Screen Replacement Xiaomi Mi6 Video

Every modern Android or iOS smartphone has many interesting features. Every year, devices are equipped with increasingly complex functions that make it easier to use the phone. One of the features of smartphones are sensors, of which there are more than a dozen. Xiaomi also has a lot of these.

Long-term operation of the device leads to disruption of the sensors and sensors. Because of this, the automatic brightness of the screen at different times of the day may not be correctly adjusted, there will be problems when you click on the screen, since touches are detected incorrectly.

As for smartphones, Xiaomi sensor calibration will help fix the problem. This procedure allows you to configure the sensor responses to the correct answer, also with other types of sensors. It is worth noting that on devices of other companies there is no such function.

How to calibrate the proximity sensor on xiaomi

On most Xiaomi smartphones, you can use the engineering menu, which has the necessary sensor tests. But first you need to check the activity of the proximity sensor:

  • We open the “Phone” section, on the left click on the “Menu”.
  • Go to Settings.
  • We find the item “Incoming calls”.
  • In this section, we look at the line “Proximity Sensor”, the function must be active.
  • Open the dialing menu and enter the standard code of the engineering menu: ## 6484 ##.
  • Immediately we get to the QC test window. Here we find the “Proximity Sensor” item.
  • We try to bring your finger closer to the sensor on the top panel of the device. If the value “Value” changes, then the sensor is working.
  • Press the Calibration button to calibrate the proximity sensor on Xiaomi.

Battery Calibration

Why do I need battery calibration for Xiaomi smartphones?

During prolonged use of the phone, the data about the full charge and low battery may be incorrect, as a result, charging the smartphone may be incorrect. Such a problem shortens battery life. To fix this, you need to calibrate the battery.

The first calibration method is that the device must be fully charged in the on state and carry out the following manipulations:

  • Disconnect the charging cable from the phone;
  • Turn off the phone completely and reconnect the charging cable after a couple of seconds. The LED should be green;
  • Turn off the charger again and turn on the phone. After loading the OS, turn it off again. We do all the actions very quickly;
  • We start charging the switched off phone. As soon as the LED lights up green, disconnect the smartphone from charging again.
  • Turn on and use.

This was the easiest way to calibrate the battery on xiaomi.

The next method is to use Root rights. To do this, you need to prepare by reading each paragraph of the instructions below:

Screen Replacement Xiaomi Mi6

  • Turn off the smartphone completely and connect to the charging cable. It is advisable that the adapter be plugged into an outlet.
  • After the device LED turns green, the device must be turned on and wait until the operating system is fully loaded.
  • Further actions will work if you have superuser privileges. Download the Root Explorer app.
  • Go to the data / system directory and find the file batterystats.bin, which we delete.
  • We disconnect the charger and use the smartphone until it automatically turns off.
  • Charge the phone to 100%.

Now the xiaomi smartphone’s battery is fully calibrated and the system “remembers” the exact capacity value.

How to calibrate a compass

Almost any Xiaomi firmware has a built-in Compass application. The correct compass calibration is as follows:

  • Go to the smartphone settings and the “Installed applications” section;
  • We find applications “Compass”;
  • Click the “Clear Data” button to clear the cache;
  • We reboot the phone;
  • We are looking for the compass application on the main screen. It is usually located in the Tools folder.
  • By launching Compass, we allow access to geodata.
  • We act in accordance with the instructions on the screen (You need to perform a gesture in the form of a figure eight), while the smartphone is placed in a horizontal position.
  • After calibration, vibration will occur and the compass itself will appear.

Screen calibration

If, when you click on the screen, the sensor responds poorly, or the touch is detected incorrectly, there is an opportunity to fix the problem. To do this, calibrate the sensor. The process involves the following series of actions:

  • To calibrate the screen, it is advisable to remove the protective film or glass, but this is only a recommendation;
  • We go into the engineering menu by entering the command ## 6484 ##;
  • We find the option “Touchpanel”;
  • We drag our fingers across the screen in accordance with the instructions.

It is possible to use specialized applications that can be downloaded from the Play Market. These include Touchscreen Calibration, Display Calibration and the like. We use them last.

Thus, we looked at two ways to calibrate the display. If it doesn’t help, then the problem is different.

Other calibrations

There are many more sensors, but one of the important ones is the accelerometer, which is responsible for orientation in space. In other words, if your screen rotation is not working correctly, there are probably problems with the accelerometer.

Calibration of the accelerometer on the Xiaomi smartphone is carried out in two ways: using standard functions and an ordinary magnet.

In the first case, on some Xiaomi firmware in the settings there is an accelerometer calibration function. It is located in the “Display” parameters. After that, the built-in feature will automatically configure the sensor.

The second method is to use a mechanical effect on the smartphone with a magnet. The method does not always work and it should be used with caution (the magnet should not be highly magnetized).

We take a magnet and hold on the back of the phone for 2 minutes. Between objects, it is desirable to put some kind of fabric or paper. After the procedure, we restart the device and check the operation of the accelerometer.

There is another calibration option using the engineering menu. We do everything in order:

  • We enter the command ## 6484 ## to enter the engineering menu;
  • We find the item “Accelerator” or “Accelerometer sensor”;
  • We tilt the phone in different directions: right, left, forward and backward. As soon as all the arrows appear, press the “Calibration” button;
  • The message “Calibration success” should appear;
  • Click OK;
  • Now you need to turn the smartphone in a circle to calibrate the Magnetic Sensor. The device is held in a horizontal or vertical position;
  • We are waiting for vibration and Finished messages.