Samsung Windows 7 Recovery

If you were wondering how to restore Windows 8 on a Samsung laptop, we will help you with instructions on this. It is worth emphasizing right away that the built-in laptop recovery utility in the new version of Windows itself is somewhat different from the previous one on Windows 7, but the mechanism is almost the same.

Before starting the procedure, you should take care of creating a backup copy of important data. There are several sample options here:

  • Upload files to the cloud storage (Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, etc.);
  • Make a copy to an external drive (USB flash drive or hard drive);
  • Move files to another disk partition (if one exists, or previously split the hard drive).

Remember that recovery will delete all personal information from drive “C”. Of course, the recovery tool has the ability to save files, but this is not a way out.

Samsung Windows 7 Recovery

How to restore Windows 8 on a laptop?

1) Start the recovery process with Samsung Recovery Solution 6.0 There are two ways, depending on the state of the system itself:

  • Call the program from the list in the Windows 8 Metro-interface;
  • If you can’t log in, then when loading the Samsung laptop, wait for the Samsung logo to appear and press the F4 button (it is better to press several times).

2) Then select “Recovery”

3) If you have an initial recovery point, then select it, not including “Save user data”, in order to best restore Windows 8. Remember that personal files will be deleted, and this is the procedure that will help restore factory settings on the laptop.

4) If you carry out the procedure without unnecessary actions, then the last item will be a reboot of the system. The laptop will boot in the state in which you bought it (or in which you made additional recovery points).

Interestingly, in the new version of Samsung Recovery Solution, you can find many new tools for comfortable work. For example, it is possible to view a list of installed programs and desktop icons on one of the recovery points (see screenshot below). There is a check of the recovery point before the procedure itself.

Using the help documentation and the Recovery utility, you can not only restore your Samsung laptop, but also perform disk copying (with the system image), create an image backup to any drive, go through network backup steps, and more.

We add that you can restore Windows on a laptop from other manufacturers. The only difference is in the tool, you can start the procedure with the following combinations at boot time:

  • Acer: AltF10 (enter the BIOS first and enable D2D Recovery. The default recovery system password is 000000 or AIM1R8.)
  • Asus: F9
  • Dell inspiron: Ctrl f11
  • Dell xps: F8 or F9
  • Fujitsu Siemens: F8
  • HP: F10, F11
  • LG and Lenovo ThinkPad: F11
  • Msi: F3
  • Packard bell and Sony VAIO: F10
  • Roverbook: Alt (hold and hold)
  • Toshiba: F8, F11

How to backup Windows 8?

Starting the backup process (Windows system along with all programs) is also not difficult. The procedure is best done before installing third-party programs so that the recovery point takes up minimum space.

    Choose “Backup” in the left column;

Choose a disk into which the system image will be saved (it is easier to choose a different disk partition) and indicate whether a boot disk is needed;

You can optionally diagnose the system;

  • Click on the “Backup” button in the lower right corner and wait for it to complete.
  • I think this is where the main operations of Samsung Recovery Solution end. I hope our instructions will help you restore your Windows system and factory settings on your laptop.


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