Screen Recording On Iphone Ways, Applications, Tricks

Screen Recording On Iphone Ways, Applications, Tricks

Quite often, we record the screen from the iPhone: for our own blog, for the site to comment on a funny moment from the movie or the passage of the game. Previously, you had to use special screen recording applications that we downloaded from the Apple Store. But there they appeared infrequently and not for long, because Apple’s policy in this matter was inexorable. Any applications of this kind were deleted as soon as possible. But recently (relatively, almost a year ago) Apple pleased us, and with the release of iOS 11, it became possible to record a screen directly from the system.

Owners of the iPhone (owners of the new iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max have this feature in the boxed version of iOS), who upgraded to the then-new iOS 11, uninstalled all third-party applications and stopped using illegal jailbreak. Naturally, the function also works in the current iOS 12.
Let’s figure out how to enable Recording from the screen, if you still have not done so, because by default it is not turned on.

Record iPhone screen in the standard way from the phone itself

To enable the screen recording function, you need to perform several steps once, you do not have to do this anymore:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Choose a Control Center.
  3. Click on Customize controls.
  4. Add the Screen Record function to the Control Center by switching the toggle switch to the active state.

Record the screen in two movements. by calling Control point and clicking round icon in the lower left corner. By default, sound is not recorded, only.

In order to enable sound recording, you need to press the button a little harder and longer, the function of turning on the microphone will appear. Turn on. All. Now screen recording with sound works forever.

Mac iPhone Screen Recording

  • Connect the iPhone to it using the cord and open the pre-installed QuickTime Player application.
  • Click File. New Recording.
  • Then, in the drop-down menu near the red Record button, select the device by ticking.
  • Before that, do not forget to choose a microphone, otherwise the sound will not be recorded.

How and where to use iPhone screen recording

Screencasting, or more simply. screen recording, can be very useful in different cases:

Happiness is not for everyone and there are old school and old phages who use the old iPhone, and with them the old iOS, which do not support screen recording. For them, the next section.

Best iPhone Screen Recording Apps on iOS 11

Though morally obsolete

Screen Recorder

A powerful and easy to use application for recording the screen of your smartphone. With it, you can easily record any content: online, games, various shows or calls.
The HD quality of the saveds and the clean accompanying audio sequence are the main advantages. Screen Recorder provides the ability to put background music under the and trim it, add emoji, text, and apply effects and filters.

Download the iPhone Screen Recorder screen recording application for free.

DU Recorder. Screen Recording

The main characteristic is reliability. With this application, you can not only record the screen, but also broadcast on social networks or YouTube. During the live broadcast, you can choose the option of the necessary permission and protect your from viewing by third parties.
Through the Control Center, you need to connect the DU Recorder to instantly record the screen and save a that you can edit: crop and delete unnecessary. Thanks to this application, the life of many bloggers will become much simpler, and their channels more interesting.

Download DU Recorder. screen recording without time limits and in-app purchases.

Display. Screen Recorder

It will help to record the iPhone screen, namely: create a demo, watchable gameplay or an introductory about the application. Display. Screen Recorder offers the convenience of saving entries in one folder, giving you the ability to rename them and organize them for quick search.
You can move the saved entry to another application or share it with friends.

Download Display. Screen Recorder for free. After familiarization, you can pay for the premium version of 9.99 and use without restrictions.