Screen Replacement For Huawei P Smart

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Payment by installments

Payment by installments

Replacing the glass on the P Smart Plus display module

Replacement of the protective glass itself, without a complete replacement of the display module.

Replacing a P Smart Plus Touch Screen Display

Replacing the P Smart Plus Battery

It is quickly discharged; reboots; spontaneously turns off when there is a charge.

Replacing / Repairing the P Smart Plus Speaker

Replacing / Repairing the P Smart Plus Microphone

Microphone P Smart Plus does not work. The interlocutor does not hear or hears you poorly, interference in the conversation.

Repair and restoration after moisture penetration P Smart Plus

Liquid has entered the housing.

Power Button Replacement P Smart Plus

Does not respond to pressing the power button.

Replacing micro USB, charging, P Smart Plus audio

The phone is not detected when connected to a PC, it does not charge from the network, there is no sound in the headphones.

Replacing the P Smart Plus SIM Card Connector

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Opening hours are subject to prior appointment by telephone

. The price is including spare parts. The specified operating time is indicative (depends on the availability of spare parts and the workload of specialists).

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Screen Replacement For Huawei P Smart

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Common breakdowns of Huawei P Smart Plus

Replacing display with sensor

Recovery after moisture

SIM Card Replacement

Replacing display with sensor

Recovery after moisture

SIM Card Replacement

Indicate the reason for the low rating. Repair Request

Note! If a specialist of our service center accepted a glass replacement device, and during the repair process it became necessary to replace the screen, you only pay for the previously agreed service, that is, glass replacement.

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