Samsung Smart TV TV control from the phone

How to manage a TV via a phone

In some situations, using a mobile phone when managing a TV allows you to get additional advantages. For example, it becomes possible to quickly switch the channels or expanded control of a separate application on TV.

The ability to change the parameters from any room (the main thing is to maintain a wireless connection)

The ability to change the parameters from any room (the main thing is to maintain a wireless connection)

On some TVs, the function of displaying the image from the phone with a wireless connection is available

Samsung one remote control pairing. RESET

Mandatory need to install a separate application (especially if there is no built.In infrared port on the phone)

If the smartphone is connected to TV, then the possibility of combined control becomes possible. If the remote control is not at hand, then you can use the phone and vice versa. This greatly simplifies the use. Also, the phone can be connected to the TV in an emergency, when the remote.

To understand how it is better to connect a mobile phone, you need to carefully study the capabilities of the TV. If the device supports Smart TV, then the best connection option is through the application.

Advantages of mobile management

Many users are so accustomed to using the PDU that they do not know about the possibilities of modern technologies or for some reason they are afraid of them. But they are created precisely in order to make life easier and make it more comfortable. The main advantages of TV control through a smartphone:

  • Unlike the remote control, which is constantly lost, the phone is always at hand;
  • Through a mobile device, you can not only change the volume, but also broadcast the video to a large screen;
  • In search, it is much easier to enter information from a smartphone or tablet;
  • The stationary remote control often fails, the keys are stuck and stop working.

Note! Having evaluated all the advantages, the conclusion suggests itself that using the phone to control TV is many times more convenient. The user will need very little time to adapt to changes.

How to manage any TV from the phone. Universal solutions

Works through Wi-Fi and infrared sensor. Use old TV models.

TV Remote

A feature is a convenient integration, instant synchronization with TV. Works with old TV models. Download the utility at: https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.TCL.Tvremote.

The application works through Wi-Fi and IR sensor.

How To Use iPhone As Remote Control For Samsung Smart TV | 2022 Update

TV Remote to manage any TV

Universal functional applet suitable for TV different manufacturers. To manage Smart TV, install the application, give out the necessary system permits, and then select your TV model in the list. To speed up the process, use the page placed at the top of the page. To switch television channels, you can use the usual “arrows” and a digital keyboard. The application spreads completely free, but from time to time shows advertising blocks. It is impossible to disconnect them.

  • Functions that allow you to control the TV from the phone are available in Russian.
  • The ability to add your TV to the list of selected.
  • Simplicity of choosing a model and conjugation with TV.
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How to manage a TV via Android phone

TV manufacturers every year add new functions to their devices, thereby trying to simplify the life of users. Despite this, the switching of the channels still occurs using the remote control. Yes, what to say there, the entire setup and the transition to the necessary sections are carried out by means of a small device with buttons, which is often lost. Because of this, the developers of mobile applications created programs to replace the usual remote control. Let’s figure out how to control the TV via Android phone.

Most modern TVs support Smart TV, and as a result-have a built-in Wi-Fi module. It is through a wireless Internet connection that a TV without a remote control will be controlled. It is worth noting that both devices must be connected to one Wi-Fi router, so switching channels from another apartment will not work.

A small number of smartphones manufacturers also install IR ports in their devices, which allows you to use even the oldest TV. These companies include Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei. So, in order to control the TV, you need to comply with the following conditions:

  • The smartphone should work on the Android 5 and above operating system. It will be problematic to establish modern remote control applications on an outdated OS.
  • TV must support Wi-Fi connection. The exception is smartphones with a built-in IR port. In this case, TV may be the most common, without sophisticated functions and Smart TV.
  • A special application should be installed on the phone. It can be both a program from the manufacturer and a universal application with Google Play. By the way, such a software will be written in detail in the next paragraph.

Observe the requirements submitted, and then no problems with the configuration and connection will arise. We also recommend reading our article about connecting a smartphone to TV.

Selecting and installing the application on the phone

As noted above, manufacturers of “smart” televisions have developed their own applications of remote control. All that needs to be done is to download them from Google Play, App Store, or a Smartphone Developer Sumsung Galaxy Store or LG Content STORE.

Here is a list of applications from famous brands:

Samsung Smart View (for Samsung TVs)

LG TV Plus (for LG TVs)

Philips TV Remote (for Philips TVs)

Video TV SideView: Remote (for Sony TVs)

There are universal applications for remote control of “smart” TVs and TV settings. For example:

Anymote Universal Remote-an application that allows you to manage not only the TV technicians of a wide spectra manufacturers, but also other devices that support remote control for Wi-Fi.

samsung, smart, control, phone

Android TV Remote Control. And this is an example of a simple application for managing TV settings running Android TV.

System requirements: Windows Vista OS and higher, 1024 MB of RAM, 350 MB of free space HDD

Applications from manufacturers

Some companies produce their own applications only for their own technology. To find out if your brand has it, you just need to enter the application store and drive the brand name along with a combination of the words “Management through the phone“. As a rule, in the instructions of eminent brands to describe the application (if any). For example, Samsung and LG have developed such software.

Samsung Smart View

A very convenient program for remote equipment control from the Samsung brand. She herself will tell you how to set up TV and smartphone so that they work in pairs. As a rule, these are a few simple actions, such as choosing a model of your device, turn it on and familiarize with the virtual remote control buttons.

It is connected to almost all modern devices and has wide functionality. You can view photos, videos and other files in broad.Screen mode. Turning on from the screen, switching channels, an increase in volume and any function for which a remote control is usually needed, can be carried out without it.

We suggest watching a video on how to control the TV using the Samsung Smart View:

LG TV Plus

Here the integration is much more pleasant, it is intuitive. To use it, you need to connect both devices to one Wi-Fi network and have a version of Android at least 6.0.

If your TV was released earlier than 2014, you will not be able to control it due to the lack of LG Webos Smart TV in models older. The presence of this function can be checked in the descriptions of the application, there are all models of supported devices, there are more than 150 of them.

We suggest watching a video on how to control the TV using the LG TV Plus application:

Features of TV control for various phone models

Some phone models have differences if you use them to control TVs. For example, Xiaomi phones have an IK port. As indicated above, this allows you to control the TV without using Wi-Fi connection and connect even old models. Such a port is available in some models Huawei and Lenovo.

In the Huawei Honor mobile phone, the Virtual M remerful application is installed by default. A similar application is found on other devices with IR port.

Using the phone as a remote control through an infrared port

Consider the connection setting through the IR port for the Huawei device. Follow the following steps:

    Run the virtual “remote” application and click the “Add the remote” button to connect a new TV.

Launch the Virtual Mill application and click the “Add the remote control” button

Connect the remote control through IR port

It remains to save the settings and select the remote control circuit

As it turned out, the phone can completely replace the television remote control. If this decision seems convenient to you, then you can easily implement it with the help of advice from this article. After that, even the loss of the “remote control” will not be a problem for you. You can just call it.

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