Screen Does Not Turn On When Starting Computer

Almost all users had this situation. the computer turns on, and the monitor does not turn on. A similar phenomenon can occur for a variety of reasons.

It may be in any previously installed applications, drivers. Or simply in the failed hardware. the card, the display itself.

Hardware malfunctions

Very often the reason that the computer is running but does not show the monitor is the hardware.

The most common malfunctions leading to this kind of situation are the following:

  • card failure;
  • the signal does not reach the screen via the data cable.

adapter failure

If the card fails, the computer may turn on, but there will be no image on the screen. The reason for this is the lack of an appropriate signal. Check if everything is okay with the card is quite simple.

To do this, you must:

It often happens that after assembling the PC, the master will not check individual components. Sometimes a card is simply not completely inserted into the bus. This may cause a lack of signal at its output contacts. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to its appearance.

Also, swollen capacitors (small bars on the board) can serve as a sign of its failure.

If visually everything is okay with the card, you can try installing it on another PC. Another way to check is to try connecting the display to another personal computer. Perhaps the matter is in himself and he needs repairs. In both of the above cases, it is best to contact a qualified technician to carry out repairs.

Lack of power on the monitor

Previously, many devices of this type were connected directly to the PC power supply. These times are gone, and today the display is inserted into the outlet separately, for this there is a special power cable with a plug at the end.

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Often situations arise when the monitor is connected to the network, but it does not turn on. In this case, it is necessary to check the integrity of the power cable, ring it with the device. Of course, having disconnected previously from the socket.

If one of the cores is simply broken, do not repair it, do twists. This can subsequently result in electric shock. The most important sign of a lack of power on the monitor or its complete failure is a non-burning lamp located directly on the case.

The signal does not reach the data cable

Often the answer to the question: “why when you turn on the computer the screen does not work?” lies in the absence of a signal at the input.

This occurs in the following cases:

Sometimes it happens that the cause of a non-working display lies in the connecting cable. It can be simply killed, crushed. This often happens when sharp legs of furniture are put on it. tables, chairs. Or they simply bend it excessively too, breaking thin veins.

A sign of a malfunction of this type is a short-term inclusion for 1 second. when moving it.

Often, after replacing a card or simply after cleaning the inside of a PC, the user does not very carefully insert the data cable connector into the socket on the adapter. As a result, the signal does not reach the screen, and for this reason the image on it is completely absent. To avoid the occurrence of such situations, it is necessary to tighten the connection with the special screws available on the plug.

Screen Does Not Turn On When Starting Computer

Software malfunctions

In addition to purely hardware problems, the lack of an image may be due to the software part.

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The most common cause of this kind of malfunction is:

  • driver. not suitable or incorrectly installed;
  • any additionally installed utilities.

The main sign that the problem of the lack of an image lies in the software part of a personal computer is the presence of an image when it starts up on the display screen and it disappears when the operating system boots up.


For the adapter and the device to which it transfers the image to work, special instructions are required. They are specialized software products that are installed by the user. Often, the reason for the inoperability of the PC screen lies precisely in the driver problems.

There may be several reasons for their occurrence:

  • incompatibility of screen instructions and card;
  • standard software was installed.

Most often, the problem lies precisely in the fact that the PC drivers are out of date, because the equipment stops working.

To resolve this malfunction is quite simple, you can go in two ways:

  • Download the update yourself from the official website of the equipment manufacturer;
  • enter “safe mode” (to do this, press F8 at startup) and perform the following steps:
  • o go to the “device manager” (“start”.”Control Panel”);
  • o find the “monitors” and double-click on the idle device;
  • o select “driver”.”Update”.

If you have an Internet connection, the update will be carried out automatically, user participation in this will not be required. If the screen does not work in safe mode, you must use a different display.

It also happens that there are any compatibility issues between the adapter and PC screen programs. Most often, this is detected after installation.

To avoid the occurrence of such a situation, you must carefully monitor the changes occurring on the PC. And before you install any catalysts or similar products, make points for a rollback.

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Most modern operating systems are flashed with standard drivers that allow you not to waste time installing “native” ones. In most cases, this is a fairly convenient solution. But some models require the installation of only “native” utilities.

If the PC screen does not work after starting the OS boot, it is worth going into Windows in “protected mode” and installing other drivers.

The indicated operation is performed as follows:

  • we find the “control panel”.”Task Manager”-“Monitors”;
  • select the desired device and double-click on it;

After this, you must immediately start the installation of the “native” drivers, before activating the “PlugAndPlay” system. This function automatically sets a standard set of instructions. After performing all the above steps, you must restart.

Applications and Utilities

It happens that the lack of image is caused by previously installed programs and utilities. Often, many users experiment with new software, all kinds of utilities. They can negatively affect PC performance. In particular, on the functioning of the display.

If after installing some new software the image has disappeared, then you should delete it through the safe mode.

When this action does not help, you can use the “system recovery” function:

  • open the start button;
  • click on “all programs”. “Service”. “System Restore”;
  • follow the prompts indicated by the operating system.

If there is no image on the display, do not panic in any case. Most often, solving this kind of problem is quite simple; specialist assistance may be required only in any emergency situations. they are extremely rare.

And if the computer does not turn on, you will be interested in this article.