Sberpay for Android Samsung as. What cards can be added

Sberpay what is it and how it works

In the summer of 2020, Sberbank announced the launch of the new Sberpay contactless payment service, which works on the basis of NFC technology. Having a smartphone based on the Android 7 OS (or more) with NFC support you can easily pay the phone you need in stores, which will save you from the need to always carry a bank card with you. Despite the fact that the launch of this service was somewhat late compared to its direct competitors (“Google Pay”, “Apple Pay”. Samsung Pay and others), an alternative in the form of Sberpay was positively appreciated by many users. In our material, we will analyze what Sberpey is, describe its features, and explain how to connect it on your phone.

“Sberpay” (Sberpay) is a contactless payment service “Sberbank” launched by Sberbank in July 2020. The largest bank launched a contactless payment service somewhat late. the main competitors in the form of Google Pay and Apple Pay have been successfully working on the market for several years. Nevertheless, the launch of a Sberbank of its contactless service is a sign of implementation of the most advanced digital technologies in the most massive bank of the country, which cannot be noted by users.

Sberpay service operates on the basis of technology “NFC” and is implemented in the Sberbank Online Mobile Appendix (Android, iOS). The data of your cards in Sberbank are stored in the specified application, and Sberpay functionality can be connected to any of your cards.

Sberpey currently supports bank cards of all three payment systems. Visa, MasterCard, as well as the domestic system “Mir”.

Payment using Sberpay is absolutely safe. data about your card remain inside the Sberbank online application. The fee is encrypted, intercepted and deciphering data about it is almost impossible.

Keep in mind that this service only works with Sberbank cards. Connecting to Sberpey cards of other banks is currently impossible.

How to connect Sberpay

To connect Sberi, you will need a smartphone based on the Android OS, with the version 7.0 or later, supporting NFC (contactless payment). You will also need the Sberbank Online application, in which you have at least one Sberbank card connected.

  • Launch your Sberbank Online application and, if necessary, go through an authorization in it by the number of your bank card;
  • On the starting screen of the application, select the “Wallet” section;

If you do not have the method of blocking the screen, the application will offer you to configure such a lock (it does not work without blocking the screen). Go to the settings, select the lock method, then return to the page with the “Connect” button again. It remains to click on this button to activate contactless payments.

We recommend checking whether Sberpay set the default application

  • Go to the settings of your smartphone;
  • Select the section “Connections”;

How to add a card to Sberbae Pay

Before tying the Sber on the Sberis card, make sure that Sberbank online is available on the phone of the program. Keep in mind that the contactless payment service is available only for smartphones with Android, so you must use the Play Market to download the application. The program must be installed and configured, and the user himself needs to register and add payment tools.

After performing the steps discussed above, you can figure out how to add a card to Sberes Pay. The general algorithm of action has the following view:

  • Enter the Sberbank Online Mobile program on Android smartphone.
  • Select the plastic from the list, which you plan to add to Sberbank Pay.

For some time, the bank needs to check and confirm. If everything is fine, in the future you can pay with the help of a new payment tool. Do not forget about the need to add Pay Sber as a default program and enable NFC. This work is performed in the smartphone settings, and the principle of action depends on the operating system.

Below we consider the general approach how to add the Sberbank service PAY to the default category for Android 10:

As soon as you managed to add a card to Sber Pay and enable the NFC option, you can use the features of the application for payment for goods / services offline.

General payment algorithm for standard. Bring the phone to the terminal for launching Sberbank Pay, touch the scanner with your finger or enter the code, and then look at the transaction operation and check the balance. If everything is fine, bring the smartphone again to pay and confirm payment.

Why the card is not tied

There are situations when Sberis does not connect the card, which is why there is bewilderment of the bank customers. There may be several reasons:

  • Lack of support. Note that in March 2021, Sberbank Pay supports only VISA and MasterCard payment systems. Add the Mir card will not work. Bank employees claim that this is a temporary phenomenon, but the exact date of adding this service is not indicated.
  • The validity period has ended. Before adding a payment tool, pay attention to the date indicated on the card. If the time is over, the bank will not tie the “plastic” and you will need to do it re.release.
  • Blocking. The card will not be able to tie in Sberbank Pay if it is blocked, or there are other restrictions on its application.

In a situation where it is not possible to connect a payment tool to Sberba Pay, contact a banking institution for help. This can be done through the Internet directly through the application, free from mobile number 900 in the territory or around the world by phone 7-495-50-055-50.

Now you know how to add a card to Sberbank Pay, and what is needed for this. Once again, we note that according to the rules of the financial institution, only payment tools of Sberbank and exclusively Visa or Mastercard can be binded.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your experience in doing such work, and the difficulties that arose during its implementation.

How to configure NFC for payment by a bank card

The NFC Android option is a technological development that provides a contactless data exchange at a short distance. In order to pay in this way in the terminals, you should close the device to the reader, after which the payment will be successfully made.

This technology ensures increased safety in operations. The signal during the transmission is practically not amenable to interception. At the same time, the data of the bank card is not involved at all, and the transaction is completely confidential.

Only users of gadgets equipped with an internal NFC module will be able to use all the advantages of contactless operations through the phone. Most modern devices have a similar option.

It is possible to quickly create contactless payment on your phone as follows:

  • By pressing the gear icon, make the entrance to the settings.
  • Here to open the subparagraph “Wireless Networks”.
  • In the case of NFC support, this option will be displayed in the overall list.
  • It remains only to move the runner from left to right to activate the option.

How to connect NFC for Sberbank payments

You can configure a contactless payment through NFC for Sberbank on any device that works with Android OS. If necessary, several cards are attached at once, which accelerates the implementation of financial transactions.

You can connect and configure contactless payments in two ways:

In the first case, a special payment application Android Pay is installed. Two conditions are needed for its normal operation: the presence of the NFC option and the activated map of Sberbank. Before using the application, the following actions must be performed:

  • In the Google Play store download Android Pay and install it.
  • After starting the program, the registration field will appear.
  • Fill out all positions, enter the card number, expiration date and CVC code.
  • A verification code will come to the phone number, which must be entered into a special window.

At the final stage, a questionnaire with personal data is filled, after which the application automatically creates an account in the payment system.

The second method of NFC settings Sberbank involves the use of a special application of Sberbank online. In this case, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

How to use the Sberpay service (“Sberpay”)?

Suppose you have already issued a Sberbank card and downloaded the Sberbank Online application. What further actions, how to configure sberpay (“Sberpay”)? As it turned out, there is nothing complicated here.

A brief guide to action is as follows:

1) go to Sberbank Online and select the right bank card that you want to use to pay with a smartphone using Sberpay.

sberpay, android, samsung, cards

2) On the page with information on the card you will see a new block with a speaker’s speaker “Pay a smartphone”. Press the “Connect Sberpay” button.

3) In the intermediate window that opens, confirm the card connection to Sberpay again by clicking on the “Connect” button.

Further, the system will automatically check the card, connect it to the SBERPAY service and, if everything goes successfully, will issue an appropriate message.

Everything, from this moment, the card is connected, and Sberpay can be fully used. By the way, in addition to paying for goods and services online and offline, using Sberpay you can also withdraw cash at ATMs.

How to pay?

Then it remains only to test sberpay in real life. And the most interesting thing is to check exactly the possibility of making contactless payments on a smartphone with NFC via Sberpay.

I went to the nearest supermarket to try Sberpay. By the way, Sberpay tested on the Huawei P30 smartphone with Android OS, updated to the current tenth version.

What turned out along the way. as in the case of Google Pay, you do not have to go to Sberbank Online at all. Assign Sberpay by default payment for contactless payment in the smartphone settings and calmly pay for purchases in stores without going every time in Sberbank Online.

A set of actions that I had to do is activate the screen, bring the smartphone to the terminal, then confirm the payment by a fingerprint and once again bring the phone to the terminal to complete the purchase.

I have not encountered some problems when paying, although, you must agree, a little not familiar: in the case of Google Pay, you just unlock the smartphone with a print or, for example, a PIN code, bring the smartphone to the terminal and wait for the payment to complete the payment. T.e. perform a slightly smaller number of actions.

With the removal of cash at Sberbank ATMs, there were practically no problems. However, the first time it was not possible to remove cash-for some reason, the NFC-reader of the ATM flatly refused to perceive the phone. As it turned out, not only the phone. the ordinary bank card also did not recognize the module. I had already encountered such a problem for the very first time, when there was only a smartphone with Google Pay, I thought that the problem was exclusively on the phone. As a result, he moved to another ATM and immediately received the requested 100.

How to change on the Google Pay on Sberpay and save the possibility of payment by NFC

Perhaps many have already encountered the problem of contactless payment when paying for services or goods paying through Google Pay and Android Pay. So far, that this affected part of the banks and in the future this list may expand. I did not wait for such an incident and decided to change the payment option on Sberpay in advance.

All connection actions can be carried out through the Sberbank Online mobile application without installing additional software. To do this, in the main window in the search bar we write “Sberpay” and select the corresponding menu opened item.

Since we are the first time we have a connection, accordingly, we do not have assigned cards. Therefore, select “Add a card” and select the right one from the list. For connection, any card duplicated by “plastic” or virtual. When connecting contactless payment, you need to turn on the protective lock of the smartphone. This is done to protect your savings at the moment if the smartphone accidentally falls into the wrong hands. For convenience, you can choose any blocking option: a graphic key, fingerprint or face recognition. It all depends on the state of the smartphone and the convenience of using one or another blocking option.

If you previously used any contactless payment system by default, then a message about changing the standard application for payment through NFC will come up. In the future, this can be changed. After performing all the actions and replacing the standard application for payment, a window with the connection of Sberpay on the smartphone will jump out. For ease of use, the application automatically offers to add to the working screen program shortcut.

After connecting Sberpay, payment problems should not arise and in any store the payment will pass quite quickly and without hanging.

How to install, configure and pay step by step

Installation and setting up the service are held in the mobile version of the Sberbank Online Personal Account. By the way, this application is recognized as one of the most comfortable for the user in the 2020s according to USABILITYLAB. than 3 million passes through it. financial transactions per day.

Before downloading the application, you need to check your smartphone for compatibility. The requirements are as follows:

  • You need to be the owner of a smartphone with a pre.installed version of Android 7.0 and above.
  • Support for NFC. wireless technologies for info.sharing at high radio frequencies.

Note: “Sberbank Online” can be downloaded, including in the AppStore. Apple Appendix and IPhone Apple and Programs store. In contrast, Sberpay requires smartphones with the Google android platform.

Sberpay connection and configure

To connect the service, you need to enter a pre.uploaded Sberbank Online.

  • In the application, find a card that must be tied to the contactless payment service.
  • Enter the “Settings” section, activate NFC function. Select the task “connect sberpay”. After a short time, a message will appear that the service is connected.

Payment using a contactless service

In a store or another point where there is a payment terminal

  • Bring the smartphone to the display of the contactless unit.
  • Confirm the payment in one of two ways:. fingerprint;. screen unlock code.
  • Check the last payment on the phone screen, track the balance and information about the past financial operation.
  • Again bring the smartphone closer to the terminal. this finally confirms the payment.

There is a manual service option. To do this, press the Sberbank online icon, the Sberpay button will appear. It is dragged to the main screen. this is a manual launch.

The operation is confirmed by the unlocking code or fingerprint. After that, the smartphone is closer to the terminal. the payment has gone.

How to use sberpay on iPhone and Android

Only the Android operating system is suitable for installing and operating the application, version 7 more new. On the iPhone it will not be possible to install it.

In smartphones with Android system, you can pay contactlessly for goods and services where there are payment terminals.

There are two ways to launch the Sberpay program:

Both options are described in the section “Payment using a contactless service”

What to do if Sberbank Pay does not work

Now consider how to act, if it is not possible to make a payment and failed to pay for the goods / service using contactless payment. We highlight the main steps to solve the issue on our own.

Check the server

There are situations when the Sberburation Service is temporarily unavailable, and operations are impossible for one reason or another. Take the following steps:

  • Go to the download
  • See if there was a problem on the service.
  • When detecting failures, wait until the problem is eliminated.

Situations when Sberbae does not open, are temporary. To clarify the reasons, dial for free from mobile devices 900 or 7-495-500-55-50 from other countries of the world. Perhaps the problem is related to adjusting the server or eliminating temporary errors by the administration.

If you drink Sberbank service temporarily unavailable, try using a bank card or other contact payment application (if it is installed).

Turn on NFC

The common reason why Sberbank Pay does not work is the disconnected NFC module. In such a situation, check its inclusion, after which again try to make a payment. Use one of the following ways:

Set Sber Pay as the main application

One of the widespread complaints that are found on the Internet. I can not connect Sberbae, the service does not work. In such a situation, do the following:

After that, try whether the program works or not. If the reason was in this, the payment should be held as usual.

The discrepancy between the card

One of the steps, what to do if the Sber is not working. try to tie another bank card. Dot in the work may arise due to an attempt to connect the “plastic” of the payment system of the world. At the time of writing, it is not supported by the system.

Check the correctness of use

One of the reasons why Sberbae does not work on Huawei P40 is the incorrect use of the payment service. Make sure you are doing everything right. To make a payment, take such steps:

  • Bring the smartphone to the terminal for launch Sberb.
  • Confirm the transaction by printing or unlocking code.
  • Look at the balance on the map and transaction data.
  • Bring the phone for payment again.

If it was not possible to make a payment in this way, and the option does not work, try another option. Run the application manually as follows:

  • Squeezing Sberbank online until the Sberpay button appears.
  • Click on it and move to the main display for quick start.
  • Confirm the transaction with a code or fingerprint.
  • Use a smartphone to pay.

Check the card

In a situation where you do not pay through Sberis, make sure the bank card binding. To do this, do the following:

In parallel, make sure that the account has a sufficient amount for the transaction.

Other reasons

There are other reasons why Sberi drink for some reason does not work. We highlight the main:

  • lack of the Internet, because of which the program does not work;
  • The use of a smartphone with Android is less than 7.0;
  • NFC module malfunction and t. D.

Как платить СМАРТФОНОМ, если APPLE PAY и GOOGLE PAY заблокированы

Now you know why Sberi Payi writes that the service is temporarily unavailable, what are possible malfunctions in the work of the program, and how to act to eliminate malfunctions. First, make sure that the NFC is included, the cards are tied correctly, and they have the necessary amount. After that, you can proceed to more serious actions. If this does not give a result, you can contact in support for free from the smartphone 900 or 7-495-500-55-50 from other phones.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us what difficulties you have encountered when using Sberi, and how they managed to decide.

Why Sberes Drite: 12 Комментарии и мнения владельцев does not work

Hello, I can’t connect Sberba Pai I have a card world, I released an electronic visa card, I made it a priority trying to connect it through the settings, please try it in 5 minutes or later for almost a week for almost a week

Hello. Today 21.01.22.Installed SPAI months ago, worked fine. The last three weeks have passed only two payments. I checked everything that needs to be checked! I have a mastercard. Disappointed in this application (((. I’ll go to Google

Hello. Sberpay does not work, writes. that there is no Internet connection. Although it catches 4G and all other applications with the Internet work. On the phone, I did a reboot.

Hello, Sber Pay does not work when paying for railway tickets from the terminal. The connection is constantly reset, tried both methods. The NFC module is working. Checked on bank cards.

Today is 24.08.21 from 11 p.m. Sberpay stopped working. There is money on the card, the NFS module works and is included, the payment system on the phone in the only version, there are no others, the card is connected. At 10 o’clock there was a payment and since then. There were no warnings about the server problems.

This Sberpay works after a time, or even after five, and when I switch to Googel Pay instantly everything is paid. The same visa card is attached. I think the application itself does not work incorrectly and gives an error. Expectable 2 months and switched completely to Googel Pay.

I have the same thing, I would like to know the answer

The application itself is crooked, it works from Google without failures, from Sberbank once in five

Hello. Sber PAI stopped working. When turning on, the window immediately pops up with the inscription “Something went wrong. For payment, make sure. that you have an Internet connection “. In this case, the NFC module is included and the Internet works. This has been happening for several days. No settings and nothing like that I changed. Everything was as it was. So it remains. I entered the main application “Sberbank Online”. Checked in the settings. everything is connected and the card number that is connected (I have one).

There was the same problem, called the bank, said: turn off the card from Sberpay and re.connect. I worked for me.

Hello. Sber PAI stopped working. When turning on, the window immediately pops up with the inscription “Something went wrong. For payment, make sure. that you have an Internet connection “. In this case, the NFC module is included and the Internet works. This has been happening for several days. No settings and nothing like that I changed. Everything was as it was. So it remains. I entered the main application “Sberbank Online”. Checked in the settings. everything is connected and the card number that is connected (I have one). I have the same trouble. Thanks in advance. Honor 10

It just doesn’t work from the word at all.Advertising is not a working service. Chat support service pretends to find out something.although it is clear to everyone that this hat is useless.

Where you can pay through Sberbank drink

Payment can be made in any offline stores where there are terminals and contactless payments are accepted. But here you need to know if Sberi drink without the Internet. As noted, connection to the network for the application is mandatory.

If desired, you can use the service to pay for purchases on the Internet. To do this, you can use the service in one of the 65,000 partners stores. To pay over the Internet, do the following:

  • Choose an interest of the product / service on the website of the partner store.
  • Indicate the method of payment using sberpay.
  • Confirm payment to Sberbank online. When buying with a phone, the application opens in automatic mode. If with PC / laptop, you need to wait for push notifications on a mobile device.

System pros and cons of

When choosing an application, it is necessary to analyze its pros and cons, and then make a decision on the relevance of connection.

  • Safety of purchases over the Internet and offline. User data is not transmitted anywhere;
  • Fast payment. To make purchases you do not need to keep the card at hand. it is always in the application and can be used to pay;
  • For use of Sber, it is enough to install the Sberbank online program;
  • Instant operation;
  • The presence of automatic activation and manual connection mode;
  • Convenient interaction. To figure out how to enable Sberba, it is not difficult even beginner users.;
  • There is no way to tie the cards of other banks;
  • Sberbank online does not work without the Internet;
  • Lack of terminals in many shopping centers.;

Despite a number of advantages, Sberi Poy is still losing to competitors. And the main minus noted by users is the inability to bind the cards of other banks and the lack of access to the service without connecting to the network. But the creators of Sberpay do not claim to overtake competitors. The purpose of the service is to expand customer capabilities to attract new active users to the bank. Do Sberbu-drink a separate tool for payment is unlikely to be anyone.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your opinion about Sber Pay, tell us about the advantages and disadvantages of the option.

How to pay a phone instead of a Sberbank card

How to pay using Sberba Pay? The payment system works well on all software used in iPhones and androids. You can pay for purchases using a smartphone with 2 options-with minimal actions in the application and with a two-time attachment of a smartphone to the payment terminal or with a single attachment, but also with activation of Sber Pay.

Automatic launch sberpay

You can use automatic activation of Sber Pay. But for this you need to install the Sber Pay in advance the main payment system on the smartphone. You can do this in the application. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • You need to open the Sberonline application.
  • Bring the smartphone to the payment terminal.
  • Now you need to unlock the device.
  • Bring it again to the payment terminal.

The phone may not immediately work near the device to pay for purchases. You have to wait a while. If the operation is canceled, you have to repeat all the actions again.

Manual launch sberpay

Some people use not only Sberpay, but also other popular payment systems. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Pay world. For such users, a relevant manual launch of Sberpay. This is done like this:

  • The application should be opened.
  • Enter the section “Payments and Translations”.
  • Select “Payment Sber Pay”.
  • Now you need to unlock the device.
  • And only after that you should bring the smartphone to the device for payment in the store.

Most users prefer to use the first option, as it requires less time. But the second option is safer, especially in cases where several payment tools are used.

sberpay, android, samsung, cards

Sber Pay only works on those devices that have several degrees of protection. fingerprint, face scanner, numerical key or graphic. If the user decides that he does not need a device protection system, then Sberpey will automatically stop working.


There are a number of questions that users ask themselves before starting to use Sber Pay as a payment instrument of contactless payment.

What cards can be tied to the Sberpay service

With 10.03.2022 Sber announced the connection to the Mir card system, but the work is incorrect. Only Sberbank cards can be connected, but on the official website the information was “hung” for some time that experts are working to ensure that the maps of other banks can be used and the cards of other banks.

However, in April, the West imposed sanctions against a credit institution, and today Sberpay does not work at all. with any cards. The official Internet page has information that it is worth using analogues-Samsung Pay and Mirpay.

How to tie a card to sberpay

After the sanctions by the West, Sberpey first stopped working on Apple brands, so download the Sberonline application through the AppStore. The tool worked for some time only for androids with the payment of NFC and the operating system above version 7.0.

To tie a card with Sberpay, it was necessary to take the following actions:

  • Enter the Sberonline application, having passed one or more degrees of protection.
  • Select a card that should be tied from the list.
  • Go to the card settings and select the “Payment Payment with the Sber Pay phone.

How to switch a smartphone from Google Pay to Sberpay

In March, Google Pay stopped working with banks that fell under the sanctions of the West. Therefore, holders of cards have a need to find an alternative method of contactless payment. Sber Pay came to the rescue. But, since Google Pay stood by default as a payment tool, you need to switch the phone. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • After the connection, a “window” will appear, in which it will be clarified about “use Sber Pay for contactless payments instead of Google Pay”. Click “Yes”.

Now you can pay for purchases with a smartphone.

How to create a shortcut label on the phone screen

  • Pull your finger on the Sberbank online icon and drag Sberpey icon onto the main screen.
  • When connecting Sberpay to one of the cards, you need to click on the “Add Label” button.

Как сменить на смартфоне Google Pay на SberPay и сохранить возможность оплаты по NFC

Sberpay writes no available cards. What to do?

Visa and MasterCard cards are no longer available for adding contactless payment in the West restrictions on the West. These payment system cards continue to work correctly in but, adding them to Sberpay will not work.

With 10.03.02022 can only be “binded” by the Mir card, but the system sometimes gives out failures, and the work occurs incorrectly. Since mid.April, Sber Pay has not been working with all cards, as Sberblade fell under the sanctions of the West.