Samsung TV won’t turn on red light flashes

Samsung TV won’t turn on, light is flashing

Samsung TVs confidently occupy the leading positions in sales, they are chosen by the majority of users. But even such reliable and practical devices are subject to various breakdowns. Users sometimes complain that the Samsung TV won’t turn on with a flashing red light. There are many reasons for such a defect, some can be dealt with on their own. However, only specialists can repair certain breakdowns. Let’s figure out why this happens, how to act and in what situations call the master.

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Where to start repair

Perhaps the TV does not need repair, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Standby mode Many people learn about it only when they are faced with the fact that the TV does not turn on. In fact, the device is in sleep mode and the indicator can be red or green. Read the instructions carefully and disable this mode.
  • Signal Problems: Bad weather can degrade the signal, so a black TV screen may appear. As soon as the weather improves, the image will immediately appear. Also, a weak signal may be due to a breakdown of the external antenna.
  • An AV, HDMI or wireless connection is running. The TV may be paired with a computer or smartphone and mirroring its screen. In this case, it is not possible to turn on television. Therefore, we remove all third-party connections.

There are a number of other faults that you can fix on your own.

The power key on the TV is broken

If at the moment the TV starts up from the control panel, the red LED goes out or a distinct click is heard, the indoor module has been blocked. A similar breakdown occurs due to voltage problems. In such a situation, one cannot do without the intervention of specialists and it is even better not to try, so as not to harm even more.

The remote control broke

The first thing you need to do is check the remote control, press different keys, replace the batteries. The problem is that when the plasma is not turned on, many start looking for serious breakdowns, and ignore the remote control. On the operating panel, the indicator will light up or flash each time you press the keys. If it breaks down, you can use the control panel on the TV itself. By the way, modern TV models can be controlled from a smartphone.

Repair without the involvement of specialists

Consider situations in which the device does not turn on, but you can do it yourself Samsung TV repair.

What the indicator says

The breakdown can also be determined by the current state of the indicator:

  • Does not light up, the light bulb may have burnt out. However, if the TV is connected to power, but does not start, this is an internal failure. You can accurately identify the defect in the service center.
  • Blinking: Why the Samsung TV won’t turn on but the light is blinking. it may be a power problem. We check the sockets, the power wire, if everything is normal, then the power supply includes the protection functionality. Swollen capacitors can contribute to this. They will need to be replaced.
  • Continuously lit There is no power problem in this situation. That’s just if the TV does not respond to commands from the remote control or the POWER button, most likely, you need to look for a breakdown on the main board.

Users note that in the process of turning on, the device begins to click or beep, and the indicator blinks. Such sounds indicate that an internal breakdown has occurred, which cannot be dealt with on your own.

Constant reboot

This problem occurs on models that have Smart TV functionality, and occurs after an unsuccessful update or a technical failure. You can solve the problem yourself by installing a new firmware. Now, if reinstallation does not work, then you cannot do without the help of specialists. Full diagnostics and serious repairs will be required.

The main causes of breakdown

A TV is a complex household appliance that fails for many reasons. If we talk about the most common breakdown options, there are:

  • the wire that supplies power to the TV is damaged;
  • the power supply has broken;
  • the control panel is not working properly;
  • problems with LED backlighting;
  • one of the control boards is damaged.

Does not turn on from the button on the case

If the TV receiver does not respond to pressing the buttons on the case or on the remote control, while the voltage is supplied to the device, you must call the representatives of the service center. If the light is green at the same time, this may be a sign of a problem with the board, which is very difficult to determine on your own.

Need help from a wizard

You should seek professional help when, in order to fix a problem, you need to open the device and carry out repairs or replacement of parts, for example, the s62 chassis. It is not recommended to do this yourself, without the appropriate skills and TV circuitry, otherwise you can cause even more damage to the device.

Software crash

The main feature of the various software failures that regulate the operation of the device is the fact that they are all visible defects.

Example: a “riot” of colors begins on the screen (a sharp change in the palette at each point). this is evidence that there is a bug in the device firmware. Reset and install new firmware. (This should be done by a professional master).

However, the software matrix activation procedure itself is not affected. In order for the matrix to light up (in the good sense of the word), the correct electrical signal (with the required parameters) must simply reach it. Software defects cannot simply cause a dark screen (with no sound) when the power indicator is green.

It is quite possible to repair a Samsung TV with your own hands if it does not turn on. It is necessary to diagnose and identify what exactly the problem is. Be sure to exclude the following factors:

  • lack of electricity;
  • inoperative outlet;
  • burned out power supply;
  • power surges in the network;
  • dead batteries on the remote.

Next, move on to more complex manipulations and find out why the red light is blinking and the TV does not turn on.

Self repair

If the TV stops turning on, then it is recommended to check the following parameters.

  • TV mode. The first thing to do is to check which mode the screen is in. For example, the device is in Standby mode. A red lamp on the TV panel will signal that the standby mode is activated. Experts do not recommend leaving the TV in this mode for a long time, as the equipment may burn out during power surges. In order for the TV to work again, the user must turn off the Standby mode.
  • Breakdown of the remote control. If the device does not respond to remote control commands, try turning on the TV using the control buttons on its panel. If the screen works, then the cause of the problem is the remote control, most likely the batteries are dead. Read also how to properly clean the Remote Control.
  • The TV indicator is off. In the event that there is no color indication when you press the TV power button, then, most likely, there was a breakdown of the socket. To check, you need to connect the receiver to a different outlet. If the replacement did not bring a result, then it will not be possible to cope with the problem on your own, since further actions require special knowledge and skills.
  • TV indicator flashes once. If the diode on the TV blinked once and then continued to burn evenly, or its color may have changed. That usually means that the screen works in AV mode or operates in the mode of connecting to a personal computer.
  • In order for the TV to work, you need to transfer it to the standard TV mode. Another reason why the TV does not turn on may be that the UNAUTHORIZED USE BLOCK option was accidentally activated. How to disable this option is indicated in the user manual.
  • Weak signal. It is possible that the TV is completely working, and a black screen instead of a picture is the result of an absence or a weak TV signal. In such situations, you need to check if the antenna is well connected, if there is no interference with the signal transmission. Read how to make an antenna yourself.

If the Samsung TV does not turn on due to the above factors, then it can be easily repaired with your own hands.

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What malfunctions indicate that you cannot do without a master

The user can repair his TV only if the problems are superficial and do not require opening the device. In other cases, it is recommended to contact professionals.

Problems indicating that you need help from a wizard:

  • The TV cannot be turned on from the remote control and panel. experts recommend observing the color indicator of the receiver. If it turns off when you try to press the button, then most likely the malfunction is serious enough, you need to disassemble the equipment, perhaps one of the modules has failed. With such problems, Samsung TVs should be repaired in a TV workshop.
  • The color of the diode changes from green to red. this symptom also indicates that there is a problem in one of the device modules, for example, the power adapter has failed and the module cannot work in normal mode. This problem will occur until the cause of the failure is eliminated: the transistor is replaced, for example, on the s62 chassis, the power adapter or other malfunction factors are not moved.
  • The indicator is green, the TV does not turn on. this problem happens due to a problem with the main board. The master must check how the voltage is applied to it, and also performs a number of operations to determine the causes of the malfunction.

Repair without the involvement of specialists

For each manufacturer, a flickering indicator can indicate different hardware and system failures. Often such problems can be fixed on your own, without any outside help.

Typically, well-known brands marketed with plasma displays use ionized gas or special plasma to transmit the image. Despite the fact that the designs have significant differences, the basic operations are almost identical.

Let’s look at the problems of several popular companies.

Samsung TV won’t turn on blinking red light (explained fix) #18

Samsung TVs

If your Samsung TV won’t turn on and the light is flashing, this is a clear sign of a power problem. First, let’s check the wires and the outlet. In this case, the protective function begins to work actively in the power supply unit. Most often these are problems with swollen capacitors that need to be changed.

Sometimes there are situations when the device, in addition to the blinking indicator, starts to produce extraneous sounds (beeping). This is a clear signal of an internal breakdown, and you need to contact the service.

When Samsung TVs do not turn on, the red light does not blink, but is on constantly, pay attention to the board.

To find the answer to the question why Samsung TV does not turn on, first of all, you need to pay attention to several points:

  • Standby mode, or in simple words, sleep mode. After activating this function, the indicator can light up green or red. It must be disabled.
  • Signal problems are sometimes caused by bad weather or a broken external antenna, which also causes a dark screen.
  • Pairing with wireless gadgets, active modes AV, HDMI. Incorrect mode selection is a common cause of breakdown.
  • Samsung TVs often have capacitor defects that cause repeated clicks when turned on. In the event of a breakdown of this kind, the TV starts up for a very long time or does not turn on at all. In addition, it becomes impossible to reproduce sound.
  • If the cable box does not work properly, errors occur during signal detection, due to which the TV cannot display the image on the screen for a long time.
  • Reprogramming violations are common in modern TV. Even outdated firmware failure can cause malfunction.

Fixing problems with turning on the TV

Despite the technological perfection of modern TVs, even they are subject to various breakdowns from time to time. Equipment from leading brands can also break down and cause trouble for their owners. Some of them can be dealt with on your own. The appearance of a flashing light can signal both minor and serious breakdowns. To understand the situation in detail, let’s consider the possible reasons for the appearance of such breakdowns.


Phillips TV owners often complain about TVs constantly going into sleep mode, which causes a number of problems.

Also, in Philips, Panasonic and Sharp TV models, there are often hardware malfunctions, such as damaged processor, broken backlight or improper cable connection.

When the image disappears a few minutes after turning on, this indicates a malfunction of the matrix or inverter. Repair with such a breakdown will cost a round sum, and in this case it is better to rely on a highly qualified specialist.

What the indicator says

The indicator is one of the main indicators of the health of the TV. Depending on its color, you can navigate the reason for a breakdown or the need to update the OS.

As soon as a problem arises, you need to find out which hardware section is out of order. There are situations when the color of the indicator can change, for example, from green to red, or a continuous flashing of red appears. In case of chaotic blinking of the indicator, you should pay attention to damaged hardware blocks.

As soon as you press the power button on the remote control, the processor directs the signal to the desired blocks. If at least one of the elements does not give an answer, the startup process stops. Until the broken element is replaced, the TV is inoperative.

Before contacting a specialist, you need to perform a simple diagnosis for the correct operation of the power supply system, communications and other external components.

First, we check the correctness of the cable connection, because the lack of connection with the line first of all leads to a “black picture” on the TV screen. It is important to make sure that the cable and the power supply are in good working order. You need to check the status of the coaxial cable and HDMI, for example, by moving from one port to another.

To check the connection, it is enough to disconnect all cables from the device and reconnect them firmly to prevent loosening of the contact. If the described procedure did not work, we look at other breakdown options.

Often the problem may be caused by the TV’s output settings. If there is no power, the TV cannot perform its functions. By clicking on the remote control and going to the “Source” tab, you will see all the available inputs and will be able to configure them. It is important to make sure the correct component is connected to the input. This error is very common in Samsung devices.

Sometimes problems arise when the web source fails. TV may work correctly, but web sources may malfunction. Using the remote control, you need to check the connection with sites such as the Cable Box. To do this, just turn off and turn on the tab again. If this method does not help, you can join an outside web source or try on another TV.

Also, a black screen may appear due to the enabled sleep timer or power saving mode. First of all, you need to disable these functions. This can be done in the “Settings” menu.

The problem may occur due to the lack of a Smart TV software update. By updating the firmware, thanks to the remote control, the problem should be resolved.


LG appliances are equipped with many “smart” functions that effectively help to identify a breakdown:

  • If the LG TV does not turn on and the lamp flashes, this is a diagnostic signal. The LED informs that the processor is collecting the necessary data and provides a diagnostic result. By the number of flickers, the malfunction of the TV is determined. The model documentation contains a detailed description.
  • Using a flashlight, it is possible to diagnose problems with the backlight, main board or software.
  • If lines appear on the screen, it is worth checking the faulty wires and the presence of a logic error on the main board.
  • Standby indicator when power on indicates power error.
  • Other technical problems include driver malfunction, swelling of capacitors, breakdown of the TV panel.
  • Constant light indicates a malfunction of the control panel.

In case of physical damage to the LV panel, the cost of repairs may exceed the price of a new device.

Other breakdowns

In addition to the direct breakdown of the TV, there are malfunctions of additional elements:

  • Voltage surges. Any power surge is likely to break. Even when the TV is turned off, some components continue to use energy. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off all operating devices during a thunderstorm. This problem can be eliminated by using a voltage regulator.
  • Breakdown of the remote control. Before you start checking the TV, you need to make sure that the remote control is working. Press the buttons, replace the batteries. When the device is running, the indicator will blink each time it is pressed. If the remote control is broken, you can use the control panel to turn it on or control it using a smartphone.
  • Access problems. If a child lock has been installed, the control panel on the TV itself is locked and does not respond to any presses. In this case, you need to use the remote control, without which it is impossible to disable the lock.
  • Constant reboot. Smart TV functionality may be impaired due to a technical failure or incorrect installation of an update. First, you should try reinstalling the firmware yourself. If this does not help, you need a complete equipment diagnostics.

Other problems, such as backlight problems or a broken power key on the TV, cannot be resolved on your own. They are often caused by power outages.

Resetting your TV

It is possible that the root of the problem is a software glitch that arose during the operation of your TV. In this case, you should try to reset its settings to factory defaults.

Let’s show factory reset using the example of a Samsung TV. the procedure for devices from other manufacturers differs only in the location of the necessary options.

  • Press the “Menu” button on the TV remote control to access the main menu of the device. In it go to the item “Support”.

The system will ask you to enter a security code. By default it is 0000, enter it.

Confirm your intention to reset the settings by clicking on “Yes”.

Factory reset will restore YouTube to working condition if the problem was caused by a software glitch in the settings.

Analog TV

The distortion of the analogue signal is caused by the antenna. inspect it, especially if the antenna is equipped with additional amplifiers. Slightly wiggle the antenna while viewing. If the blinking persists, disconnect the cable, and replace the broken element.

Self repair

Please note that TVs are complex and require a lot of experience to repair. To detect a breakdown, you need professional testing equipment

We do not recommend making attempts to restore proper operation on your own, since, according to statistics, every fifth call is associated with self-intervention. In most cases, this leads to a significant increase in the cost of repairing the device. The main factors for this are:

  • incorrect diagnostics, short circuit or damage to third-party equipment;
  • when replacing any element, the entire board or microcircuit was damaged;
  • replacement of a serviceable element with a serviceable one, while the problem remains;
  • installation of substandard components.

In this case, you will spend time and money not only on repairs on your own, but you will also have to pay much larger amounts. If there are signs of a malfunction, we recommend checking only the antenna for defects, and if they are absent, contact the masters of “TVF”.

Trouble type

When the screen flickers, you first need to find out what is causing it. To do this, determine when exactly the flashing starts. It can be permanent, sometimes appearing while watching programs or when connecting peripherals to the TV. There is a way of elimination for each case.

Satellite TV

As you know, to receive satellite television requires a digital signal source and a receiver. The signal source can be a parabolic antenna or a cable led to the house by satellite TV operators. The receiver is required to decode the incoming signal into an analog or digital signal, which is then transmitted to the TV via a television RCA (three wires white, red and yellow) or an HDMI cable.

As a rule, modern LG TVs use the second option for transmitting the signal from the receiver. Malfunctions in any of the equipment or communication channels can lead not only to screen flickering, but also to many other problems.

If a parabolic antenna is used as a signal receiver, then the check should begin with it.

Low mains voltage

The most common cause is low voltage in the network or its fluctuations.

Weak mains voltages are not uncommon, as most modern technology absorbs more than wiring can allow. Usually a lot of kitchen appliances are included in the house: kettle, microwave oven, refrigerator, and so on. The total load is supplemented by a computer, air conditioning, an electric heater in cold weather and even a charging phone, which is not recommended if the wiring is weak. Therefore, when a TV with lighting is also connected to the network at the same time, a voltage surge occurs, protection is triggered.

A common cause of low voltage is poor quality branching. Poor contact increases resistance in the problem area, which reduces the voltage. In this situation, the TV turns off. To solve the problem, it is enough to connect a stabilizer, the purpose of which is to equalize the voltage in the network. It is an inexpensive device that will protect household appliances in case of drops.