Screenshot On Sony Xperia Z2

Take a screenshot of your Xperia Z using these three screen capture methods

Screenshot On Sony Xperia Z2

Without a doubt, the basic ability to take screenshots on a smartphone remains an important hallmark when it comes to the built-in features of your device. If you want to perpetuate the stress of text messages and one-time instant chats, or you need to record important data and information in order to serve customers, the ability to take a quick screenshot of your display is an important tool.

Fortunately for users of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone line, there are many different ways to solve this simple task. To help, we’ve put together a detailed walkthrough detailing each method, which is also convenient to apply to any version of the popular Sony device, whether it’s talking about the Xperia Z2 or Z3. Soon we will take screenshots on your Xperia Z so that you can release all these outrageous auto-replacements that you saved in your inbox in the world.

Method # 1: Using the Power / Lock Button

For almost every Sony Xperia Z smartphone. except for those using Android 4.3. the first way to take a screenshot is the easiest. Just press and hold the phone’s power / lock button until a pop-up window opens, and then select “Take a screenshot” in the pop-up menu that appears. Then the phone will automatically save the screenshot to the “Screenshots” folder of your device, conveniently located in the “Images” or “Gallery” application. You will also have the opportunity to edit the image using the Sketch application, share it with various social networks or send e-mail to family and friends as soon as you find the picture.

Method # 2: Using Proven Android Technology

Like any Android smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z allows you to take screenshots by quickly pressing the power / lock buttons and lowering the volume on the smartphone. Just press and hold each button for about two seconds, after which the device will receive an image on the phone’s display. As in the above method, your smartphone will then save each image to the Xperia Z’s Screenshots folder, located in the Images or Gallery application.

Method No. 3: Using the Capture Screen Button

The third and final method of capturing screenshots on Xperia Z may require a few extra button presses, but this remains an easy way to take a screenshot. To do this, simply press the “Menu” button and select the “Active Clip” icon in the “Small Application” menu at the bottom of the screen. When the resulting window opens, click on the Capture Screen and let Xperia Z take a screenshot and open it in the Sketch application on the phone. Like other methods, you will have the opportunity to edit the photo, share it on various social networks or send it by e-mail to everyone you choose.