Screenshot On Lg K10 How To Make

Screenshot On Lg K10 How To Make

You are looking for information how to take a screenshot on the LG K10, which buttons to press to take a picture of the screen the phone? In this article, we will describe several ways to save a screen from the screen to Algie to 10 and similar smartphones and tablets running on the Android operating system.

For those who do not know what a screenshot is and why it is needed. Screenshot function allows you to take a picture of the screen and save the file with information as a picture. For example, when browsing a web page, you need to quickly save certain information or a picture, you do not have to download the image or record it wherever you are, the user of Elgie K10 can take a screenshot by pressing and holding certain buttons, after which all information from the screen will be saved as a picture. You can open it at any time simply by opening the gallery where your photos are and see all the information from this picture. Also, the saved screenshot can be sent by email or shared on social networks. A screenshot is a useful feature and sooner or later, any user of LG or another device will want to use it.

First way. To do Screenshot on Elgie K10 and similar androids do the following:
Press and hold the button “volume down” and button “enable / disable” phone for a few seconds.
(For those LG K10 users who do not understand which buttons to press and hold: the button “food” and button “volume down” hold for several seconds at the same time).
If you successfully save the screen, you will hear the sound of the camera shutter as if you took a picture, you will also see a notification about saving the screenshot.
If you did not succeed the first time, then try again, maybe you did not hold both buttons for a sufficient time. Usually, whoever does a Screenshot for the first time does not work out the first time, more attempts are needed.

The second way. Since there is a fingerprint scanner on Lji K10, it plays the role of a multi-function button, you can use it to take selfies and save screenshot from screen. To do this, you need to touch the scanner sensor twice and the screenshot is ready. Perhaps this method will not work if you do not use fingerprints to unlock the smartphone and fingerprints are not previously stored on the device.

On some models such as LG Leon, Magna, Spirit and the like, the power / lock button is located on the back of the case. On most Android devices, the power / lock button is located on the side, and it may be that the button is located on the top.