Samsung TV does not see the Wi-Fi network

Error code 107 on the Samsung TV reasons how to fix it

During the operation of the Samsung TV, problems sometimes arise. Samsung TV errors come up on the screen, which is established by the reason for their occurrence. Consider these violations and analyze the ways to solve this problem.

Reasons for the lack of a Wi. Fi connection with a TV

To figure out for what reasons there is no connection between the router and the TV panel, it is necessary to diagnose. The easiest way to identify the simplest reasons and independently eliminate them. If it does not work on your own, then resort to the help of the master. The most common reasons are given below:

  • The router’s signal does not reach the TV;
  • Improper router settings;
  • The built-in Wi-Fi-module does not work;
  • No payment for services.

Let’s figure out how to connect Wi-Fi on TV. Having passed all the steps in stages, it may be possible to identify the problem and solve it immediately.

  • Turn on the router.
  • In the TV panel menu select “Network”, then “Network Settings”.
  • In the window that appears, select the type of connection. We are interested in “wireless”.
  • If your network is under password, then enter a unique code.
  • Wait for the completion of synchronization.

As can be seen from the above instructions, nothing is difficult in commissioning wi. Fi. However, there is a possibility of entering the password incorrectly, so you need to recruit the code carefully.

Router signal does not reach the TV

The fact that each router has its own signal radius should know everyone. Therefore, it is quite acceptable that the TV does not see the router if he is far away. For example, this situation is quite common if the block itself is on the ground floor, and the television receiver on the second. Over, the signal can spread according to the first floor with almost no interference, but there is no longer enough at the second power. The radius of the router depends on many factors. Primarily from his technical capabilities. Then we must take into account its location and interference, which are created by furniture and walls. Over, the thickness of the walls and the material used in construction plays an important role.

To achieve an improvement in the signal, you can try to strengthen it. Strengthening is carried out in the settings or using special devices.

  • Change the channel on the router. The networks of your neighbors that you see when searching are downloading the channel that your network uses, therefore, the radius becomes less. In the settings of the router, put Auto or some static channel.
  • Put on the home network to 802 mode.11n (provided that a router with two antennas and supports this mode). In the wireless network settings on the router, find the “Wireless Network” item and select from the list “n online”.
  • Change the transmission capacity in the settings of the router. This is possible if the model supports such a function. The maximum power is usually put, but perhaps you have a different way.
  • The installation of a repiter or other router will help, which will act as an amplifier. This method is considered the most reliable and effective. The principle of operation of the repiter is such that it allows us to strengthen and distribute the weak signal of the main device.
  • Change the antennas on the router to more powerful, if they are removable on your device. It is advisable to buy powerful with an increase in 8 dbi. However, 2 or more antennas cost almost as one repiter, therefore, it is more profitable to decide.

If the plans do not provide for the improvement of devices, then you can do with insignificant, but effective methods. For example, place a router so that the signal enters evenly in all rooms. In other words, the device should be in the center of the apartment. Among the improvised means, you can always find a foil or a tin can, which is installed near the device so that the signal is reflected from the foil and sent in the right direction.

Incorrect settings of the router

To determine exactly why the TV does not connect to the Internet, you need to check the router adjustments. Lack of communication most often occurs due to an incorrect indication of the type of connection used by the provider. It is also necessary to check all the data necessary for connecting to the Internet. Most often, the following types of compounds are used:

The easiest first option that should earn immediately after connecting the wire from the router. If there is a “no connection” error, then you need to reset the settings, overload the device and, if the connection has not recovered, then call the provider and find out what’s the matter.

When using the second connection option, you must additionally know the data that the provider provides. This is a user name, password, IP address, server name.

The built-in Wi-Fi-Module does not work

Another common problem that can be found among various tellytekhnik manufacturers is the refusal of the built-in Wi-Fi-Module to receive a signal. To find out the reason why the module does not see the network, it is necessary to check all the points below:

Samsung Smart tv Connected to Wi-Fi But No Internet | How to Check

  • Go to the network settings and check if the “wireless connection” is enabled.
  • Go to the screen menu and select “Support”, then “Appeal to the TV”. If where the addresses should be, there are zeros or dashes, this indicates a non.Working module. If it works, then drop the settings.
  • Turn on the TV device.
  • Press the Info button, then the “menu” button, then Power.
  • You will get access to the service menu.
  • Go to the Option point and press Enter.
  • Go to the Factory Reset section.
  • Close all menu items and turn off TV.
  • Enable the TV device and set up.

If these actions did not bring the desired result, then you need to perform the following:

  • Turn off the DHCP option on the router. Manually change the DNS server value.
  • Closely press the following buttons: Control, Sub Option, Mute Time and set the time on another channel of 100 ms (600 ms is automatically put in automatic mode).

What to do if the Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

If the Samsung TV is not connected to the network, but the connection is carried out without errors, then you need to try the following ways to solve the problem:

  • Restart the system;
  • Reset settings;
  • Update TV software;
  • Check the Wi-Fi adapter;
  • Establish if there are DNS errors;
  • Enter data manually.

It is advisable to learn more about each method so as not to make mistakes.


To eliminate the causes that prevent connection with the network, it is necessary the first thing to restart the equipment. The operation is simple: turn off the router and TV for a few minutes. After that, start again. If the problem has not resolved, you can proceed to the next action.


To restore communication with the Internet, you need to roll back TV settings for factory.

To do this, you need to perform the following algorithm:

  • Turn off the TV and dial the next command on the remote control: Info. Menu. Mute.Power. The service menu is activated. It is important to know that when moving to the menu with such settings, you should not change values ​​that are not sure of. This can lead to serious malfunctions in the television system.
  • Select the Option tab and press Enter.
  • After that, activate the Factory Reset and wait for the process to be completely completed.

At the end of the load, you need to turn off the TV (if the system has not done it automatically) to deactivate the open menu.

Next, you need to wait 10 minutes and do not turn on TV. After you can go to Smart TV on the TV and re.Connect to the selected network.

Software Update

There are situations when outdated software prevents TV on the Internet. To solve the problem, you need to go to the TV menu and find a tab with a system update.

If for some reason it is absent, you will have to go to the official Samsung website, select your TV model and download all the necessary updates for pressure on the flash drive, and then download them to the TV. It is important to understand that in the process of flashing it is strictly forbidden to disconnect the TV device so as not to damage the system.

Malfunctions of the Wi-Fi adapter

The TV can be disconnected from the network due to the breakdowns of the Wi-Fi adapter. If the external type of equipment is used, it is necessary to visually inspect it for breakdowns or cracks.

If the adapter is installed inside the TV unit and is included in the standard equipment, then it is advisable to attribute the TV in diagnostic repair so that the specialist is engaged in the problem.

To make sure that the cause of the malfunction is precisely in the Wi-Fi adapter, you can ask acquaintances for a working device for connecting to TV. If the connection with the Internet is restored, then the problem is really in the router.

DNS errors

Another common cause of network malfunction is errors in the DNS server. To configure the Internet, you can bring down data and set the correct DNS server numbers yourself: 8.Eight.8 8. The second address is 8.Eight.4.4. After that, you can try to connect.

Data entry manually

The last way to eliminate problems with access to the network is to conduct data yourself in the settings of the router. Of course, such an operation needs to be done only if the necessary information is available.

  • Deactivate DHCP (established protocol).
  • Go to the taps of the network on the TV through the menu and enter the IP gateway (the same as the address of the router).
  • In line IP, indicate one of the local addresses: 192.168.One.103 or 192.168.One.105, for Trendnet. 192.168.Ten.102.
  • Mask subnet:
  • SLEADE: 192.168.One.One.
  • DNS server: 192.168.One.One.

The information provided will help the user understand why the TV is not connected to the network, and the listed recommendations can help restore access to the Internet.

The Internet does not work after connecting to Wi-Fi

Even after a successful connection to the router, performance is not ensured. The TV will not have access due to the error “There is no connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi”. Then, to correct the situation, it is necessary to change the DNS address. The address input procedure is described below.

If the TV has a connection, but constantly interrupts it, then you need to understand why. In most cases, the following sequence of actions helps:

Turn off Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast and updates.

Transfer the router to work in 5 GHz if TV supports the corresponding protocol.

Set a repiter to strengthen communication.

Picture 3 Together Menu 5 GHz for TP-Link router

There may be several reasons, and to solve each of them will have its own method. Therefore, you need to act in stages so that TV can catch a signal without breaks.

TV does not see a Wi-Fi network at all

This is the most common type of problem. Usually it is that when you want to connect to Wi-Fi, the TV simply does not find it and does not display in the list of available ones (or, less often, it is visible in gray and you can not connect with it. ).

Among the list of networks (which TV sees). No yours.

Reload TV and router

This step is quite banal, but very effective (after all, when reloading devices, their initialization and conjugation occurs again, which eliminates many malfunctions in work).

By the way, if you do not know how to reboot the Wi-Fi router, then it is enough to turn it off from the power supply for 20-30 seconds. (This is necessary that the previous Internet session of the provider is closed).

Check how far is the TV from Wi-Fi router

Pay attention to the distance between the Wi-Fi router and the TV: the further from each other-the worse and weaker the signal will be (t.E. Internet quality). By the way, it should be noted that the walls, furniture (especially mirrors), other radio devices-can significantly weaken the radio signal.

Below on the screen I presented a typical layout of a 2-room apartment: on the right. The option of the router is successful; left. Not really.

The location of the router in the apartment: right. The option is much more successful

In order to diagnose and search for the cause of the problem, I would recommend the following:

  • Try to take the phone and, being near TV, also connect it to Wi-Fi (whether he will see the network? What will be the signal level?);
  • If possible, transfer the router closer to the TV (or vice versa). Will the signal appear.

Check the range of the router (2.4 and 5 GHZ) and the working channel

Modern routers can work in two ranges: 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ (preference is given to the latter, t.To. Data exchange rate above). However, not all TV support 5 GHz, therefore, I would recommend in the router settings to include broadcasting in 2 ranges at once.

5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. Setting up the router TP-Link

Another important point: TVs for Europe and the CIS can see a network of 5 GHCs only on 4 channels 36, 40, 44 and 48 (the channel is a special. Setting up in a router, indicating it of the exact frequency of the network on which it to work). If we talk about the network of 2.4 GHz. Then the working range from 1 to 13 channel (for Russia and the CIS).

The channels are also set in the settings of the router (in the “Wireless mode” section).

Wireless mode. Channel settings (TP-Link router)

By the way, it is worth saying that if you have a TV or a router is not localized for Europe or CIS countries, it is possible that he “does not see” part of the channels. Try to alternately change several channels in the router web-interpretation as an experiment.

To help!

Setting up the channel in a Wi-Fi router, how to choose a free one: or why frequent Wi-Fi breaks, low speed, poor quality coating-https: // ocompp.Info/Wi-Fi-Kanal-Na-Routere.HTML

Does it see at least one network?

Well, the last: does your TV see at least one Wi-Fi network in general? If you live in the city (in an ordinary apartment building)-you must find at least 3-10 Wi-Fi networks of your neighbors

If this does not happen, perhaps you have damaged Wi-Fi module. As an option, you can try to connect TV to a router using a network cable, or use an external Wi-Fi adapter.

Connection TV to a router using a network cable

Resetting TV settings

Users often have questions why the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi or why the TV does not see it?

A simple and popular solution is also reinstalling factory settings, which often helps to solve this problem.

Samsung Smart TV Won’t Connect to Wifi Fix it Now

samsung, does, wi-fi, network

Before performing this procedure, it is advisable to rewrite all the settings that you changed yourself, they are not related to the setting of the router and the Internet. After reset, you independently return these settings.

Instructions to reset factory settings that is suitable for most TV:

  • LG: First, go to the settings, then additionally, general and resetting settings.
  • Samsung: Find the support item, then self.Diagnosis and reset.
  • Panasonic: Installation, in it we are looking for a system menu, it contains initial installations.

Why the TV may not see the network via Wi-Fi-what should be done first

The problem is when the Smart TV does not connect to Wi-Fi occurs quite often. If such a situation arises, then the user cannot connect to the Internet, use all the features of Smart functionality.

There are several main reasons due to which a wireless connection using the built-in Wi-Fi module becomes impossible.

Manufacturers in new TV models have provided for this integration. However, it may happen that the TV does not connect to the Internet through a wireless network.

It is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible to return the functions and fully apply the capabilities of the TV for relaxation and entertainment.

If the TV does not connect to a wireless Internet, then initially you can solve the problem in several ways:

  • Turn off and then re.Turn on the TV.
  • Reload the router.
  • Make a manual mode. To do this, in the parameters of the connection in the menu, select the manual setting mode. Then enter any IP address that fits the local range. The most common example: After that, the “gateway” line will need to indicate the IP address of the router, which is used directly to enter the settings.

Subnet mask and gateway can be clarified using a computer.

Another way to eliminate the problem: to eliminate errors of DNS servers.

Used for TVs released under the Samsung brand. Suitable addresses are selected, which are then entered in the corresponding field.

Sometimes the reason for the shutdown is a wireless module failure. To eliminate the problem allows the use of another method of connecting wireless connection. You can try to connect using WPS. This technology allows you to activate the fast connection mode. You need to look for it in the TV settings. The following action is the activation of the selected connection mode directly on the router itself.

One of the simplest methods for eliminating the problem is to reset all the set settings (roll back to factory parameters). In order to perform this action, you will need to go to the settings menu, choose there a item related to the settings or diagnostics (depends on the manufacturer).

It should be borne in mind that when choosing the discharge option to factory settings, not only standard (the most basic) network parameters, but also image, sound settings, as well as energy conservation will be returned to the TV. The personal changes made by the owners of Smart TV will not be preserved.

Important! Before resetting the settings, it is recommended to rewrite the values ​​of the main parameters that are not related to the Internet.

An example of the menu page on the TV screen:

There are also a number of technical reasons why the device ceases to connect to wireless communication. This may be due to failures in the operation of the router.

There is also another option. A weak signal from the router. In this case, each of the devices is recommended to put closer to the TV. If possible, then place a router and a router need so that there are no other items or walls in their path. Then the quality of the signal and reception will increase. In 90% of cases, the problem after that disappears.

Important! If there is such an opportunity, then the access point is best set on the elevation. Then the signal will not drown out.

The cause of difficulties when connecting to a wireless network or its subsequent disconnection may be incorrect settings of the router. To change, you need to enter the control panel for this device.

Then find a tab in it called “DHCP”. After that, you need to check whether the server of the same name is turned on (the mark should be opposite). If there is no connection, you need to indicate the inclusion, and then check for serviceability. After that, preservation is carried out. Subsequent inclusions will automatically connect the router to the TV. The user will be able to use all functions and go to the Internet using Smart TV.

Recommendation: you need to check the “Safety” tab in the device (router) menu. Feature: If the filtering of customers on the MAC address is enabled, then it needs to be disconnected.

For devices from manufacturers such as ASUS, TP-Link, D-Link, Huawei, the ability to add a MAC address to the white list is characteristic. The advantage is that all the devices that are included in this list will not be blocked by a router during subsequent inclusion. This means that the TV will no longer break the connections with Wi-Fi. On the example of the TP-Link router, it looks like this:

Another way to eliminate the problem is to update the TV firmware (it is important to consider the device model here). Built.In software for modern Smart TV needs regular and timely updating. If this is not done, then various kinds of errors are possible, one of which will be disconnected from the wireless connection of the TV itself.

If the TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi router, then first of all, it is recommended to check the Internet connection, then look at the firmware and only then look for other possible options for the occurrence of the problem.

One more important feature must be taken into account. Errors in the work of software can gradually accumulate. As a result of this, users of Smart TV have difficulties during the use of technology, including disconnection from wireless communication.

What to do if the Wi-Fi network without access to the Internet and nothing helps?

If the situation is almost hopeless and even the reset of settings does not help, we recommend resorting to reserve measures:

  • We contact the Support of the TV manufacturer. Perhaps they have some specific solution on the basis of well-known problems.
  • Try to connect an external Wi-fi module. Perhaps it is the built-in wireless Internet adapter or RJ-45 connector that is a problem.
  • We are trying to connect to other Wi-Fi networks (a friend, relative, etc. P.). This will give more grounds for contacting specialists. If nothing works there, it remains only to take TV to the service center.

This is all that can help restore the connection when an error on the TV “Network without access to the Internet”. We hope you managed to correct the existing problem or at least draw a conclusion, what is the malfunction. If you have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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