Samsung TV set the application from the flash drive. Safety measures when updating

How to update Samsung TV Firmware/Software via USB

How to install applications on the Samsung Smart TV TV. adding official and widgets

Installing widgets on Samsung television receiver allows you to significantly expand the functionality of Smart TV devices. Like the manufacturer LG, in the Tizen operating system there is a application store. Official applications are available in it, which are set to download via the Internet in several pressing the buttons of the remote control. But the contents of the store are very limited, many, even known widgets. Therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to install other applications from sources on the Samsung TV.

Unfortunately, Samsung is tough and introduces many restrictions. If the installation of applications is required, it is necessary to resort to methods that require a lot of actions and synchronization with a personal computer. Consider all the methods that can add new widgets to the memory of the Samsung brand TV.

Installation of applications from an official store

Actions in their algorithm do not differ in different series of televisions, but there are small differences in the system integer and sections/points in the store.

F-series (2013)

  • On the remote control, press the multi-colored rhomba key to open the Smart Hub (Smart Hub).
  • In the menu that appears, select Samsung Apps.
  • Inside go to the application category or use the search line above the list of sections.
  • Get down to the program you like, go inside and select “Downloading”.
  • Wait for the utility to download. After you can open the application, the deletion button is also available there.

H-series (2014)

  • Launch “Smart Hub”.
  • Open Apps on the left side of the menu.
  • Use the store search or go to the “Category”.
  • Move the frame to the program that you want to install.
  • Click OK on the remote control, then click on “download”.
  • After the load is completed, you can open the utility and use.

J-series (2015)

The installation process is identical, except for differences in the appearance of the intese.

  • Go inside the “Appendix” section at the Smart.
  • Many tabs (categories) will become available. with already added applications and accessible to download. Decide on the necessary program, click the confirmation button on the remote control, and inside, select “Download”.
  • After the installation, it is possible to open on the same page or launch through the “My App” tab “.

K-Series (2016)

  • Call the application menu, find “Apps”, open.
  • Use the heading or find the search program.
  • Inside the application card, click “Install”.
  • After the installation, the opening will become available, as well as the function of adding to the main screen. The latter is sure to do if you plan to launch the program private, then you will not have to constantly go to “Apps”.

Series M, N, Q, LS, R, T, AU, QN (2017 and later)

Install applications on Samsung TVs that have been on sale since 2017 will be obtained only with the availability of an account on the company’s website. It is required to switch to the official resource “Samsung” and register an account.

After, you can open the Samsung Smart Hub (button with the badge of the house), go to the store, log in and start installing. The store is located on the left on the menu and is called “Apps”.

  • The main screen immediately offers a list of popular, new, installed and sorted in groups/genres of widgets for TV.
  • Select the “addition” from the proposed or try to find the application through the search. the icon in the upper right part of the television screen. When using the search, begin to enter the name application and, if the App is in the store, the system will even show the desired option without complete input.
  • When the application is selected, go inside and click “Install”.
  • After the installation is completed, the button change the name to “open”, there will also be a notification in the upper right corner of the screen.

Samsung TV update from the menu via the Internet

The simplest way to find out about the release of the new firmware version and immediately update the software is the function in the TV menu of the TV itself. But this is possible only on the Smart TV connected to the network.

To update Samsung Smart TV, you need:

samsung, application, flash, drive, updating

In the process of “updates” the television receiver will automatically reboot (turn off and turn on).

How to update TV firmware from a USB flash drive

It is possible to flash through a flash drive both a modern “smart” TV “Samsung” and an old ordinary television receiver. over, in the latter case, the use of the removable drive “USB” is the only method of updating.

How to understand that a new firmware has come out

If there is the Internet, then you can find out the firmware version in the update menu, as it is said earlier.

But when there is no Internet access on the TV, find out the information on the device menu:

The model will need to find the support page on the Samsung website and load the firmware there, which is updated from the external medium.

How to find out the exact model code

There are several ways to get the exact name of the TV:

  • Look at the box, the attached documentation. the model is indicated everywhere;
  • through the settings along the path of “support”-“appeal to Samsung” (or “On TV”);
  • look into the back of the body of the television receiver. The label with the parameters of the device is always glued, where the model and full name are also indicated.

How to download firmware

You need to download software only from an official source. Loading from unverified sites is fraught to completely disable the TV during flashing.

First you need to compare the firmware with the one that is now “standing” on the TV. All letters must fully comply with the selected. Next, choose software, numerical value after letters in which more.

As for the language, for example, English, it will only be during installation. The language of the television integration after the update will not change and will remain Russian (or the one you chose).

Installation installation

Review the device according to the following instructions:

  • Turn off the equipment from the remote control.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the USB port port. Connect integrates are behind or from the side of the equipment case.
  • Turn on the television receiver, wait a bit until the system completely loads.
  • Open the settings window “Settings”. Or through the “House” button, and then “Settings”.
  • Follow the “support” chain-“update through”-“update now”.
  • TV will offer to search for update files on a USB device.
  • Agree and wait for the detection of the firmware on the flash drive.
  • When the update is recognized, click “update” or “yes” and wait for the end of the process.

As with the update over the network, the TV device will also automatically restart.

How to install Forkplayer through DNS shift

DNS table for FORKPLAYER on Samsung TV

If any application is not in the standard list on your TV, you need to download and install it separately through the Samsung Apps store. Some DNS may stop working over time. Therefore, if problems arise after the first setting, try using other parameters.

DNS Through what to run What will open IVI Forkplayer Tvigle Forkplayer
85.17.thirty.89 Tvigle and Russian music Forkplayer Rain and Al Jazzira DSTORE (player is inside)

How to change the “DNS” on TV from Samsung with OS Tizen (2015 and later)

  • On the remote control, click “Settings”. If you have a Bluetooth remote control, then click the “Home” button (home) and on the left in the Smart manager select “Settings”.
  • Get down to the section “General”.
  • Select “network settings”.
  • Then open the “network state”.
  • Click on the “IP”
  • In the line “DNS” change the way to determine the server from automatic on manual. Then enter the DNS that you need (return to the table above and make a choice). For example, the IVI app and the corresponding DNS server will be used. IVI is sewn into the TV device, so you do not need to additionally install a widget.
  • Click on OK to apply the server address. Then click on the bottom of the window to apply changes in the network settings of the Samsung television receiver.
  • For confidence, it is better to reload the TV immediately. Turn off and turn on the equipment.
  • Run the replaced application. If the DNS is a worker and the change is performed correctly, FORKPLAYER will open. At first, a standard application screensaver will appear in a matter of seconds. Then the starting FORKPLAYER browser starter will automatically display.
samsung, application, flash, drive, updating

I no longer see the point in this method. The problem is that malfunctions may regularly occur. Simple application updating can make DNS stop working with it. In this case, you need to use another application, which means that you will have to change the “DNS” for it.

Installation on old TVs with the Maple (Orsay) system until 2015

  • Press the rhombo.shaped multi.colored button “Smart Hub” on the remote control.
  • Find the red button with one point on the remote control, click once.
  • The authorization window will appear in “accounting”.
  • In the field “Uch. Zap. Samsung ”Write the username for entering the developer“ Develop ”.
  • The password should be substituted automatically. If you do not substitute, also enter “Develop”.
  • Click on “Input”.
  • If the inscription “I can’t connect to the server” appears on the screen, it is necessary to discharge the Smart menu to factory parameters.
  • Put the allocation on any widget.
  • Open the “Tools” menu (Tools button on the remote control).
  • Then follow the chain: “Settings”-“Development”-“IP-address Servers Settings.””.
  • A field will appear for indicating the DNS value. Enter “ “or” 85.17.thirty.89 “.
  • Click “OK”, then follow the “Synchronization of User Applications”.
  • Synchronization will take some time. After the end of the synchronization, close the “Smart-menu” and re-open.
  • The menu will appear several icons for Forkplayer. If there are no icons, check their presence in the Samsung Apps store.
  • Run the browser, check the work. The internal integration will not be the same as on new versions of Samsung’s television technique. Still, these are quite old TVs on which the operating system is outdated.

How to add forkplayer through the developer IDE

The method requires a computer and router, as it is necessary that the TV and PC are on the same network. In addition, it is necessary to install various utilities, additions, programs on the computer.

The installation will take a lot of time and a lot of errors are possible. If there is no experience, then it is better to use the methods above. Otherwise, if there is a great desire, you can follow the instructions from the official site.

If you still have any questions, something does not work out, be sure to write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.


Views for Smart TV applications

There are several main types of programs that are most often downloaded by users on Smart TV.

  • IPTV television programs. Provide access to several hundreds of television channels of different topics.
  • Online cinemas. Most work by paid subscription. However, promotions are often held when access to the novelty of the movie opens at a low price.
  • For showing video content.
  • For stream broadcasts of games, e-sports competitions, etc. P.
  • Clients of social networks. for communication in VK, classmates, instagram, etc. D.
  • Services for searching and listening to music: Yandex Music, Play Music, etc. D.

How to download and install applications on Smart TV

Smart TV manufacturers recommend downloading and installing programs from official stores. For devices using Android, this is Google Play (another name. Play Market), for using proprietary operating systems. custom (Samsung Apps, LG Smart World and T. D.). Installation from resources is possible, but so it is possible to infect the TV with harmful programs.

The download and installation algorithm is similar in all devices, but the sequence of actions in models of different manufacturers differ.

For Samsung

  • Press the Smart Hub button (a large multi.colored button is usually in the center of the remote control) and enter the TV mode of the same name.
  • Go to the Samsung Apps menu section.
  • Press the Enter button (is located in the middle of the navigation buttons and marked with an icon (arrow sent to the screen) and enter the store.
  • Select the widget remote control using navigation keys that must be downloaded. For convenience, the programs are grouped according to sections, games, sports, information, etc. P.
  • In the window that appears, activate the “Download” button.
  • The system will notify the ending.
  • When pressing to “start” the installed application begins the work.
  • To get into the Smart Hub mode, you need to press the Return button. Check if a loaded widget has appeared in the field of installed programs.

It is impossible to install a application downloaded from the Internet on Smart TV Samsung. the manufacturer specially introduced a restriction on content in the device operating system.

For LG

  • Enter the menu section “Home page”.
  • Open the “LG Smart World” section.
  • Select the “Enter” button (a stylized image of the human head).
  • If there is already an LG account, use the corresponding login and password to enter.
  • In the absence of an account, open the section “Registration”.
  • On the LG account registration page, enter the existing address of the Google mail box box ( and twice. selected password.
  • Activate “Registration”.
  • The system displays a notification that a notification of confirmation of the authenticity of the registration data is sent to the specified address. To complete the registration, open the received letter and activate the item “Complete registration”.
  • System to offer to enter Smart World. Agree by clicking “yes”. Smart World section opens. Now from here you can install the application on Smart TV LG.
  • Select with navigation buttons of the remote control program.
  • Press in the pop.up window “install”.

As well as Samsung, LG Corporation limited the possibility of installing on its Smart TV programs.

For Philips

Since 2014, the Philips Smart TVs installed Android TV operating system. Software products download with Play Market. In earlier versions, the following sequence of actions (for the example of IPTV) is needed:

samsung, application, flash, drive, updating
  • In the main menu, open “configuration”.
  • Select “Connection to the network”.
  • Type of connection “wired”, confirm the choice.
  • In the paragraph “Configuration” to enter the section “Network Settings”.
  • Open the “Network mode” and “Static IP address”.
  • In the “IP configuration” tab, select DNS 1 and enter
  • On the main page, press the Smart TV button (Nettv).
  • Open App Gallery.
  • Select the region at the bottom of the page “
  • Find the IPTV application, click “Add”.
  • Downloaded widget is available on the main page.

In this way, you can add new programs and update already installed.

For Sony

To install the program on the SMART TV Sony, running Android TV, you need:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control and enter the main page.
  • In the “My Applications” section with navigation buttons of the remote control, select among the established empty widget with a sign inside.
  • Open the section “All applications”.
  • Select the desired widget with a remote control and click OK.
  • In the window opened, click “Add to my applications”.
  • Find the installed program and open it.

The official website of Sony posts information that it is impossible to add an application that is absent in the general list of programs yourself. New items are added to the list after the owner of the program owner in Sony for cooperation.

How to install the application on the Samsung Smart TV TV if it is not in Apps

Smart TVs of Samsung are one of the best in the market. Great matrix and sound, quality and durability of the device. all these advantages make many buyers with persistent adherents of TVs from Samsung. Such TVs have a wide set of applications installed and available to the installation that can please even the most sophisticated user. But, as you know, there is no good good. Many users would like to install third-party applications on their Samsung TV receiver. How to install such an application on your Samsung Smart TV, if it is absent in Apps, we will tell you about it in our material.

As you know, Samsung TVs do not work directly with the Play Market, but use their own digital application store, which is called “Apps”. You can go to it, download your favorite application to your TV Samsung, and then use the functionality of the specified application.

If the desired application is not in “Apps”, then this application will need to be installed from the side. For this you will definitely need a computer. It is also necessary that your TV and PC are connected to one wireless network.

Before starting the process of installing a application on TV Samsung, turn off temporarily on PC antivirus and firewall that can interfere with the process.

Next, we will tell you how to install the application on the Samsung TV since 2016 and later years of release, if it is not in Apps. The installation itself takes several stages:

Below we will analyze each of the indicated stages.

Removing applications

If there is a need to remove widgets (due to the overflow of memory of the TV receiver or loss of relevance of software itself), this is done in different ways, depending on the OS of the TV.

  • At the LG receivers, you must click on the label and, holding it, drag the display to the upper right corner of the display until a notification appears about the removal of the program. Another solution is to go to the section with applications, press the “Change” button in the upper part of the screen on the right, and then select an unnecessary widget and click “Delete” in the context menu.
  • On Samsung TVs you need to go to Samsung Apps, find an unnecessary widget and click on the “Delete” button on its page, which will appear instead of the “Install” button.
  • On TVs under the control of Android, application removal is performed in the same way as on phones with a similar OS. So, you can erase unused software in the store on Google Play or in the “Applications” section in the settings of the TV receiver. A full list of software is available there, in which you can choose unnecessary software and delete it by clicking on the corresponding command in the context menu. As on smartphones, in this section there will also be system applications (preinstalled by default), which cannot be removed.

So, installing widgets on TVs with a Smart-TV function is usually made from the corresponding application store (own or Play Market). Another solution is to install files from the flash drive by downloading a distribution from the Internet, but in this case you need to be careful. downloading content from unverified sources, there is a risk of loading on a malicious software or viruses.

Update Widget for Smart TV

To update you need to go to the account settings and select “Version for”. There you can also check the presence of updates and load the missing components. You can update in this way: delete the past version and install a new one from the flash drive.

Forkplayer installation from a flash drive:

  • Go to the main screen.
  • Find the FORKPLAYER control package there.
  • Activate and go to your personal account.
  • In the program settings, you need to scroll through the list at the very bottom and select “deinstal”.
  • After pressing the point and confirmation, the program will delete.
  • Then you need to restart TV, but with an already inserted flash drive.
  • Instructions for installation from the flash drive described above.

Now when we analyzed how to install the program from the flash drive and how to delete ForkPlayer from the Samsung TV, consider the problems and methods of solving.

Why does FORKPLAYER SAMSUNG not work?

The main reasons why fork player does not work:

  • incorrect installation or interruption of the process;
  • incompatibility with a specific device;
  • The version of the player is not suitable for the TV of this manufacturer;
  • a system error leads to a shutdown of software;
  • There is no access to the network;
  • It fell online servers (the site temporarily does not send data on TV);
  • no remote access to PC;
  • Samsung TV loads HD for a long time;
  • Forkplayer is not launched on Samsung;
  • “broken” assembly of the program;
  • The update hung up with the Play Market;
  • Tizen incorrectly completed the work.

If licensed, it is better to contact the manufacturer and clarify ways to solve the problem. If you are loaded from a source, it is better to purchase a license, otherwise there is a chance to break the work of the entire system. Free software (loaded from unofficial sources) contains viruses and spy agents who steal users data. If there is a free subscription. can deliver the credit card data to the network.

Standard installation of widgets

Such programs for TV Samsung have developed a lot. The reason for this is an open platform. Nevertheless, the company imposes some restrictions on the loading of individual widgets, because I am sure that in sufficient quantities provided their devices.

However, craftsmen have long found ways to download and install programs from sites.

Since TV is connected to the Internet, you need to go to the Smart TV menu by selecting the Smart Hab key to the PD. In the search window, dial the name of the program, activate the search, and then just follow the tips.

When the installation ends, leave the store, find a widget in the bookmarks.

This is the fastest way to install. If you haven’t worked for you, try to do the same, but only with a flash drive.

How to change the Samsung region.

Install applications for Samsung Smart TV from a flash drive

For such an installation, you will need to make a folder on the flash drive, and unpack files into it from the archive of the downloaded program. Then connect a flash drive with a television receiver through a USB port, turn on the device, find files in the general list.

Series C and B

If you download new integrates for such TV, take into account that the widgets set before this, marked with the word “user”, will automatically be deleted. To avoid loss, save the list of files that need to be restored and later load them again.

Before installing a widget on these models, a new user should be created:

  • press the Internet, from there you will get to the settings menu;
  • Now the user “Develop” must be created;
  • Make an installation for him accounting.

The installation of the widget is carried out as follows:

  • Perform the television receiver;
  • Click on the “Internet TV” key, then by button “A”;
  • Select the user created before this, indicate the password for him in the cell;
  • through the menu, go to the settings of the new widget;
  • Further along the path of “Developer”. “IP Address Setup”;
  • If you cannot find IP, fill out the cell with the following combination:;
  • Stay back;
  • Go to the Developer item again, click on Syncronize User Application, confirm the “OK” key.

Series D

Here, too, first you need to register the user. To do this, use the “Smart Hub” key on the remote control, and then the “a” key to get to the settings. Create a user in algorithm for previous series.

  • Press the key D;
  • Go to Developer;
  • On the menu, go to the “Server IP” bookmark. In the window that displayed on the display of the television receiver, enter;
  • Click the synchronization button, it will start the installation of the NSTRAMOD and OVP widget;
  • Leave the installation window, returning to the page of the main menu;
  • On the PDU, click the button “A”, leave your account;
  • Then leave Smart TV and re.enter it;
  • To find new widgets, pour the list until the end.

Series E

We register the user, as in the methods for previous episodes, choosing the keys of the PDD “Smart Hub” and “A”. After opening the window with the Samsung accounting in the field that is not busy, write down the Develop and the password generated by the television receiver. Click “Entrance”.

  • Log in using the accounting data, into the program;
  • Use the Tools key to the PDU to go to the “Service” section;
  • In the settings, click on Developer;
  • In the IP address, enter the required;
  • By synchronization of user applications, make the list update.

Series F

For such samsung, they create new users differently:

  • On the remote control, select the menu key, enter it using the arrows of the remote control;
  • We need Smart functions, go to them, and already from there. to the account;
  • In “El.P.»Write Develop, in the password cell. SSO1029DEV!;
  • Fix the password by putting on a checkmark in the corresponding window, click the “Entrance” key, leave the menu.
  • Click the Smart Hub key to the PDU, which will immediately redire you to widgets;
  • In the parameters, press the IP Settings;
  • Write the IP address;
  • Using the Start App Sync key, make program updating;
  • A list of downloaded widgets will open. It remains only to reload the device.

Series H

  • Go to Smart Haba, select the Samsung account key;
  • In the menu that opens, first select “log in”, then click “Sing in”;
  • In the window that opens, it will be necessary to record only the Develop login;
  • Put the daw, click “Sing in”;
  • Go to Smart Haba again, bring the remote control to any widget, click it in the middle of the shooter on the cross. Keep before the opening of the synchronizing menu;
  • Go to the IP Settings, write down the corresponding address there;
  • through the re.start of the synchronization menu, find the “Start User App Sync” column;
  • TV will issue a request for loading new applications. With consent, they are installed on the pages of the Smart hub (main or additional). After the installation is completed, arrows will appear on the screen;
  • To search for new widgets, leave the hub, then enter it again.

Series J

Installing applications on new TV will take a little time. And for work you will need only a flash drive that supports the FAT32 file system, which will be checked using the Total Commander manager.

If you need to format usb in such a file system using the right mouse button, click on the icon, then on the “format” item. If you have data on the drive, they must be transferred to another device before the process of the process (for example, save to PC), Formatting will erase all information.

Now on the drive, form a folder where you bring archives with installed applications. You do not need to unpack files.

Turn on the television receiver and attach a flash drive to it. As a result, the system will automatically determine the files prepared for installing, and the following content will appear on the screen at the top: