Samsung tablet does not turn on after complete discharge

samsung, tablet, does, turn

Why the tablet does not turn on

It is very unpleasant when the tablet stopped turning on. This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, due to malfunctions with iron or software. Sometimes the device stops working after falling. In any case, you need to carefully and slowly study the behavior of the device. This will determine whether to independently eliminate the problem or better attribute the tablet to the service center.

It often happens that the tablet turned off and does not turn on, although before that it worked fine, and no system installations or settings were made. In this case, the problem must be sought in the subsystem of power.

Zero charge

Perhaps the mobile assistant is simply discharged and does not turn on. In this case, it is enough to connect it to the adapter to the outlet. The device will react to voltage entering immediately. Depending on the model and the level of the charge necessary for activating the charge, it can pass for up to 10 minutes, while the indicator appears on the display.

Advice! It is recommended to use a standard charger. To a less powerful control system may simply not respond.

If the device does not show signs of life within half an hour, it is necessary to disconnect it from the network and carefully check the condition of the contact groups at the approval of the adapter. Situations are possible:

  • There are oxides, a large amount of dirt on the contacts;
  • An extraneous large garbage hit the connectors;
  • Contact groups are closed by conductive material, for example, a piece of foil from a pack of cigarettes or chocolate.

All connectors and contacts must be thoroughly cleaned. It is better to do this after the battery is disconnected from the system. In the tablets of solid brands, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei or ASUS, to make such an operation is quite simple. Most likely, a removable battery is installed in the device, access to which opens after removing the rear cover. In products of a lower class, such as prestigio, Irbis, Digma, the battery can be soldered or connected by the cable directly to the system board.

After the contacts are cleaned, it is worth checking the operation of the charger on any other device, with the same integse format. Having connected the tablet to the network, even in the absence of external signs of charging, it is worth waiting for at least two hours. If the device is heated, let it completely cool down. Then try to launch a tablet.

Battery overfund

If the tablet does not turn on after complete discharge and a long lying on the shelf, most likely, the battery is a overpass. It depends on the model of the device whether it is possible to revive it with regular methods. For example, if the IRBIS tablet is turned off, which does not control the residual charge, you will have to take it to the service.

To correct the situation with the rejection of the battery, you need:

  • For tablets Lenovo, Samsung, ASUS and others with a removable battery. Remove it and charge it on a special device with a high current;
  • For devices where the battery is attached directly to the system board. Contact the service or a fairly qualified private workshop.

On a note! About how the laptop battery is restored, you can read in this article.

In difficult cases, initiate charging process or “push” the battery may be impossible, the battery will have to be changed. For branded tablets Huawei, Lenovo and others, you can immediately order the desired type of battery. In Chinese devices from unknown manufacturers, it is worth taking off the lid and read the marking on the battery to buy it in the online store and repair the tablet.

Battery failure

Lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries have the expiration date. If the battery is constantly discharged below 10% or works in improper conditions, it ceases to issue the currents necessary for launch operations in the tablet gland. Usually the battery is swollen. You can check this fact by opening the body of the apparatus.

If the battery has clearly visible signs of deformation. This is the reason why the tablet does not turn on. Other troubles may occur because of this. For example, the tablet turns on and immediately turns off. There is only one way out of the situation: the battery needs to be changed.

Common reasons

Samsung tablet does not turn on. The problem is much more common than you think. Most people panic, and this is normal, but they should understand that sometimes the reason is not serious and the problem can be easily eliminated.

So, these are some very possible reasons why your Samsung tablet does not turn on:

samsung, tablet, does, turn
  • Freezing in power shutdown mode. Sometimes, when you turn off the Samsung tablet and try to turn it on again, it could remain in the turn off or sleeping mode.
  • The battery is discharged: your Samsung tablet could be completely discharged, and you did not see this, or your screen could incorrectly interpret the level of charge of your tablet.
  • Damaged software and / or operating system
  • Samsung tablet clogged with dust: the tablet can easily clog with dust. This will overheat and make the system of an unstable system.
  • Faulty equipment and components: in some cases, the internal components of the equipment may break or disconnect.

Program breakdowns

It is more difficult to diagnose software breakdowns, but it is not difficult to eliminate in most cases. To understand that the problem is in the software platform, look at whether the LED indicator lights up when starting. If it burns, but the load does not go, then the matter is most likely in a software failure.

Also, an obvious sign of violation of the software is a starting but constantly freezing tablet computer. In this case, it is recommended to transfer the device into a safe mode and not delay the visit to the service center.

There are a lot of options, which part of the software failed. But it is more important for us to find out how to turn on the tablet, and not what exactly happened to it. There is one right way to correct the situation by completing a flashing or full reset to factory settings. We recommend that you start with the reset, which is also called Hard Reset.

You can do it even if the tablet is turned off. To perform Hard Reset, do the following:

  • Pour the power button and volume key button at the same time.
  • We are waiting for the appearance on the screen of the Android logo.
  • We find ourselves in the recovery mode and select the Wipe Data item using volume keys.
  • The system will ask again if you are sure of your actions. We agree to complete deleting all the settings and data from the tablet.
  • When the procedure ends, click on Reboot System, so that the tablet is rebooted.

This is a fairly radical way, because all user data as a result will be removed from the mobile device. But if there is no choice left, you have to apply it exactly. We recommend that you post all the data of the tablet on the cloud on the Internet, then the unexpected need for resetting all the data will not be a problem for you.

Solution of programmatic errors

You should resort to eliminating software failures only when you are sure that the problem is not in the hardware malfunction, that is, you have not found a thorough inspection of the gadget case:

  • Cracks in the screen or matrix;
  • Chips or cracks on the body;
  • Incomprehensible multi.Colored stripes on the screen;
  • Loss of parts from the body;
  • And other things.

If this is not found, you can try to reanimate the tablet computer by dropping the settings or by performing an emergency reboot.

How to restart

The most proven way, even based on the unpleasant experience of working with personal computers, is to hold the on/off button for about 10-15 seconds. After that, you can try to turn it on, but again, do not forget that the tablet can be just flat.

If this attempt has failed, then you can try to find a small hole on the device case with the inscription Reset.

It is worth knowing that only some manufacturers, especially the budget series of tablets, equip their tablets with such a button.

Carefully insert a needle or thin paper clip into the hole and hold for 10 seconds, then try to download the tablet.


It is here that some owners of devices may have some problems, and they are mainly related to various approaches of manufacturers. Despite the fact that more than 75% of the manufactured gadgets with a touch screen operate on the Android operating system, each manufacturer inserts its own highlight, which is sometimes very incorrect, as in this case.

In order to reset the settings, the owner needs to load Recovery, or, more simply, a “bootloader” that will allow you to perform a software reset, but for this it is necessary to press a certain key combination that depends on the manufacturer.

  • Turning/off button and plus volume;
  • Reduce the volume and turn on the power;
  • Power, button Home and minus volume;
  • Plus the volume control keys, turning on/off and “home”;
  • Pressing two volume and power control buttons.

One of these combinations must be loaded with a bootloader.

Now, as stated in the upper hint, use the volume keys to choose the penultimate item “Wipe Data”, and use the Power key to confirm the choice.

The following menu with a warning in the upper part will appear that all personal data will be deleted during a “hard” discharge. Using the buttons, select yes and confirm your choice. Now wait for the completion of the reset process and the tablet should load, if not, then it must load itself.

Entrance to safety mode

In this mode, as on a personal computer, unnecessary applications that can interfere with the normal operation of the system will be removed. This method works only if you managed to boot, and it reacts, but very slowly.

Press the Power button until the shutdown menu appears, press and hold the Power Off item until the appropriate notification appears.

Confirm our intentions that we want to go into safe mode.

Now you can reset the settings or delete all applications and uploaded files that can somehow interfere with the operation of the system. Just reboot the tablet for normal loading.

Passing the tablet

This is the most extreme recovery procedure after the software failure, which requires certain skills and knowledge, it is impossible to tell about all possible options for reinstalling the operating system on Android devices, the instructions are radically different.

One way to update software

For qualified help, you can contact Support on the manufacturer’s official website or find your tablet computer on our website, which describes in detail the instructions for updating and reinstalling.

The main reasons why the tablet is not turned on

Before carrying the device to the master, try to determine why it is not possible to turn on the tablet. This will help save money, in extreme cases, it will significantly reduce the diagnostic time in the master.

Problems with the battery

The most banal and most common reason is the discharge of the device. It can be a simple discharge or a problem with charging, when the device does not see the connection to the network.

Problems with the connector

Mechanical damage or oxidation of the connector for charging or a printed circuit board can also cause a tablet breakdown. It will not be possible to solve such a problem on your own, in this case it is necessary to appeal to the master.

Moisture hit the tablet

If in the recently your tablet fell into the water or was in a room with high humidity, water entering the internal details of the device could cause the occurrence of contacts of contacts on the motherboard.

Rough physical breakdowns

A broken case or severe cracks on the screen, especially damage to the matrix, can cause the impossibility of turning on the device. This is especially true for the power button. With its severe damage to the Samsung tablet, they cease to turn on and respond to charging.

Problems with software

Disorders of the operating system can cause malfunctions of the “iron” and violate the processes of starting the device. We also include all kinds of viruses and malicious software that violates normal operation and launch processes on your device.

Why is the Samsung tablet not charged?

Why does the device cease to charge? Initially, we list the common reasons for this problem:

  • Damage to the charger.
  • Fucking the power supply for feeding.
  • Battle breakdown.
  • Office in the operating system.
  • The tablet is in deep discharge.

Problems with the battery

Battery is a component that often fails. Especially often problems arose with old batteries, when manufacturers have not yet been able to work out all the nuances of the manufacture of food elements.

The tablet has a removable cover? Then remove it and inspect the battery. The battery should not have traces of mechanical damage, contacts of contacts are not allowed. When breaking the battery, the problem is solved by replacing it.


The charger can also fail during prolonged operation. Samsung tablet stopped charging? Try connecting the charger to another mobile device, check its serviceability.

With a breakdown of the SZA, it is necessary to purchase a new power adapter and cable. If a charger with a non.Standard connector is used with your tablet, you will have to look for a replacement for a long time.

Some of these devices support charging through MicroUSB. Then you can purchase a standard cable and power supply. But when using this connector to charge the process of replenishing the battery capacity can take more time.

Problems with the connector

It is possible that the power connector or controller fails. How to check it? Try connecting the charger to another device. If it is charged, then the problem is in the tablet itself.


Carefully inspect the power connector. If there are contaminants on contacts, you can try to clean with a toothbrush. When breaking the port, you will have to contact the service to replace it.

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Inoperative nutrition elements

There are frequent cases when power supply elements fail: microcircuits, loops, etc. D. In the service center, they are easily replaced, and this procedure costs relatively inexpensive.

Deep discharge

Some Samsung tablets cease to charge with a critical level of the remaining energy. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the optimal battery capacity, timely connect the device to the power adapter.

Try to attach the device to the SZA and leave it for several hours. Usually after a while the battery charging indicator lights up. If the device does not react in any way, then it must be attributed to the service for diagnosis and repair.

samsung, tablet, does, turn

Disruptions OS

Samsung tablet does not turn on and does not charge? Perhaps the reason is the mistakes of the operating system. In case of failing of the OS, the necessary nutrition may not be supplied to the battery.

You need to flash the device. Try to reinstall the OS yourself, and in case of failure, contact the service center for help. Specialists with extensive experience will come up with how to reanimate the tablet.

Recovery Mode

“Restoration mode” is a highlighted boot section. Its main task is to delete user data and files, reset settings, as well as updating Android when there is no way to do this from a busy system. This is an effective and safe way to return to the Samsung smartphone performance. Depending on the model, the combinations of buttons to enter the Recovery Mode may vary:

Cleaning the cache

This option cleans the section designed to store temporary data. The cache in memory of the device leaves each installed application, and this can be source of the problem with the launch. We have already written in detail about the cleansing of the cache on the Samsung smartphone through the Recovery Mode.


After resetting data from the phone, contacts, messages, installed applications, etc. This option returns the device to the factory state. Nevertheless, part of the data can be restored if the device has been included in the Google or Samsung accounting record. Then it will be enough to enter the same account on this or new smartphone.

The reset procedure is automatically performed after choosing the right point in Recovery Mode. The full algorithm of actions is described in a separate article on our website.

Service center

Conclusion: as you yourself noticed, the tablet on charging does not turn on for various reasons. At first I brought light methods, then more difficult. But, the most optimal option is to appeal to the master or to the service of this device. In this case, you can be sure that you will not worsen the situation and the tablet will really fix. Success!