 seconds. Due to the equipment with a large display and a total set of working capabilities, All-In-One Printer consumes a lot of energy from the network: about 690 watts. It also has a high cost of purchase and maintenance. But be sure: the costs of it are definitely worth.


  • 8-inch control screen;
  • large supply of paint in cartridges;
  • low noise level (51 dB);
  • Uninterrupted work and performance.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C3320i

All-In-One Printer with a very large resource that combines 4 standard functions of a printed device. It is based on a 4-core processor with 4 GB of RAM, which provides proper speed and operational processing of requests. In particular, due to this, the withdrawal of the first color print is carried out 7 seconds after launch. In total, in a minute, the device can print up to 33 sheets and scan to 56 images.

But the most important advantage of the Konica Minolta Bizhub C3320I lies under the case. Photo busan is designed to print 155 thousand pages. The resource of the cartridge and toner is 9 and 13 thousand pages, respectively. The permissible paper density is also great: from 60 to 210 g/sq. m. The only nuance of the model is associated with dimensions and bulky: it is very difficult against the background of all other competitors.


  • full.volume cartridges in the kit;
  • Small power consumption (380 W);
  • acceptable system equipment (16 GB of memory of the hard drive);
  • Stable and fast work.

Xerox Versalink C405DN

Versalinkc405dn-good laser All-In-One Printer for home and office. He is able to carry out a high.quality print on paper with a density of 60 to 220 g/sq. m. A 5-inch display sensor has an intuitively understandable intensity. Therefore, a wide range of persons will be able to use the device. Color printing speed is 35 pages per minute and this is a completely standard indicator.

The monthly load on the printed organ is 80 thousand pages. A 2-core processor for 1.05 GHz, coupled with 2 GB of RAM, is responsible for the speed and stability of the printer. It is also worth noting the possibility of IOS and Android wireless connection for fast printing for printing. But perhaps the most important advantage of the model is the full package of Xerox Connectkey pre.installations. Thanks to him, you can create an integrated ecosystem in the office.


  • increased resource of cartridges and drum;
  • the presence of the NFC system;
  • large working resource;
  • Xerox Connectkey ecosystem;
  • The possibility of distance printing with Android and iOS platforms.
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Lexmark CX522ADE

Apparatus from the series “4 to 1” with solid functionality and a set of characteristics. In the top configuration, it has the volume of internal memory in 6 GB. In the base-only 2 GB with a 4-core processor for 1.2 GHz. Thanks to this equipment, the speed and stability of the system during multitask load is achieved. Color printing speed is 33 pages per minute, and scanning. 30 sides in the same period of time.

The model has a wide tolerance for paper density. from 75 to 200 g/sq. m. Because of this, it is often acquired for work in printing houses and medium printing centers. Unfortunately, the resource of cartridges is small (1.5 and 2 thousand pages in color and h/b), however, this is “treated” by installing an external ink supply mechanism. Even when accounting for additional equipment, the cost of the CX522ADE does not exceed the average market. Therefore, this All-in-One Printer can be safely recommended for purchase.

Brother MFC-L8690CDW

The second selection in the review of the best home All-In-One Printer according to Expertology is dedicated to laser models. Devices with the LED principle are also conventionally included in the same category, due to the general similarity of technology. Such models are more expensive than inkjet by definition, and they are more often bought for office needs. But in recent years, laser printers and All-in-One Printer have become more expensive so that they would make sense to buy them for home.

HP Color Laser All-In-One Printer 178NW, Tsvetnaya., A4, white/black

Let’s start with the most inexpensive model. a little more than 20 thousand. rubles. For laser All-in-One Printer, this is almost a minimum possible lower price limit in early 2022. But even with such accessibility, the functionality of the device is much richer than that of budget jet options.

The maximum print resolution of this model is 600×600 dpi. And it is worth noting right away, you do not need to compare with the resolution of jet printers. This is a completely different technology, and such an indicator of permission for the budget laser All-In-One Printer is quite normal.

But as for the print speed, this model has no advantages over many jet. Color print. 4 pages per minute. Black and white better-on average quality up to 18 pages/min, but the criterion should still be considered a full-color printing. In addition, the output time of the first color print is more than 25 seconds. Therefore, it is the print speed that is the weakest place of this All-In-One Printer.

But here is a complete set of connections-USB, Ethernet (RJ-45) and Wi-Fi. Airprint is supported, and you can send documents to the printer from any Apple devices without the need to install the driver.

The resource of cartridges is greater than the jet. 700 pages colored cartridges and 1000 pages black. This is normal for rare home use. With a more frequent printing (and the nominal resource of the device. as many as 20 thousand copies per month), the most unpleasant moment, characteristic of inexpensive printers, pops up. all the same consumables. Users call the price of original cartridges only as a “robber”.


  • The print quality worthy in its class;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • large productivity resource (20 thousand. copies per month);
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet (RJ-45);
  • support Airprint;
  • relatively compact.

HP Color Laser All-In-One Printer 179FNW, Tsvetnaya., A4, white

Now consider the modernized version of the previous model. These two All-In-One Printer at first glance are almost no different, but in fact there are a number of important advantages for those who have to deal with large volumes of paper materials.

The scanning block is best represented here. Not impeccable, since the sensor is still CIS, which means it will be difficult to scan turns. But then there is a device for autopods of originals.

In addition, a good scan speed is up to 6 pages in color and up to 15 in h/b. The technical resolution of scanning is not too high. 600 dpi. But it can be repeatedly improved due to the special technology of improved resolution. Maximum. until 19200 dpi vertically and horizontally.

As for printing, almost everything is the same as that of the above model All-in-One Printer 178NW-all the same low speed, a long expectation of the release of the first copy. And, of course, nothing new in terms of pricing policy for consumables. Original cartridges are expensive, comparable for the price with the printer itself.

Connections are exactly the same as that of the previous All-In-One Printer-USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet (RJ-45), there is support for Airprint.

From the review of the user Yandex.Market with the status “Inspector of Gadgets 7”: “By virtue of the design, a very slow color printing, but if you choose between the jet and this device/any other color device for the house. Take this “.


  • decent print quality;
  • effective modes of increased scanning resolution;
  • arrangement of originals in the scanner;
  • there is Wi-Fi and Ethernet (RJ-45);
  • support Airprint;
  • Nice design.

HP Color Laserjet Pro All-In-One Printer M182N, Tsvetnaya., A4, white

Now consider another HP Color Laserjet, and let the Pro prefix not bother. this model is only a couple of thousand more than the previous one. And our experts determined her in a review for the totality of positive reviews, especially with regards to the speed of work.

Indeed, the print speed here is already much more “nimble”. 16 pages per minute for both color modes. And the time of the release of the first color copy is also almost twice as fast. 13.8 p.

As for the print quality, it is quite solid, the most standard resolution is 600 dpi. The characteristics of the scanner are not as outstanding as that of the above option, but in general, too, the module is fully consistent with user expectations.

What else can be useful to many is a comprehensive support for different operating systems, including even Linux, Mac OS and iOS. In All-In-One Printer, its software is stitched with a convenient web-integer. There is even postscript support, and this even includes the model to the type of equipment suitable for operational printing. In any case, for printing complex graphics, a freelancer designer on the remote this device will serve a completely “production” service.

That’s why this model is sharply criticized, so this is for the lack of wi-fi. And this criticism is fair, it is a clear and offensive shortage.

From the review of the user Yandex.Market with the status “Inspector of Gadgets 2”: “Best All-in-One Printer in its price category. Ideal for home. It looks stylish. Performs his job perfectly. It is important that the paper compartment is completely hidden and the paper does not stick out and does not dust. “.


  • solid print quality;
  • reliability;
  • print speed;
  • compatibility with different OS;
  • Support PostScript;
  • Convenient web-intake;

TOP-10 rating according to KP

Canon Pixma TS9140 (from 16 thousand. rubles)

Canon Pixma TS9140 is one of the best devices “all in one”, largely due to the excellent quality of printing for both text and photos. With six separate colored ink we get a good quality color rendering when printing photos. Scanning and copying provide a clear reproduction of parts at decent speeds. The entire device is controlled using an adjustable 5-inch color touch screen. Of the features. this printer even prints labels on CD and DVD discs (although who now needs “blanks”).

Main characteristics

Do you like a simple or glossy photo paper, this jet printer will provide excellent photos and graphics. Epson printer, as the manufacturer in advertising avenues “This is the best photo printer we saw”. The multifunctional device also allows you to print photos almost twice as faster than the average jet printer. The printing of the text is not very clear, but it is used and is suitable for everyone except the most demanding users. And the speed that All-In-One Printer offers when printing photos applies to printing documents, as well as scanning and copying.

Main characteristics

If you look for a universal printer for work and at home, then Canon Maxify MB5440 is a strong “work horse” at a reasonable price. All-in-One Printer can process up to 30,000 pages per month and boast of a couple of paper trays, each of which can accommodate up to 250 pages. Scanning and copying, as well as the fax function will be an excellent addition to small businesses. In addition to this, the MB5440 has a quick seal, which is almost as good as a laser printer, a quick one.way and bilateral copying, as well as printing of high.quality images.

Main characteristics

Like many Kanon jet printers, this compact device “All in one” uses five separate ink cartridges to print bright and natural photos on glossy paper. This All-in-One Printer also has a fax, a device for automatically submitting documents and a high resolution scanner. The print speed is frankly low, even for jet printing, but it is very easy to use thanks to a large display with a touch screen, as well as connecting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Especially if you are not in a hurry.

Main characteristics

If you have a lot of free space, then this multifunctional device will be your reliable assistant thanks to its invariably clear print quality, a useful device for automatic submission of documents for 35 sheets and automatic copy skills. This monophonic apparatus, which is faster than any jet printer, offers an attractive combination of functions and performance.

Main characteristics:

This multifunctional printer certainly will not win a single beauty contest, but an impressive set of functions is what distinguishes it from competitors. He can accommodate 80 sheets of paper and print them at a higher speed than many laser printers. Being a jet printer, its color rendering is strong, and also economical, especially if you switch to high.performance EPSON cartridges. All that we can come up with. from sending faxes to cloud print. realizes this device.

Main characteristics

A powerful multifunctional Lexmark device is an unpretentious and hardy device for a home office. There is enough space for paper and toner, so the recommended to buy consumables will not have to be as often as in the case of competitors. With duplex scanning, as well as a seal, the device turns into a first.class photocopyle apparatus. This is not the fastest laser printer, but many security functions and a simple integration more than replenish this drawback.

Main characteristics

The print speed of this All-in-One Printer is impressive-in the main tray there is a place for 250 sheets of paper, and for a multi-purpose tray-another 50. This is a worthy copy apparatus with bilateral scanning and duplex seal, and although it may seem expensive, it comes with a sufficient amount of toner so that the labor force prints up to 6,300 monochrome or 5,000 colored pages.

Main characteristics

If you can find a place in your house for this huge laser device “four in one”, it will almost certainly satisfy your requirements for printing, scanning and copying. All-in-One Printer has a very high container for toner and paper, holds 550 sheets in the main paper tray and another 150-in a multi-purpose tray. It photocopies and prints very quickly, and a large integer with a touch screen is the most perfect that you will find on the front panel of any printer. In short, this is a powerful laser “all in one” for heavy loads

Main characteristics

This large black box contains everything that you may need from a multifunctional device. In addition to sending faxes, printing, scanning and copying, it has a quick and reliable car driver and a large color touch screen. Two paper trays contain 500 sheets of paper, which makes them ideal for large loads, and for jet printers at high speed. Print quality both in color and monoma is equally impressive.

Main characteristics

4-in-1 color jet printer | Printing speed: 23 p/min | Dimensions of the paper: to A4 | Paper capacity: 500 | Weight: 12.1 kg

How to choose an All-In-One Printer

About how to choose the right All-in-One Printer will tell us Dmitry Meleshin, head of the computer salon “Status”.

For a home or for office?

The only most useful way to classify All-in-One Printer is to divide them for its intended purpose: a house, an office or both. If you are looking for a homemade all-in-“Printer, you probably take care of the quality of photos, which means that there must be a jet printer among the functions. In addition, if photos are your main interest, and you are looking for a way to print them from almost any source-you need All-In-One Printer for a photo laboratory. True, there are several options in this subcategory: you can determine them by their ability to scan slides and strips of film, which most All-in-One Printer leave unattended.

Functions and features

Going beyond the general concepts of home and office All-in-One Printer, it is useful to make a list of functions that you really need. Printing, scanning and copying is a given, but even these foundations are not as simple as you might think. For example, some All-in-One Printer are limited to scanning through a USB connection. If you plan to connect over the network, make sure that this function is provided for All-In-One Printer. The possibility of scanning transparent films is quite unusual, so it is often distinguished in a separate function. Be sure to check the dimensions with which the All-in-One Printer can work; Transparent films are often limited to 35 mm.

The fax function almost always includes an autonomous gear that you control using the All-In-One Printer keyboard. But it does not necessarily include a fax function with PC. sending documents by fax directly from your computer without the need for their first print. Be careful if this function is important to you. Email functions are also in two forms. The function of direct e-mail allows you to scan and send e-mail directly to your Internet provider (ISP) or internal mail server in your network. The most common option for low-level All-in-One Printer is the opening of an email message on PC and adding a scanned document as an investment.

Most All-In-One Printer include tablets suitable for scanning photos or one-page documents. Automatic submitter of documents (ADF) will allow you to easily scan (as well as copy, send faxes and email) documents.

Color print

If you never print in color, then there is no reason to spend money on this function. However, keep in mind that many color laser All-In-One Printer can print with a sufficiently high quality. This will print their own marketing materials, which is cheaper than printing in a printing house.

Printer size

All-In-One Printer, as a rule, is more than single-functional printers. And some homemade All-in-One Printer can be so high that they will rise above you if put them on the table. Be sure to check the size and weight of the All-in-One Printer, although most likely you will not move it very often.

Connection option

In addition to the USB port, many All-In-One Printer include Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi connections for convenience of joint use. If you prefer Wi-Fi, keep in mind that if you should have a wireless access point in your network. Some All-In-One Printer now include Wi-Fi Direct, which allows compatible devices to connect to them without need at a wireless access point.

Quality and quantity

In addition to checking the quality of the press, you may need to check the quality of the scanning. This is not a problem for offices, because almost any scanner can scan documents with sufficiently high quality. When calculating the working cycle and the input volume necessary for the All-in-One Printer, do not forget to add copies and incoming faxes to the total number of pages that you will print.

How to choose an All-In-One Printer for a home in 2022?

All All-In-One Printer are divided into jet and laser.

The former is much cheaper, provide printing images with high resolution, have a simple design that facilitates their use. However, they have a high cost of one print, ink is spent quickly and dry with a long idle of the device. A set of cartridges is cheap, but they will have to be often refueled, and you can do it yourself.

The laser All-In-One Printer print much faster, and one print is much cheaper due to the low consumption of toner, but they themselves are more expensive. They are suitable if there is a need to print large images. The cartridges are quite expensive, but the gas station will cost cheaply, it is made less often than on the inkjet All-In-One Printer.

An important role in the choice is played by the price of the device, the cost of service and other expenses associated with its operation. In addition, you should pay attention to a number of points in order to work with the device was as convenient as possible:

  • You should check the availability of the use of All-in-One Printer in the network format;
  • The possibility of sending a scanned image by e.mail;
  • The presence of USB ports for working with removable drives, however, some devices are not compatible with all file systems;
  • Telephony functions that allow calls, send a fax;
  • The appearance of the device.

When drawing up the rating of the best All-In-One Printer of the year, we took into account all these indicators. In addition, we analyzed customer reviews, the ratio of devices for price-quality. We hope our rating will help choose the most suitable equipment for home or office use.

List of the best ALL-In-ONE PRINTER models in 2022

Canon Pixma G2411

The main distinguishing quality of this device is the presence of a factory system of continuous ink supply, which allows you to make prints more saturated, in addition, the paint will not dry during the period of prolonged downtime of equipment. The overall dimensions of the product are not too large, which allows you to comfortably place the product in your home office or in a compact office. The control panel is represented by several keys with compact icons applied to them, there is also a small segment.type display, the diagonal of which is 1.2 inches. Pigment black ink is responsible for the printing of documents, color images appear thanks to the system of water.soluble ink. The minimum volume of the drop is not too large. it is only 2 picoliters, so the resolution of the images is quite acceptable. It reaches a density of about 4800×1200 pixels.

Print speed is not very high, which is quite characteristic of jet equipment. In one minute, the device gives up to 9 sheets with a monochrome image (text, documents, and so on) or up to 5 sheets of color prints of A4 format format. Also, within one minute, the device should issue at least one photo of the 10×15 cm format. As the basis of the scanner, CIS matrix acts here, which provides scanning resolution of 600×1200 pixels. One sheet A4 is scanned for 19-20 seconds. These products are capable of working with paper of various formats and density. it is allowed to use matte, glossy, semi.glossy, photo paper, classic office, the density of which is 80 g/sq. m. The device is capable of operating only with the Windows platform, it is connected via USB, Wi-Fi module is absent here, so it will not be possible to use equipment as network.

  • Manufacturers were able to achieve quite high quality photos;
  • Quickly copies documents;
  • The presence of a continuous supply system of ink;
  • Economical paint consumption;
  • Long service life;
  • Informative display.

Cannot be used as a network.

Brother DCP-L3550CDW

It has a fairly decent ratio of price and quality, users also note the high reliability of this device. The model is equipped with a tray, the capacity of which is 250 sheets of standard office paper, so it will be necessary to load it not too often even with intensive use. The technology of laser printing is used here, so there will be no need to quite often refuel these products. In addition, the cost of refueling is much lower than inkjet models. The print quality of this printer is as close as possible to the professional: the resolution is 2400 points per square inch. For the convenience of management, the products are equipped with a full.color liquid crystal touch.type display, thanks to which you can get full access to all the necessary equipment functions.

The product is quite easy to configure. If necessary, it connects to several computers at once via a wireless network. The ALL-In-One Printer includes a cartridge designed to print 1000 full-color pages. Support for fast printing from mobile devices. phones or tablets, manufacturers equipped the product with a system of automatic submission of sheets for scanning and copying. about 50 sheets will fit here. There is still a function of automatic bilateral printing. The product works almost silently, so it will not be distracted from the slave.

  • High print and scan quality;
  • The possibility of remote access;
  • Excellent suitable for both home needs and office use.

Epson L850

The first model equipped with six colors. As well as previously considered, here a system of continuous supply of ink is provided here. The device has not too large sizes and good functionality: it can be connected using a wire or via Wi-Fi or Lan channel. All-In-on Printer is equipped with a color liquid crystalline display.

During the operation of the device, a piezoelectric jet technology is used, due to which the All-In-One Printer allows you to get the excellent quality of any images at the output, including photos. The manufacturer claims that this is a real full.fledged photo center. this is fully consistent with the truth. Photos are printed very quickly. 1015 format is ready after 12 seconds. You can apply images on a variety of surfaces. cards, films, photo paper, disks surface, labels and so on.

Brother DCP-1602R

Products are characterized by the optimal combination of good equipment and high performance, and all working elements are placed in the case relatively small sizes. In this case, the user provides quick access to the tray with paper and cartridge. Sheets climb out of the lower compartment, and go into a special niche. All controls are located on the top panel: in addition to the set of buttons, a small but quite informative monochrome display is provided here. He does not have backlighting, however, all data is read with ease. All keys have icons and signatures made in Russian. The buttons are rubberized, pressed with a little effort. Products are stable, regardless of the paper used. The device occupies a minimum amount of free space, and all folding trays, if necessary, are instantly folded.

You will not have to install drivers yourself. immediately when connecting to a computer, the system will perform everything itself. A device works with various operating systems. all drivers on them are on the official website. The print speed is quite high, it can reach about 20 sheets per minute. There is the possibility of copying documents without connecting to a personal computer. Printing photos is characterized by high detail, all halftones are preserved, the colors come out bright and quite saturated, the resolution reaches 2400×600 dots per inch. The case here is plastic, painted black with a matte coating, looks rather strictly, so it will organically fit into the interior of both at home and office.


TOP-3 the best All-In-One Printer for photo printing

Below are the best models of printers for photo printing.

Epson L5190

The Epson L5190 device is capable of operating without cartridges. Instead, special ink containers are used. Their location allows you to track the level of ink and makes the model more compact.

The secret of the new type of refueling is that each container has a unique shape of the nose, which suits only the corresponding coloring in color, working as a key with a lock.

Due to this, it is almost impossible to confuse colors in the process of refueling your printer.

New types of containers have an internal valve that blocks the flow of ink.

The model makes it possible to connect to the network, which makes it ideal for working with several computers in the office. All-In-One Printer allows you to scan multi-page documents using a car sailor for 30 sheets.

You can simply put printed material in ADF, set the necessary settings and do your own business.

Canon Pixma TR4540

All-in-One Printer of the CANON PIXMA TR4540-type jet type with the ability to copy, scan and printed documents from electronic media is ideal for use in office premises, educational institutions and at home.

The maximum level of noise of the All-in-One Printer is 54 dB, so its operation will not cause discomfort to others. The device is compatible with operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS and is equipped with additional USB intenses for quick data exchange with external information carriers.

The printer has the possibility of scaling in the range from 25 to 400% and can create up to 99 copies of the document in one cycle.

All-In-One Printer allows you to print in a full-color or black and white format in the high quality of the resulting image at a speed of 8 pages per minute. It is also supplemented by a fax with an electronic display to withdraw the necessary information and a convenient control panel with buttons.

HP Officejet Pro 9020

The jet model of the printer HP Officejet Pro 9020 has compact dimensions and is able to cope with large printing volumes according to office requirements.

It combines the functionality of four devices at the same time. printer, fax, scanner and copy. It also implements a thermostatic print technology and a system using 4 color cartridges, which ensures the creation of realistic prints and ease of maintenance.

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All-In-One Printer provides for the possibility of synchronization with a computer, tablet computer and mobile phone. The Wi-Fi Inte Wee is also supported, and the USB port and the LAN network connector is offered for wiring.

select, all-in-one, printer, home, color

The control panel together with the display and the intuitive menu guarantee the simplicity of connecting when choosing the parameters of the device.

All-In-One Printer has a 500-sheet supply tray and a resolution of 300×300 dpi.

TOP-3 of the best inexpensive All-in-One Printer

Below are the best inexpensive models All-in-One Printer.

Canon Pixma MG2540S

Canon Pixma MG2540s jet printer is great for home use. This model is printing, scanning and copying.

It covers the main needs and reduces the amount of equipment purchased.

The model has optimal characteristics and a high degree of reliability. Using this equipment, you can work with the sheets of the maximum A4 format.

The All-in-One Printer uses a jet print technology for subsequent application.

It is able to provide high quality and saturation. The speed for black and white images is eight pages per minute, and four pages for color. Also All-In-One Printer can be used to print photos.

Copyr operates with a maximum resolution of 1200×600 dpi, and its speed is two pages per minute. The scanner has an optical resolution of 1200×600 dpi and is able to recognize four pages over the same period of time.

Pantum M6507W

The Pantum M6507W printer model combines high performance, low energy consumption and high.quality printing of documents at a high level.

The device combines the functions of a scanner, printer and copy, and will become a faithful assistant in the organization of daily document management and will be convenient for work and study.

The device will be able to surprise you with the quality of black and white print, as the laser printer operates in resolution of 1200×1200 dpi.

High.precision scanner allows you to scan to twenty.two pages per minute.

The printer is capable of functioning with A4 paper, which is quite enough to solve the vast majority of user problems.

A copy with the possibility of scaling allows you to immediately make ninety.nine copies of documents and processes up to 22 pages per minute, so you will not have to wait long.

HP Ink Tank 319

All-In-on Printer HP Ink Tank 319 with ink is able to help organize a high-quality printing process with minimal costs. Do not separately purchase a xerox and scanner.

This device will be indispensable not only in any office where there are always large volumes of work, but also at home. The device is designed for active operation-you can easily print up to 7,000 colored specimens and up to 6,000 black and white images in A4 format.

Due to modern jet printing, you can create high.quality images. Ink, which are supplied together with the model, can transmit the entire spectrum of colors and shades with smooth transitions. They are evenly distributed over the surface of the material and are securely fixed on the medium.

For work, use gloss, offset paper, cardboard, special photo paper. Carriers are located in a comfortable tray and holds 60 sheets at the entrance, and 25 sheets at the exit.