Samsung TV does not keep the WI-FI password

Why does not the TV remember the settings?

Samsung TV, I can not say the exact model, but I think that all modern LCD TVs are similar inside. So if you set the time. it is set for a while and then reset again, the same happens when you work with the timer or screen settings (for example, for us it is ideal for 16:9, and it resets it to another, where everything is flattened). Is it supposed to be like this or is it possible to save a setting?? I didn’t see a save button. Added later for example, the screen switches for a certain number of minutes. I think after 15 minutes. Just the screen blinks and goes back to flattened.It is possible that other settings disappear in the same way, but after switching on they are no longer there. I can’t say for sure if they disappear with shutdown or after some amount of time.

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How to view Wi-Fi password on Android 10 and newer

Android 10 has a new feature: the ability to generate a QR code that can be scanned by another phone to connect to Wi-Fi. After reading this code, in its contents we can easily see the password of the connected Wi-Fi network.

The steps will be as follows (the example is for pure Android, but for example on Samsung everything is almost exactly the same):

  • Go to Settings. Network and Internet. Wi-Fi (Settings. Connections. Wi-Fi in case of Samsung Galaxy) and tap on the settings button to the right of the name of the active connection.
  • Tap on the “Share” or “QR Code” button to generate a code to connect to the current Wi-Fi network.
  • If you have a “clean” Android, you’ll see the Wi-Fi password right below the QR code. It doesn’t show up on your Samsung phone, but we can still find it out.
  • You can use this code by scanning it from another Android 10 device (there is a button in the Wi-Fi settings in the list of networks to scan the code, the same button appears in the password input window), or you can use it to see the password saved in it.
  • If we want to know the password from the code, it is enough to remove it by any application with QR-code reading function or make a screenshot of the screen (usually you need to press “volume down” “screen off”) and then recognize it by any tool for reading QR-codes, it is also possible to do this online.
  • For example, in the screenshot below I went to the online QR code reading site, uploaded a screenshot to it and as a result I can see the network name, encryption type and password in plain text.

Advantages of the TV

At the time of purchase, this model was the only one on the market with SmartTV function, the diagonal of 27″, and Full HD resolution (the same for the diagonal of 24″). Judging by the large number of reviews that are still coming in, it seems to me that the manufacturers have stopped developing this segment of the market for nothing. For example, according to Yandex.Market, “In 2 months this product was bought by 639 people” (at the time of writing). For the 24″ model this figure is even higher. 802 people. Not surprising, given the modest size of most Russian apartment kitchens, for which they mostly buy small TV models. Why do I include this point on the merits? After all, the lack of competition is bad. Because there is no need to compare different models according to many parameters and experience the torment of choosing the one and only (sorry, but smiley faces are not allowed by the Hubra rules).

There is not a single defective pixel on the LCD monitor. I checked with these pictures (save them to your disk, they will be useful):

Date and time settings

It is important to know that setting the date and time incorrectly can affect the operation of the TV set-top box. There may be errors in applications, problems accessing Google Market, browser errors, some applications may stop working, problems accessing the Internet, etc.д. The date and time settings should be: Use network date and time. on, 24-hour format. on, desired time zone selected.

Go to the settings, then Wi-Fi and look for the name of your router in the list of available networks (you will see a list of all the nearest W-Fi points), select the necessary and enter the password. If everything is done correctly, then in the status of your network will be shown as Connected.

Notice the following! In some cases you need to additionally configure the router, if the TV box can not connect to the Internet. You need to go to the router settings, choose the W-Fi section, then choose the Main settings and set the Channel 9 or 13 (by default it is Auto), and also choose the Maximum number of clients 3 and more. After resetting the router and trying to reconnect the TV box.

What to do next?

If you’ve done these steps but can’t resolve the problem, contact your ISP. Your provider will help you determine if your router is properly configured.

Open the Netflix app and select Sign in.

Before entering your Netflix account email address and password, click Sign in. If this option is not available, log on using the remote control.

Click on the pop-up window. If the pop-up does not appear, click on the netflix

Enter the code shown on the TV screen, then click Continue. You may be prompted to log in.

Click Start watching. and the TV will be logged in.

Firmware update

You must install system updates on time to keep your TV working correctly. Otherwise, there will be various problems. You may notice that your TV stops working in your home network. How to update the software component of the smart TV? The algorithm will vary depending on the equipment of what manufacturer you use. Let’s see the most popular options.

LG televisions are updated according to the following algorithm:

samsung, does, keep, wi-fi, password

  • Visit the manufacturer’s official website.
  • In the “Search” field you need to type in the TV model.
  • Go to the “Support” tab.
  • Open the “Software” subsection.
  • Download the latest version of the system update package.
  • Uploaded files must be transferred to the special folder.
  • Copy the directory with the firmware files to a USB flash drive.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port of the set.
  • The TV operating system will request a software update.
  • Agree and begin installing software components.

Samsung TVs update a little differently:

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select “Support”.
  • Open the “Firmware Update” tab.
  • Select “Update Now”.
  • Your TV will automatically search for a new system update.
  • Your system will ask you if you want to install new firmware version, click “OK.
  • System update package installation process will start.
  • After installation is complete, the TV will automatically reboot.

If the Smart TV from Samsung does not update via the Internet, you can also install a new version of the firmware using a flash drive or an external hard drive:

  • Go to the website of the manufacturing company.
  • Download the latest service pack for your TV.
  • Plug it into a USB port on your laptop or computer.
  • Format it with FAT32 system.
  • Copy the downloaded system files to the flash drive.
  • Press “Extract”.
  • Once the unpacking is complete, securely remove the flash drive.
  • Insert it into a USB slot of your TV.
  • Open the main menu.
  • Go to “Support” section.
  • Switch to “Software Update” tab.
  • Choose “Update Now”.
  • Confirm OS update when prompted.
  • Smart TV will find the firmware version that is loaded on the USB stick.
  • Press “Update” and wait until the new firmware is installed.

Why LG Smart TV does not connect to Wi-Fi?

When TV sees our network, we choose it and enter the password, then in most cases the connection process ends here. It says “Connected to the internet” and it’s done. But not always the error “Wrong password”, or simply “Failed to connect to the network” appears on your TV.

  • Reset the router and TV.
  • Checking password. Most often the problem with LG Wi-Fi connection is caused by wrong password. Here you can find out your password from Wi-Fi.
  • Check if other devices with the same password can connect to our network.
  • Try to connect the TV to another Wi-Fi network (you can do it from your smartphone).
  • Check (change) the settings of the Wi-Fi network on our router. The security type should be WPA2-PSK (Personal). The network name is in English letters. Network mode is Mixed (b/g/n), or Only n. It is possible to set a simple 8 digit password for checking. Channel width on “auto”. Channel width is set to “auto”. Save the settings and reboot the router.
  • Try to move the TV closer to the router. To get better reception. At least just to check if that’s the problem. (if you do not use it) in the router settings.

If you have any other errors when connecting to a wireless network, or you know other solutions, please share them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

answers to “Why won’t the TV remember the settings?

I solved it by pressing the menu button on the panel and then pressing vol- and holding it at the same time until it says standard or any other mode, but not demo. Another way I was sent from the support service, but I have not tried it: “Your TV is inStore Demo mode (Demo mode) to go to Home Mode (Home), in which all your settings will be saved, you must briefly press the Volume Up button and then the MENU button and do not release it for more than 5 seconds.You need to use the buttons on the TV.”Try it and maybe it will help you.

It’s working!Set it to HOME mode and everything is memorized.You can do it from the remote, too.

Thank you, three years of trouble. But it only worked on the panel.

The solution was not to press the buttons together, but on the TV press and release the volume down button “-“, then press and hold down the “MENU” button for a few seconds until the word “STANDARD” appears on the screen.

Thank you so much, six years of trouble, it worked.

Helped. Pressing it at the same time put it in Demo. And it’s on the panel. Thank you so much.

Thank you ! The method the customer service department sent you helped. 73

First of all, read the instructions. How to save your custom settings. If it’s okay, then “memory loss”. In that case, go to the wizard.

Saved settings remain after turning on again or disappear with shutdown ?

There is a suggestion that the presets you do in the menu is something like a bios on a computer/laptop. There settings are lost when the battery is damaged. It’s only there to maintain the bios memory. I’ll look into it, or maybe it’s worth 10 bucks

The channel settings are saved, so the problem is not with the battery. There is an answer below about Plug and Play, it worked for me

choose Plug and Play, PIN 0000, home mode, then the screen settings are saved. I did

Cool. That helps a lot. I’ve been struggling with this. THANK YOU.

Beautiful! Your way worked for me. Thanks!

Ohhhh super, thank you guys, that really helped make my life better for 5 years

I only have one button on my TV. With it you work first and then hold. I can’t get into the menu and switch modes. How do I do it? Now it finds channels but doesn’t save them. What to do with the 20 cent purchase. I always thought Samsung was fine and it’s a bummer.

Thank you all)) I have a Smart TV without buttons on the screen (or have not found them yet), in the settings found the demo mode, using the pin code 0000 changed to home mode! Yay! The sound and picture are not flipped!)))))))))

I can’t turn off the sound assistant, it says off but it’s still there

Hello. My TV resets when I turn it off. Samsung with one key on the panel and the remote touch, there is a way to such devices?