Samsung Smart view does not connect to the TV

What should I do if Samsung Smart View can’t see my TV??

Samsung Smart TVs are among the clear favorites on the market because of their high quality and great functionality. They can be equated to computers in terms of hardware and capabilities.

Smart TV today is the best TV technology, because it allows you to use modern components for high-quality images, surround sound and much more. Samsung smart TVs also allow you to connect remotely to other devices using Smart View technology, which we’ll talk about today.

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Options and controls

The Smart View program opens dozens of new options for the Samsung TV user. But it is not necessary to list them all, but it is better to consider in detail the most important.

Screen Duplication

The app has a separate Dual View service that allows two devices to interact and share information.

  • Screen mirroring. You can display your smartphone’s display on your television. This will allow you to watch on the big screen a movie from the memory of the gadget or even play a game.
  • Remote viewing. If there is an important movie in show and you need to step back. No need to stop watching or look for the live broadcast afterwards. You can watch the video from your phone and it will be dubbed from your TV.

That is, the picture is displayed from one screen to another and is available in both directions (from phone to TV and vice versa). At the same time the sleep mode is available, which is very convenient. When everybody goes to bed, you can watch the clip on the phone and disconnect the TV.

There are several modes that allow you to remotely control your Samsung TV from your phone.

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Virtual keyboard

Smartphone or laptop with another service Smart View. TV Remote, turns into the original remote control to control the TV. In addition, supports virtual keyboard (without voice dialing). This is a very useful option in case of loss or breakage of the physical remote control from the TV.

Pairing of devices takes place via a local Wi-Fi network. And if you can not install it, another Bluetooth PowerON microutility will allow you to turn on and off your Samsung TV via Bluetooth.

Game joystick

Another useful option already for gamers. Game Remote, with which the mobile can be turned into a gamepad for any console.

  • Shared. Allows you to set up a push-button joystick, and for some consoles there are already built-in settings.
  • Full. Supports a gyroscope and with it, the smartphone can emulate a computer mouse.

This feature has a lot of positive feedback when using set-top box emulators on a Samsung TV. But there are a lot of complaints in online games due to delays of teams.

Smart Hub Emulator

On the phone, you can open the Samsung TV working window (exactly functionally, not a reverse duplication of the screen) with access to the Smart option and widget store. This allows you to manage the list of applications, you can log into your account, and remotely install the application on the TV.

But this is not full support, but only emulation of the Smart Hub with its data on the smartphone, and you can not run the widget from the TV in Smart View.

Samsung can’t detect the network

Many users of Samsung Smart TV face the problem of no internet connection. Why Smart TV can loose connection to Internet?

Usually it happens if you use a Wi-Fi router. However, the cause may be other things, such as bad network equipment, improper configuration or a failure in the firmware.

What can you do if your Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi? There are many variants, but first it is worth trying to update the firmware. It is better not to update with the help of the service embedded in your TV, but to download the latest version of the firmware on a flash drive from special websites.

What else you can try to fix the problem? One of the options is to completely power off the TV device for 10-15 minutes. The TV will reboot completely, and then return to normal and stable operation.

Important! If this does not help, it means that the problem is much more complicated and requires a different approach for its solution

Wi-Fi network malfunction in the range of 5 GHz

If Samsung TV does not see Wi-Fi in the 5 GHz range, then it may be connected with the fact that this model does not support or disabled the old network format. The speed at a frequency of 5 GHz is much higher, and therefore the work of programs, videos and other applications better.

However, this system has certain nuances:

  • TV device must have 802 wireless internet support.11ac. Whether there is such a possibility, you can look at the characteristics or by contacting the manufacturer’s technical support;
  • The router must be dual-band with a 5 GHz hand-off function.

If you’ve done these steps, but your TV still can’t see the Wi-Fi network, it’s the channel. Going into the router settings, you will need to set one of the four channels: 36, 40, 44 or 48.

samsung, smart, view, does, connect

Important! If the problem still persists, you should try resetting the network settings or resetting the TV itself

Connecting and configuring operation

To use Samsung Smart View you need to download it to your PC or phone and then connect all the equipment you want to connect (along with the TV receiver) to the same Wi-Fi network.

On TVs

You do not need to do any TV setup. All you need to do is to connect via cable or Wi-Fi to the router and then confirm the synchronization permission to an external device, be it a PC or a phone.

On your phone

To use the program on a mobile device, you must first download and install it. You can find software in Russian for iPhone and iPad in the App Store, and for smartphones and tablets based on Android. On Google Play. Then you need to connect the equipment to the same Wi-Fi network as the receiver.

Next step is to launch the application on the phone. If the TV set is connected to the local network, it will appear in the list of available devices. You need to click on it to establish a connection. There will be a notification on the TV screen about trying to connect third-party equipment.

On a side note! On modern TVs (made after 2014-2015), you will see a PIN, which you must enter on your smartphone. Old TV receivers, produced before 2014, do not show the PIN, on them it is enough to confirm the connection with the new device.

To play content you need to select the appropriate section (“Video”, “Pictures”, “Music”) and find the necessary file. To use your smartphone as a remote control, you should click on the remote control image at the top of the screen.


To install the program on the computer, you need to open the official website, find the “Support” section (at the top of the screen on the right) and in the drop-down menu select “Instructions and Downloads”. After the page that opens, you need to scroll down and click “Show more details”, after which Samsung Smart View section will appear on the screen. Go to this section and click on “Download Windows version”. After that a window will appear in which you should select a folder for downloading the file. Next, you need to wait until the download is completed and go to the directory where the distribution file was saved.

Double-click on the installation file to start the installation. In the Setup Wizard window the user needs to accept the license agreement conditions, choose the folder to install the application and wait for the process to complete.

After installation a small window will appear on the monitor with a description of the main functions of the program and “Connect TV” button to be clicked. Next is a description of the steps to start the program. The user needs to make sure the TV is on, and then connect it and the PC to the wireless home network. After that in the list of available devices there should be a TV receiver. It is necessary to click on it. Then a connection loading circle will rotate on the PC display, and at the same time, a notification will appear on the TV screen trying to connect a new device. It is necessary to confirm the pairing of the technique.

Why Samsung Smart View Is Not Working and Not Detecting the Smart TV / Android TV With Galaxy Phone

Next, a new window will appear. To broadcast video or other multimedia files to the big screen you need to select the necessary content by clicking on the “Add Content” button. It can be one file or a whole folder. Once the content is uploaded, click on the file you wish to play. It will be displayed at the top of the monitor, and will also appear on the big screen of the TV receiver. Further management is carried out using the mouse and keyboard of the PC.

To summarize

Connecting your smartphone to the TV opens up more possibilities for the user. In addition to the usual screen broadcasts, you can run full-fledged game applications, using your smartphone as a joystick.

For business, this kind of functionality will also come in handy. Once your smartphone is connected to the TV, you can organize impressive presentations, communicate with colleagues via video call and much more. Or you can simply use your phone as a remote control.

Learn about the “Samsung Smart View is not working” problem

As stated above, Samsung Smart View. Is the mirroring function on Samsung smartphones. In earlier models, this feature was known as Screen Mirror, but Samsung has now changed its name to Smart View. Users will find this feature on Samsung models with Android 4.3 or higher. It even supports Miracast wireless display technology.

In addition, Samsung TVs are equipped with Miracast wireless display technology. So, if you encounter the problem “Samsung Smart View does not work”, it is recommended to start the device again. It can be very useful. Or, follow some proven methods to solve this problem Smart View.

PS: and if your camera doesn’t work, here are the best solutions for you.

Not finding your Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes the problem is on the part of the application and operating system of the phone. So first of all uninstall the application completely. Then go to “System” and update your Android OS to the latest version. After that, re-download the application from Google Play or App Store.

On older “boxes” that were released since 2011 you need to update the operating system. To do this, in the menu you need to synchronize via TELNET. Sometimes the update happens in a separate settings menu. Exactly where. I can not say, will have to look for.

Reboot the router, to do this, go to it and press the special button. If you are afraid of clicking on something wrong, just unplug it. You can try to wait for about 2 minutes and then turn it on. If this does not help and the app still does not work. Then reconnect the phone to the network. Also check that the TV is connected to the router.

What devices are suitable for

Functional utility can be installed on these devices:

  • Samsung Smart TVs that were produced in 2011-13. The utility of the original version is installed on them;
  • Samsung TV models with Smart capabilities, which have been produced since 2014. New configurations are installed on them;
  • Mobile devices running Android 4 operating version.1;
  • PC with Windows, above the seventh version.
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How to use

First of all, the application makes it times easier to manage a large menu, through the smartphone. It’s very easy to look up information in the menu, set up the TV, and enter data. You can view pictures, photos, and videos from your phone, tablet, or laptop directly on your TV if you like.

If your smartphone is equipped with a gyroscope, you can use it as a controller in some games and applications. Also on newer TVs, you can use your phone’s gyro functions as an electronic pointer.