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Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) SM-j510F not charging

If the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) phone does not charge, first of all, you need to determine why this happened, and first, indicate the symptom of the malfunction:

  • does not respond to the connection of the charger, the indication that charging is in progress does not light up (it does not charge from the outlet, USB, from another similar cable);
  • the indication lights up, the screen shows that the device is charging, but if the charging is turned off, it turns out that the battery has not reached a charge;
  • the phone charges only when the display is on, as soon as it goes out, it stops charging;
  • the smartphone does not immediately respond to the charging connection: it is difficult to find a position at which the smartphone will charge stably. the contact appears and disappears;
  • the device began to charge very slowly (10% per hour maximum), but it is discharged literally from the first call, it rapidly loses its charge when working even the most ergonomic applications;
  • discharges quickly in the cold;
  • spontaneously turns off with 40-50% charge;
  • loses a percentage of the charge, even if you do not use the phone;

These and other manifestations of a malfunction can equally indicate both a malfunction of the charging connector, battery or power controller, and a software malfunction. there are often cases when the phone stops responding to the charging cable connection after a software update. You can buy an original battery for Samsung Galaxy Ji 5 (2016) in our service center, you can find out the cost here.

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However, a large proportion of faults are still associated with mechanical damage to the system connector. If you use the charger frequently, the socket may loosen over time. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) system connector is being replaced.

Mechanical damage could have occurred:

  • when connecting. if you try to insert the charger with the wrong side, connect it inaccurately.
  • when disconnected. you can tear off the contacts from the board;
  • when charging. if there is strong pressure on the charger plug;
  • after the phone fell

Other causes of malfunction:

  • moisture getting into the phone. over time, this leads to oxidation or corrosion of the contacts, and then to a lack of reaction to the charging connection.
  • ingress of dust, debris. over time, the charging socket can become clogged with dust and dirt. this leads to charging malfunctions (the phone is charging or not)

In any case, only an experienced specialist can determine which of this was the cause of the charging malfunction, after opening the device.

Why the phone may not charge?

There are many reasons why an Android phone or iPhone won’t charge. It’s worth starting with the most obvious: the problem may be in the charger. Some problems can be detected with the naked eye: you can immediately see if the power adapter cord is attacked by your pet or a chair is placed on it and the cord breaks.

The obvious advice, but not everyone is in a panic guessing to do this:

    Try charging your phone with a different cord. If everything went well, then you need to change the adapter.

The problem may be with the outlet: just switch to the next one. If the wire is pinched, a pet chewed it. try to carefully cut the damaged part, connect the internal wires hidden behind the winding and rewind the cord with electrical tape.

  • It is also worth checking the battery itself: from old age it can swell, in which case it definitely needs to be changed. Remember the battery life. about 3-5 years, after that it is better not to torment her: the phone will definitely begin to discharge much faster or it will not be able to consume energy at all. There is a problem with this, when the indicator shows that charging is in progress, but in fact the phone remains discharged. This means that the battery simply does not respond to the power supply, but the phone system sees that everything is in order. Unfortunately, removing the battery is not easy on most modern smartphones with built-in batteries. if you do not want to disassemble the phone at home, you will have to contact a specialist. At the very least, these simple methods will eliminate the mechanical reasons for the lack of charging on the smartphone and quickly move on to identifying more complex reasons why the phone does not charge.
  • How to clean the charging socket on your smartphone yourself

    If we ate everything with the cord, it’s probably the smartphone itself, or rather, in the hole where the plug is inserted. If you carry your phone in your or bag without a case, crumbs and debris could get into it. This makes the contacts weaker. By the way, there are problems with the system connector. one of the most common reasons why charging is not working. It is she who is to blame in more than a third of cases, according to service centers.

    Try cleaning the smartphone charging socket yourself. It’s not scary if you do everything right and remember that you have an electronic device in front of you. To do this, turn off the phone, remove the battery, if possible. If the battery cannot be removed, and you do not want to disassemble the device, then it is better not to use a steel needle for cleaning, take, for example, a piece of wood. If you do use a needle for cleaning, be careful not to touch the edges. After that, you can take a toothbrush soaked in a small amount of alcohol (I cut the bristles, leaving literally a narrow strip of hairs) and gently brush it again several times from side to side in the hole for the plug. Oxidation from contacts can also be removed with a cotton swab with soda wound on a thin stick.

    Software error

    The media has already started spreading information about the latest Galaxy S8 issue. When working with wireless charging, the device may charge too slowly, or not charge at all, or charging at one moment simply pauses.

    Samsung has commented on the situation and promised to release a software update to address this difficult situation.

    Moisture in the USB port

    Despite the good protection against moisture of the entire device as a whole, the USB Type-C connector on the Galaxy S8 is not covered with any cap and water can penetrate into it. In this case, when you connect the charger, you will see the inscription: “port test detected moisture to charge the device, the charging port must be dry”.

    You do not need to dry yourself (and even more so use such things as, for example, a hairdryer for this). you just need to wait and after a while the “eighth galaxy” will start charging as if nothing had happened.

    Inoperative adapter

    With constant disconnections and plugging of the cable into the adapter, it begins to wear out faster. The reason for wear is often visible. it lies in a loose USB port.

    If possible, test your adapter and cable for operation with another device. Then you will know even before buying. is it worth spending money on a new charging kit or the Galaxy S8 is not receiving energy for another reason.

    Why won’t my Samsung Galaxy S8 charge? All the reasons!

    A non-charging gadget is very sad. As soon as you find that your Galaxy S8 is not charging, you should not immediately run to the Samsung service center. it is quite possible that the problem can be solved on your own and the device can be “repaired” at home.

    How? Let’s work together to understand the reasons why the Galaxy S8 may suddenly stop charging. And here are the most basic “problems”

    Broken cable

    The adapter breaks less often than the cable. In addition, the users themselves shorten his life, twisting and collecting him in every possible way. When buying a new cable, test it on the spot. if the smartphone starts charging, you have found the cause of the breakdown. If the problem persists, there is no point in buying a new cable.

    Inoperative battery

    At the moment, you are unlikely to encounter this problem, since the S8 came out quite recently, which means the battery should be “fresh and unharmed”. But no one is immune from marriage, so the battery can also be the reason that the smartphone refuses to charge.

    Everything is complicated by the fact that the body of the gadget is monolithic and at home it will not work to connect another battery for testing. What to do? How to find out that the battery is “junk”?

    • Download the program for analyzing the state of the battery.
    • Take advantage of the Galaxy S8 test menu.
    • Sometimes, a battery defect can be assessed “by eye”. swelling of the battery deforms the case.

    Although it is worth repeating that this trouble is unlikely to overtake you immediately after purchasing the device. But why not check?

    Trash-clogged USB port

    No matter how carefully you handle your “eighth galaxy”, its port can get clogged even if you just carry your phone in your jacket or jeans To solve this problem, the port can be gently cleaned with a toothpick or paper (not a metal object!) If the dirt is immediately visible. It will not be superfluous to “blow through” the USB input. for this purpose, you can use a can of compressed air.

    Slow charging problem

    As a rule, the device charges too slowly if you connect your smartphone to the USB port of a computer or laptop. Since the PC gives very little current (in most cases. 0.5 Ampere), the S8 will not charge quickly.

    The same situation can arise when using “Chinese” adapters (100 rubles per kilogram). use quality accessories.

    Here, we note that using a smartphone while charging significantly increases the amount of time spent on this process. If the Galaxy S8 is charging too slowly, then after connecting to the charger, you should leave it alone.

    As you can see, there are not so few reasons “ran over”. However, it is worth remembering one more thing. if you have tried everything, but nothing has changed (the charge has not “gone”), then most likely the problems are in the “iron” part of the smartphone. here you cannot do without a service center. And it is highly desirable that the repair shop is authorized by Samsung. Still, the Galaxy S8 is an expensive device. no need to repair it in the “artisanal” workshops.

    Reasons for charger malfunction

    If charging does not work, then a broken contact between the components of the charger or an open wire in this case can be detected using a multimeter. In order to find the place of damage to the charger, you need to inspect the power cable for mechanical damage: kinks, insulation breakdowns. In addition, it is advisable to check the place where the cable connects to the plug or power supply. It is impractical to repair the charger. it is easier to replace it with a new one. However, it is up to you to repair the “charging” or buy a new one.

    A malfunction of the charger can be caused by the fact that the cable is bent or twisted in some place, and perhaps something in it has burned out or electrical contacts are broken. Finding out whether this is so is not difficult. Try to connect the cable to a similar phone.

    This problem is solved by replacing the cable (if it is replaceable) or replacing the entire charger.

    Try not to use chargers of dubious quality and production, and especially do not use them in relation to modern smartphones. It is not for nothing that manufacturers separately cover this issue in the operating rules.

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    What problems can arise if you use a non-native charger of questionable quality?

    First, such a charger may burn out during charging.

    Secondly, bad memory can damage your phone or any other gadget. If there is a voltage surge in the general network, then such a charger, not possessing certain protective properties, can pass a current of greater power and instantly disable the phone.

    Thirdly, the control power controller may fail.

    Often, this situation is caused by the fact that the smartphone battery is not being charged. One of the cases when the problem lay exactly in the battery was described here in detail, with photographs of the process. Then the diagnostics showed that the problem was a break in the control signal on the battery itself. this was the reason why the smartphone did not charge.

    Why won’t my phone charge? Overview of the most common causes

    The operation of any gadget, be it a smartphone, regardless of whether it is on Android or Apple’s iOS, laptop or other device, is closely related to the need to keep the battery charged. But it happens that, with all the desire, this cannot be done, since the charger is malfunctioning. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the most common reasons why your Samsung or iPhone won’t charge, or rather, why the phone stopped charging.

    Often it is this circumstance that is the answer to the question, because of what the phone stopped charging. To figure out what kind of malfunction caused malfunctions in the process of charging the phone, you need to check as much as possible all the possible reasons for this. In some cases, the connector fails, while it happens that the phone shows charging, but does not charge.

    Reasons for a malfunction of the charging connector

    Such a malfunction may be caused by improper or inattentive use of the charger. In addition, the broken contact may be due to the fact that dirt, dust and various debris are clogged into the system connector (charging socket). This, by the way, is one of the most common reasons. That is why, for prophylaxis, we advise from time to time to clean the system connectors from dirt and debris.

    Attempts to insert the charger into the system connector with the wrong side or with strong pressure can provoke deformation of the charging socket and then the phone will not charge, regardless of whether you connect it to USB or to an outlet.

    To check whether the charger connector is really the cause of the breakdown, you need to visually inspect for possible damage, test it with a multimeter or voltmeter at a service center. Well, or on your own. if you have everything you need and know how to do it right.

    It also happens that a completely new and serviceable phone does not charge. And the operation of any gadget, be it a phone, laptop or other device, is closely related to the need to keep the battery charged. But it happens that, with all the desire, this cannot be done, since the charger is faulty and the phone does not charge from charging.

    Causes of phone battery problems

    The rechargeable battery of a modern smartphone is designed for a limited number of full charge cycles. If the resource is fully depleted, then it will be advisable to replace the battery.

    All Android Phones: How to Fix Charging Problems, Won’t Charge, Slow Charge, Boot Loop, etc

    Sometimes you can “figure out” that the problem is in the battery by examining the battery. If it is swollen or there are some other external manifestations of a malfunction, then the restoration of the charge function in this case will also be decided in the direction of replacing the battery with a new one.

    But, it should be borne in mind that charging problems may not give any external signs on the battery itself in the form of its swelling or other manifestations. But you can observe the following symptoms: the phone began to work only on charging, or, as an option, the battery began to hold a charge badly / for a short time and the phone turns off after a short time of operation.

    This circumstance may indicate that the storage battery has lost its capacitive qualities. And except for replacing the battery with a new battery, this malfunction is not “treated”.

    If all other possible causes were excluded, then another point to which you should pay attention is the power controller. it is a microcircuit responsible for power supply. If charging is in progress, but the phone does not charge, the charging controller may be out of order. Only an experienced craftsman can eliminate such breakdowns.

    If water gets on the connector pins or other elements, this can lead to oxidation of the contact pads, which over time can destroy the connection of the connectors and damage microelements, microcircuits. If possible, the master will restore the contacts from moisture and, if the result is positive, such a repair can 100% return the charging function to a stable channel.

    That’s all, take care of your phones and do not violate the rules of their operation.!

    What if my phone won’t charge? Contact a professional Remphone service center for advice and for phone repair!

    Why Can’t Charge Your Samsung Phone

    Unfortunately, today, people who own Samsung phones suffer from the fact that the phone does not charge or does not charge, but with a lot of interference. This problem has recently become quite common.

    This article is for those people who also encountered this problem. If this problem is detected, it is necessary to immediately take the necessary measures, because this problem cannot be left to chance. Further in the article, we will take a closer look at why this happens to the phone (does not charge) and what to do in such cases.


    If you are trying to charge the phone from a computer device, or using the standard method via an outlet and the Samsung phone does not work, then the reason for this may be faulty cables. First of all, you need to carefully review all the cords on the phone. If you checked, and they turned out to be intact and working, then the reason is not in them. It is necessary to continue to look for the reason.

    • It is quite probable that the connector itself is not fixed in the phone. If this is true, then it will need to be replaced;
    • In the event that the same connector is slightly torn out of the so-called printed circuit board, the phone will also not charge;
    • The food controller may be broken. In the event that this is indeed the case, then it is necessary to replace it;
    • If the phone takes a long time to charge, then this indicates damage to the power circuit. This detail is quite essential in the entire system, therefore, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics before its direct repair;
    • A small enough percentage may account for other problems.

    It is also very likely that the problem is that the phone is quickly discharging, but very slowly or does not charge at all. Then the problem is in the battery itself.

    Such problems are quite common and people do not know what to do in these cases. Therefore, we provide a solution to problems.

    Elimination of breakage

    First of all, it should be noted that if the problem is not in the charger, then it is best to contact a specific service center. There they will quickly carry out the necessary diagnostics and determine the cause, which you could not determine.

    In many centers, all the parts are in stock in order to replace the breakdown and provide the highest quality repairs. Often in all centers the price for phone repair is acceptable. over, the advantage of the services of service centers is the provision of a guarantee for the entire phone.

    A fairly common reason a phone won’t charge is a breakdown of certain electronic components in the phone. In the event of such a breakdown in any service center, the person must be explained what is the reason for this malfunction and what to do to prevent this from happening again. It is also worthwhile to understand that when they say that the phone is not charging, they also mean a quick discharge of the phone’s battery.

    A fairly common and common reason is the breakdown of the battery due to long-term use. In such cases, you can simply replace the battery with a new one, and it will last for a long period.

    Very often, the phone turns off due to the discharge of the battery when a sound or vibration signal is given. This is justified by the fact that the phone once fell, and such a breakdown happened.

    Not so often, but the phone is discharged due to internal problems, namely, some kind of virus. This reason only happens on smartphones. To prevent such a problem, you must remember that antivirus can be applied not only on computers, but also on mobile devices.

    There are also malfunctions inside the phone, after which the phone itself cannot recognize the charger. In this case, it is unrealistic to recognize the problem and even more so to eliminate it. Consultation and help of specialists are simply needed here.

    The minimal problem is that the screen crashes. For example, after flashing the phone, the screen may not display the fact that charging is in progress, and the battery itself safely receives the necessary charge.

    Phone shows charging but not charging

    Many smartphone owners have faced such a problem: when connected to the mains, the corresponding indicator lights up and a filling battery appears on the displays, but in fact the charge level does not increase or, even worse, charges in the opposite direction. that is, it discharges.

    • Not a native memory. Modern mobile devices may not charge from non-original chargers, that is, they see the connection, but they do not let electricity into themselves, since the voltage is higher or lower than the recommended one. IPhones are especially famous for this.
    • Weak memory. If the charging power is noticeably less than that required for a given battery model, or the process goes through USB from a computer, then the device will charge for a very long time, and if at the same time you play on your smartphone, watch videos or sit in social media. network, then the phone will simply be discharged faster than charging.
    • Charger malfunction. The cable, adapter, or connector may be damaged. There may be either a tear or bend in the cable, or oxidation of the contacts or a failure in the board near the adapter itself.
    • Battery malfunction. The battery has outlived its usefulness and it only remains to replace it.
    • Calibration failed. The smartphone may not correctly see the battery capacity, for this it needs to be calibrated. Discharge and recharge several times.
    • Background applications. If the smartphone is not used while charging, but it still does not charge, then a large number of running applications may be running in the processor in the background. It is worth turning off wi-fi, mobile internet and GPS. Close all applications, check the phone for viruses with an antivirus.

    Why the phone won’t charge from the charger

    If the phone stops charging, then this is an extremely unpleasant problem. Most often, owners of old, almost worn-out batteries encounter it. their service life is 3-5 years, and with a modern load on a mobile device, it may not be up to two. However, the reason is not always the old battery, there are others.

    The phone charges but does not turn on

    If, after connecting to the charger, the indicator on the smartphone lights up, but it does not turn on, then the following could happen:

    • Didn’t have time to recharge. If the smartphone is very badly discharged, then it needs to be allowed to stand for some time on the charge from 5 to 30 minutes. After which it should turn on.
    • Firmware. You need to hold down the hot keys on your smartphone to reset the settings to the factory settings. (You can watch them on the Internet, since each model has its own). If it does not help, then we carry it to the SC.
    • Hypothermia. If the device is kept at subzero temperatures for a long time, the device may turn off and not turn on. Do not put it on charge right away, it is better to wait until it warms up to room temperature, after which it should be connected to the network.
    • Battery problems. If the battery has become unusable, then it may indicate that the charge is on, but in fact, there is no more capacity in it and there is simply not enough power to start the smartphone.

    The phone does not charge in the car from the cigarette lighter

    When connecting a mobile device to the cigarette lighter, you need to know that the current here will be weaker than from an electrical outlet, so the phone will take longer to charge. If at this time a navigator is used on it or other applications are running, the phone will not charge, and it may even start to discharge.

    Another reason is the banal pollution of the cigarette lighter socket. If so, then you should clean it. The socket may be defective. You can check it by connecting another device. Also a possible reason in the “non-native” wire.

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    The main reasons and their solution

    There are several reasons why the phone does not charge from the charger, and they manifest themselves in different ways. Most often, the problem is in the memory itself. If it is faulty, then the smartphone will not respond in any way to the connection to the network. It’s easy to check: you need to find a 100% working charger of a suitable model and try to connect your mobile phone to it. If the process goes on, then it’s time to change the memory. But there are also more difficult situations. For example, when the phone does not turn on or shows that it is charging, but in fact the opposite happens.

    Important! The reason that the phone does not charge may be in a faulty outlet! It’s trite, but before you panic, it’s worth checking this.

    Which phones are affected by the problem

    A modern smartphone is a complex communication device, not just a telephone. With it, you can go online, listen to music, play games, watch videos, take photos, and so on. Therefore, the load falls on it much more than on a device designed only for making calls and sending SMS.

    In addition, modern models do not have a connector dedicated specifically for charging. As a result, the charge is carried out through a single connector, which is combined with USB, and this process is closely related to the software.

    Therefore, charging problems are the most common failure among mobile devices. And no one is immune from them, neither the owners of expensive smartphones, nor cheap Chinese ones. Although it is believed that the latter are still more vulnerable and less reliable.

    My phone won’t turn on or charge

    If the mobile device stops turning on and charging, this may be evidence of a serious breakdown, which can only be diagnosed and fixed at a service center.

    • Memory problems. Perhaps the smartphone does not turn on because it is completely discharged, and the charger has become unusable. You can check this by connecting the device to another suitable charger.
    • Deep discharge. If the phone is discharged at 0 and does not charge, then the battery may have gone into a deep discharge and the controller no longer passes current, in order to revive it, you will have to push the battery through the universal charger.
    • Failure of the phone or battery. If the battery is removable, then you can ask someone of your acquaintances for a while to ask for the same battery in order to establish who the problem is. As a last resort, you can try to turn on the phone from the wires directly.
    • Failed firmware. This can happen if a software update is unsuccessful, a virus infection, or a glitch. Have to carry to the SC.

    Samsung phone won’t charge

    Mobile phone owners often face problem when Samsung phone won’t charge. If you also faced a similar situation and stopped charging Samsung, urgently take action. You shouldn’t run this problem.

    First, you can do the primary diagnosis yourself. Remember after what actions the mobile stopped working. If liquid gets into the device, then we do not recommend continuing its further operation, since when you try to charge it, you can damage the board. It is better to contact our service center for help, where they will make a diagnosis and determine the cause of the breakdown.

    Why Samsung is not charging and what should I do? If your Samsung phone is not charging from a USB computer (computer) or a charger, you should first check the cables themselves. If they are serviceable, then the reasons may be as follows:

    • the connector itself is faulty. In order for the device to work again, the part will have to be changed;
    • Samsung phone battery does not charge even if the connector is partially torn out of the printed circuit board. In this case, it is necessary to do diagnostics in order to determine the degree of damage;
    • faulty power controller. If it is really damaged, then only replacing it will help;
    • Samsung takes a long and slow charge if the power circuit is faulty. This part includes many elements, in order to repair it, it is necessary to make a diagnosis;
    • about 5% are occupied with other problems. It is possible to identify such a breakdown only after diagnosis.

    Why does my Samsung phone battery get hot when charging??

    It is normal for Samsung to get warm. Samsung heats up while charging or talking because there is an increased power consumption.

    Do not repair your cell phone at all, as this can only make things worse.

    • We issue a guarantee for the entire device for any repair, and not just for the replaced part.
    • After repair, the device undergoes Free quality control.
    • There are permanent discounts for repairs.
    • Spare parts. original.

    Question. Answer

    Stopped charging, charged a couple of percent, then discharges on charging, eventually turned off and does not turn on

    Good day, Andrey. Bring for diagnostics, let’s see what the problem is.

    Battery does not charge, replacement cost and battery warranty period. the phone was purchased a year ago

    Good afternoon, DMITRY. Usually, the batteries last for 2-3 years and for a year it should have been out of order. Bring your device for diagnostics.

    The phone stopped charging, tried to charge both from the outlet, from a portable device and from Nokia, charging does not work, tell me the cost and how much repairs will be done!?

    My Phone stopped charging / Phone won’t charge/ charging problem /takes to long to charge

    Hello Alexey. Estimated cost of repair 1300-1500, during the day.

    The phone stopped charging from the original unit

    Hello Daria. You can bring it to us for inspection, along with your memory.

    Charging is not in progress how much will it cost to change?

    Hello Ilya. Estimated cost of repair 1300-1500.

    Good day, Saina. Estimated cost of repair 1500-2000.

    Stopped charging, the screen changed a month ago

    Hello Nikolay. Bring it to us for inspection.

    After replacing the display, it charges slowly. Before replacing the display, the phone was bent crooked (fell on the phone when the phone was in your ) when the phone was opened in the service to replace the display, the battery was also slightly bent, adjusted and put back and assembled.

    Good day, Aydin. We need to look for the problem in the subboard with the charging connector.

    Hello, the bodies are completely discharged now, no matter how they do not accept charging two weeks ago, there was already such a situation, I somehow grabbed it and I did not bring him to completely undress, he worked fine and then he did not put him on charge, he was completely discharged now, no matter how not to start

    Hello Dmitry. Bring it to our service for diagnostics, we will figure out what the problem is.

    Samsung A5 2017 phone not charging, connector problem, replacement is required

    Good day, Oleg. Replacing the charging connector costs 2000.

    Everything was fine, the phone did not fall down, it worked as it should, but one day it just stopped charging

    Hello Vyacheslav. Bring it to us for diagnostics.

    Good day, Sergey. Repair of the charging connector costs 1500-2000.

    Good day, Anyuta. Speaker repair costs 1500, charging connector repair 1500-2000.

    Hello. Stopped charging from any charging, shows that it is charging, but nothing.Charges only via USB (machine / laptop / PC)

    Good afternoon, Roman. Possibly the problem is the subpayment. replacement cost 2000.

    Hello! Rinsing (Cleansing with wet swabs) Stopped charging what to do about it? please tell me!

    Good day, Alina. Bring it to our service for diagnostics, free of charge.

    The phone does not get infected, when it is turned on it does not get infected, and when it is turned off it shows charging, it turns off and immediately starts showing it like that. help me please.

    Good day, Kirill. Bring it to us for repair, we will help you solve the problem.

    Hello, such a problem. I bought this phone. For a month everything was fine, it was always charged without any difficulties. A month later, he stopped charging. precisely, from time to time, it charges, then no. What could it be? I charge again from the computer, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. I don’t understand what the problem is. Handled the phone with care, did not drop it. Please, tell me how you can fix this? I don’t understand how to be.

    Samsung phone won’t charge from charger

    The situation when the battery on a smartphone runs out and there is no way to charge it is critical for many. That is why it is very important to find out why the phone is not charging, and choose the most optimal solution to the problem. The manual is suitable for all models and brands: iPhone, Alcatel, Asus, Lenovo, Phillips, Prestigio, Sony Xperia, HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi, Umidigi, Leagoo, Doogie, Huawei, HomTom, etc.

    Several things are involved in the charging process: a charger, consisting of a plug, a tip and a cord, as well as the battery itself. That is why, if the smartphone does not charge and does not accept energy from a standard or new purchased “Chinese” charging, we check each node separately.

    The phone may not charge well if the micro USB connector is loose or dirty. Try the following:

    • Turn off your smartphone and remove the battery from it.
    • Move the device to a bright light and check the output connector for dirt, dust and oxidation. If necessary, clean it with a brush, soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.
    • Check if the micro USB input is loose. It is possible that it will need to be re-soldered.
    • Turn on the gadget and connect a known working power supply to it.
    • At intervals of 1-2 seconds, shake the plug in different directions. When doing this, pay close attention to the charging indicator. If in one of the positions it came to life, the cause of the malfunction lies in the poor contact of the power cord and the micro USB connector.

    Mobile phone batteries have a limited lifespan. Therefore, with long-term use of Samsung, it is quite possible that it is he who is the source of all problems. To check the performance of the battery, you must:

    • Turn off the device and remove the battery from it (of course, if it is removable).
    • Visually inspect it for bulges and other defects.

    If the electrical parameters of the battery do not comply with the standards or its appearance is in doubt, try replacing the battery with a new one.

    Samsung may not charge if the power controller is out of order. It is quite difficult to check its performance at home. So it is better to entrust it to specialists.

    The main reasons for Samsung Galaxy charging problems are:

    • mechanical damage to the supply cable;
    • breakdown of the power supply or its inconsistency with the required characteristics;
    • failure of the battery;
    • damaged or clogged micro USB connector on the phone;
    • burnout of the power controller;
    • incorrect battery calibration;
    • software malfunction.

    We will try to understand each of the above faults in more detail and, if possible, eliminate it on our own.

    To start

    We recommend that you first eliminate the reasons why charging is not in progress, the smartphone does not see the charger or the charge indicator does not light up:

    • Damaged or clogged connector.
    • The cord comes off (backlash) or the plug does not match the socket (for example, micro-USB will not work for Type-C and Lightning).
    • Software glitches.
    • Broken wire, “loosening” of the wire.
    • The use of dubious Chinese “handicrafts” for 20 rubles, the veins in cheap versions are very thin and break from a small impact.
    • Too long a wire, the shorter the length (30 cm is ideal), the less current loss. But then again it all depends on the quality.
    • Battery malfunction (swollen, overheated, worn out from old age).
    • Burned-out power controller or protocol incompatibility.
    • Heavy CPU usage, such as playing heavy games or watching 4K movies.
    • Failure to comply with temperature conditions. The process of replenishing the battery does not occur at subzero temperatures, more details.
    • Forgot to “peel off” the protective sticker after buying a new gadget.

    If your phone charges normally but runs out of battery quickly, it may have been infected with a virus that is causing problems in the power system.

    There is one more factor. temporary battery wear. The standard battery life is 3 to 5 years (equivalent to 300-500 charge-discharge cycles), after which it starts to discharge a couple of hours after charging, or does not perceive it at all.

    Sometimes it shows that the charge level is increasing. But in fact, the battery does not take or does not respond to the supply of energy and after disconnecting the cable, the voltage drops sharply to zero.

    Mechanical damage to the power supply system of Samsung Galaxy

    The supply chain of any smartphone can be conditionally divided into several components:

    • charger (adapter);
    • power cord;
    • micro USB connector;
    • battery;
    • microcontroller.

    In this list, the most vulnerable element is the cable that connects the gadget to the charger. This is due to the fact that during operation it undergoes frequent twisting and bending, which negatively affects its service life. Therefore, first of all, check its performance. To do this, take a cord that is known to be working and try to charge your phone with it. If everything is ok, replace the cable with a new one. Fortunately, it is inexpensive.

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    When choosing a new adapter, special attention should be paid to its output power (how many amperes it delivers). If you get a low-power unit to replace the two-amp charger, then the process of fully charging your Samsung will take a very long time.

    Broken adapter

    The smartphone is working properly, the cable is not damaged, but the device still does not charge. In this case, the damage may be hidden in the adapter, which is inserted into the outlet. It also has a USB connector that needs to be checked for dirt and cleaned if necessary. All power supplies have an indicator located on the case. If the adapter is working properly, the LED is on. If this does not happen, then the LED has burned out, but then the power supply should still work. Lack of charging signals that the adapter itself has broken.

    Telephone jack

    The phone jack is fragile. Often this element of the device fails first. Slight damage prevents the flow of current to the device, and the phone does not see charging, although the wires and adapter are working.

    If the phone stops charging, check the connector for dirt, moisture, dust, or small foreign objects. Most often, women who carry a smartphone without a case in a bag with other things are faced with contamination of the connector. If there is dirt, the connector can be cleaned with a brush soaked in alcohol, and small objects or dust lumps that have got into the holes can be pulled out with a toothpick.

    In addition to contamination, you need to check the integrity of the connector parts and the absence of deformation of the module itself. Some craftsmen remove the phone jack and repair it separately. Not everyone can do this at home, but you can notice damage by examining the module in bright light.

    To make sure that the phone jack is working properly or is not working properly, you only need to charge the battery. However, this requires a dedicated charger. If everything works, then the device itself is in order.

    The battery is out of order

    If the charger is working properly, the signal goes to the device, but the phone does not charge from charging, then the problem most often lies in the battery. The longer you use the phone, the more likely it is that the battery has simply run out. In addition, the rechargeable battery can simply be damaged from shock or improper use of the smartphone. Cheap devices have a weak factory battery that quickly deteriorates.

    Samsung Galaxy Not Charging? Here’s The Fix! [All Models]

    To test the battery, try plugging your phone into a charger by replacing the battery. If everything works, then the old battery is faulty. The fact that the battery runs out and may soon fail completely is signaled by the following factors:

    • the phone does not keep charging well;
    • the device takes a long time to charge;
    • smartphone does not charge 100%.

    If the battery itself is swollen so that the back cover of the phone has become convex, then it is necessary to urgently replace the battery. Such a battery is faulty and can damage the rest of the device. A slight deformation of the battery can be corrected, but it is better to purchase a new battery for the phone and change the part. Battery replacement is not possible only for Apple smartphones.

    What to do if the phone stopped charging from charging. the main reasons

    What to do in those unpleasant cases when the phone does not charge, not every owner of the device knows. There are several reasons for this problem. To find out exactly where the problem happened and why the phone is not charging, you need to follow all the functions of the device. After all, the problem does not always lie in the charging device itself.

    Cable does not work

    A broken cable is the most common reason why your phone won’t charge. The USB cable of the charger is not very durable, and if it is also a Chinese fake, then the wire may simply not pass the signal to the phone. Other reasons:

    • damage to the wire;
    • clogged USB connector.

    Most often, the cable is damaged in places where it bends. The wire itself or the sheath may be damaged. Through the torn sheath, moisture and dust enter the inside of the cable, which can also cause the cord to break. The defective wire can be simply wrapped with electrical tape, the USB connector can be cleaned with a small brush if it is clogged. If after that the phone still does not see charging, but is charging from another cable, then the wire could burn out or the problem is in the power supply.

    Incorrect software operation

    If a breakdown of the charger or parts of the device is excluded, and the phone does not fully charge or the charging is in progress, but slowly, then the program has crashed. Some applications and even gadgets are capable of making adjustments to the operation of the smartphone software. If problems with charging began immediately after installing an application, then you should uninstall the program.

    The problem may lie not in one application, but in the total operation of services that increase the charging time. In this case, you can download and install an application on your smartphone that is responsible for saving charging. Flashing the device and installing legal software will also help.

    Method 1. reset battery settings in BIOS

    • Disconnect the power supply. Unplug or unplug the AC adapter from the device.
    • Take out the battery. In models with a removable battery, and there are most of them, for this you just need to turn the device over and move one or two locking devices that hold it.
    • Press the power button and hold it in this state for about a minute.
    • Insert the plug of the power supply into the laptop and connect it to the mains. In this case, you do not need to install the battery in place yet.
    • Turn on the laptop and enter its BIOS. To do this, at startup, press the key or their combination indicated in your user manual. Typical solutions: Del, F12 or F2.
    • Reset settings to preset value, Restore Defauts, and save BIOS settings, Save and Exit.
    • Turn off the laptop by holding the power button for 5-7 seconds.
    • Turn off the power supply again and replace the battery.
    • Insert the charging plug and turn on the power supply into the outlet.
    • We turn on the laptop in the usual way.

    If the method worked, then we should see a message from the system by hovering the mouse over the tray icon: the battery is connected and charging.

    What to do if a new battery won’t charge

    A much more difficult situation is when only the installed new battery on the laptop does not charge at all. To get started, we advise you to do the BIOS reset operation described above.

    Method 2. removing “useful” utilities

    In some models, manufacturers install “useful” utilities that monitor the state of charge. In particular, they can implement a mode that ensures the maximum battery life. It may prevent the battery from being fully charged.

    Try looking for such a program in the system tray. If the battery icon differs from the usual system icon, then it is likely that some similar utility is installed on your laptop. Modern operating systems are quite capable of independently determining the optimal mode of using the battery and charging it. So it’s best not to install any third-party apps.

    Check the battery status

    You can check the battery status with the free Battery Health program for iOS or the standard Battery Care utility in devices running Windows 7 and 8.

    Three main parameters of battery health are important to us.

    • Declared nominal power. This is the capacity of the new battery when it just left the factory.
    • Maximum power. This is the current capacity value.
    • Battery wear percentage. The larger this value, the higher the need for replacement.

    The problem of not reaching the required level of charge is also solved by calibration.

    Battery replacement (if necessary)

    If the wear is high, then it is likely that it is the reason for the decrease in battery life. To solve the problem, you need a new battery, in most models it is removable. In this case, you can change it yourself. In a number of modern compact models, the battery is not removable and it will be more difficult to replace it yourself. It is safer to do this at a service center.

    Method 3. if the power supply does not work

    Another reason may be the loss of performance of the power supply and a decrease in the reliability of its plug. In this case, the battery has nothing to do with it. It’s easy to check.

    • Turn off the laptop, unplug the power supply from the outlet.
    • Take out the battery, insert the plug of the power supply.
    • Plug the power supply into a power outlet.
    • Press the power button.

    If after that the laptop does not work, then the power supply or its cord is out of order. Also, an old power supply may not provide enough current to operate the laptop and charge its battery at the same time. Such a device must be replaced.

    What to do when Samsung phone won’t charge?

    Mobile phone owners often face problem when Samsung phone won’t charge. If you also faced a similar situation and stopped charging Samsung, urgently take action. You shouldn’t run this problem. First, you can do the primary diagnosis yourself. Remember after what actions the mobile stopped working. If liquid gets into the device, then we do not recommend continuing its further operation, since when you try to charge it, you can damage the board. It is better to contact our service center for help, where they will make a diagnosis and determine the cause of the breakdown.

    Why Samsung is not charging and what should I do? If your Samsung phone is not charging from a USB computer (computer) or a charger, you should first check the cables themselves. If they are serviceable, then the reasons may be as follows:

    the connector itself is faulty. In order for the device to work again, the part will have to be changed; 2. The rechargeable battery of the Samsung phone does not charge even if the connector is partially torn out of the printed circuit board. In this case, it is necessary to do diagnostics in order to determine the degree of damage; 3. the power controller is faulty. If it is really damaged, then only replacing it will help; 4.Samsung charges long and slow if the power circuit is faulty. This part includes many elements, in order to repair it, it is necessary to make a diagnosis; 5. 5% are occupied with other problems. It is possible to identify such a breakdown only after diagnosis.

    Quite often, we are asked the question why Samsung began to discharge very quickly? This is a fairly common problem. If Samsung is running low on battery power quickly, there may be various reasons. Here, if the Samsung battery is discharged, the problem is either in the battery itself (it has lost capacity) or in the phone (its excessive consumption). Diagnostics will help to find out. In our service center, this is an absolutely free service.

    Why does my Samsung phone battery get hot when charging??

    It is normal for Samsung to get warm. Samsung heats up while charging or talking because there is an increased power consumption.

    What to do, and is it possible to fix the damage yourself? Output.

    If the reason is not in the charger, we advise you not to postpone the solution of this problem, but immediately contact our service center for help. They will quickly determine the cause and repair the Samsung. We have all the original parts in stock, which speeds up the repair process itself. Our service center offers the most affordable and constant discounts. After repair, you will receive a warranty for the entire device, and not just for a single part.

    Do not repair your cell phone at all, as this can only make things worse.

    We issue a warranty for the entire device for any repair, and not just for the replaced part. After repair, the device undergoes Free quality control. There are permanent discounts for repairs. Spare parts are original. After the first repair, you will be issued a vip client card for a discount of 10%.40%

    The girl’s Samsung started to work poorly, in order to charge it, it takes a long time to look for the desired position. After two weeks of such operation, the cell has completely stopped charging. She turned for help to our service center, where, after diagnostics, they found out that the Samsung connector was partially torn from the printed circuit board. As a result, the tracks of the printed circuit board and the connector itself are damaged. After the repair, our specialists performed quality control and issued a warranty for the entire phone.