Samsung watch internet browser. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Internet browser now available

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Internet browser now available

Since Samsung has been using Wear OS on Galaxy Watch 4, it has brought more Tizen apps to Wear OS. Now it’s the browser’s turn. It’s coming to Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic.

Samsung Internet

The browser is called Samsung Internet and comes to the smartwatch in a slimmed-down version. Unfortunately, this comes with a major disadvantage, because the browser opens the desktop version of many websites. That is not ideal on a smartphone, but not at all on an even smaller smartwatch screen.

This makes it all so small that it is difficult to browse and select items properly. Samsung has come up with something, namely the use of gestures. You can swipe from the side of the screen and you will see the corners of a website.

Galaxy Watch 4

If you want to see the text a bit bigger, it is also possible to switch on the zoom. This allows you to make the texts on sites a bit larger. Furthermore, it works a bit like the browser on your television: you don’t spend hours surfing the internet on it, but if you want to quickly google something, you can do that quickly in this somewhat clumsy way. For the rest, you will mainly use your smartphone for this.

Wanna try? Then download the Samsung Internet app from the Play Store app on your watch. It is also possible to open the Samsung Internet Play Store on your smartphone and tap the arrow next to ‘Available on more devices’. There is also a download button with which you can put the app directly on your Galaxy Watch 4.

Web browser

Samsung Internet is a popular app on smartphones, partly thanks to the good privacy options and the built-in ad blocker, which many people like to use. The app is also nice to use on a smartphone in terms of appearance and navigation. So on the watch it is less.

Do you want to download the Samsung Internet app? Then click here.

Last month we posted the review of the smartwatch. Read our review of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 here.

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Samsung Internet for Android: Features and Overview

Samsung Internet is the default and pre-installed browser on every Samsung phone. It’s built over the Chromium project that powers Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. The Samsung Internet browser got nifty features and is also known for its advanced privacy and security for user data. It also allows complete appearance and menu customization.

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Samsung smartphones provide a different experience from the usual Android experience. Though Samsung smartphones run on Android, one UI is a custom skin by Samsung to integrate additional features. The OS also gives the Samsung devices their unique feel; Samsung has its stock Android apps.

Unlike Google stock Android, Samsung has its store for apps, especially for Galaxy devices. You can access all the prominent and popular apps from the Galaxy store. However, most of the essential Apps of Samsung are installed on Samsung devices by default.

The primary applications are – Samsung Internet Browser, Calendar, tracker, etc. Each of these applications is developed by Samsung, which differs from native Google apps.

Samsung Internet browser is one of the native preloaded apps, which is also the default browser in your Samsung smartphone. The Browser has exceptional features like VR support that you can’t find on any other browser. My father recently bought a new Samsung phone and wanted to know more about the features of the Samsung browser.

over, the Web engine used in the Samsung Internet browser is Chromium, precisely the same as Google Chrome for Android. Therefore, you will get a browsing speed similar to Chrome, which is currently the fastest Browser.

While using the Samsung Internet browser, you get the fastest browsing speed. You will also have features that Chrome lacks, such as in-built support for Adblocker with Anti-tracking extensions, which makes browsing smoother than ever.

Samsung Browser also supports third-party apps for content blocking. It allows apps to filter websites that you want to blocklist.

Let’s have a detailed look at all the features of the Samsung browser —

Browser Speed

The Chromium web engine enables the browser to surf the internet at the fastest possible speed, making the browsing experience similar to Google Chrome.

Few other browsers are developed using the Chromium engine, like Microsoft Edge, Kiwi, Yandex, etc.


The Samsung Internet homepage resembles the Chrome browser, with a search bar and suggested articles. It’s clean and highly customizable.

Samsung’s browser homepage is similar to Chrome, with a powerful Google search engine as its default webpage. You will see multiple options below: tabs, a back page, a next page button, and a quick menu.

Samsung Settings

Samsung browser is the default browser of all Samsung devices, but thankfully you don’t have to go to system settings to change browser settings.

Privacy and Security

Samsung’s Internet browser has a Smart anti-tracking feature that intelligently blocks cookies from sites. Hence, no site can have an eye on you except a few. over, search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo are introduced in the Samsung Browser, a privacy-focused and secure search engine. However, you can switch to the default search engine Google.

Sync and Accounts

Samsung Internet Browser allows users to sync with an account. All the saved bookmarks, etc., will be loaded on the browser. The synchronization is similar to Google Chrome login but much better than Chrome. It can only load bookmarks, and you can’t change your favorites, etc.


In the appearance menu, you can change the look and feel of your browser. It gives you a couple of options to change the layout of your browser and some color schemes, and it is always good to have some customization options in your browser.

Useful Features

Apart from all the basic features, the Samsung Internet browser also gives other valuable features you can fully benefit from while surfing the web. These include the QR code scanner, video preload, autoplay videos, etc. These tiny features can add up to your browsing experience.

High contrast mode

High Contrast mode makes the web page more vibrant, making it accessible and comfortable for reading on the Samsung browser. The method benefits those with impaired vision using high contrast mode due to the vibrant colors; it is easy to recognize text on the page.

Multiple Tabs

You will open multiple tabs on your browser whenever you surf the web. It is excellent that the Samsung Internet browser can handle multiple tabs easily without compromising the user experience. To close an active tab, you can press the cross button, which will close the tab.

Web Payments and Web Apps Indication Badge

Samsung Browser is vital because, while money transactions, a middleman attack can grab your information. With the new web Payment API, the Samsung browser is more secure than ever for money transactions. The new web API provides the same safe environment as any highly secured online bank account.

If you visit any Progressive Web app site, the browser automatically indicates a badge. If you regularly work at Google Sheets or any other Web App, the browser will give you the best web app experience.

It also supports the feature to add card details and manage payments for auto-pay.

Secret Mode

Samsung Internet browser has a new privacy feature called Secret Mode. In secret mode, the browser does not reveal your browsing data to anyone. It is like the Incognito mode in Chrome, which doesn’t list your browsing history, cookies, and caches.

0˚ Video Support and Gear VR

The Samsung browser supports 360˚ videos used for Virtual Reality sets. You can also watch it and navigate through the video using your finger. The Browser also provides VR support, meaning you can control your browser surf and much more in VR while wearing a headset.

Quick Menu

Samsung Internet Browser has introduced a new Quick Menu, which can be disabled anytime you want, but the menu provides users fast access to resourceful links and features.

Note: You can also change these toggles according to your preference. You can do so by holding these toggles until a new settings menu opens.

Bookmarks Manager

If you’re like me, you would like to keep website bookmarks if you want to read a few pages later. It is excellent that the browser has a bookmark and active sync support. So no matter which device you use, your bookmarks are always with you.

Downloads Settings

You can see your active downloads here. If you wish to delete any of these downloads, hold on to the download entry and press the Delete command button.

Browsing History

History is a trail of all your online activities on your device. If you want to view the history to see what previous websites you have visited, you can go to the History tab and check accordingly. You can also delete multiple entries from history if you wish to.

Ad blockers

The Browser has an in-built extension that blocks all the trackers and makes your browser more secure and private. This will prevent you from seeing any unwanted ads or annoying ads. There are several add-ons that you can install on the browser.


Add-ons are special features exclusively on the Samsung Internet Browser. Think of them as Chrome extensions.

You can add these unique features to your browser to get complete functionality. One of the popular add-ons is Ad Blocker and Amazon Assistant.

Find on Page

If you like researching a few topics on the internet, this option will undoubtedly catch your eye. You can search for specific keywords or phrases on your webpage. And it will highlight relevant keywords accordingly. It is ideal if you want to finish your science homework or seek specific answers.

Dark Mode

The dark mode is pretty self-explanatory! To protect your eyes, the browser will adapt all web pages into a slightly darker shade in dark mode. It is very beneficial if you browse the internet, mostly at night. And dark mode works flawlessly on significant websites like YouTube. Quora, and

Ultra Power Saving

As the name suggests, the Ultra Power Saving mode extends the battery life. When enabled, the mode to minimize the running processes work within the Samsung Internet browser makes your battery last longer.

Bottom Line

Though Samsung Internet Browser is not as highly used as Google Chrome and Firefox, the browser has exceptional features with the fastest browsing speed. Since it is based on Chromium, it achieves the same surfing efficiency as Google Chrome. It also supports 360˚ videos and a VR headset, enabling you to play online web games in VR.

The Samsung browser has an inbuilt adblocker and supports 3rd-party applications for content blocking and filtering. You can use other apps, like AdGuard, etc., to blacklist websites. Also, modes like High contrast mode give you more accessibility.

Ultra Saving Mode keeps your device running for an extended period by minimizing the current running browsing processes. It solves the issue of browsers consuming too much CPU and battery usage.

The Samsung Internet browser is an excellent option for switching from Chrome. The speed is the same since Chrome and Samsung Internet browsers work on the same engine. The newly added features in the Samsung browser make it a superior choice.

I briefed my father on all the new features available on the Samsung browser to choose between Google Chrome and Samsung. He chose the latter, however. I hope this article helps you make a choice too.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, let us know your favorite between Chrome and the Samsung browser.


Is the Samsung Internet Browser good?

Yes – Samsung Internet is a safe and sound browser for any Android phone.

samsung, watch, internet, browser

What is the Samsung Internet Browser used for?

Samsung Internet is just a web browser that helps access the Internet on the smartphone. It comes pre-install on Samsung phones. However, it’s also available for download on any Android phone.

Why does Samsung Internet open by itself?

Samsung Internet is set as the default browser on Samsung Phones. Hence, anytime you click on the link with your Samsung smartphone, it will automatically launch and open the Samsung Internet browser.

You can change the default browser on a Samsung phone.

Is Samsung Internet free?

Yes – the Samsung Internet browser is free and pre-installed on Samsung Phones. You can download it from Google Play Store on any Android phone.

samsung, watch, internet, browser

How to get rid of Samsung Internet?

The Samsung Internet is a pre-installed system browser on Samsung Phones. It doesn’t support uninstalling. However, you can disable it to hide it from the app drawer.

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The Beta version of the Samsung Internet Browser has some new features

One of the best browsers available for Android users is the Samsung Internet Browser. Like many major browsers, Android users can also install a Beta version of the browser on their phones. The public version of the app can be installed from the Play Store by tapping on this link. The Beta version of the browser can be installed by pressing on this link. Those with Galaxy phones can click on this link to install the Internet Browser Beta app from the Galaxy Store. The app weighs in at 110.52MB.

According to SamMobile, an update to the Beta version of the app to version has added some new features. To make sure that you have the latest version, tap the hamburger menu icon found on the bottom right of the display, tap on Settings, and scroll down to About Samsung Internet. Tap on it and you’ll see a page that will give you the Version number of the Beta app under the Samsung Internet heading.

One of the new features allows users to move the bookmark bar and tab bar to a position near the bottom of the screen. And while smartphone users already had the ability to move the URL address bar to the bottom of the screen, this feature is now available for tablet owners using the Samsung Internet Browser Beta. To enable the new features, tap the hamburger menu icon on the bottom right of the screen and go to Settings Layout and menus and toggle on the appropriate settings.

When you long-press on a listing in the bookmark bar, it will automatically open that website in a new tab, and a new window. You can also edit the bookmark, copy the link, or delete the bookmark. By long-pressing the tab on the tab bar, you can close the tab, close other tabs, close all tabs, move the tab, open the app in a new tab, and open it in a new window.

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If you’re an Android user, check out the Samsung Internet Browser and if you’d like the aforementioned features on your browser now, make sure you install the Beta version of the browser app. The Samsung Internet Browser is a popular app with over 1 billion installs. The Beta variant of the app has been installed over 5 million times.

Web Browser on Samsung Smart TV [All You Need to Know]

Smart TVs have replaced the old cable TV sets. They enable you to do much more than watch cable television, like connect your phone to it, cast your laptop, play YouTube, and navigate the internet through a web browser.

If you have a Samsung Smart TV and are looking to set it up by installing the perfect web browser for Samsung Smart TV, this article is the perfect guide for you.

What Web Browser is Installed on Samsung Smart TVs?

Samsung Internet is the web browser installed by default in most Samsung Smart TVs. It was created by Samsung Electronics for their own devices and it’s based on Chromium, an open-sourced web browser. Samsung Internet is available on Google Playstore and on Samsung Galaxy Store.

Compared to other web browsers, Samsung Internet is a more basic web browser and it comes with a few restrictions:

  • It doesn’t support Flash
  • Downloading files is partially restricted or not supported.
  • You won’t be able to copy/paste.
  • There’s a limit on the number of bookmarks you can save.
  • There’s a limit on the number of Windows you can open.
  • Streaming services are not fully supported.

There’s No Web Browser On My Samsung Smart TV

Not all Samsung Smart TVs come with a pre-installed web browser. If you believe that’s your case, then you can download it directly from your TV. Go to the Samsung Play Store and look for Samsung Internet or Web browser. This will show you the App. Choose it you proceed to install it.

How to Use a Different Web Browser on Samsung Smart TV?

So, how can you install a different web browser on your Samsung Smart TV?

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t provide a way to install alternative web browsers directly on the Samsung Smart TV. However, there are ways you can use other web browsers if you want to make use of your big screen for web browsing:

Option 1: Connect a Media Streamer To Your Samsung Smart TV

You can connect your Samsung Smart TV to a media streamer that allows you access to another browser.

A. Connecting Amazon Fire TV

  • Step 1: Connect your Amazon Fire TV via HDMI port.
  • Step 2: Download Firefox or Silk Web Browser.
  • Step 3: Open the web browser app and start surfing.

B. Connecting Apple TV

Apple TV does not offer a web browser, but you can use a web browser using together the AirPlay feature with the AirWeb App of your iPhone or iPad. You just have to mirror the AirWeb browser through the Apple TV connected to your TV.

  • Step 1: Connect your Apple TV to your Samsung TV.
  • Step 2: Download AirWeb App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Step 3: Mirror the AirWeb browser through the Apple TV connected to your Samsung TV.

If you have a Mac Computer, you can also AirPlay your Mac Screen on your Samsung TV

C. Connecting Chromecast

  • Step 1: Connect your Chromecast via HDMI to the back of your Samsung TV.
  • Step 2: Log in to the Chromecast,
  • Step 3: Access the Chrome browser from your PC or Laptop,
  • Step 4:Second-click on any part of the current website and click Cast…

Option 2: Use Screen Mirror On Your Samsung Smart TV

If you want to avoid cables, use screen mirroring to change the browser on your Samsung Smart TV.

There are different ways to setup it up depending on your TV Model and your PC or Mobile Phone. Here are the main steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Set Up Screen Mirroring on Samsung TV
  • Method 1: Press the Source button on your remote and choose the Screen Mirroring option
  • Method 2: Press Menu on your remote and go to Network Expert Settings Wi-Fi Direct
  • Method 3: Press Menu on your remote and then choose Network Screen Mirroring

Option 3: Plug Your PC or Laptop into Your Samsung Smart TV

If you don’t want to invest in an additional device to use another web browser on your Samsung Smart TV, you can always plug in your laptop or PC to your TV.

  • Step 1: Connect your TV and PC with an HDMI cable.
  • Step 2: Connect your TV and PC to the same internet.
  • Step 3: On your PC, open the Notifications Panel.

Step 4: Click on Connect

Step 5: Allow your Samsung TV to connect to your laptop/PC

Step 6: Open a web browser on your PC.

Best Web Browsers for Samsung Smart TV

There are many browser options to choose from for your Samsung Smart TV. Here is a list of some of the best alternative web browsers for Samsung Smart TV for you to use:

You can’t install another web browser on your Samsung TV, but you can use alternative web browsers with the help of the 3 methods mentioned above.

Samsung Internet. Smart TV Web Browser

Best For: Users that have a Samsung Smart TV and are looking for a web browser from the same brand

Samsung internet browser is one of the best alternative web browsers for your Samsung TV.

It is safe, secure, reliable, and compatible with your Samsung TV, and it enables you to surf the internet to your heart’s content.

Amazon Silk

Best For: Users that have other Amazon services on their TV and are looking for something compatible

Amazon is one of the leading businesses in the world, and the web browser it has to offer is hands down one of the best, with an immersive experience that gives you the best from the comfort of your own home.

It is a good alternative web browser for Samsung Smart TVs.

samsung, watch, internet, browser

Mozilla Firefox

Best For: Those looking for a well-known web browser

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best-known web browsers that is trusted and used by numerous people due to its secure, non-shady policies and lightning-fast response that doesn’t sell you out.

It is a great alternative to your Samsung Smart TV’s inbuilt web browser.

samsung, watch, internet, browser

VEWD Browser

Best For: Users that want a browser they can control with their remote alone

If you are looking for an alternative web browser for Samsung Smart TVs that allows you complete access to the internet with minimal time and cost, VEWD browser is the perfect browser for you.

Kiwi Browser

Best For: Users that are looking for a simple, fast, and free browser for their Smart TV

The Kiwi Browser is a fast, efficient, and free web browser.

It allows you to convert your Samsung TV into a laptop or PC to browse the internet, read news, watch videos, and listen to music without any disturbances.

Puffin TV Browser

Best For: Users that are looking for a browser designed with Smart TVs in mind

Puffin TV-Browser is a web browser that is designed especially for high-end Smart TVs and set-top boxes, which makes it one of the best alternative web browsers for your Samsung Smart TV.

All the features are designed thinking of a Smart TV. That’s something you will notice when browsing on your TV.


Best For: Users that require a simple yet interactive interface

Opera is one of the classic web browsers that has been around for a long time.

It gives you some of the best user-interface and allows you to browse privately, smoothly sync your data, and send files between Opera on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

It is a great option for your Samsung TV web browser replacement.

Google Chrome

Best For: Users that want a safe, reliable browser with regular updates and pre-installed Google apps

Google Chrome is the de facto web browser that everybody reaches out to. It is seamless, easy, simple, and effective.

It lets you sync your searches, accounts, and information to the Chrome browsers on your phone, laptop, PC, and other devices.


Best For: Users that value their privacy and want to protect their data

If you value their privacy and are tired of being tracked online, DuckDuckGo is the perfect web browser extension to add to your current browser.

It protects your data for free and can also be a good option for your Smart TV.

Dolphin Browser For Samsung TV

Best For: Users that want a fast, secure browser with the facility of add-ons

If you are tired of old web browsers and are looking to experience something new, try out the Dolphin browser for a fast, secure, and personal browsing experience.

Its great variety of add-ons can enhance your user experience.


Best For: Users that want their social media integrated with their browser for easy access to links

Flynx is a great web browser for you to consider as a replacement browser on your Samsung Smart TV.

It is fast, Smart, and effective and is loved by millions worldwide. If you are a social media user, we recommend this web browser for your Smart TV.

Brave Browser. Smart TV

Best For: Users that want to switch to a browser that takes up less memory on their device

Brave claims to be one of the fastest web browsers out there, with better protection from Google and Big Tech.

It is 2x faster than Chrome and can be an excellent option for your Samsung Smart TV.

TV Bro

Best For: Users that want a browser to operate without a keyboard and a mouse

TV Bro is a web browser designed specifically for Smart TVs, making it a great browser alternative for your Samsung Smart TV.

It has multiple amazing features and regular updates, making it a great option for your Smart TV.

Therefore, if you are looking for a free web browser that works with the TV remote, has a built-in download manager, and has voice search support, TV Bro is the perfect option for you.


Best For: Android users

JioPagesTV is a web browser that has been exclusively designed for Android TV.

It provides the fastest and most secure browsing experience for you on your Smart TV.

It is one of the best web browsers to use on your Samsung Smart TV and is completely free to download and browse.

Microsoft Edge

Best For: Windows users

Microsoft Edge is another one of the classic browsers that have been around for a very long time.

It has been tried and tested by millions of people worldwide and is considered a fast, secure, and private browser that helps keep your data private. It is a great browser to consider for your Smart TV.

How to Update the Internet Browser on Your Samsung Smart TV?

You can update your internet browser on Samsung Smart TV by going to Settings Support Software Update Update Now. Note that if you accepted the Smart TV Terms and Conditions in the initial setup of your Smart TV, you would have automatic updates. You can also update your browser through a USB flash drive.

If you have chosen another browser for your Samsung Smart TV, it is always a good idea to update it regularly for bug fixes and new features.

Can You Delete the Default Browser on a Smart TV?

No, you cannot delete the default web browser preloaded on your Samsung Smart TV. The default web browser is embedded in the firmware. This means that there isn’t an official way to delete it. Samsung wants these kinds of Apps to stay there. What you can do is restrict access to the web browser App.

What you can do is delete the browsers you have downloaded. If you want to delete a browser that you have installed, go to the App Settings Menu and select Delete.

This option will not appear in the default Apps.

How to Reset and Clean Your Browser on Samsung TV?

If you want to reset or clean your Samsung Smart TV browser’s cache:

  • Step 1: Go to Setting Apps System
  • Step 2: Locate and select the browser you want to reset
  • Step 3: Select the option to clear the cache and you are done.

Summary on Web Browsers On Samsung Smart TV

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t make it easy for us to use different web browsers for our Smar TV, however, the good news is that we can find ways to do so if we want to make use of our big screen.

If you own a Samsung Smart TV and want to optimize it to its full potential, you probably want to use a different web browser to have more flexibility and control over your TV.

Any of these 15 web browsers are great options for your Smart TV and they’ll allow you to use it way more comfortably.

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