Samsung Tab E Does Not Charge

Samsung Tab E Does Not Charge

Hello! Dear readers, in this article, the author will share with you his experience of easy repair of a rather popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. But he fell into my crazy hands from a neighbor who asked only one question.

Why the tablet does not charge or takes a very long time to charge? And, as it turned out later, this is such a feature when completely discharged. And the most interesting is that in this case, even the age of the device does not play any role.

The content of the article:

In general, let’s get acquainted with our today’s hero. Here he is, handsome:

His life story is such that, apparently, for a long time he lay without work and as a result there was a complete discharge. Then the owners remembered him and put them on charge.

But for some reason, the tablet did not react to the healing currents. Immediately briefly the battery indicator light turned on, and then disappeared with the ends. All attempts to somehow turn on the device failed.

After that, a false conclusion was made that the original recharge from the kit broke and a new one was bought. But she could not solve the problem:

And it was only necessary to turn on the tablet for charging and leave for some time. It will seem that nothing is happening, but in fact the battery is already gaining a minimum charge to turn on. But this process is not quick.

Then you should press the power button and hold it until the first signs of life appear on the screen. If after a decent time period nothing has happened and the device is stupid “is silent“, which means that you should definitely perform the following main actions:

  1. Clean the contacts on the cable and in the connector with alcohol;
  2. Try replacing the USB cable itself with another;
  3. Change the charger to a similar one.

Replacing the lace is understandable for what is needed: suddenly the current one fell into disrepair. And oxidized contacts are also quite common for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Therefore, you can familiarize yourself with good experiences in solving this problem:

The author of the article, in turn, escaped with a slight startle. It was enough to poke the plug itself into the socket several times and it seems like stable charging has gone. As a result, the device still turned on. But there was a cross on the battery icon.

This suggests that there were problems with charging, and therefore the contacts had to be slightly cleaned. After that, everything became good, and the nasty red cross was replaced by a lightning bolt. It seems that the matter has moved from the point.

It is also necessary to say that during deep discharge, you should not try to charge from the computer, since the current strength is not enough to “revive” Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet:

Among other effective methods that can be found on the Web, is the disassembly of the case in order to disconnect the cable loop. Yes, yes, sometimes this is the only way to get the device out of the deep discharge state.

If all the above methods did not help, then most likely the problem lies in the hardware itself. This may be, for example, a battery or its controller. In this case, only the service center will help.

And now let’s talk about the case when the tablet is charging, but for a very long time. The firmware of the device may be to blame for this, so there is a chance that even at home this “sore” can be treated with a complete reset of the device:

But this topic is quite extensive, so we will consider it in the next article. So the essence of the problem, why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet does not charge or takes a very long time to charge, is fully disclosed.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. Or maybe one of the readers knows some other effective ways to solve this disaster, then share it with everyone. And now another interesting.