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Published instructions on how to configure your Samsung Smart TV for digital TV

To set up a digital TV, which has a one-time setup, no interference, access to a huge amount of TV content, you need to make a number of simple steps.

However, you can connect digital channels if your device model supports DVB-T2 tuner standard or has a set-top box.

Representatives of the provider Lanet told you how to configure your Samsung TV for digital TV.

Ways to tune digital channels

There are two ways to tune your Samsung TV to digital TV: manually and automatically. When tuning manually you need to search and save channels separately, each time prescribing the necessary parameters in the search settings. This is quite a complicated and time-consuming way, so the manufacturer recommends automatic tuning. Auto tuning allows you to quickly find and arrange the digital channels in a convenient order of priority. Below we offer a generalized instruction to Samsung TV.

For autotuning you need:

  • Using the remote control to go to the “Menu”;
  • select “Channel Tuning”;
  • Then select “Broadcast” or “Live”;
  • Choose broadcasting format you need.

Please note that depending on the model the procedure can be different, so before setting it you need to know the TV series and year of manufacture.

When your TV has Smart TV functionality

All recent “Samsung” TV models support Smart TV, making it much easier and faster to set up. Here are the instructions:

  • Call up the menu.
  • Go to “Broadcast”.
  • Select “Auto tune”.
  • In the next menu. do the same.
  • Press “Start”.
  • Select full search mode in the window.
  • Go to “Scanner” menu.
  • Wait till autosearch process is completed.
  • Press “Close”.

If necessary, you can delete all installed channels by raising the default settings. In newer models with Smart TV support this can be done with the remote control. There is a separate manual for each series of Samsung TV, all of which can be found on the manufacturer’s official website.

Quite a popular question among the subscribers of the Lanet provider: how to reset the TV settings of your Samsung without the remote control? It is impossible to do this, because all the actions are performed in the service menu, which is invoked with the remote control.

Samsung TV remote control

Samsung TV remote control contains Braille dots on the main remote control buttons for visually impaired people.

  • TV. Switching the TV on and off
  • STB. Turning on and off the TV set-top box
  • Source. Selecting Input Sources
  • 1,2. 9,0. direct access to channels
  • TTX/MIX. select teletext values
  • MUTE. Temporary mute
  • P. Switching Channels
  • /-. Adjust volume
  • Smart HUB. Displaying Smart Apps
  • MENU. Opening the OSD menu
  • GUIDE. Displaying the Electronic TV Guide
  • TOOLS. Select frequently used functions
  • INFO. Display information on the screen
  • RETURN. Goes back to the previous menu
  • EXIT. Exit the Samsung TV Menu
  • SEARCH. Calling the search window
  • KEYPAD. Virtual keypad
  • E-MANUAL. Calling the Owner’s Manual
  • P.SIZE- Changing the size of the image
  • AD/SUBT. Sound Descriptions/Subtitles
  • BACK. Go back to previous level
  • Control buttons. Video, photo, audio playback
  • Color buttons. Access to the special functions of some menus according to the information on the screen

On our website you can download TV remote control location and designation of remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

Setup at the first power on

When you turn on the screen for the first time, the screen will pop up: the initial setup Samsung TV. Here you can select the menu language, search for TV channels, set the internet connection with the Samsung TV remote control. You can perform this procedure later by pressing System \Settings on the Samsung TV Menu.

What to do if you forgot your Samsung TV password

The TV uses a password for the system settings. The default password is 0-0-0-0. If you have entered a different password and have forgotten it, you must recover your Samsung password. To do this, you must turn off the device with the remote control. and press MUTE-8-2-4-POWER in standby mode. The device will be set to the value of the password 0-0-0-0.

Samsung CI CARD adapter what is it

CI CARD adapter. is a connector on the side of the Samsung TV (also called pcmci card slot), which is used to install the decoding card pay digital satellite or cable TV. This card, installed in the card adapter CI CARD, allows you to do without the additional receiver, needed to view digital channels on older TVs.

What do you need an infrared adapter cable for?

Ir out on a Samsung TV what is it? The ir out connector is used to connect the IR transmitter adapter which is included in the TV set to control external devices.

How to configure your Samsung TV to control external devices connected to it, such as a digital TV receiver, disc player, home theater? For what you need an infrared adapter cable for your Samsung TV? So you can control both your TV and other devices with one remote control, using it as a universal.

To do this, connect the included infrared adapter cable to the IR OUT output of the TV, place the transmitter within 10 cm of the receiver of the external device. Signals from the TV remote control will be processed in the Samsung TV, converted and sent via cable to the transmitter which will work as an infrared remote control for the external device. Turn on the external device and the TV. Use the TV remote control to select the SOURCE Menu\Setting up the universal remote control at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions on the TV screen, the process of setting the universal remote control will be done.

How to tune your Samsung Smart TV for digital TV

How to set up digital TV: You set up digital TV on your Samsung Smart TV by selecting Settings in the Menu. Broadcasting. Extra settings. Manual tuning. Tuning digital channels. Select Create Search to automatically search for digital TV channels and store them in the TV’s memory.

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Simple instructions for setting up your Samsung TV

Depending on the model of LCD TV, the sequence may vary slightly, but the general instructions are as follows:

Select the menu (enter using the green button on the remote control).

Find the satellite dish icon (select the desired channels).

From the list of options, we stop at the source of channels “Cable”.

Searching for all available channels takes no more than 10 minutes.

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Peculiarities of watching channels via a set-top box

Outdated TV models do not support digital TV. They are able to recognize new channels only through special equipment. set-top boxes. They can be purchased in digital technology stores or order Internet and TV connection from cellular operators, which serve the apartment building.

How to connect and configure a set-top box

Before setting up digital TV on Samsung TVs through a set-top box, you need to assemble and connect the equipment. To do this, do the following:

  • Check the antenna installation, which should match the set-top box. Installation and setup instructions are included with the equipment. Cellular operators offer a cable connection through a common wire in the entryway.
  • Select and purchase a suitable receiver. It is selected by the number of additional options. There are options with the ability to record information, media player function, scheduler, TimeShift.
  • Look at the option to connect the receiver to the TV: Tulip, HDMI, antenna cable. Get an adapter.
  • Attach your equipment and turn it on. Set up the 20 basic channels available for free viewing.

If you want to watch more channels, you have to buy a special CAM module for the receiver with an antenna. Then the number of TV programs will depend on the selected package.

Channel tuning: automatic, manual

A general scheme of searching for television programs for receivers:

  • Find “Menu” button on the device remote control, usually the Sourc button
  • Press HDMI1 button in the opened window, the digital broadcast will go through it.
  • Find “Auto search” and press start. The STB will select the appropriate frequency and store the TV programs.

The exact sequence of searching for TV channels depends on the model of the receiver or mobile operator to which you are connected to watch digital TV.

What to do if the TV does not see the channels when searching

Auto-tuning digital TV on Samsung does not always go smoothly. Causes of failure may lie in the antenna, the receiver, the proper connection between the TV and the equipment. To eliminate and restart auto search is necessary:

  • Check the correct connection of the receiver to the TV. If the connection is incorrect, the TV does not recognize the device and when you press HDMI 1, the information “no signal” will be displayed.
  • Reset your receiver to factory settings by doing a complete reboot. To do this, go to the menu, find “Settings” and “Reset” or “Restore Defaults”. If you need a password, enter 0000, 1111 or 1234.
  • Try to reconfigure or reconnect the antenna. You can buy a signal amplifier, which will ensure a quality connection. Consider the location of your home in relation to the tower. The further away it is, the stronger the antenna is needed.

Exact recommendations for additional digital TV settings on Samsung TV depend on the model of equipment.

How to configure digital TV

Given the popularity of this technology, many users wonder how to configure digital television on the TV? Today there are five basic ways to configure. Digital channels can be tuned up using an aerial, a tuner, a fiber optic cable, a satellite dish, and the Smart TV function. Before you set up digital channels on your TV, you should consider that each of these methods has its pros and cons. Also keep in mind that these methods of connection have different costs. Do not forget that tuning channels by a wrong method can lead to the fact that the TV simply does not receive a digital signal.

Tuning via an antenna

Before you set up digital TV on your TV through the antenna, you need to take care of its connection to the receiver. You should also connect an amplifier signal to the TV tuner. Then the receiver is connected directly to the TV set.

Tuning channels is usually done by automatic search. As a result of the auto search will be found 15-20 TV channels. It is possible that some channels will be duplicated. To eliminate this problem it is recommended to use the manual tuning, which will remove unwanted TV channels. It is worth noting that the autodetection of channels through the antenna takes no more than 20 minutes.

Tuning through the tuner

Before you set up digital channels on your TV using the tuner, you should take care about buying this equipment. You can buy a T2 receiver today in any online store or home appliance store. Using such a receiver allows you to get several bonuses.

Firstly, the installation of the receiver allows you to view all popular federal TV channels. Secondly, the owner of such a tuner can use only one remote control instead of two.

Tuning through the tuner involves connecting this device to a conventional indoor television antenna. After connecting the user should apply the automatic search function.

Separately, it should be said that the average

Setting up via fiber optic cable

Maybe this way will seem too complicated for some people. But in fact, this setup is one of the easiest and most accessible. Before how to set up digital television on your TV through a fiber optic cable, it is worth knowing that all the necessary equipment can be purchased from leading Russian telecommunications companies.

An example of such a company is MTS. This company bundles a DVB-C set-top box and a remote control with a fiber-optic cable. To connect digital television, simply plug the cable into the antenna jack and use the auto search function.

This service of telecommunications providers allows you to connect a lot more TV channels. The number of connected programs will depend on the selected tariff and conditions of the provider. per month.

Tuning via satellite dish

Before you set up digital television on your TV, it is worth taking care about the installation of a satellite dish. To solve this problem, it is recommended to involve experienced professionals with the necessary tools and installation equipment. In addition, experienced craftsmen will always recommend the best place to install the satellite dish. Due to this, the user can count on receiving as many digital TV channels as possible.

It should be noted that today the average cost of connecting the “digital”, it depends on the selected service package.

Installing the satellite dish also provides the use of the receiver, which is connected to the TV with a low- or high-frequency cable. Users who prefer to configure the receiver on their own, should know that this process has several specific features.

Before you can set up digital channels on your TV using a high-frequency cable, you need to unplug all appliances. Then the high-frequency cable is inserted into the antenna and connected to the RF out on the receiver. After this time all household appliances can be reconnected to the mains. Then the channels are tuned by auto search.

Before to adjust digital TV on TV set with RF out it is necessary to connect the receiver and TV set by means of cable with “tulip”. Then you need to set the video mode and wait until the message “No signal” appears on the screen.

After that you need to set the signal quality and strength scales. Tuning is done mechanically, that is, by turning the satellite dish in different directions. This adjustment will be repeated until the signal quality and strength scales are filled in as much as possible.

In order to check if the tuning is correct, you need to turn on one of the channels and assess the quality of the picture. If it will be clear and without any interference, then the setting has been performed correctly.

Setting via Smart TV

Before you set up digital TV on your TV using Smart TV it’s worth making sure the TV supports this technology. It appeared relatively recently, and therefore not all modern televisions are equipped with it.

This way of tuning is considered the easiest and the fastest. Setting up the TV channels is done in 5 minutes.

Setting up digital channels on Samsung TVs

Depending on the model, the interface and menu structure may be different, but the general idea and the order of actions remains the same.

Enter the main menu by pressing the [Menu] button on the remote control. Under “Channel” select “Country

Your TV will ask for a PIN code. If you do not set your own, try to enter one of the standard ones: 0000, 1111, 1234

The following country settings must be set:

Next, in the section “Channel” select the item “Cable search parameters”

Attention ! On models released later than 2010 this item can be not in the main menu, but appear in the course of Autosetup

Go back to the “Channel” in the main menu and select the item “Autotune

Set the search mode to “Full” and hit “Search

If you’ve done everything correctly, your TV should find about 58 TV channels

After searching for channels, you need to set the internal clock of the TV, to do this, go back to the main menu and under “System” select “Time”

How to configure “digital” on older models of Samsung

Many older models do not support autodetect, so they have to configure channels manually. Digital TV installation instructions are more complex and time consuming, but not very difficult to master:

  • Display the settings menu and click on “Antenna.
  • Select “Russia” if you want to indicate the country.

These instructions are suitable for most older Samsung models, although they may vary slightly.