Samsung Tv Channel Setting

Peers TV. Install, configure, download.

Peers.Tv is a wonderful IPTV player (application / program) for watching TV over the Internet. I mentioned it earlier in some articles, but today I decided to add a separate post. In this post, we will discuss the advantages, discuss possible problems, settings, add playlists, and also add download links.

Paid services “Pirs TV”

I don’t want to say anything bad, but they got a little excited with prices. For example, the average “Family” tariff costs 150 rubles. Month For this money, you turn off ads and provide 20 channels. Seriously? YES!

I have already written above how to watch the pier for free, while having 400 channels. Yes, advertising will remain, but there is a minimum of it. To be more precise, my ad pops up every 5th channel switch and you can immediately close it. You decide…

Benefits of pier tv

  • TV guide (TV program). After installing the application and loading your playlist, each channel will have a program guide for a whole week. I think there is no need to describe why this is cool and very convenient. The main thing is that it is there, it works and everything is automated and no action is required from you.
  • Your built-in player. This applies not only to the comfortable and pleasant design, but also to the technical part. Most analogs work with third-party players, and this is the simultaneous use of 2 applications that load the system (especially reflected on weak devices). Also, this player can adjust the quality automatically i.E. If the TV is weak or the Internet is bad, IPTV should not slow down.
  • Adaptability. Works on any device, even weak and old Smart TV, Android, etc. It is convenient to control, whether it is a remote control, a mouse, a touchpad, etc. For example, to switch a channel, it is not necessary to scroll the entire list, but you can press the channel number on the remote control. So to speak, a complete imitation of the TV we are used to, only with a lot of convenient and necessary functions.
  • Favorites. If you watch a small part of the channels, but the playlist is large, you can add your favorite channels to your favorites and get quick access.

Peers TV settings. Adding a playlist

After downloading and installing the Pierce TV application (download links below), almost everything is ready and there are two optional little things left:

  1. Adding a playlist. The channels present will obviously not be enough for you, so let’s add a playlist in which there are much more of them, and they are free. To do this, open the “Menu”, then go to the “Settings” tab, then scroll to the “My Playlists” submenu and click add. You will need to enter a link to the playlist.

Then click “ok” and you can watch 400 channels for free all year round.

  1. Synchronization setup. In general, this is not necessary, but it is convenient if you watch peers tv on 2 or more devices. Those. Once adding a playlist and making a synchronization, your playlist will appear automatically on other devices.
  2. Other settings. They are needed only for the technical side and the correct performance of the player, although they are few and everything is clear there, I recommend leaving it as it is.
  3. Disabling ads is free. Disabling ads occurs through changing DNS. details:

Download peers tv

We don’t worry about links, everything is clean, sterile, without viruses and ads.

How to reset Samsung TV to factory settings:

  • We go to the item “Support”. “Self-diagnosis”. “Reset”
  • Enter the pin code (“0000” by default).
  • We agree with everything written on the screen.

Tuning of Tricolor TV channels on Samsung H-series TVs with CAM-module

If you have already performed any actions, then first we advise you to reset your Samsung TV.

Samsung Tv Channel Setting

Factory reset your Samsung TV

After the reset, we start configuring the CI module on Samsung.

Let’s move on to setting

1. Go to the menu and go to the satellite channel settings. As you can see, there is already a satellite “EUTELSAT 36E” here. We need to uncheck this satellite. To do this, click on the line “Select satellite”, look for “EUTELSAT 36E” and click on it (the check mark should disappear).

2. Now we need to create our satellite. To do this, find at the end “User Sat 1”, mark it with a tick and press “save”.

3. Let’s go to “LNB Settings”.

4. We see that there are no transponders and this function is not available. Let’s set the lower limit in the same way as the upper one, and now you can close the menu.

5. Go to the menu again, look for the item “Broadcast”. “Channel settings”. “Manual settings”. In this tab we can see our satellite “User Sat 1”. Press, we see “Transponder” and the item “Create” will become active.

6. Now enter the frequency (for example 12418 “, then click” OK “. Enter the baud rate 27500, again click” OK “and” Save “.

7. Then press “Search”, the signal level will appear. Click “Search” again. It should immediately find six channels.

8. Go back to the “Transponder”, but this time turn on the network search, and then click “Search” again.

9. A search will be made in all available frequencies of Tricolor TV transponders. For example, we found 277 channels and 40 radio stations.

10. Now we have inserted a conditional access model with an access card and we are shown all channels.

11. Thus, we also have a common interface, although it was previously inactive.

Setting up your TV

Setting up a modern TV consists of setting up the input source, setting the picture and sound quality, setting and sorting TV channels, setting the functional parameters of the TV, setting up the Internet connection.

Table: TV settings options

Setting up your TVParameters
Setting the TV to output source from:
DTV. Digital TV from antenna plug
ATV. Analog TV from antenna plug
AV. Audio and signal from composite port
SCART. Signal from the comb connector
YPbPr. Component signal
HDMI. Signal from high quality / audio port
PC. Using a TV screen as a personal computer display
USB. Port for connecting a signal from a flash card or HDD devices
Adjusting image parameters
Brightness. Setting the luminous intensity of all areas of the TV picture
Contrast. Changing the ratio of luminous power of the brightest and darkest areas
Sharpness. Adjust the sharpness of the image outlines
Saturation. A change in the color components of the screen image compared to a black and white image
Color tone. Setting the color spectrum of lighting
Image format. Changing the aspect ratio of the screen picture
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Setting up your TVParameters
Configuring sound settings
High frequencies. Adjustment of high-frequency components of the audio spectrum
Low Frequencies. Bass adjustment
Balance. Adjust the volume ratio of the left and right speakers
Surround sound. Setting the strength of the surround effect
Equalizer. Adjustment of the components of different parts of the audio spectrum
AGC. Adjusting the automatic gain control level
SPIDIF. Setting up digital output connection for connection to high-quality audio equipment
Tuning TV channels
Automatic tuning. The process of searching, numbering and storing TV channels occurs automatically
Manual setting. Automatic search of a pre-selected TV channel is performed
Fine tuning. Allows you to shift the frequency of a pre-tuned channel, allowing you to obtain acceptable picture and sound quality in the presence of electromagnetic interference
Setting functional parameters
Menu language. Setting the display language for the TV OSD
Audio language. Setting the audio language
Subtitles. Configuring display options
Teletext. Setting the output of transmitted teletext information
Blue screen. Setting the screen appearance when there is no TV signal
Time setting. Setting the internal clock
PVR setting. Recording a TV program on an external media according to a schedule
Setting up the TV connection to the Internet
Add network. Setting the choice of a home network from the list of possible connections
Wired connection. Setting up the connection between the TV and the router via a twisted pair cable
Wireless connection. Setting up a wireless Wi-Fi connection between a TV and a router
IP setting. Setting a unique address for connecting the TV to the Internet
DNS setup. Determining the domain name of the internet connection

How to tune the TV to receive television channels

Reception and tuning of channels on the TV must be done on a new, just purchased device, as well as in the event of a change in the source of the antenna signal, or when new television programs appear on the network, which has recently happened quite often.
There may be several sources of a television signal, and depending on this, they decide how to tune channels on the TV.

  1. Terrestrial antenna. Channel tuning is performed using the remote control or buttons on the TV case.
  2. Cable antenna. Similar to setting up to receive signals from an over-the-air antenna.
  3. Satellite dish. Tuning to channels is performed using the satellite receiver remote control, or the TV remote control if there is a satellite tuner in the device.

recently, terrestrial television (the list of terrestrial TV channels is given on the terrestrial TV channels page), i.E. Setting the TV channels to receive a signal from the TV tower, provided the only opportunity to watch TV programs on your home TV. In this case, the design of the receiving television antenna is oversized, it must be located at a high height and oriented directly to the TV tower. The picture quality of the TV set connected to the terrestrial analog TV leaves much to be desired, since the TV picture is influenced by the high-rise buildings located nearby. In addition, the number of received television channels is small. Setting up TV channels for high-quality reception through an over-the-air antenna in urban conditions is not easy, and often impossible.

Currently, on the territory of Moscow and other large cities, the most widespread is TV setting to cable TV channels (list of Rostelecom and Akado channels), which allows you to receive more than 40 analogue television programs in excellent quality and more than 100 digital ones. Broadcasting is carried out via an antenna cable already laid in the apartment, and without installing additional receiving TV blocks. Receivers. In order to connect the TV, simply insert the aerial plug into the socket. The ability to receive analog TV channels is paid monthly by a rent receipt.

TV Sound Setting

Setting up the sound of the TV, as well as setting up the image, is done through the corresponding menu item.
In this section, you can adjust the sound at high and low frequencies, adjust the sound balance of stereo speakers. You can also select sounds from preset values ​​optimized for speech, cinema, music, etc.

It should be noted that modern TVs rarely have excellent sound quality, and no setting of the TV will make the sound perfect.
To get good sound in this case, you need to connect an additional device to the TV: home theater speakers or soundbar.

How to set up the Internet on your TV

Modern Smart TVs use most of their ‘smart’ capabilities when they go online. Your apartment must have a dedicated router connected and configured to allow various home devices to connect to the network.
How to set up the Internet on your TV? To configure it is necessary to enter the MENU items. Net. Network configuration. Select an item. Cable, for connection via a network cable, or item. Wireless when using a Wi-Fi connection, while you will need to enter a username and password to enter your home network.
When using an external wireless adapter, after connecting it, you need to restart the TV: turn it off, and after a minute turn it on again.

How to tune channels on your TV

Our craftsmen adjust the TV and adjust the image on all models of imported and domestic production, on modern equipment and on those released in the twentieth century. Experienced specialists know how to set up television channels, how to display high-quality picture and sound, how to set up the Internet on a TV, we suggest calling the master to set up a TV from our workshop.
8 (926).444-16-66 We are ready to help you.
For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs has been organized.

Setting up your TV. Tune channels on your TV.

Tuning digital channels on a Samsung TV

Correctly set TV settings are the key to a high-quality image on the screen. Of course, each TV model is exhibited on the manufacturer’s conveyor in terms of brightness, contrast and other indicators. But in most cases, these values ​​do not correspond to the picture that the owner of the television equipment wants to see.

Setting up your Samsung TV is easy. But we must take into account some of the nuances that may be present when adjusting the receiving signal: color, sound.

Setting up digital channels

But, bringing a TV to the house, many are faced with the problem of adjusting and tuning channels. Samsung electronic equipment today is one of the leaders in sales and broadcasts digital channels on any topic, moreover, they receive a signal automatically. This is due to the built-in tuner that receives digital broadcasts as soon as the TV is connected to the network.

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In this page, you will learn more about setting up this TV:

To configure the operation of digital channels, you must:

  1. On the control panel, turn on “Menu” and select the sub-item “Channel“.
  2. Then select the connection type “Antenna” or “Cable”.
  3. After that, a window will open on the screen asking you to enter the pin code, usually it is the standard 0000, unless it has been changed.
  4. Now you need to go to “Auto-tuning” and specify the connection Cable.
  5. The most important thing is to correctly set the selection criteria: quick search, autogrid. Frequency, modulation and baud rate are indicated as 674000, 256 and 6750 respectively.
  6. “Start” is pressed and you can watch channels in digital.

Cable TV

There are two ways to connect cable TV channels:

  • Manual;
  • Auto.

For manual adjustment, the subscriber needs to independently set and save the TV broadcast frequency, which is not very convenient and may not work right away. The second method is the most effective, because the TV itself searches for the necessary channels and stores them.

Channels can be configured in 2 ways

How to set up cable TV ?! The process looks like this:

  • The cable is connected to the TV;
  • Select “Menu” with the TV remote control;
  • Find Broadcast and indicate the type of connection “Cable”;
  • Mark the complete “Auto-tuning” and click on “Start”;
  • The search is carried out automatically and upon completion, the setting is saved.

Sorting channels on a Samsung TV can be performed in any order convenient for the user.

This format has become the newest word in providing high quality images. The TV screen broadcasts incredibly clear and realistic pictures, which are inherent in the saturation of the color gamut. The play of shades plunges into the world of natural palette.

Samsung TVs have a reputation for high-quality hardware, so 4k is easy to expose. To do this, you just need to find Resolution in the Menu and select 4k. After that, you can enjoy viewing. A significant difference between regular programs and 4k resolution will be noticeable only on high-quality equipment.

To really see all the advantages of this format, it is not necessary to clutter up your room with a large screen, it is important that it provides a bright and contrasting picture.

How to set up dvb t2

Go into the Samsung TV Menu and find the “Aerial” icon. By clicking on it, a request for a connection method will appear. Indicate “Antenna” and select auto tuning. Next, determine the “Type of TV channel” (Digital or Analogue). After clicking “Search”, it will take no more than 5 minutes to configure in automatic mode.

How to adjust the image

The procedure for setting up the TV screen, in principle, does not differ from the previous ones, only the items that need to be selected. Find the Image and set the necessary parameters: Color, Contrast, Brightness. At the end of the adjustment, you should watch each TV channel and make adjustments manually.

Samsung TV settings

There are no precise tuning indicators in nature. It all depends on the individual qualities of a person, his color perception. The TV must transmit such a clear picture that the user wants to see. The display is carried out in several modes and the most suitable for the human eye is “cinema”, in which there is no anti-aliasing, brightness improvement. According to the degree of illumination of the room in which the TV is installed, the method of viewing channels and their color rendition is selected. You can make the broadcast brighter or, conversely, add a dark shade.

For starters, you should try the automatic setting with an economical mode of operation, which will not only protect your eyesight, but also slightly reduce your energy costs. Then you can adjust the contrast and clarity of the image at your discretion and adjust the balance of dark and light. If you are not satisfied with the color saturation, you can increase or decrease it. Also experiment with sound.

SAMSUNG Brand Ownership Instructions

Deciphering of SAMSUNG TV models

DVB-C input in usi models, repaired since 2009 by vipusku (letters index B, C abo D).

Before adjusting, it is necessary to set the following parameters in the menu: Country. Slovakia or Slovenia, Avtoposhuk of digital and analogue channels, Dzherelo. Cable, Merezha.

Signal algorithms for adjusting digital channels for the latest models of SAMSUNG RK TVs

1. Onslaught on entering the menu. (green button);

2. Vibiraєmo in the menu. Channel (pictogram Suputnikova antenna);

3. Vibiraєmo. Avtonalashtuvannya;

4. Vibiraєmo. Dzherelo signal. Cable;

5. Vibiraєmo. Digital;

6. Onslaughtєmo. Start.

Nalashtuvannia takes about 5-10 khvili.

Adjustment of digital channels on TV sets of the Samsung trademark 2010 to vipusku i dal

1. In order to set up digital TV channels for the most important number of Samsung models, press the Menu button on the DK remote control, you will see the TV menu, in which case you will need to vibrate the Channel (Suputnik antenna icon). TV set to request a pin-code, if you did not change it, then enter 0000. For the clarity of the necessary parameters, send the message of the Central Television Bank, see the Channel. Land menu for setting up:

2. Cross over from the menu Channel. Vibrao Antenna Cable.

3. Open the menu Channel. Cable parameters. Bobbin frequency. 298000khz, Finishing frequency. 362000 KHz, Transmission speed. 6952 KS / s, Modulation. 256 QAM.

4. Open the Channel. Auto Adjustment menu. Dzherelo signal. Cable, Channel type. Digital.

5. Type of channels you select on your own investigation, you can only know digital channels, or digital analog. Natisnіt Dali.

6. Poke mode: Merezha.

7. Press the Push button. In order for the channel to end, press OK.

8. For an automatic joke, you will know how to use digital channels. If you want to show it, you will only be included in the packages of digital TV channels you have selected. The best channels are the best.

9. Sorting channels. Open the Channels menu. Channel Manager. Vibrate the required channel (or the decal, behind the additional button Z (zhovta) on the remote control panel), press the Tools button on the remote control panel and vibrate Vidality.

10. The confirmation of the vibration channel will be visible.

11. To sort the channels, select the required ones in the Channel. Channel Manager menu, press the C button, then the Tools button, the Sorting menu and change it in the required order.

When SMART TV is present

Know the Smart Hub button on the remote control, press and vibrate the Channel icon. Continue browsing the list of channels, near the upper right kuta vibrate Redaguvannya.

Why digital channels are not tuned in on Samsung TV

Common reasons include:

  • Software glitch.
  • Incorrect antenna or equipment connection.
  • Damaged cable.
  • Technical problems on the provider side.
  • Incorrect setting.

Software crashes

System failure usually occurs due to user action. Perhaps you specified incorrect settings in the parameters or made a mistake in specifying the frequency. Also, the fault may be the installed software in the console, which the developer has ceased to support. The solution is to reinstall the software on the receiver.

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Additionally, do the following:

  • Reset settings to factory defaults and search for broadcasts again.
  • Install a different firmware on the receiver.

Why Samsung TV does not see digital channels: reasons what to do?

Samsung TV does not find digital channels. A common problem among viewers. Most of the problems are fixed on their own and do not require repair at a service center. But in order to fix the problem on your own, you need to find out the reason.

Hardware connection problem

Samsung TV does not catch digital channels? Check if the connection is correct. Take your time to tune the digit. First, make sure that you have connected all the hardware correctly. For example, a decimeter antenna, implying a built-in amplifier, must be connected to a receiver, which in turn is connected to the TV itself.

If you have any questions or complaints. Let us know

Transmitter technical problems

The last cause of the malfunction may be hidden on the side of the transmitter, which was the lack of a signal. Then:

  • In the case of cable TV, check with a multimeter the wiring contacts, including the shield. There may be an open circuit between the transmitter and receiver. Make sure the cables are solid and not damaged. As a last resort, call your home company responsible for providing access to TV broadcasts.
  • When using satellite or terrestrial TV, make sure that there are no problems with the provider. Often on the official website there is information about scheduled maintenance or possible problems with receiving a signal. Call the operator and clarify the question.


Make sure the connected equipment can receive the desired broadcast format. DVB-T2 is a European digital TV standard adopted in our country. That is, if you cannot use the new format and watch digital broadcast, then your equipment is probably outdated and cannot broadcast the accepted DVB-T2 standard.

Manual setting

Before manually tuning channels on your Samsung TV, it should be noted that this is the most accurate process. To do this, simply press the “Menu” button and select the “Antenna” tab. Then the user can go to manual settings.

In the corresponding tab, select the item “Setting up digital channels”. When the window opens, you can enter new search parameters. To do this, click on the “Create” button. The user must select the frequency 170,000 kHz, transmission. 6900 KS / s, module. 128 QAM. Then you can directly start searching for channels. The TV will immediately show all the lists of programs that it can determine by the entered parameters, and the user is only required to agree with this list by pressing OK. When a new window appears, “Create” is selected again and now the frequency should be changed to 178000 kHz, and the module and transmission should be left unchanged. You will notice that the channel list will continue to grow.

Automatic tuning

Some people forget about automatic channel tuning and immediately contact the masters who work in the service center. Note that here it is worth considering the series of the TV model. However, the following main stages of automatic configuration can be distinguished:

  • Go to the menu. The remote control has a corresponding button that must be pressed after turning on the device;
  • We select the network setting. There are many tabs in the TV menu, and next to Antenna you can see Network Settings. Using the arrow keys, highlight it and then press OK;
  • Choosing a cable. In the “Cable” tab, the user will be prompted to select a country. As before, everything is done with the up and down buttons. When the country is selected, click OK;
  • Switch to automatic mode. When the user comes to the item “Auto settings”, all that remains is to enter the necessary parameters. There you should select the item “Digital” and then press the button “Next”.
  • When the user is in the channel search mode, he will be prompted “Quick search”. If you select it, you will need to set the parameters again. This time we are talking about frequency, data rate, as well as the amount of modulation.

If we consider a standard Samsung TV, then its frequency indicator should be at around 290,000 kHz. The transmission rate must be set to 6875 KS / s, and the modulation for a regular TV is 56 QAM. After that the button “Search” is pressed. Further, the channel recognition process starts automatically. In just a few minutes, the user will be able to enjoy the excellent quality of the programs that are available in his region.

Editing or deleting

When the adjustment work is completed, you can always edit the found programs. First of all, the user can arrange individual TV channels, and for this it is enough just to go to the menu. There is a special tab “Broadcast” for this, where the line “Change channel number” is provided. Moving is carried out when it is selected. A check mark should appear opposite the program. Further, according to the instructions, the user is obliged to select the item “Change number” and press OK on the TV remote control. To move the program, use the up or down arrow buttons. advanced users simply enter the number. It’s much faster.

A TV channel is deleted according to the following scheme:

  1. Go to the main menu.
  2. Editor’s Choice.
  3. Confirmation of the operation (click OK).
  4. Go to the “TV channels” tab.
  5. Selecting “Edit”

When all the programs are displayed, all that remains is to enter the password. It could be viewed when making TV settings. Additional functions are immediately highlighted on the TV screen. In this case, “Delete” is selected.

The will clearly show:

Step by step channel tuning on your Samsung TV

Many inexperienced users are increasingly asking themselves: How to tune channels on a Samsung TV? Direct transmission of the picture can be done through an antenna or the Internet, and do not forget about cable TV. Nowadays, users are actively using non-standard channel packages. If necessary, all programs can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Any channel on the TV is easy not only to display, but also to edit. You don’t need to invite a specialist to customize the programs. You can do everything yourself. Recently, the Samsung TV manufacturer has done everything possible to ensure that the user does not spend a lot of time searching for the desired program. Now sold-out television is a thing of the past, and a high-quality digital picture is broadcast on screens.

  • Automatic tuning
  • Manual setting
  • Editing or deleting
  • Conclusion


Now it became clear to everyone how to set up channels on a Samsung TV. If the programs are not displayed on the screen, then all steps should be repeated again. If you have any difficulties, you need to contact the master.