Screen Replacement On Microsoft Lumia 535

Screen Replacement On Microsoft Lumia 535

With this instruction, you can replace the broken screen yourself with a Lumia 535 (RM-1090 / RM-1091 / RM-1089 / RM-1092)

There are several types of screens.

The screen version is printed on a loop. Be careful when buying.


This article is not a guide to action! All responsibility for collecting and disassembling your device lies with you.
Many manufacturers do not have warranty obligations if the device was disassembled by the user. If you do not want to lose the warranty on your device, check the warranty conditions in the documentation or from the device manufacturer.

Used tools

Remove the battery, SIM card and memory card.

Use a Torx T4 screwdriver to unscrew the 9 screws marked in the photo.

Using the tool to open the enclosures, separate the back of the enclosure from the frame.

We draw along the perimeter, opening the latches.

  • Flex cable for touch screen;
  • Display loop
  • Charging cable;
  • Antenna cable.

You can use the tool to disassemble the housings to disconnect the connectors.

Remove the two Torx T4 screws marked with circles in the photo.

Remove the main board from the chassis.

And on the reverse side 🙂

Remove the rubber from the display loop.

Stick a few strips of scotch tape on the screen, so as not to have problems with small fragments.

Heat the screen with a hairdryer well.

Use a paper knife or something with a sharp edge to separate the bottom of the touch screen from the display. If both the sensor and the display are damaged, then you can simply remove the entire display and not detach the sensor.

Then use a plastic case disassembly tool to separate the entire touch screen.

Be careful and do not use extreme force. If necessary, heat the touch screen again.

With a plastic tool, carefully remove the display.

Clean the body of adhesive tape and glue.

It’s better to clean it well;)

Put the display back into the case.

If there is no adhesive tape on the new touch glass, then stick 2mm around the perimeter.

Glue the new touch screen to the display and start assembling everything in the reverse order.