Samsung Smart TV won’t turn on

Smart View Samsung does not see the TV, problems and solutions

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of modern TVs. Starting with the 6th generation series, the concern began producing smart smart TVs that expanded the possibilities of television. Together with modern digital TV, the user received a powerful multimedia device that can be compared with a stationary computer.

Smart TVs are rightfully considered the pinnacle of TV technologies, they have powerful processors, video adapters and large RAM. The software capabilities are no less perfect. interactive and social television. In the latter case, access to remote services via the Internet is considered, which are supplied by Samsung and third-party developers. Among the interesting services. Smart View, which is offered to familiarize yourself below.

On the computer

The downloaded file must be unpacked and the custom installation option selected (this will simplify the process). If the installer interrupted the operation, you will need to download the new version. NET Framework (version 4.4 or higher), after uninstalling the old version, and re-installing.

After successful installation and launch of Bluetooth, a list of all found devices will be displayed on the computer, among which the TV is selected. The computer has a more powerful module, so it can take up to 30 seconds to establish a connection.

Important! If the TV does not have a built-in Bluetooth module, and an external router is used, it will be displayed in the list of active devices, and not the TV model.

Installation and configuration

To use the first step, you need to download the Samsung Smart View app and perform a connected installation. After that, you need to set up and connect to the TV. How to do this on a smartphone and PC is discussed below.

Samsung Smart View Features

The program is supplied by the developer for smartphones, tablets and personal computers running on Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone platforms. The main task of the utility is to fully interact with Samsung Smart TV with other electronic devices.

Smart View includes the following features:

  • using an external device as a remote control. You can control the TV using a phone or a computer mouse;
  • viewing the contents of any external storage device, as well as playing any multimedia files (video clips, audio clips, images and animations);
  • watching movies, news, digital TV sports on a smartphone or PC;
  • software turning on and off the TV using an auxiliary device;
  • management of widgets and other utilities of the Smart Hub service;
  • configuring and managing sleep mode.

All these possibilities are opened by me thanks to several utilities that can be used in the Samsung Smart View application:

  • TV Remote. This option allows you to control your Samsung TV using your mobile phone or PC. When you enter the utility, an electronic layout appears on the device screen, duplicating the buttons on the remote control. The choice of the desired pressure is performed using a sensor on a tablet or a computer mouse.
  • Dual View. With this utility, the user can fully synchronize the broadcast of the image. In practice, it is possible to watch TV channels from a smartphone or laptop, or vice versa, access to the content of an external device on the TV is opened. Synchronization is performed via Bluetooth wireless technology, therefore, delays of up to several seconds are not excluded.
  • Bluetooth PowerON. The option allows you to control the sleep mode and system power on of the TV. To use it, Smart TV must have a built-in Bluetooth router or a Bluetooth router connected via USB.
  • Game Remote. A utility for the game mode, with which the smartphone turns into a joystick. Includes limited and full modes, the latter of which supports gyro control. Option not provided in the app
  • Smart. The user gets full access to the Smart Hub service. Synchronization of the TV with a remote server is available.

Advice! The quality of the wireless connection directly depends on the distance of the device from the TV. If there is a strong delay in playback, it is recommended to shorten the distance.

Supported Devices

The application is available for all known platforms that run smartphones and computers.

The program is compatible with any version of Android from 4.1, and computers must have Windows 7 or higher.

On the phone

After downloading, you need to confirm permission for the application to access the functions listed by the installation manager. After starting, Bluetooth turns on on the phone, then you need to find the TV and confirm its choice. After 10 seconds, a connection will be established and you can use the application.

Possible problems

Occasionally, a situation may occur where the Samsung Smart View application refuses to work.

Below is a list of common problems and their solutions:

  • Doesn’t find the TV. Software update required. This issue is relevant for TVs and other supported devices from 2011-14, which are not yet Smart devices, but already support the Smart Hub service. The update package can be obtained by synchronization with the TENET service.
  • The connection is not established or there is a large delay in data transmission. It is necessary to shorten the distance between the TV and smartphone / PC. Wireless transmission is characterized by the loss of part of the data over a long distance.
  • Content from a computer or tablet is not playing. It is necessary to disable the antivirus on the connected device. it blocks access to it.
  • The TV does not respond to commands. You need to check the functionality of the built-in Bluetooth module or the correct connection of an external router.
  • The application crashes. In this case, the phone is not designed to work with Samsung Smart View, you need to update Android.

Important! Each device has a pixel resolution limitation. Therefore, if the broadcast is transmitted to a device with a low resolution, the image quality will deteriorate. In the opposite case, it will not improve, because the screen is not able to increase the original pixel resolution of the incoming file.

Change WI-FI hotspot

In some cases, the Smart TV cannot find the server and connect to the Network due to the fact that the provider, for some reason, blocked the IP addresses that the Smart TV application accesses. Whether this is true or not, you can check by connecting to another access point. The easiest way to do this is through an existing smartphone, for which you need to activate the “Mobile Hotspot” function in it. Then you need to go back to the TV, find the “mobile Internet” in its settings and wait for the connection. If the Smart application on the TV has worked, then you need to contact the provider with a question about the timing of unblocking IP addresses.

DNS server address change

Sometimes, although it is extremely rare, the connection may not be possible due to the fault of the DNS server.

samsung, smart, turn

As a rule, when connecting a Smart TV to the Network, the DNS server to which the provider is connected is used by default. However, sometimes, especially under heavy load, the DNS server chosen by the provider cannot cope with the traffic, due to which the user cannot connect to the Internet. There is only one way to check the truth of this version. to change the DNS server address in the TV settings. To do this, in the settings menu of the Smart TV receiver, you need to sequentially perform the following operations:

  • go to the “Network” section;
  • select “Network Status” and, after making sure that you have open access to the Internet, enter the “IP Settings” section;
  • in the “DNS Settings” item, select the “Enter manually” action and in the opened address line “DNS Server” enter the IP address or;
  • saving the settings made, you need to make sure that the TV is still open to access to the Network.

After completing all the above operations, the TV receiver is rebooted and the Smart-TV is checked. If the applications started to function, then the TV receiver is normal and can be used.

Resetting your TV

It may happen that none of the above actions will lead to a positive result. In such a situation, you will need to reconfigure the TV itself. To do this, you first need to return the settings of the Smart TV receiver to the factory state, which will get rid of the errors that have appeared. Wherein:

  • all settings (except for network settings) will be reset to the factory level;
  • all previously tuned channels will be deleted;
  • firmware will not change.

Upon completion of the factory reset process, you need to launch Smart-TV. If the Internet connection is established, you can continue to operate the TV.

Factory reset Smart Hub

Smart Hub is a proprietary Samsung service that provides access, navigation and control of both built-in TV and multimedia applications located on remote servers. Incorrect operation of this service may block the connection of Samsung Smart TV to the Internet. Resetting its settings will remove all downloaded applications, and with them all errors. In this case, a reboot and automatic installation of all factory software occurs.

Before resetting Smart Hub settings, owners of Samsung Smart TV receivers need to make sure that their equipment is certified for the Russian Federation. The certified TV receiver code on the nameplate must end with XRU. In addition, the EAC designation must also be present there. If the TV receiver is not certified, then resetting the Smart Hub settings may lead to its blocking.

So, the process of resetting the parameters to the factory values ​​consists in the following actions. in the “Settings” follow the route “Support” → “Self-diagnosis” → “Reset Smart Hub” and enter the security PIN-code of the TV receiver into the corresponding line. by default it is 0000 Then, after waiting for the message “Reset completed” to appear on the TV screen, go to the main menu and select the APPS panel. Information about the initial setup will appear in the window that opens. Having accepted all the necessary terms of use and privacy, the user must log in with his account, select the applications that he considers necessary to install, and press the “Finish” button.

After making sure that all the preinstalled applications are loaded (their icons should not be highlighted in black), you should restart the TV receiver, after which you can try to launch the software. If the TV is connected to the Internet, then everything is fine.

Signs and causes of not working Smart TV

Signs that the Smart TV receiver requires user or specialist intervention for correct operation are the following:

  • after switching on, a message appears on the screen of the device about failed attempts to connect to the Network;
  • no application starts when the Internet is running;
  • when activating any software, the inscription “server not found” appears;
  • the TV does not show anything at all (black screen).

Most often, such signs indicate incorrect operation of the operating system or failures in the applications themselves, while the user can easily fix some of the problems on his own.

How to Fix Your Samsung TV That Won’t Turn On. Black Screen Problem

So, if the Smart-application does not start, the reason may be the lack of the Internet. after all, it is at this time that the provider can carry out preventive maintenance or update the hardware and software (software). You can check this on other devices (computer, smartphone, etc.). In the event that it is also not possible to connect to the Network from other equipment, then try again later to log in from the TV receiver. If other devices have the Internet, then the problem may be a router malfunction.

Advice! Before starting work on reconfiguring applications, in order to check the operability of an existing router, experts recommend taking a knowingly working router from someone you know and connecting a TV with it.

If everything is in order with the router and the Internet, the next step is to exclude the possibility of malfunctions in the operation of the application being used. Its version could be outdated, or the software was installed incorrectly, or maybe it was just the fault of the developers that the program could not withstand the load, and there were failures. To check the version, you need to launch another widget and make sure it works. If another application behaves incorrectly, you need to look deeper for the reason.

Smart-TV does not work. what to do

Smart-TV technology allows you to significantly expand the functionality of modern television receivers. For example, using the compatible WiFire TV application, the TV is capable of receiving a large number of various television programs broadcast by the domestic company NetByNet (netbynet). In addition, the presence of specialized applications compatible with Smart-TV (Smart YouTube TV, Megogo and others) gives the owner of the TV access to a variety of video content on the Internet. Using the Smart TV, you can also chat on social networks, play games and do many more useful and exciting activities. Therefore, when Smart-TV does not work, the user reacts very painfully. How to reanimate a “smart” device. further in our material.

Updating the software

The lack of an Internet connection may be caused by the incompatibility of the outdated TV receiver software with the updates on the provider’s server. This raises the question. how to find a new firmware if there is no Internet connection. There can be only one way out. the equipment is updated from an external flash drive. To do this, from a work computer, using any of the well-known web browsers (Google, Opera, Firefox, etc.), you need to find the required model on the website of the equipment manufacturer (TV or router) and download the latest firmware to a USB-drive. Then the flash drive must be inserted into the flashable hardware and installed new software from it. After updating the software, you need to turn on the Smart TV receiver and check the connection to the Network. If the connection to the Internet is established, then the problem is solved.

Voltage surges

This problem is especially relevant in private homes. Strong surges can damage any home appliance. To avoid such troubles, it is worth acquiring special equipment. a voltage stabilizer.

Indicator blinks once

If a single blinking of the indicator was noticed, after which it continues to burn with a steady light, or its color has changed, this may mean that the device is in operating mode: either AV or in PC connection mode. Therefore, it will be necessary to switch the unit to TV reception mode.

Mode check

You want to check what mode the TV is in. For example, Standby mode is a standby mode, and you can find out about its on state by looking at whether the red light on the unit panel is on. It should be remembered that it is not recommended to leave the television receiver in this mode for a long period of time, since with the seemingly disconnected unit, all circuits of the power supply remain energized. If a voltage surge occurs in the power supply network, then all primary circuits will burn out, after which the TV receiver will refuse to turn on. Therefore, the unit should be turned off with a button located on its panel in order to reduce the risk of burnout of the electronics.


Particular attention should be paid to the screen: even microcracks barely discernible by the eye can affect the quality of the picture. This also includes broken pixels. To diagnose the latter, special tests are provided in the firmware that reveal dark or light points on the screen.

The dead pixel test looks like monochromatic pictures of different colors

When the help of the master is not required

Very often, the owners of television sets panic and start calling the master at the slightest problem with their device. But if you calm down and take a sober look at the situation, then there may not be a breakdown in equipment. It is required to check the behavior of the TV receiver for some symptoms.

Mains cable and socket

First of all, you need to check the condition of the network cable and outlet. The first one is inspected visually for physical damage. The outlet can be checked by connecting another household appliance to it, for example, a lamp.

No standby indication

In a situation where there is no indication, and when you press the button, nothing happens, you do not hear clicks and do not notice the blinking of the LED, then we can assume that the outlet is faulty. Of course, you can try to connect the device to a different power source, but if this does not help, then, without special knowledge and qualifications, you will not be able to repair the TV receiver with your own hands. Even replacing a conventional fuse will cause you difficulties, since they are not so easy to find in modern TVs. Therefore, calling the master will be the right decision.

Hull inspection

Manufacturers, in pursuit of lightness and refinement of the design, turn a blind eye to the protection of the case. Some models are so fragile that the outer plastic crumbles when pressed hard. It is necessary to carefully inspect the case for chips, indentations and other mechanical damage.

How to reset your Samsung Smart TV

Thanks to the advent of “smart” TVs, it becomes possible to use Smart TVs not only for watching programs. The device allows you to install applications for various purposes. There are situations when the installed programs do not work correctly or even give an error. In this case, resetting the settings to the original (factory) settings will help. Let’s consider how to reboot Samsung Smart TV of different series on your own.

Reset instructions for different series

The procedure for restarting Smart TV depends on the manufacturer’s series. Most often, the difference in each series is in the remote control, namely in the way to go to the TV menu. Next, let’s look at the instructions for each series separately.

F series

  • To go to the smart menu, press the “Menu” or “”.
  • Then follow the same steps as in the previous descriptions, namely: Support / Self-diagnosis / Reset.
  • After entering the pin code, the system will ask you to press the confirmation button.

The TV will automatically turn off and on, which indicates a reset. All parameters and applications will be restored to factory version.

Series H

For Samsung Smart H series, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the TV menu using the “Menu” or “Keypad”.
  • Go to Support / Self Diagnosis / Reset.
  • Entering the pin code in the window and pressing confirmation will return the Smart to its factory settings.

J series

This Samsung model has a similar algorithm to the previous series under review. The difference is in the way you go to the TV menu. The procedure looks like this:

  • Navigate using the remote control in the TV menu (for this, use the “Menu”, “Menu123” buttons).
  • Find the support section and go to it.
  • Next, you need to go to self-diagnosis and find the “Reset” item.
  • You will need to enter the default code (digits “0000”) and confirm the action. If you previously changed the value of the code, you must enter a new number.

After completing the steps of the above algorithm, the TV will return to the default settings.

What will happen to the TV after a factory reset

A common problem with failures is not knowing what actions were previously performed. An example is the activity of a child who could “add up” in menu sections and change existing settings. In most such cases, resetting the settings will be the only way to return to normal operation of the device.

Series E

  • To enter the TV menu, you need to select “Menu” on the remote.
  • Go to the support section.
  • Find the self-diagnosis point and the “Reset” step in it.
  • Entering the correct code and confirming the action performed will return the smart settings to the factory defaults.


It is best to start diagnostics of failed parts from the outside, and finish. already directly inside the device.

Mechanical damage

Samsung equipment manufacturers are trying to fully protect large elements of their devices from mechanical damage, however, no one has yet managed to cope with this task 100%. there is always a risk of breaking the TV receiver case. If the blow is especially strong, you can even damage the fragile microcircuit.

In order to establish a breakdown of this kind, it is enough just to inspect the TV for cracks and chips.

One of the most vulnerable elements of any LED receiver is the monitor. If you notice cracks and broken pixels on it, then the equipment should be taken to a specialized service center for repair. Eliminating such a malfunction on your own is possible only when you have the skills to work with electronic equipment and are equipped with everything necessary for diagnostics and repairs with tools.

Cables and sockets

Quite often, the TV receiver does not turn on if you connect it to the sockets from which the wires are disconnected or they are dangling in their place. In this case, you should cut off the flow of electricity in the house and carefully check all the working contacts, if necessary, repair. after that, the TV can be reconnected to the outlet and see if its work has been restored.

If the receiver is new, then only modern euro sockets are suitable for it, otherwise the legs of the plug will be thicker than the holes of the outdated sockets, and this can cause poor contact even if you can connect to the network.

Possible reasons

If a Samsung TV receiver stops working, check the symptoms of the problem as closely as possible. Of course, this can only be done if you already have experience in disassembling and assembling electronic equipment.

First of all, you should check all the wires that leave the TV. it is possible that they are frayed, twisted, or damaged by rodents and other pets. If some time ago the TV fell or was subjected to severe mechanical damage, you need to carefully inspect its case and screen for damage.

Conduct a visual inspection of the crystal matrix. if you notice a cobweb, then the reason for the breakdown of the TV is in it.

If, after switching on, a singe smell emanates from the receiver, then most likely the malfunction is associated with a burned-out internal board. If you have experience in repairing and assembling / disassembling television equipment, you can try to open the back panel of the TV yourself and make sure of its functionality.

If Samsung equipment does not start, or the channels are switched poorly and freeze, then the most likely cause of the problem is related to the failure of the operating system.

How to Fix a Samsung TV that Won’t Turn On


During strong power surges in the network, the so-called TV filling may simply not withstand and burn out. Determining the source of such a problem visually is difficult, especially if you do not know where to look. Then the organs of smell will come to the rescue. in the overwhelming majority of cases, a problem of this kind is accompanied by a pungent smell of burning, which is absolutely no problem to feel, in addition, something clicks inside the device.

For those who are not afraid to disassemble the case on their own, this will be a good opportunity to visually inspect the board for damage.

Pay attention to any mechanical defects in wires, microcircuits and contacts. A sign of a malfunction will be traces of temperature effects, which may occur during overload.

samsung, smart, turn

Lcd monitor

One of the most common problems with modern Samsung technology is no picture if sound remains. In this case, you should check the monitor. it is possible that you are dealing with burned out LED bulbs. Most often, such a malfunction occurs in liquid crystal and plasma installations.

Be sure to inspect the backlight inverter. if the cause of the malfunction is in it, you will have to completely replace the liquid crystal matrix of the device.


Like the vast majority of other well-known brands, Samsung, when creating its TV installations, introduced a special signal system that express certain types of interruptions.

In a situation where the television receiver is connected to the electric current, but the indicator does not light up, the probable causes of breakdowns may be the direct failure of the indicator and problems with the unit board. You will not be able to cope with such breakdowns on your own, in which case you will have to seek help from professionals.

Often, the owners of Samsung TVs complain that the equipment does not work, while the indicator flashes all the time. This becomes a signal that the power module has turned on the protective mode as a result of the failure of the capacitors. They should be found and replaced with serviceable ones.

If the indicator blinks green all the time, but at the same time does not react in any way to commands from the remote control, then most likely the problem lies in the control board. Do not try to fix it yourself. this will only aggravate the situation.

Connecting Smart TV to the Internet

The most common scheme for connecting home devices to the Internet is through a WI-FI router, into which a cable from your Internet provider is connected. Routers come in different models, colors and shapes, but the principle of operation is the same for all. to receive the Internet from the provider and transmit a signal to devices via WI-FI or cable.

The preferred method of connecting the TV to the router is cable. It is a cable connection that can provide the necessary speed for broadcasting streaming video. No matter how good your home WI-FI router is, you should know that the data transfer speed through WI-FI will definitely be lower than through a cable. The further the device is from the router, the older the router itself, the lower the speed.

And so, most likely you already have a router at home that “distributes” the Internet via WI-FI to all your devices. laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Everything works fine and no problems arise. But when you try to connect the TV to the Internet through a router, problems begin to arise:

    As practice shows, about 35% of users do not remember the password for their WI-FI. How to be? Remember the master who set up the router, call him, ask for a password? Reset your router to default settings? There are simpler solutions. If the apartment has a laptop that has already been connected to WI-FI with Windows XP / 7/8/10 installed on board, then you yourself can easily spy on the saved password. To do this, just go to the Network and Sharing Center. Manage wireless networks. Properties of the WI-FI network we need. the Security tab and check the item “Display entered characters”

In the network settings, set the DNS server manually and set the value:

The settings window images may differ depending on the model:

Smart TV does not work. Possible malfunctions and their elimination

Equipment manufacturers are trying in any way to facilitate the process of connecting and configuring their equipment. Smart TVs are no exception. It would seem that it is easier. they took it out of the box, plugged it into a DC network, connected it to the Internet and you’re done! But everything is not always as simple as it seems. In this article, we will determine why Smart TV does not work, the main problems with setting up and connecting the TV, and also show you how to fix them.

Hardware problems with Smart TV

Sometimes it happens that the TV seems to be connected to the Internet, but still does not go into Smart. After making sure on the other device that the problem is not with the Internet connection, we begin to look for problems with the TV:

Samsung Smart TV won’t turn on Fix it Now

  • Technical work on the manufacturer’s servers. You just need to know that someday it may happen. Nobody will warn you about the start of work, and you will only know that everything is in order the next time you turn on the TV
  • Outdated Smart TV firmware is also a common problem. Usually, TVs are automatically updated via the Internet, but there are also crashes. Then you have to either start the update manually via the Internet, or download the update file to a USB flash drive and update from the flash drive. Old firmware can cause non-working apps like YouTube on Philips TVs. Attention! You only need to download the firmware designed specifically for your TV model! Installing the wrong firmware can harm your TV.
  • Hardware malfunction of the TV. If software errors can be corrected at home, then, in case of problems with the hardware, it is better to contact a certified service center (especially if the TV is under warranty).

We hope this article will help you at least a little with solving problems with Smart TV. Our experts are always ready to help you. Contact!

Error 3010 on Samsung Smart TV: Reasons and How to Fix?

“Failed to load. Error 3010 on Samsung Smart TV “is a frequent request of owners of TVs of a popular brand on thematic forums looking for a solution to the problem. Usually, error pops up immediately when the device is turned on. This means that the TV cannot catch the network. In our material we will tell you how to fix this malfunction and return to watching your favorite TV channels.


If you see error 3010 on your TV screen when you turn it on, first of all, check the stability of your Internet connection. Perhaps the cable has come off in the router or from the TV side, and therefore there is no connection. Restart both devices for reliability. If these steps did not help, then the problem is in the TV firmware. Read below how to troubleshoot.

How to solve the problem

Error 3010 on Samsung Smart TV is solved in two ways. In the first case, you need to reset the Smart Hub software settings. Follow the steps in the following instructions:

  • turn on the TV and go to the Smart Hub program;
  • on the remote control press the Tools button;
  • in the window that opens, find the “Settings” section and click on “Reset”;
  • hammer in the PIN-code. standard combination “four 0s”.

Before starting the process, the application will require consent to the privacy policy. At the end, the system will be reinstalled. Now you can test the performance of television equipment.

The second method is somewhat more complicated, but you may find it preferable. You need to update the system manually. This requires a USB stick. Then follow the algorithm detailed below.

  • Through any browser on a PC, go to the manufacturer’s official website at the link
  • Open the “Downloads” section and download the firmware.
  • Format the flash drive with the FAT32 file system.
  • Upload new file to USB.
  • Install the document by right-clicking on “Install”.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Remove the USB flash drive from the computer via the USB Safely Remove function and install it into the TV.
  • Go to the TV menu by pressing the button on the remote control, and then to the “Support” section.
  • Find the “Software Update” tab and select “USB Update”.
  • Wait until the end of the process and check the operation of the device.

Both of these methods can be used if an error occurs on any Samsung TV. If the problem persists, call the manufacturer’s technical support and clarify the details of the problem. Perhaps this is a technical problem with the Samsung server. If they have no problems, call a specialist at home to install a new firmware.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

We have described two ways to fix error 3010 on Samsung Smart TV. We hope the information helped to cope with the problem.

Samsung TV technical malfunctions (turning the TV on and off)

Next, we will tell you how you can determine a technical malfunction. It will be more interesting for technical specialists. But you can also try to do an initial diagnosis.

When the TV turns off, the screen turns black, after a while the image appears. The TV restarts, the logo appears as when it was turned on for the first time.

If the image disappears and then appears without restarting the operating system. This is an electronics malfunction. What exactly does not work, you need to look at secondary signs, the image has disappeared, but there is sound in 90% of cases, this is a malfunction of the screen matrix. If the image disappears along with the sound, the main board is faulty. If the TV restarts (each time the logo appears), this means that the TV cannot enter the operating mode. In most cases, this means a malfunction of the power supply or a malfunction of other electronic components, the main board, the WI-FI module, the screen matrix. One of the possible problems is the power supply is not working normally. At a certain moment, the TV goes into emergency mode, the TV turns off and turns on again.

In all these cases, the TV needs repair. But if the repair of the power supply can be repaired or replaced, then replacing the screen matrix (of course, if the TV is not under warranty) costs 90% of the cost of a new TV and, as a rule, replacing the screen is impractical.

Samsung TV turns on and off

The problem of turning Samsung Smart TV on and off is quite common in itself. Sometimes the Samsung Smart TV turns off and then turns back on after a while. There can be several reasons for this malfunction. In some cases, you can find the cause of the problem and restore the TV to normal operation. Now I will tell you how to check the operation of the TV.

Samsung TV turns off and on again.

If your Samsung TV turns off. You must analyze why this is happening to determine what is the reason. You may be able to bring the TV back to normal by yourself and make it work normally. Samsung Smart TV is a rather complex device and the reason may be, for example, a software failure.

How to troubleshoot a Samsung TV

Pay attention to the following points in TV operation. Let’s start with the simplest that does not require technical skills. As recommended by Samsung, unplug the TV, wait at least a minute, or preferably 2-3 minutes. Turn on the TV, it happens, but very rarely, the TV will start working normally.

Disconnect all HDMI cables and check how the TV works. If it is difficult to do this, disable Anynet in the TV menu. It is a standard for communication and control between various devices via HDMI. One of the functionality is to control all devices at the same time. For example, you turn on the game console, the TV turns on automatically by receiving a command from the game console. It happens that some of the devices, being in standby mode, reacts to turning on the TV and issues a shutdown command. One of the reasons for turning on and off the TV is a malfunction of devices that support HDMI-CEC and connected to the TV. This can be the reason for turning on and off the TV, poor interaction between devices from different manufacturers or devices produced with a large difference in time.

How long does it take to get a malfunction

Pay attention to the time when the TV turns off. You turn on the TV (it was turned off for a long time), after which the TV turns off. Possible options:

After the first power-up, the TV operates normally for a while, and then starts to turn on and off. If the TV remains on for a while after the first power-up, it is likely that the electronic components are defective and unstable after heating. The TV turns off immediately after being turned on. Defective electronic components in the power supply, main board, WI-FI module, screen matrix. Some components of the TV are not stable. Increased power consumption is possible, this leads to the operation of the overload protection in the power supply. Cause of malfunction of electronic components.

In all these cases, the TV needs to be repaired by a specialist.