Samsung TV reboots

Endless reboot of Samsung TVs

Reverse malware

Renowned hacker Luigi Auriemma has discovered an interesting bug in Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players with WI-FI support. All of them have the function of remote control from a mobile device via TCP port 55000. For example, here are the corresponding programs for iOS and Android:

Each TV has more than 40 TCP ports constantly open, including port 55000, which is responsible for remote control.

When a new packet is received on port 55000, the TV displays a message that a new remote control device has been found, and the user is given a choice whether to allow or deny work with it. The message contains lines indicating the name and MAC address specified in the packet. The bug lies in the fact that if a string in a packet is formatted incorrectly (for example, contains inappropriate characters), then after selecting any menu item, the TV starts behaving strangely: it works as usual for five seconds, then stops responding to control buttons, even to hardware buttons on the TV itself, then it starts to slow down and, in the end, completely stops working. After another five seconds, the TV restarts automatically. and the cycle repeats again.

During this cycle of endless reboots, it is impossible even to activate the reset of the parameters, because this requires holding the EXIT button for 15 seconds, which does not work in such a situation. It is impossible to perform other actions that would not violate the terms of the warranty.

You can avoid this situation if you press the EXIT button after the above message appears, that is, immediately after receiving a packet from a new device.

The researcher suggests that in light of this vulnerability, it is possible to find a way to cause a buffer overflow and disable the TV. Luigi Auriemma decided not to experiment on his TV, so he did not give an exact answer to this question.

Interestingly, Luigi never found an address on the Samsung website where to send bug reports.

The vulnerability was tested on Samsung D6000, but should be present in other models, including these and subsequent series: LCD 650, LED 6500 and PDP 6500 (with Internet @ TV function), LCD 550, LED 5500 and PDP 5500 (with AllShare function ), BD-Player D5300, BD-HTS D5000, BD-AVR D7000, BD-HDD Combo D6900 / 8200/8500/8900, etc. (with Smart Hub function).

Reload algorithm for different series

The steps you need to take to reset your Samsung equipment may differ depending on the year of manufacture of your TV receiver. You can determine when the device was produced by its labeling. So, in the name of the model, for example, UE46F6400, the letter U means the type of screen. LED, 46. the diagonal, F. the year of manufacture (2013). The first digit after the letter F is 6, it means 6 series of the TV. The more technologically advanced the device, the higher the serial number of the series (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). It does not affect the reboot process.

Resetting the TV set is performed using the remote control. Without a remote control, the procedure can be performed only on those Smart TVs that can be controlled from a smartphone (through a special application). On older versions of TV receivers, access to the menu is available using the control buttons on the case, but on new devices this is not possible.

Signs and Causes of Software Failures

There are a number of reasons that can lead to software glitches. The first of them is changing an outdated firmware version to a new one. This usually indicates the unsatisfactory quality of the installed software. In this case, it is enough to update the version to the latest one when it appears. But sometimes, when downloading, the connection is broken, or the user installs the wrong firmware from third-party developers. The result of such actions is a system failure.

A drop in voltage is the next reason why the TV receiver does not work or is not functioning properly. This happens if the equipment is not connected to a voltage stabilizer or at least to a surge protector. Then software failures are the least consequence of a surge in electricity, in the worst case, the TV receiver can burn out.

Children’s pranks, as well as incorrect user actions are another likely cause of system failures that cannot be fixed. In some cases, resetting the remote control, carried out by removing the batteries, and then reconfiguring the TV receiver, helps. But often the parameters of the equipment are so knocked down that the problems can be eliminated only by restarting the TV to the factory settings.

Improper installation of applications or loading widgets from unverified sources is the next reason that the TV is frozen or shows other signs of unstable operation.

As a result of these and other reasons, the TV panel works so badly that the only solution to the problem is to reboot it or, in other words, reset it to factory settings. This is an extreme measure, and after it you will need to re-configure the Smart TV receiver for yourself: log in, search and sort channels, activate pre-installed and install additional applications, and so on.

Easy fix! Samsung Smart TV Keeps Restarting

F series

For 2013 equipment of the F series, RESET is carried out as follows:

  • on the remote control you need to press “Menu” (or “” and select “Menu” on the display of the TV set);
  • then you need to open the “Support” tab, and then. “Self-diagnosis”;
  • then you should press “Reset” and specify the PIN-code;
  • the last step is to click “Yes” to approve the action.

That’s all. you need to wait until the process is completed and the subsequent reboot of the device, and then start setting up the TV receiver again.

Series B, C and D

On TV receivers of the B, C and D series, released in 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively, to carry out the reboot process, you need to press the “EXIT” button on the remote control and hold it pressed for at least 10 seconds. So a notification will appear on the screen: “Restore default values ​​for all settings.” To confirm the action, click “OK”.

Reboot different Samsung Smart TV series

The owners of Samsung Smart TV panels sometimes notice that the equipment does not work correctly: applications and the operating system freeze are detected, errors appear on the screen and other atypical phenomena occur. If the self-diagnosis function is not available or does not produce results, then the problem is not at the hardware level, and in order to solve the problem, you should restart the Samsung Smart TV. In most cases, after the procedure, all software-related glitches are completely eliminated. How to correctly reboot Samsung TV receivers of different series will be described step by step in our material.

samsung, reboots

J series

On J-series vehicles, released in 2015, to reboot, you must:

  • press “Menu” or “MENU / 123” on the control panel;
  • go to the “Settings” tab;
  • open the “Support” tab, after. “Self-diagnosis”;
  • click “Reset”;
  • specify the PIN-code, click “Yes”;
  • wait for the TV receiver to reboot.

SAMSUNG SMART TV Rebooting issue Solved|2020|

M, Q and LS series

TV sets of the M, Q and LS series were released in 2017. A complete reset of the settings to the factory settings on them like this:

  • from the remote control by pressing the “HOME” button, you need to select the “Settings” section;
  • then you need to open the “Support” tab;
  • then you need to go to the “Self-diagnosis” section and click “Reset”;
  • there you need to enter the PIN code;
  • at the end, press “Reset” again and wait for the device to reboot.

TV ue40f6650ab constantly reboots.

The ue40f6650ab TV is constantly rebooting. Not having time to fully turn on, the flashing does not work as it reboots every 5 seconds and cannot be reset. What other possible recovery options are there??

There is no solution to this problem on the Samsung website

P.S. A friend of mine had a similar problem with a Panasonic TV. also constantly rebooted. In the service center, by phone, he was announced about 100 for repairs, he became sad from the announced amount, and after surfing the internet on the forums, he found out that the problem was a dried-up capacitor in the power supply, which is mere pennies on the radio market. Replaced the capacitor and the TV stopped rebooting every 5 minutes.

Cyclic reboot, in these models, most often, this is a backlight defect, it is easy to check by disconnecting the power supply cable from the mines, if it is on, then it’s not the problem. Then there may be a software rally, there are 3 memory chips, eeprom, flash and NAND-flash or MMC-flash, check the firmware, if it’s not about the firmware, check the DC / DC converters (I must say that before the firmware you need to check the output power PSU for mine and secondary power supply of processor strapping 5 3.3 2.5 1.8 V), and only then sew and knit. If all else fails, then the matter is in the processor and the replacement of the mines is required. In these Samsungs, there have never been and there are no dried containers on the power supply board, there is a defect in the PFC microcircuit, but as a rule it is diagnosed by measuring the power supply of a network bank with a disconnected loop from the mines. Should be on the order of 390V. Do not compare Panasy and Samsung, completely different technology for the manufacture of devices. Panasonic with a faulty card reader can behave inadequately, and Samsung with short-circuited backlight bars can work and produce sound with dark spots on the screen. I hope you have repaired your TV!

I had such a misfortune! I wanted to take it to the repair! I watched the video on YouTube! I took off the back cover and took a regular watercolor brush and cleaned everything of dust! I blew everything! Collected! It has been working for a week and has never rebooted! It won’t get any worse! And the guarantee is over long ago. Samsung TV 40 inches 6500 series S. Good luck to everyone! )))

Didn’t try to browse the big internet?

“Automatic constant on / off of the TV may be due to the lack of Internet connection when the unit is connected to a Wi-Fi network. This phenomenon is due to the function in the router” sleep mode “. When you disconnect the router to sleep mode, the TV tries to connect to the Internet, but cannot establish connections, in this regard, the TV starts to reboot to restore the connection.To eliminate this phenomenon, it is recommended to disable the sleep mode function in the router.

I have an ADSL modem, it contains two VPI / VCI records for Internet and IPTV. So, if you turn off IPTV in the modem, then the TV stops rebooting both by cord and via Wi-Fi.

I got into the modem settings responsible for watching IPTV. In the settings of the Huawei HG530 modem, this is the IGMP Snooping field. Disabled IGMP and the problem went away (by disabling IGMP, you lose the view of IPTV channels)

I was helped only by completely disabling the PVC profile for IPTV, but now IPTV does not work

After reading the forum, I came to the conclusion that, as a rule, problems with spontaneous rebooting of TV are present among users who have IPTV services and use ADSL modems. in my opinion, the problem lies in the essence of the ATM technology used in these modems. our greedy providers recommend creating two PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) channels: one for IPTV. on it, they do not use an artificial limitation of the bandwidth and the second, in fact, for the organization of the Internet connection. in fact, it turns out that the user has two logical ones on one physical WAN interface. I will not go into theory and describe all the possible pitfalls of such an organization of package delivery. I’ll tell you the main thing: the first configured PVC in the list of existing ones will have the highest priority. and if you have this PVC for IPTV, then problems with rebooting the TV are very likely. Again, I will not explain why (this is very long and boring). Therefore, I will simply advise that the first in the list is to configure the PVC for the Internet and the second PVC for IPTV. and add that priority on most routers (modems). as a rule, due to the paucity of firmware settings, it can only be changed by deleting them and then adding them. for those users who have routers connected to a twisted pair provider (UTP cable) and using Dual Access technology, but have problems with rebooting the TV, you probably need to correctly configure routing of multicast packets on the physical WAN interface (WAN Physical Port) and logical (PPPoE or PPTP)

After experimenting with the modem and TV, I stopped at this: I returned the IPTV profile to the modem, and in the modem I changed its IP to, and whoever has a DHCP server enabled in the modem, then in the settings I changed the IP distribution area to 192.168. Rebooted the modem. If in the TV settings. dynamic IP. then the modem itself will give it an IP, and if it is static, then you need to set it manually from the new grid. No reboots yet.

changed the IP of the modem, and in the DHCP settings everything changed automatically. and from observations, in the same place in the DHCP table, the TV began to be displayed as a device with IP and MAC addresses, before that it simply was not there “

Little consolation, but all other Smart TV brands have such bugs.

Important when parsing TV

In order to remove the back cover, you need a screwdriver of the correct size. When unscrewing the bolts, sketch their location so as not to get confused during assembly. When you need to turn on the TV for testing, you need to put the cover back on for safety reasons, while the minimum fixation should be ensured.

Dust and moisture

If dust is present, vacuum it up. Most often, such a simple action corrects such a defect. Dust is capable of conducting current and even a small accumulation of it provokes static electricity. This leads to a short circuit and TV goes into protection mode.

The ingress of moisture creates the formation of corrosion on the contacts, which also do not give a uniform signal and the effect is similar. Therefore, in case of liquid penetration into the TV itself, it must be cleaned immediately.

A problem such as spontaneously turning off and on your Samsung TV can be caused by so many factors. Whether it’s a power supply failure, a software problem, or a short circuit. But it’s good that modern equipment can always be repaired easily and affordably.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling by phone or by writing your question on the feedback form.

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Reasons and solutions for problems with restarting the device:

  • When setting the sleep timer, you need to go to the settings and turn it off by finding the appropriate item. You need to search for sections with timers directly on the menu or on the remote control.
  • If a malfunction occurs due to a breakdown of the control panel, in particular, a malfunction of the buttons has occurred, then the remote control must be replaced with a new one. If you do not want to purchase a new controller, you can download a special program to your phone and control the TV device from your smartphone.
  • If the problem is caused by the TV software, then you need to download the latest update and check if the problem is gone. It is this action that in most cases guarantees the operability of the TV. To download, you must perform an operation from the TV menu or download the software from a USB flash drive, having previously downloaded the desired program from the developer’s official website. Applying the settings helps to solve the problem.
  • In case of dust getting on the power elements, you need to clean them with a vacuum cleaner. This simple step helps you deal with the constant reboot of your TV. With a large amount of dust, static electricity is generated, which destroys the equipment. A short circuit is formed and the TV modes fail.
  • If the problem occurs due to moisture ingress, you must immediately open the back panel of the device and carefully remove the water, thoroughly dry every part.

If your Samsung Smart TV keeps restarting, it is worth inspecting and finding out the cause using the provided troubleshooting list. Repair difficulties arise only when the unit fails. All other defects can be corrected at home with your own hands. Also, problems can arise on other brands. an independent reboot is possible Philip, Sony. The defect that has arisen will have to be eliminated according to the same scheme.

Sooner or later, any television equipment begins to breakdowns, communication problems and other unpleasant defects. It is not uncommon for a Samsung Smart TV (or any other model) to restart on its own. About the causes of the malfunction and how to solve the problem further in the article.


If the TV began to reboot on its own all day at different or specific times (it is important to notice the time interval in order to find out the reason), then you need to find out exactly what the matter is. There are several main reasons the TV might restart on its own. Sometimes the problem arises in trivial situations, which can be easily eliminated at home without the involvement of a specialist. In other situations, the intervention of a repairman is required, who must lead diagnostics and competent repair.

Remote control buttons malfunction

If the Samsung TV starts to reboot automatically and does not respond to the remote control signal, then it is necessary to check the operation of the remote control. First you need to check the batteries and pay special attention to the buttons. To test the device, you will need to turn on the mobile phone camera and point it so that the remote control is displayed on the screen with an infrared sensor forward. After that, you need to click on any buttons. If there is no light on the camera, then the keys are faulty.

A reboot situation is also possible, when a foreign object has hit the power button, and therefore it constantly activates it. In this case, the TV will turn on and off (the screen is completely deactivated) when the remote control is pointed directly at the TV unit. In this version, TV sometimes reboots 3 times a day or more.

Sleep timer

Understand the settings for this option. A timer may have been set to turn your TV on and off automatically. Oddly enough, this is a common reason for contacting the SC.


If the TV began to reboot on its own all day at different or specific times (it is important to notice the time interval in order to find out the reason), then you need to find out exactly what the matter is. There are several main reasons the TV might restart on its own. Sometimes the problem arises in trivial situations, which can be easily eliminated at home without the involvement of a specialist. In other situations, the intervention of a repairman is required, who must lead diagnostics and competent repair.

Sleep timer

An unpleasant situation may arise for a trivial reason. the user has set the sleep timer long ago and then forgot to deactivate the function. In this case, at a certain time, the TV will automatically reboot at the same time.

Also, on some TVs, a function is installed due to which the equipment turns off after a specific time of inactivity. This means that if the user does not perform any actions with the remote control for, for example, 1 hour, the TV will automatically turn off.

This feature is useful if a person falls asleep in the evening while watching and does not want to waste energy. But do not forget to deactivate the program if it is not needed, otherwise the device will constantly reboot at the same time.

Remote control malfunction

If the TV receiver turns on and off without any participation of its owner, and does not see the remote control and does not respond to commands, you should make sure that the remote control option works correctly. In addition, it is necessary to check if the TV can receive an IR signal, a regular cell phone can help with this. As you know, the human eye does not see infrared rays, but a camera can do it. To carry out diagnostics, you need to take a picture of the remote control at the moment when you press any button: if a bright glow is noticeable in the image, then the remote control is working properly.

Damage to the power module

A faulty power supply is another very common cause of spontaneous start-up and shutdown of the TV receiver. In this case, you should carefully inspect the board, check the condition of the capacitors and some other elements for defects. If they are found, they should be replaced with working ones. If the user does not have the skills of such work, then it is better to contact a professional master.

Reboot reasons

During the operation of complex equipment, sometimes there are failures that are incomprehensible to the ordinary user.

The reasons can be completely different. from spontaneous changes in settings in the user menu to system failures.

Let’s dwell on each of them in a little more detail.

Power cord and sockets

When the TV receiver lacks the energy received from the electrical networks, then after turning on it will immediately turn off and reboot many times.

This happens with frequent fluctuations in the voltage in the network or due to interruptions in the operation of the power supply, as well as in the event of a malfunction of the outlet.

Make sure that the cord is not damaged, bent or chewed by pets, in addition, you need to check the connector and plug for integrity, pay attention to the plug. it is possible that it is charred. Pay special attention to diagnosing the status of the outlet: try connecting the TV to any other outlet, so you can make sure whether the malfunction persists or not.

Software Update

Often the old firmware becomes the cause of the malfunction. In this case, you need to update the software, you can do this through a USB flash drive. in this case, a new version is preloaded into it, or, if the receiver is equipped with the Smart TV function, directly in the menu. If the automatic update option is activated on the panel, then every user can surely notice that from time to time the LCD TV screen starts to glow and then fades away. This means that the unit checks its system for new software versions, installs them, and then turns off. In order for this function not to interfere with the viewing of programs, the mode must be turned off.

Dust and moisture

As you know, dust has the ability to conduct current and create static electricity around itself, which can lead to a short circuit. In such a situation, the technique goes into a defensive mode. The ingress of any liquid inside the television equipment causes oxidation of the contacts, which, in turn, leads to spontaneous switching on and off of the equipment. To prevent the occurrence of such a malfunction, it is necessary to remove moisture as soon as you find it on the surface of the device.

What to do if your Samsung TV turns itself off and on?

TV has long and firmly entered the life of every modern person, so interruptions in its work often cause a lot of discomfort. One of the best companies that makes quality TV equipment is Samsung. But even such a reliable manufacturer from time to time has problems associated with the operation of equipment. In our article we will analyze one of them. spontaneous turning on and off of equipment.