Screenshot On Ipad How To Take A Screenshot On An Apple Tablet

Screenshot On Ipad How To Take A Screenshot On An Apple Tablet

Thanks to iOS 11, you can easily, using the standard functions of the device, make, edit and even mark any screenshot on your iPad or iPad Pro with the necessary annotations. But, many users simply do not remember the keyboard shortcut on the iPad, which must be pressed for prinskrin.

How to take a screenshot of an iPad, iPad Pro or iPad mini

Launch the application (or applications in a split screen / picture in picture) that you want to screen. It can also be any messenger or favorite game.

Arrange all the elements as you need.

Press the on / off button (Power) and hold it. It is located at the top of the device.

Press the Home button.

Release both buttons.

You can try to do this while pressing both buttons at the same time, however it is better to give preference to successive pressing. This will minimize the chances of accidentally activating Siri.

When the screenshot is taken, you will see a white flash, and also (if the sound is on) hear a characteristic sound that resembles a click on the shutter of the camera. All this is a confirmation that the image was saved on the device in the “Photos” application in png format.

Edit your finished screenshot with Instant Markup

When working with iOS 11 on an iPad Air or iPad Pro (as well as working with later versions), immediately after you figure out the process of creating screenshots, the image will appear in the lower left corner (bottom) of the screen. After a couple of seconds, the picture disappears. During this time, you need to have time to click on it in order to use the Instant Markup mode.

Instant Markup is iPad’s primary image editing application.

You can use a marker, highlighter, pencil, eraser or magic rope. Your text annotations can be in many different colors. The ability to crop screenshots is also present.

Be sure to remember! Our instructions are suitable for any tablet from Apple, in particular:

IPad mini 2 and 3 series;

In the lower right corner is the “” button (“” icon). It will allow you to add four additional tools:

Text. Overlay any text message on the image. When the field appears, click on it. You will see a keyboard.

Signature. If you have already created a signature in the Preview, then you add it to the screenshot right from there.

Magnifier. Point the tool at the areas that you need to consider in detail. Magnifier boundaries are not fixed. Change the zoom scale.

Figures. A screenshot can be presented in the form of an external quote frame, square, circle, arrow. Drag the edges of the image to change the shape and size.

In the lower left corner of the screen you will find an arrow, clicking on which you can cancel any unsuccessful action. The ability to restore the actions performed earlier is also available.

You can share screenshots with friends directly in Instant Markup without saving the results in the Photos folder. This is a new iOS 11 feature. The Share button is provided for this. Choose the services that you like.

How to find screenshots on iPad or iPad Pro

On the home page you will find the Photos app.

Click on “Albums.”

Click on “Screenshots”.

In the main photo albums, screenshots can also be found. However, for this purpose you will have to search for the desired image among hundreds of others.

Create and save, without problems, any moments and seconds of everyday life that are important to you. If, after reading, you still have questions about how to take a screenshot of the tablet from Apple, be sure to ask it in the comments. The most similar information about creating a screen shot on other device models is available on Apple‘s official website. here.